DNA KEY 528 *found* the 4E KEY that unlocks so so much

This video demonstrating ‘nature’s spiral’ based on the Fibonacci numbers, is an expression of CARD X below.
What I mean to say is that the numbers we see on Card X are suggesting that the idea called Fibonacci are in some way associated with the 4 Evangelists and precession of the equinoxes.

CARD X of the Tarot with the Zodiacal/Fibonacci Code revealed partially, which we see  is 11 2 5 8

Please note the missing ‘3 , known as a cipher among the Freemason brethren, would be placed in the center.
Thus when the dots are joined between the numbers 1 1 2 3 5 8 the letter ‘W‘ is revealed.

Celtic Brooch

We can clearly see the 4E on the Celtic Brooch. Why the 4E, was this ‘unusual’?

Apparently not, it is the norm.

And most of the Celts artwork was comprised of four essential patterns, four particular ‘weaves’.

These four patterns are represented by the letters V, Z, W, and the ‘HOOK’ pattern.


What does the HOOK pattern look like?
Pick any one of those four angular spirals that we find on the oldest swastika that we have found dated to 10,000 BCE, from the Mezin Ukranine, and you will have a very good idea what a Celtic HOOK pattern is.
Still having problems visualizing what a HOOK looks like Captain?
This next image should help with the explanation…and also indicate the direction of my flow?


Take a look at image #4.
But on this chart do NOT ignore how profound ALL OF THE OTHER ASSOCIATIONS ARE TOO, each part of an evolution…
The HOOK pattern resembles an archaic form, representation of the forces of nature.

It is not hard to imagine that if we REVOLVE the W  it easily morphs into E or M or 3.
Along with, and  it is not hard to imagine the Z,  can easily be ROTATED  into an N.

Hook = Haken

And a Haken-Kreuz is in fact a swastika.
i.e. the Hooked-Cross

It is not difficult to find the swastika embedded in many of the Celt designs.
And perhaps the universe has a crochet tool that it uses to help weave the text?

4E on the Celtic Brooch.
Actually it comes down to perspective?

IF I was to place that brooch in the center of the Emerald Table, with the four races of man positioned around the table, each race would see a ‘different/altered’ representation of the same ‘3’ glyph depending on their position relative to the ‘4’ directions.

Arabic numerals will not  be invented for another 10,000 years.
All races would see four sticks or lines –  l l l l – that comprise a particular shape.

What shapes can you make with 4 sticks?
How does the geometer who lives in our brain assemble those four sticks/lines, and then communicate to the three other races what the individual sees, is the beginning of our woes.

Using four sticks we can build the E, M, W, and a square 3, these are obvious, along with four sided square itself.
And why are modern Hebrew letters designed with ‘squareness’ in MiNd?

Personally the Freemasons and me, like how the four sticks can become the compass and square,  XX too.

So how does the above Tarot CARD X help us open many doors,  3 doors/gates perhaps, or can we get past the fourth in the north?  if we take along these next two keys?

YES I believe we can.

The solfrege frequency 528 hertz is part of this design too, that will be revealed by its connection to Marko Rodin VBM and Nassim Haramein’s work too.
And Ed Witten.
At the end of the day, I try to place everybody on the same page.
It resembles the Sator Square.
Here is a peek of what I mean….for those who want to jump right in:

But do not get lost there yet, the above link takes you on a journey showing how we can merge the 2000 year old Sator Square, dated perhaps to the days of Delphi, (pronounced DelphEE), and the letter ‘E’, to modern string theory, and something called ‘M’ theory.

But I caution you, do not get sucked down that hole, yet.
I want to suggest your E-motions can get easily distracted.

Continue reading below.
I need to provide some basics regarding xyz and w first.

Initiates need to be taught how to walk and talk like an Egyptian again, first and foremost, left brain linear thinking alone will NOT get you through the zig zag course….that has a few curved balls built into it.

We need to find ways to rEMEMbEr!
Imagine and it was not that long ago we had no books or hard drives to store data and information.
How would you have encoded vital knowledge to be passed forward, in a way that seemed almost ‘natural’?


I take the letter E which was attributed to the Temple of Apollo @ Delphi, and I show you how I can take  the sacred ‘E
‘ at Delphi (del-fEE) , an ancient ‘E‘ theory, and with one 90 degree rotation representing 2000+ years, a passage of tiME, the E becomes an m or M.

Thus if we can merge E theory to M theory, does it suggest that we are on a treadmill not realizing we are reinventing the WhEEL, with the passage of zodiacal tiME?

In itself an illusion?

Can we find those  4 E vangelists on the 2 KEYS?

Is 11 2 5 8 on the KEYS?

Note that MAN #11 is the stem.


Note they are the three teeth on the key, also note and this gets rather interesting….that on the stem of that same KEY are the zodiac signs for the following.

3 …. Gemini
7 …. Libra
11 .. Aquarius

7 3 11

In those numbers, I see a formula that has confused the best of physicists.
And if you read  7311 from right to left, it is revealed.
At this point I only ask you play along and ‘pretend’ it is not a coincidence, but in fact will be later shown to have much significance.

All physicists have been confounded by the formula for what is called the fine structure constant….  1/137

The coincidences Laughing Laughing can only be explained as out of this world?

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli (April 25, 1900 – December 15, 1958) was an Austrian theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum physics. In 1945, after being nominated by Albert Einstein, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “decisive contribution through his discovery of a new law of Nature, the exclusion principle or Pauli principle,” involving spin theory, underpinning the structure of matter and the whole of chemistry.Pauli introduced the 2 × 2 Pauli matrices as a basis of spin operators, thus solving the nonrelativistic theory of spin. This work is sometimes said to have influenced Paul Dirac in his creation of the Dirac equation for the relativistic electron, though Dirac stated that he invented these same matrices himself independently at the time, without Pauli’s influence. Dirac invented similar but larger (4×4) spin matrices for use in his relativistic treatment of fermionic spin. In 1958, Pauli was awarded the Max Planck medal. In that same year, he fell ill with pancreatic cancer. When his last assistant, Charles Enz, visited him at the Rotkreuz hospital in Zürich, Pauli asked him: “Did you see the room number?” It was number 137 . Throughout his life, Pauli had been preoccupied with the question of why the fine structure constant, a dimensionless fundamental constant, has a value nearly equal to 1/137 Pauli died in that room on 15 December 1958.

1215 = ABAH

WOW that is rather amazing too.
First Rm 137 and the day of his death December 15 OR 1215.

1215  also intersects with Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Math.

1251 = ABHA

but this is more profound

2151 = BAHA

Thus the fact Wolfgang Pauli also had a strange effect named after him, “the Pauli Effect”, along with him dying in room 137, on the day of ABAH/BAHA suggests he was part god.

Do you see the numb3rs 1 2 5 1 1 2 5 1 in the above text/weave/fret pattern?

then you can move on:
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/swastika-yinyang-and-the-evolution-of-the-greek-key-fret-pattern/

Of course this is only the beginning.
want to know more?
I have gone so deep down the hole…I have a real good idea what is to be found.
I will enter the hole, emerge, and find Idea that on the other side I am now on top of a mountain.

NOW would bE a good tiME to plant a fEW sEEds.
using thrEE  letters

the N, the M and the E

Those are the KEYs you will need, along with the treasure map, CARD X.
(I am your guide … my code name is XX)


Are you ready to enter the world of the 3 Replicators?

What are the 3 Replicators?

1/ genes
2/ memes
3/ temes

First Richard Dawkins let the memory of pandora escape once again by making some profound conclusions through observing NATURE.

In his book the Selfish Gene, he resurrected a term called memes to show how humans evolved culturally through imitation, the passing on of ideas, represented by the term ‘memes.

Then another scientist/researcher open minded individual came along, Susan Blackmore, and she added yet another layer to the genes and memes called temes.

And it is this basic UNIVERSAL MODEL of the primal egg or the 0 plus 3 levels of replicators that we can default to time and again.

And when studying the patterns of how plants transcribe/pass on, or fail to pass on genetic information resulting in mutations etc., eventually resulted in an ABC Model being used today.

This basic model using those ABC … keys.

I’ve been writing a fair amount about early pattern formation in animals lately, so to do penance for my zoocentric bias, I thought I’d say a little bit about homeotic genes in plants. Homeotic genes are genes that, when mutated, can transform one body part into another—probably the best known example is antennapediain Drosophila, which turns the fly’s antenna into a leg.

What else can we learn from this 4 AGES/1234 ABC transcription MODEL by using those KEYs?

This next link illustrates how we can apply this knowledge to the bigger picture.
Are you ready to enter the black hole that is YOU?

rEMEMbEr thE sEEds N, the M and the E

rEMEMbEr that day in sEptEMbEr back in 2001

How does the ABC Model manage to build a bridge between letters and numb3rs?

1/ These three alphabets are closely related and have a common origin.
Their similarity is quite obvious when we compare the names of the first few letters.


  • Latin: A, Bee, Cee, Dee
  • Greek: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
  • Hebrew: Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet

This list shows a progressive loss of information. The Latin names are nothing but the Letters themselves, and the Greek names are merely Hellenized transliterations of the Hebrew. The names of the Hebrew Letters alone have true meaning, in the sense that they are based on common Hebrew words. In the list above, Aleph denotes an Ox, Bet a House, Gimel a Camel, and Dalet a Door.

2/ The 3 Pillars or the 3×4 cEL-PHOne KEYpad or the Breastplate of the High Priest which are all associated with the Book of RazIEL and the Book of Secrets given to Adam and Eve to find their way BACK to Eden.

I have an update as of April 9th/2011

Another coincidence showing how many ideas end up in the same ballpark.

This chart is taken off the Bible Wheel site:

Several things to be noted, the idea of A-B-C-D or 1-2-3-4 and the numbers mentioned.

27 – 37 – 73 – 137



And I would be lying to all of you if I said the Hands of God have nothing to do with the bluehole you are about to enter.
btw …  do not worry 12,000 years of Good Luck is with you.

Slavic HANDS of GOD

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Albert Einstein

KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

‘SS GoddeSS Civilizations’ and the Vinca script 5500 B.C. and the Black Sea Flood

Crab Nebula: A Cosmic ‘ Generator’ Producing Energy at a Rate Equal to 100,000 Suns

As particles stream out from the pulsar and spiral around magnetic field lines, they produce a distinctive kind of radiation known as synchrotron radiation. The Crab Nebula’s bell-shaped appearance in the X-ray image is due to synchrotron radiation from a huge magnetized bubble of high-energy electrons that is several light years in diameter.

UPDATE October 1, 2014
This thread discuSSeS a portion of a well documented history, that HIS-story would rather forget.
The 25,000 years of HER-story that clearly predates the scripted HIS-story we have been offered as a theological theory.
Yes folks that is all it is…just like quantum mechanics, both religion and science are missing valuable pieces to their puzzling puzzles.
IT IS VERY important to remind yourselves that BOTH science and religion are merely offering THEORIES…whatever TRUTH is mixed in with the bullshit, can be removed, exorcised, IF you learn to exercise your RIGHT BRAIN, and find that intuition switch.
Then and only then I shall maintain, are you ready to start remembering, going inward, reading between the lines.The serpentine/bird GoddeSS quantum theory?
The well documented fact that the cultures between 7500 B.C. and 3000 B.C. seemed to be mired in spiral symbolism suggests something was ‘lost’ along the way….as we became fascinated with lines and geometry.
SPIRALs though dominated, along with other distinct geometric shapes, shapes that are still found today being used by secret societies as forming the CORE of their symbolism.
The CORE of it, this I feel I can prove.But the miSSing piece to this puzzle can be found/focused on if we investigate the span of time between 10,000 B.C. (time of Plato’s flood) to around 5600 B.C., and then connecting all the evidence to the Baltic/Vinca ‘cultures’, that were flourishing in this region at that time…
Where did they go?
Where did they come from?
Can we follow the tribes simply by following the symbols they had fancied and found divine?
I would think so…the middle ages symbol for jesus salvator (jesus savior of men) = $
And this ancient symbol survives today.

Here is yet an analogy.
I do want to offer some proof that we can follow ‘tribes’ (cults) through SpaceTime by paying attention to the symbols it fancies.
i.e. Follow an American around the world who is searching for material gold…simply by following the clues he leaves behind…it is a paper trail…they start with 0 and add $ which becomes $ and then soon it doubles $$, $$$, $$$$$, $$$$$$$$, $$$$$$$$$$$$$….etc.
Logarithmic growth leading to mucho $.
Now if we follow a Sadu or Shaman around, who is searching for his spiritual gold…the same archetypal symbols appear as part of the unfolding narrative.
The ROD that turns into a snake or the snake coiled around the ROD or Cross = $
The $ = I + S reversed/rotated/reflected on, becomes the Area 5 1 of your mind.

Anyway what happened around 5600 B.C.?
Because my SS theory kicks into gear around 5500 B.C.

Black Sea Flood

In 1997, William Ryan and Walter Pitman published evidence that a massive flooding of the Black Sea occurred about 5600 BC through the Bosporus, following this scenario. Before that date, glacial meltwater had turned the Black and Caspian Seas into vast freshwater lakes which were draining into the Aegean Sea.

So much of the evidence I am currently gathering re: SuperNOVAs will also be applied to the pieces I have assembled.
SuperNOVAs are NOT to be dissed or taken lightly…they happen all the time.
Not as rare as folks once believed.
And it has been proved that the accompanying Gamma Ray Burst of a SuperNOVA, if you are in its ‘laser gaze, EVIL eye’ can do great harm.
If we were to be caught in its ‘focus’…it could in FACT be the end for us folks… :shock:
Forget thinking about Nibiru as a rogue planet, that has never been proved.
CLOSER to the truth, Nibiru means to cross-over or it is a crossing.
The story teller ZSitchen could be right in a sense, that getting hit by a Gamma Ray Burst would be as devastating as colliding with a rogue planet.
But remember only Sitchen’s theory interprets the text as a rogue planet.
We could in fact be that rogue PLANET, a concept called ‘Nibiru’, we are the ones doing the Crossover…participating in the Crossing.

I also have a thread where I show how our DNA is the Holy Grail that each of us has in our poSSeZZion…it is a CODE that is millions of years old, a CODE that each of us has been branded with, like cattle, however because of SCIENCE, it is clear our MINDs should NOW inform our heARTS that within each of us are mechanism that place each of us in control of their OWN DNA, from cradle to grave AND maybe even onto/into the next cradle perhaps?

So how does a CROSSING relate to these DNA archetypes that have not changed through 5000 years of humans recording their thoughts and feelings?
Here are three ways to record the Holy Grail…DNA.


method #1 RIGHT HAND PATH and the LEFT BRAIN

In the image above we see DNA being expressed as BINARY CODE, sent as part of the Arecibo MeSSage, into deep space, designed by some of the best LEFT brained experts we have, had.


method #2 LEFT HAND PATH and the RIGHT BRAIN
A similar idea or expression of DNA, a potential candidate for the Holy Grail.

Here we find DNA which is a fine archetypal fit for the Holy Grail, (which is the cup we can fill), is in fact expressed quite similar to the modern binary model.
What we have here is the AnaSaZi Kiva, a temple fashioned using RIGHT BRAIN archetypes.
This archetypal temple is commonly found in the ameriKAn southwest, centering around the 4 corners + region of the USA.
The only place in the USA where four states meet to form a CROSS or intersection.
Y did the forefathers carve it up this vay?

Area 51 is close by too…and IF YOU ROTATE (physics) the number 51 >>> i.e. flip it 180 degrees >>> you get the word I5 or I S (shh ISIS comes later) … BUT NOW if you hold I S up to a MIRROR … guess where you arrive with such a revelation, where do you stand, what has been revealed?
You would find yourself at the United Nations, you stand before the DOOR, the GATEWAY marked AGENDA 21.

Finally there is always a THIRD option.
A balance between RIGHT and LEFT…the MIDDLE path, the MESO path…through Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica?

method #3LEFT HAND PATH and the RIGHT HAND PATH find the
MIDDLE ground…and live happily ever after….?

image on the left is of the western St. Peter Square (which in fact resembles an ellipse)
image on the right is a mandala called the Universe of the Lamas, representing the orient, clearly an eastern consciousness.
Again EXACTLY the same basic shape has manifested however, west or east.
Why because what if WEST and EAST appear to be reflections of each other?

DNA=Holy Grail=Lord Stanley’s Cup=Vinca Pottery designs from 5500 B.C. fit too?
All of which can be traced to fertility symbols?
Because fertile wombs or fertile river deltas (the triangle) were prized.

He shoots, he scores…a miracle put on ice for the next 40 weeks, until the thaw, and the water breaks, and a new life flows forth from the wormhole?

It is interesting that these two belief systems, Occident vs. Orient, who on the surface appear different in their beliefs, are not.
At the CORE of their THEOLOGICAL doctrines/dogma…we find the same expression of the HOLY GRAIL in their art and temple structure.

Simply because of this serpentine formula that I apply … a theory that flip flops, because the electro-magnetic field does too!!!

More examples of how DNA has manifested through thousands of years of SpaceTime

NIBIRU = X = Crossover = CARD X of the Tarot = what if?

Nibiru the X archetype:


NIBIRU = X = Crossover = DNA = Holy GRAIL = CARD X = Fibonacci = phi = GOLDEN RATIO

The golden ratio which was recently identified in 2010 on the level of INVISIBLE called the nano-scale?
Remember this announcement coming in the Year of the Tiger on Jan. 7th, 2010…OR…1721

On the archetypal level, a DNA CROSSING relates to when a cross-over is unequal or equal, very similar to cutting a string or dividing a line and creating a GOLDEN RATIO.
Would a STRING theory be interested in RATIOs?

That image that we zee above of unequal DNA crossover is a mighty fine analogy for a NIBIRU cross-over occuring at on the microcosmic scale.
Crossovers occur at all levels.
Crossovers are ‘RATIOs’
Some Crossovers appear to be more GOLDEN, more musically harmonious than others?
When your DNA divides…it makes music…apparently?
Which brings us to the 2010 announcement of the GOLDEN RATIO being observed on the NANO-scale.

Remember the SuperNOVA in 1054 AD that I keep wanting to discuss with the religious sheeple, but they are nowhere to be found?
Come out, come out, where ever EWE R.
Ole’ R, eRR, Raphael has found yet another GOSPEL that should shake your serpentine foundations…

I want to remind folks of these simple facts about that particular SN1054.

  • it was ‘visible’ in the daytime sky for 23 days.
  • it was ‘visible’ in the night sky for 653 nights, suggesting there was something still in the air during the day…you should could not sense it
  • HOWEVER this is ODD indeed: it was NOT recorded by the Church, or the Dark Ages Euro-science being controlled by the Roman Catholic Church in 1054 AD. (not hard to prove that!)
  • and this is ODD too: in that 23 day window a COUP took place. The Vatican split from Constantinople.
  • 1054 is the YEAR of the GREAT SchiSm, apparently that gamma ray burst divided the Church into WEST and EAST.

And btw they have NEVER reconciled.

HOWEVER it this NOT surprising. It was recorded by those cultures who still looked to the STARS for guidance, the ‘stargazers’ like the Persians, the Chinese, and the AnaSaZi (descendants of the Aztec) who are the ancestors of the Hopi also recorded it…in a most clever fashion…a method I must believe, that stems primarily from the RIGHT brain.
SN1054 occurred in the vicinity of the Crab Nebula, which is in the constellation of Taurus…perhaps a poetic ‘why’ all the semitic alphabets begin with a letter that relates to the meaning of ox, or cattle, or bull, alphabets that can be used to spell bullshit?
Hence all the bible bullshit and papal poo coming out of canons that would eventually follow.
The man-u-are, a resurrection of the Phoenix, a rebirth out of its own compost.

However the most important thing to know about that star in the Crab Nebula that went SuperNOVA is this…shall we do some simple ‘CREATION PHYSICS’?
Using 1054 AD as the baseline?
Well the Crab Nebula is about 6500 light years away according to some estimates.
So 1054 minus 6500 years to arrive here … means it went BOOM / (supernova) sometime around 5500 B.C.
So can I conclude that the Black Sea flood that occurred about 5500 BC and the Vinca culture spreading out may have been due to this galactic event have far-reaching effects here on earth?

Because my feeling is that our SS, our Solar System felt this ‘vibe’, in a similar manner that SOUNDs can travel along the entire length of a string.

That is what Pythagoras might have been figuring out with his pipes and a musical string theory that might have some associations to modern string theory?
Because clearly clearly there can be no denying this formula:
MaTH = MyTH = MuSIc
A fine battlefield to meet on and diScuSS life’s coincidences.

And what else is also clear is that if the SN1054 event had been closer to our system …. the SOUND wave/PRESSURE wave or VIBE of the SuperNOVA would have been even more catastrophic.

If nobody knew how to read, what is the point of writing or trying to communicate using a script?
A script found from 5500 BC?

So evidently the Goddess cultures of eastern Europe…were detailing their pottery with chevrons, triangles, meanders, whorls and spirals and the occasional swastika?


Symbols dating from the oldest period of Vinča culture (6th-5th millennia BC)

Please note the swastikas in the above image.

Take a look at the second row.

Do you see the notches l,  l l,  l l l, l l l l,  l l l l l?
What does that say or communicate to you?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

However the experts are not convinced the cultures that used these scripts were civilized and capable of communication..
They maintain language began much later, when there is more evidence of a a written language, when the scripts which became the narratives started to be produced.
The experts do not want to rewrite HIS-story to accommodate a HER-story, this is the truth.
Go back to Egypt ya bunch of self-serving ARKeologists and resume your search for moSeS the pharaoh.
What contrived bullshit.

Far too much is at stake,  it is best folks continue to believe that the center of the earth revolves around the middle east, namely Jerusalem?

Sometimes I am ashamed to call myself a human being.

It seems that nobody is interested in this ancient script that predates Sumer and the origin of bible babble by 2000 years…nobody wants to hear about the GoddeSS beliefs linked to fertility, that ruled for 25,000 years?

No they are too busy taking a sample of spit/blood for the National Geographic Genographic project

Maybe this is when they choose the lucky 144,000 lottery/litter winners, the next Adams/Wall-Es and Eves?
Better get your samples in soon bots.
National Geographic wants my blood or spit, but never ever has done a documentary special on the swastika, the world’s oldest best traveled symbol?
I could do a 4 hour special on it not a 60 minute infomercial selling an idea called Out of Africa.
NatGeo wankers are hiding something.
The Freemasons running NASA are hiding something.
The Vatican and the Jesuits are hiding the same thing.


Common symbols used throughout the Vinča period.
please note the various crosses on the third row.
Especially the 3rd one from the left.
The same glyph shows up in Egypt on the Dendera Zodiac.

>> *here* <<Image

Did you note the double hook at the top of the Dendera Zodiac.
Any guesses what it means?
We shall return to this symbol…
more Vinca symbols:

I like it.
I like it.
Fits nicely.
The Vinca culture is from the same time, the same general part of the world as the folks who crafted this SPIRAL (really a helix)


Minaret at the Great Mosque of Samarra

Take a look at the numbers in its design….

The Great Mosque of Samarra was at one time the largest mosque in the world; its minaret, the Malwiya Tower, is a vast spiralling cone (snail shaped) 52 meters high and 33 meters wide with a spiral ramp.[1]The mosque had 17 aisles, and its walls were panelled with mosaics of dark blue glass. It was part of an extension of Samarra eastwards.

Why did I highlight snail?
Any buddhists reading this?
Which spiral is considered auspicious to a buddhist/chinese?
Another nice fit to the puzzle.

And from the very very very same place we find these plates from around 5000 BC.


Swastika Plate 5000 BC is a Model of the Milky Way

I do see some of the same symbols being used by all cultures, also being used by the Vinca culture.
And the SWASTIKA is still in vogue folks…7500 years later.
Still worshiped like a god in some parts of the world.
Would the Christians like it IF the crucifix were outlawed or demonized, though it should be?

And the swastika also appears on one of the earliest scripts found to date.
It appears in the Baltics and IN Iraq, around the same time.

And as we continue to search for proof of a common heritage…I do find it odd that the WEST cannot bury the swastika fast enough…the one symbol that might be the link?

Folks the swastika is KEY and a vital part of the secret being VEILeD.


The ROSETTA FRACTAL and its cousin the Nazi adopted swastika…both descendants of ROME.

The colors of heraldry proves it…

The Meaning of the Swastika?

The only official reference to the meaning of the National Socialist Swastika which we have encountered is in Chapter 7 of the 2nd volume of Mein Kampf:

“As National Socialists we see our program in our flag. In the red, we see the social idea of the movement, in the white, the nationalistic idea, in the (black) Swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of Aryan man, and at the same time, also the victory of the idea of creative work, which in itself is, and will always be, anti-Semitic.”

Ya ya ja  sure Adolf.
Why did you force the Teutonic Knights to disband in 1938?
Who chose the BLACK cross,WHITE circle and RED background first, the Teutonic Knights or Adolf the Dark Knight?

The NAZI flag is copycat of the Teutonic Knights flag.
With a twist.


And the Teutonic Knights had sworn an allegiance to the Vatican.
Centuries before the NAZIs were ever conceived.

So the swastika plays a vital role in the end game?
I think so.

Too too funny … the swastika just might be THE missing link between the mysteries of the past and the big FIBs still being crafted and prepared for us in the very near future?

YOU better believe it sheeple.

ImageDancing Bee Goddess
-Marija Gimbutas


The Case of the MiSSing 3

Another link to Egypt could be the OWL and this ‘M’ glyph.
The OWL hieroglyph in Egyptian means the ‘M’ sound.


The Fibonacci Numbers found on CARD X 11258
11258 = 1, 1, 2, ? 5, 8

As a side note regarding the miSSing 3.
Temple of Delphi is connected to the ‘E’.
Then we have the important ‘Trinity’ or ‘3’.
And finally waveforms or serpents or water is commonly expressed as ‘W’.

My 3MEW theory…all are rotations or reflections of each other.
It could be why Egyptians liked cats.

But this is in fact a fact… 

Neolithic Bird GoddeSS either have large breasts or are decorated with her symbols:
chevrons, meanders, parallel or zigzag lines, and the number 3

And the Vinca culture was batty about birds, including the OWL.
It just gets better and better.

And the best conclusion we arrive at is that Jesus represented %$#@ serpent/s?
YA baby.

Here is what the serpent means to most biblical Judeao/Christians.
Who are clearly ignorant, if this is the extent of their serpent wisdom.

serpent = bad = don’t go there eve

In the Abrahamic religions, serpents are connected with deceit, and are used to symbolize deceitfulness. An example is the serpent in the Garden of Eden, who tricks Adam and Eve into partaking of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The symbolic connection between serpents and deceit may depend in part on the observation that snakes have forked tongues. A forked tongue is a tongue which has not one end, but two, pointing in different directions. In humans, the tongue is an essential tool in speech, and the presence of only one tip signifies the unity of truthful speech, and corresponds to the unity of the truth itself. There is only one truth, but there are many lies. The forked tongue represents the disunity of deceitful speech.

Well I am glad we dispensed with how an IGNORANT bible babbler might define the ‘snake’ and its profound history.
A snake worshiping history that is connected profoundly to how our conSciouSneSS has evolved over thousands and thousands of years…reduced to a story between eve and the serpent in eden…hahahaha

Now shall we move on?
…like I said…there have been volumes written about SNake GoddeSS worship and Bird Goddess.

Snakes and spirals and swastikas are all related too, along with the S, Z, 2, 5 and N.
Snake worship helps explain why the swastika is not really found in Egypt.
Because they also practised profound serpent worship in Egypt too, just like in the Baltics, India, China and Meso-america.
Serpents were indeed twofold, they could be very bad and very GREAT.
All these cultures venerated the SERPENT as two sides of the same currency.
The judeao/christians did not.

Archive for the ‘Spherical Standing Wave and the SS Theory of Everything’ Category

Propagate TRUTH?
Spreading SOUND waves?

Shall we try to find out where all these christian symbols and stories originated from?
There have been volumes written about the good serpents and the bad ones.

But please note that the Judeao/Christians only have an evil serpent.
And after 2000 years the religious plebes are still babbling away…blaa blaa blaa, still calling for the end of time…

And one of these days…we might very well get hit with a gamma ray burst, like we experienced in 185, 1054, 1060, 1604 AD, or something else celestial might happen…and guess what, the sheeple in unison will rebleat it is the return of jeSuS…
No  it is the universe going through its paces…and we are witness to it, and we have been witness for thousands of years, and most of you reading this are probably just punks of less than 50 years old…who rarely respect the past as leading the way?
So there was great wisdom gathered and simplified and it is being VEILeD by EVIL with concocted mystery called the Christ child…

  • Without a mystery there is no religion.
  • Without mystery there are no secret societies.
  • Without mystery a magician is not a magician.
  • Without mystery I wonder what the sheeple would believe in…?


Above I present the propagation of a transverse spherical wave (light wave) in a FLAT 2D grid.
Take a close look and you will see a Swastika swirling in the center of that grid.

And the motion matches the FLAT plate from Samarra Iraq 5000 BC.
That plate above is also an archetype or model of the FLAT spiral galaxy they have identified and called the Milky Way.
more info here:

And I find it interesting that SPIRAL cultures existed 7500 years ago .
And I also find it interesting that in the 21st century, the SPIRAL is making a come back in the form of phi, aka the Golden Ratio.

Phi or the GOLDEN Ratio has been observed for the very first time on the NANO-SCALE … announced in 2010.
NaSSim Haramein a favorite of ‘we the sheeple’ is the up and coming new age physicist and his theory of everything …states everything is a spinning black hole.
Sounds like phi and the swastika should have a future in the world of quantum mechanics…


Marija Gimbutas by Kerbstone 52
At the back of Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland
September 1989

The fine scholarly life’s work of Marija Gimbutas shall serve both humanity and me well.
Only the bible babblers will not like what is coming, the realization that Jesus is really a serpent or a ‘wave’ or an idea that we can all share in.

Who writes this stuff?
Not me…I am just the ghost writing scribe who is filling in the blanks for the blanks.
All about 52:

The Gospel of Marija Gimbutas + Raphael + Swastika + 2S2Serpentine Theory

TRUTH the final frontier, coming soon to a planet near you.
All good illuminating news…though it appears confusing…

THUS to summarize what an enlightenment means on the level of DNA let me offer this analogy using anagrams…because you can use both.
Anagrams using numerals or letters.


Here it becomes clear why I highlighted the 17 in the above description of the Minaret Spiral in Samarra, Iraq.

You do need to know that there was an Arabic alchemist who thought all creation was dictated by the number 17
Is it a coincidence they have isolated 16 elementary particles and #17 is associated with GRAVITY and the  ‘higgs boson/particle/graviton’.
Isn’t it a coincidence how archetype keeps pace, step in step, sometimes doing the goosestep with the narrative taking place.

In the above TAROT CODE add up the value of those 4 ROYAL STARS…i.e. the 4 Evangelists or 4 constellations…
1, 1, 2, 5, 8 = 17

Keep all the above in mind when navigating through SpaceTime…because the archetypes are recognizable and have been VEILeD by EVIL entity that only wants to LIVE.
Can you blame it for trying …  or simply be aware and acknowledge IT?


unequal crossing over


Everything is normal.




please note the VALUABLE updates I made to the above post today.
please note today’s date.
I did.

Wednesday or Mittwoch or meso or middle of the week.
Jan 27, 2010

Has a nice symmetry to it?


Update March 3rd, 2012

drunkdog wrote:
yes she is in my reading que but I can only digest so much and still be a functional workerdrone

(529 pages = 1 seeker + 528 = 1258 = my firefighter badge number)

treasure found for $15 in a used book store.
hard to get I imagine.
it was waiting for me.
had my ‘name’ on it.
Marija still has some important work to complete.

The ‘origin’ of Roman numerals.

Can you see how the origin of Roman numerals overlaps with the information that follows, about the cultures that preceded the Romans?


CORE Signs of the Old European Script 5300 BC-4300 BC, the Balkans

Take a close look at some of these shapes … 5000 B.C. …. square, diamond/lozenge and the triangle, and they loved spirals too?

Below we see a KEY from Thebes.
A KEY that fits the Old European Script that we see on line 3.
This image was taken from a Freemason book written in 1882.


A KEY that resembles an E or is it an M, W or maybe a 3?
Remember the Temple of Delphi was connected to the ‘E’ and Apollo PHOebus, a solar deity who played a stringed instrument.
The Owl hieroglyph in Egyptian is connected to the letter ‘M’.

Take a closer look at this script.
I want to share my recent epiphany
This ancient script is quantum right brain language.
I would think Marija G. wants folks to know that. :shock:

Take a look at how Marija even recorded it on the 8th line down
because she too had an archetypal task to complete….
x + y
I also have come to realize that I too have a purpose to serve, and protect, to help ‘recover’ some lost wisdom.


SO let us investigate the CORE symbols more closely…
Marija G. recorded 12 lines

lines 1-6 we count vertical lines, in conjunction with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pebbles or dots alongside vertical dashes AND what look like ‘combs’.

What is interesting is how the enigmatic 137 or 1-3-7 pattern can be linked to the structure of Morse Code, which is comprised of dots and dashes.

Morse Code 137 RULES or how to communicate using SS technology.
Sticks (dashes) and Stones (dots) 

  • dot/pebble/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER.
  • 3 dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS.
  • dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS.

Are these coincidences or evidence of a design worth taking note of?
The number 7 is mentioned 137 times in the bible.
In gematria the numerical value for the word QaBaLah is 137.

QaBaLah is derived from the Hebrew word qibbel, ‘to receive’ and signifies ‘knowledge handed down by tradition’.
that the word QIBBEL is comprised of the letters Q + BIBLE 

The Q source (also Q document or Q) is a hypothetical written source for the Gospel of Matthew and Gospel of Luke.
Q (short for the German Quelle, or “source”) is defined as the “common” material found in Matthew and Luke but not in the Gospel of Mark. This ancient text supposedly contained the logia or quotations from Jesus.



INVERSE SQUARE LAWs that all waves adhere to.

line 7 we are presented with five various waveforms or zigzag glyphs?
V ^ M N /W

line 8 we have a rather impressive x + y



line 9 I see a ‘phi’ golden spiral ear, and the Hopi nakwach symbol…a sign of brotherhood and a ‘handshake’.
line 9 I also see the ‘L’ or what the Freemasons call the builder’s glyph followed by perhaps a ‘bow’.


line 10 contains pure geometry, the square, rotated to a diamond or lozenge and the triangle, of course, and followed by an ‘arch’ with a center?


line 11 on the Discovery Channel a reference was made to this being the Lost Tomb of JeSuS.
But this is clearly from the CORE NEO-lithic Vinca Script and it looks EXACTLY like the Lost Tomb of JeSuS that I saw on the Discovery Channel, on TV…so it must be true?


line 12 completes the serpent ‘waveform’ script.
This glyph could be used for the note ‘F’.

And coincidentally some folks claim that we should start the scales with ‘F’ NOT ‘C’.
But what I love, of course, is that we see positioned in pairs, at the 4 Cardinal directions N, S, E, W on the Rosetta Fractal, something I recovered from history.

That this script is based on x + y and z-EE?
But wait wait wait!
Can you count one, two, fr-EE four times?

I know that 4E Key that we sEE.
Shall we learn a little about Chaldean AstronomEE?

ImageChaldean Zodiac Cross


A little off topic but I do find this script interesting too.

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-A. Einstein

CodeX4 = 11258 and brother PAHANA recovers the miSSing CORNERstone


HOW to compose a Biblical NARRATIVE.

Everybody wanting to roost on the apex must follow the rules as laid down by the ARCHETYPE…
binary bi-polar  lesson #1

Romulus and Remus … the binary twits suckled on cosmic tits, the teats of the cosmic WOLF.

My REAL given name Ralph (Raphael is my altered ego) comes from Radulf.
Ulf the suffix attached meaning wolf.


Romulus and Remus?
And these twins are the entry point, leading to the FOUNDING OF ROME, using augery?

Consider the words of the Roman historian Livy, who writes (VI.41): auspiciis hanc urbem conditam esse, auspiciis bello ac pace domi militiaeque omnia geri, quis est qui ignoret? (“Who does not know that this city was founded only after taking the divinations, that everything in war and in peace, at home and abroad, was done only after taking the divinations?”)

And it is recorded that ROME was founded by ROMEulus using augery?
As recorded in the Roman history book?

So what is the underlying allegory…the stories can’t be factually true.
Patriarchs in the days of when they built ARKs to save humanity, patriARKs who named themselves captain of the ship, and who lived to be nearly 1000 years old?

Jesus walked on water….and man walked on the moon?
What is allegory and what is fact?

So HOW does 11258 act as evidence again, showing that the scientist/temple priest have conspired to obliterate the truth, veil the archetypes that I CAN NOW EXPOSE having found the TREASURE MAP …. CARD X of the TAROT, the true source of these cards,  itself a mystery.

I am even starting to believe that this info was embedded for that somebody special to come along and find…..somebody that in the beginning I had doubted existed in a somebody like me, but that somebody dude I know today, without a doubt, that that special person must turn out to be as the archetype suggests, a somebody who is a nobody,  just like me.

A nobody special on the outside.
But we are all special on the inside, even if you fail to impress on the outside.

So what is connection between EMPEROR CONSTANTINE, the CODE 11258, his vision in the sky re: the CHRIST monogam called the CHI RHO and the ARCHETYPE of LAYING the CORNERSTONE of a BELIEF SYSTEM CALLED CHRISTIANITY?
The reinforcing of a belief system using the archetypes?

How obvious?
How else would you ever hope to control people at a distance?

On 8, December 1735 Clement XII laid the foundation stone of the facade of S. Giovanni in Laterano**…

8, December 1735

Apparently we do have the Fibonacci Code embedded in the CORNERSTONE.
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 with a remainder of the magical number 7?

However we can remove only the CODE found on CARD X and the result is just as ‘interesting’.

8 12 1735 = 11 2 5 8 with a remainder of 73?

…and on what day were both Tom Cruise the scientologist and me born?

3rd July



Ok ok you ask “what does the archetype 37 fulfill…?”
Please read this:

Now who, who in their right mind could resist the charms of the journey I have taken?

11258 without a doubt is one of the KEYs to UNLOCKING the biblical narrative.
And I evidently play a role.
And do remember my date and time of birth confirms it.

The numbers 11258 appear in my BIRTH CODE.
All archetypes I assure you, that play a role in laying the cornerstone in each of us…
In my dreams I wish, I hope I can restore the miSSing corner of the Hopi tablet of prophecy.
That is the game I have bought into.
Why not?
Archetypal foundations suggest you can do this kind of role playing.
Believe it…because I just did.
Can you say Pahana?
The miSSing corner to the Hopi prophecy.
The return of TRUTH?
A true BlueStar KAchina who came to rattle your JC chains?
Yup I gotta believe I have bought into quite the narrative myself?
But hey isn’t this both a CORNERSTONE and a FACADE now in fact revealed, or like I prefer to say ‘recovered from the mem’.

On 8, December 1735 Clement XII laid the foundation stone of the facade of S. Giovanni in Laterano**…

JeSuS who was posited as the archetypal meSSenger (ask the muslims, he was NOT the meSSiah).

JC is an archetypal spirit, and this archetype has been coined, “the medium is the meSSage”
And I want to point out he was associated with carpentry?
Jakob Bohme the mystic was a cobbler’s son?
And I was the son of a lathe machinst who made airplane parts for the Luftwaffe and was in fact a POW?
Ah there are always two sides to the BS fence called WAR.
A wall of SOUNDs and distractions.
Too funny, what poetry I continue to be a witness too.
Things are starting to spiral outta control here for me?

After all it was both me and mi, together that came to this recovery of a lost knowledge.
Pay attention.
Do I know what the next revelation might be?
No I am not quite sure.
But please note do have a track record now.
I have accumulated along the way, on my journey,  a list of profound ESOTERIC connections, simply recovered, I claim NO ownership of the underlying truth.
Perhaps I should list the  esoteric recoveries, a list that does contain a few epiphanies.
Even MP Hall and M Blavatsky might ask …

“who is this guy?” 

I will be the first to admit that I discover nothing new under the SUN.
However in regards to the MOON, I have indeed stepped out of the light into the abySS of a knowledge re: role of the MOON , and what is being veiled from humanity.

It is the MOON we should focus on with an intent, to try to understand WHY this celestial object has been turned into a Christian Easter cosmic EGG Hunt?
I connect the recovery of Fibonacci cycle (in the 12th centruy) to giving rise to rabbits (a lunar symbol) being connected to Easter and the MOON?

Probably true.
Fibonacci … rabbits … star of Venus … Phi … MOON … CARD X of the Tarot?
All connected?
YES of course and add the Swastika to the list of buried associations.

Why does the Vatican PASSOVER the real celestial meaning of what the equinox relative to the Precession cycle means?
And much of mainstream science and religion, is in fact supported by the scholar wankers, that they helped educate OR should I suggest indoctrinate?

So many of today’s biblical EXPERTS  seem to be in a collective denial about the anomalies of history that their self-serving script called HIS-story can never seem explain?

= who wants to see the SWASTIKAs in LATERANO San GIOVANNI … the MOTHER church, it is hierarchal (heilARKal) to ST. PETERs in the Vatican.

So in fact the buck stops here, it forms part of the tour of what has been veiled using a self serving script.
LATERANO is close both, geographically and it corresponds to the timeline of a scripted HIS-story, San Giovanni Laterno belongs to CIRCUS MAXIMUS where a SUCKER is BORN every cosmic MINUTE…


4 Leaf Clover=LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=4 Evangelists=KEY 528=ASYMMETRY=swastiKA=SPIN=CARD X of the Tarot=11258

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Stoner delivers the Philosopher’s Stone CodeX4 = 11 528

For those of you who have endured my rants and raves.
I feel the closer I get now, the easier the message/code will be to convey.

I just recently, this past week, have realized that I have NOW in fact taken possession of the Philosopher’s Stone?

Now it just screams at me.
Don’t worry there are many to go around.
Can I share the one I found?


Here is why.
(…and if this thread does not convince you, take at look at the numerous connections I have made to these numbers 11258.)

Please read the above text taken from this book:

I had it delivered to me today, it came back, it was out on loan, it came back to me because IN FACT I was NOW ready to notice the CLUE.
My days these daze are filled with irrational inspirational thoughts and feelings.

Those numbers listed above are how the stoner FOUND the mythical STONE.
It started with the simplest of philosophical meanderings about 4.5 years ago.

Energy = God

And then I did a most foolish thing, like the FOOL (the big zero), I took a step off the cliff and thought I would try to see if I could define god as energy. Shocked

Then as I started remembering, I started applying to what I was remembering, to myself.
It has been a SINthesis of a theSiS, aSSisted without a doubt by the MOON and the SUN, and my INTENT all along was to find a simple truth, so simple a truth that it would need to be unifying, to be SO simple.
So simple a child by the ages of 5-8 would have a very SOUND idea about the unique relationship between 8:5 and 5:8 and Phi and phi and SOUND and creation, and vibration and and and ….

Though I have journeyed through much complexity/adversity, part of the journey indeed, in the end, the answers do appear simple.
And the further I navigate the more unifying the simplicity.

2, 5, 8, 11

Can I prove that CARD X is the ‘treasure map’ to help locate the treasure, the significance of the concept of ‘X’ and all that it implies?

I do feel I have arrived where I can NOW show (beyond a shadow of a doubt, I call mi Wink ) that CARD X is in fact the archetypal KEY we can use to help the adept unlock a profound secret, a numerical CODE that has in fact stood the test of TIME.
The archetypal language I have learned is designed to do this in fact.
Designed to transcend, communicate and preserve an underlying truth through the dimensions of an ORDERED space and time, no matter how much CHAOS or motion takes place…the default mechanisms are in place.

It is a very simple CODE by the way…that I can show you the alchemists used.
I will actually provide evidence of alchemical writings where the CODE 11258 was used, embedded into their work.
The alchemist/scientist Johannes Baptist Helmont left us a tremendous clue in his famous willow tree experiment.
And his name ‘Johannes or JOAN Baptista’ was yet another clue, that the archetypal path I had been following was true.
And his son Mercurius who worked with DEAF people (SOUND?) was the poetic touch for me to comprehend, a reward that vision is given, simply by interpreting the creator alchemist poet heARTisan, some people call god, in a new light, using SOUND as mediator too.
Rolling Eyes

That is the cool part, that I just discovered this past week, and it now becomes the foundation AND supports AND confirms that my path has been quite true blue.

And if I can teach this archetypal stuff to a child, (easier than an adult) and have them understand what I want to share with you, I feel by the end of the presentation, this archetypal unveiling of the philosopher’s stone, will be appreciated on how it transcends ALL levels/dimensions/planes of existence.

And I fear not the ultimate test.
Does the theory transcend both realms?
From the biggest to the smallest, from the macrocosm to the microcosm?
If the theory does not satisfy both realms, it is KAput, I will be the first to admit.

We see embedded on this card, in fact, the proof is forthcoming, that it is a mnemonic or teaching aid that a teacher would use to pass on the archetypal Oral Traditions, traditions that reflect the inescapable realities of life too, by the way.
That is what the tarot is, an archetypal mnemonic.


A mnemonic device (pronounced “neh-mon-ik”) is a memory aid. Commonly met mnemonics are often verbal, something such as a very short poem or a special word used to help a person remember something, particularly lists, but may be visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remember constructs which can be related back to the data that is to be remembered. This is based on the principle that the human mind much more easily remembers spatial, personal, surprising, sexual or humorous or otherwise meaningful information than arbitrary sequences.

The word mnemonic is derived from the Ancient Greek word = mnemonikos (“of memory”) and is related to Mnemosyne (“remembrance”), the name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. Both of these words refer back to the mnema (“remembrance”).[1] Mnemonics in antiquity were most often considered in the context of what is today known as the Art of Memory.

The major assumption in antiquity was that there are two sorts of memory: the “natural” memory and the “artificial” memory. The former is inborn, and is the one that everyone uses every day. The artificial memory is one that is trained through learning and practicing a variety of mnemonic techniques. The latter can be used to perform feats of memory that are quite extraordinary, impossible to carry out using the natural memory alone.

2, 5, 8, 11

A string of numbers and or a combination composed, a string of pearls that have been cast before me, and together with my shadow genii I call the 7mi, I have been led back down the path, following my footsteps back along the path, backward, in reverse back to the source of my whence I came.

What I offer is a narrative unveiled, a personal archetypal quest, not unlike all those knights and daze that came before me.
The common denominator that binds the commoner to the emperor is clear intent, we are ALL simply searching for proof of that underlying unity that we all know exists.
In mi heart I feel I know the obvious, my father and mother do heART in heaven.
It must be true.

There must be a ‘core’, isn’t that clear?
Or are you, the earth, or the Universe, just empty inside?
Is your CORE hollow hal?
How shallow is hollow hal?
Does hal live on a flat world?

Here is a little bit of the archetypal magic unveiled…
How I live my life now according to numbers first, TV, RADIO and other forms of media….are a distant second. Wink

This happened to me yesterday.
A clue that my archetypal path could be nearing an end…I do feel I am getting so so close in understanding poSSeSSion of the Philosopher’s Stone implies to the beholder.

In Tesla’s diary we read:

Propagation and resonance

On July 3, 1899, Tesla discovered terrestrial stationary waves within the earth. He demonstrated that the Earth behaves as a smooth polished conductor and possesses electrical vibrations. He experimented with waves characterized by a lack of vibration at points,

First coincidence…July 3rd is my birthdate.
Second coincidence…it was 58 years before I was born, and 58 is a number connected to St. John the Bapitst who plays an archetypal role.
Third coincidence…my theSiS is ALL about the low and high SOUND frequencies we seem to ignore.

How about those numbers of mine, 11258?
Can Tesla and me and mi be connected through SPACE/TIME/MOTION through these numbers…AM I on the right archetypal path?

This story I am unveiling is part of the paradigm shift we are experiencing.
I am one of its voices. Exclamation
Any other suggestions, what I could be?

Colorado Departure

Tesla left Colorado Springs on January 7, 1900. The lab was torn down, broken up, and its contents sold to pay debts. The Colorado experiments prepared Tesla for his next project, the establishment of a wireless power transmission facility that would be known as Wardenclyffe. On March 21, 1900, Tesla was granted US685012 patent for the means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations.

And I then got my bill for breakfast/brunch.
This all occurred on Feb. 16.
I had felt that on 2/16 or 216 something special was going to happen…and it has.

I can see very very clearly now.

The above is yesterday’s bill. A very very small price to pay for the illuminations I have been receiving of late.
I had invited Tesla to bruch yesterday…it was while having brunch and pondering the magic of 11258 along with 369 (of course) that I read about the patent # US685012 matching rather nicely…


A few more coincidences were appreciated, that I could not have planned any better.
All I needed to do was pay attention.

>>My food tab was $5.95?
Have I written about 55 = SS and 9 is special to Pythagoras too?
>>My coffee was $1.35?
In my research I found it a coincidence, that the proper angle to hold your arm outstretched in typical NAZI pose is a 135 degree angle…or 3 x 45.

>>GST or the God Service Tax is 37 sense?
Need I say more, those who study Gematria know the significance of 37?
Also the day and month of my birth. (Tom Cruise too … hahaha)
>>PST or the Philosopher’S Tax was 58 cents, a number as I have said, I connect to St. John the Baptist (who lost his head) and also to a savant, a fella by the name of Daniel Tammet, who spends more time in the right side of his head.
58 = 13 = 4
And gueSS what…it all started with the number 4 for me and mi.
Ask any shrink…when lost, after your world is turned upside down, a BIG part in the proceSS of recovery is re-orientation with the 4 directions that define SPACETIME…

This must be done before integrating.
I seem to be able to go back and forth. (in my head that is)

Daniel Tammet is somebody I would love to break bread with one day, along with Acharya S., and have a discussion not long since seen. Wink
A dicussion that merges the LEFT hemisphere and RIGHT hemisphere of our ASYMMETRICAL Brains.

And Acharya S., don’t forget to invite Jill Bolte Taylor and Dr. Temple Gradin and the original Rain Man, Kim Peek.

All of the above could help us come up with a brand new REIGN Dance.
A merger of LEFT and RIGHT.
Imagine both hemispheres of your mind in prayer pose.
The wings of the galactic butterfly.



>>born at 5:28 am

And who am I, who is Raphael?
I am the union of a lathe machinist, his was name KArl, and a woman called Maria.
>>A fella born at 5:28 am on July 3rd, 1957.

NOW before I can illustrate the philosopher’s stone using those numbers 11258, I need to show you how my own personal string of pearls intersects with the Philosopher’s Stone ‘CODE’ I have uncovered.

Simple RIGHT BRAIN exercise:
Can you see how Phi and phi embedded on CARD X using those numbers?
So who is game for a game that I have yet to devise?

Stakes are very high, but accordingly because there is great risk, the payoff is big.

Are you willing to lose yer heads in searching for a unifying TRUTH, maybe the Grail, for some the archetypal ARK of the covenant, a new Jerusalem, alchemists in search of the real meaning of the Emerald Tablet, or perhaps a more poetic Philosopher’s Stone delivered by a stoner?
Rolling Eyes

Now if you have gotten this far, I just want to point out the TIME/DATE when this thread was originally posted.

Yes some things seem coincidental, some things are done with an intention.
Underneath it ALL however is a composition that may already have been written.
And maybe it your purpose to find out where you are to be positioned, in this stage play, or maybe it is in the orchestra or choir perhaps?
Maybe only to chant, or play a drum?
Perhaps a flute, lute or harp?

You figure it out.
Rolling Eyes
4 Leaf Clover=LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=4 Evangelists=KEY 528=ASYMMETRY=swastiKA=SPIN
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

‘KEY 528’ and the narrative called ‘112?58’

What is the connection between the AEGIS and the SWASTIKA and the numbers 11258

This thread will be continually updated with the evidence I accumulate…re: those numbers and the role they play in helping to script the scriptures.

And what is the specific reference in Homer, lliad, at the end of the quote?

15: 218

Not convinced that gaining an understanding of those numbers is part of the KEY to unlocking a more revealing narrative…leading to a truth, obfuscated through time and dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

So…the SWASTIKA plays a huge role in the really BIG SECRET?
What else are we to conclude?

Okay I can sense some doubting Thomas’.
Can I find the a similar reference, similar to the Christian gospels to a deity AND to those numbers 11258 in the Koran?
Remember that the swastika was long ago, revered and referenced as Jehovah too.

Would Allah = Jehovah?

Now where do we see the numbers 11258 in the above text?
Again in the ‘reference’.

1 Kings 10: 18-20

Okay I am prepared for your observations…where is the number 5?

Ahhh but can you hear me ROAR?
Lions have always been seen as Kings and royal and regal and the sphinx was probably a LION at one time.

So guess what, LEO is a lyin’ kingly patriarch Lion, number 5 on yer astrological wheel of mis-fortunes.
1 Kings 10: 18-20 = 151182
otta love the poetree that has been embedded in ALL the scriptures.

Just like the diet industry…they peddle the same fooking advice ad nauseum.
The masters who rotate the wheel of fortunes control our destiny at the moment.

More proof needed that these numbers form part of the narrative?

Ptolemy V Epiphanes: king of the Ptolemaic Empire, ruled from 205 to 180.

More profound swastika connections to concepts that suggest a beginning/end.
More swastika = god stuff…

red highlights re: ‘concepts of 3’
72 x 3 = 216

REVELATION 21:6 and hence the evolution and involution of the cycle of manifestation?
Sounds far too familiar.
More clues?

So it has become obvious that the biblical references themselves hold clues to the paSSage.




Default VATICAN WIND ROSE / LSD / 112?58 / CC FLYWHEEL / CARD X and EZEKIEL’s Vision


quote from wiz-oz:

Guys, check out this website of the Bayse Newcombe Lodge, goes back to George washington:


Best. Clubhouse. Ever.


This post started as a response to another on the Solfeggio frequencies.
But I got carried away, drawn into the quagmire of my own archetypal journey.
It is becoming increasingly hard to not want to not participate in this ‘experiment’, 24/7.
What experiment?
The archetypal journey…man know thyself in proportion, building my own ARK-E-typal ARK, understanding my own life is very similar to the trajectory of a rocket ship, or maybe a shooting star, leaving a path behind resembling the ARCHetypal ARCH or ARC or ARK.

Please note that the tiling/brickwork in both images, (above the Vatican, and below from a Freemason Grand Lodge), is circular and radiates from the center in a series of concentric circles.
Store that info for a moment and continue reading.

This image was taken from the ‘Grand Lodge Tour’.
Good tour … rife with esoteric ‘pagan’ sacred ‘G’ symbolism of course.

Look up under the staircase. Here you see the Seal of the Grand Lodge, the Great Seal of Pennsylvania and representation of the four cardinal virtues — Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice.”

Look up under the staircase?
I do believe this statement to be a clue…to the mysteries.
An important symbol such as this one, is never placed in a temple/lodge in a random location.
This is the greatest mystery ‘whodunit’ I have ever been involved in, clues are strewn about everywhere, I swear.
The search for truth using archetypes that transcend Space and Time, I feel is the only way to crack the case guys and gals.

And this next image was known to be associated with the 4 Evangelists…

And LSD!!

God damn, I knew the PhreeMasons were getting high on LSD too!
Everybody seems to be doin’ the same spiritual drug…but calling it by some other name.

And again I present the LUCKY LSD FLYWHEEL at the Coral Castle.

For those readers who are perplexed why I refer to these symbols as LSD, this blog should help explain.

But for those of you familiar with the quatrefoil/LSD/DMT/Solomon’s Knot move on….it gets more interesting.

Here is a little of the magic I uncovered today in St. Peter’s Ellipse (not a Square really)
oz…here is a great site…regarding the Wind Rose, a site I found when looking for images of the square/ellipse.

And at this link above, I am sure we will find many clues to solving this riddle of all the ages in our own way…BRIDGING left with the right brain is the ONLY way to solve this riddle of ALL the Ages is the feeling I keep getting.

But the path is incredibly clear to me…my path has been clearly marked with the numbers 2, 5, 8, 11 OR 1258 or simply 528. (solfeggio 528 hertz of course, heals DNA, so goes the rumor, in green because 528 hertz is a ‘green’ frequency)

The Solfeggio Scale and note names;
1. UT…396 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree) 2. RE…417 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
3. MI…528 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree) 4. FA…639 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree) 5. SOL..741 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
6. LA…852 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree)

I posted the above because of the references to the PILLARS.

3 Pillars

The Wind Rose that surrounds the obelisk in St Peter’s Square is a diagram that uses the compass points to show the different wind directions. Each of these sixteen elliptical white marble markers is labeled with the compass point and the name of the wind from that direction.

Does the number 16 come up as a significant part of the Coral Castle FLYWHEEL architecture?
Yes it does.

Please note the pavement AND at each position on the Wind Rose we have an image of the emanating wind.

Though the ‘wind rose’ (Italian: rosa dei venti) has been around since ancient times, but these markers were added to the Square around 1852 when Pius IX added the four seven-branched candelabra with fountains, and the traffic-free circle inside the 68 short granite posts.

Please note that these changes were made in 1852 and the Tarot deck where I get this next image was made after 1852.

1258 my fire department badge number perhaps?

The (47) four seven-branched candelabra/menorah is another of those archetypal facts worth taking note of at this time.

Now is a good to remind the readers how the card below can really help solve ‘X’ or maybe even find what is buried under the ‘X’.
Yes those numbers appear to be linked to the 4 Evangelists and 4 specific astrological houses and the Persian 4 Royal Stars.

When I see those numbers 2, 5, 8, 11 that keep coming up in my intuitively lead research/journey, I get tingles, goose bumps, waves after wave of undulating truth chills…

And it feels so damn good
If some of you wonder where that relentless, head down, ‘bull in a china shop paSSion’ emanates from, please do believe me, when I suggest it is simply the result of ‘feeling the truth’, whenever I think, feel or utter truthful words these daze, I get those chills, zzzzt, nothing I can’t handel AND here is the best part, I can now manufacture these waves, almost at will … and I envision a day when with every step I take, truth will emanate.
Typing btw, counts too, sending out vibes on the www.

How do I tie the Phreemason Seal of the Grand Lodge to the Vatican and Precession of the Equinoxes and those 4 numbers?
It is definitely a doorway to a much deeper understanding.

We are taking part in a rather unique narrative.
So let me present some of that 2, 5, 8, 11 magic yet again.
This is so sweet.

The first post I made on this forum, was this one.
And what was the topic about essentially?

The Universe is asymmetric.
Our Brains are divided and are in fact asymmetric.
And our LEFT and RIGHT hands are asymmetric and chiral.
And our DNA is also asymmetric and chiral.
AND there is in fact an asymmetrical ancient symbol that embraces all of the concepts above, asymmetric and chiral.
Those 4/5 points are summations of that thread.

Now the poetry that has been recorded, for mi to find evidently, and sometimes, it feels as though I myself left the clues for me to find at a later date. Imagine entering a maze or labryinth on a quest and feeling it necessary to leave a path to follow back out to where you began your journey, in case you do need to escape.
When fighting a fire, the firefighter always knows that the fire hose itself was his way back out, his ‘lifeline’, when dealing with zero visibility and a toxic environment and a critical situation involving a low air supply.

These numbers and other archetypal concepts I have been proposing in many of my threads, the entire narrative I am still uncovering, has been assisted / aided by following 4 numbers around Space and Time.
The clues I am to identify have numbers marked right on them 2, 5, 8 and 11 OR variations there of…
How much easier could it get solving this riddle?

This famous image of Michelangelo, in the SiStine Chapel, is about making ‘contact’, ‘being touched by god’, it is essentially a narrative focusing on HANDS.

Please note that it is the RIGHT HAND of God that is associated with the ‘Creation of Man’, nearly touching the LEFT HAND of Adam.

Is this why? … physics uses what is known as the ‘Right Hand Rules’ when discussing the x, y and z axis?

And Wolfgang Pauli exclaimed “God is a weak left hander”?

So what is the connection between my journey, the image called ‘Creation of Man’ and the numbers acting as a guide for me called ‘2, 5, 8, 11’?

only click on this link if you want to be freaked out.
http://books.google.ca/books?id=Pj3LLlkQOdsC&pg=PA111&lpg=PA111&dq=creati on+of+man+1508-12&source=bl&ots=crhcjbcCBE&sig=Tg3-chytSWNGcDdQywHGSi6Cnzw&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result& resnum=6&ct=result
(you may need to cut and paste the address into your browser, do not know why it does not link )

If anybody caught some chills when they saw, what I saw, at that link, let me know.
Ezekiel is connected to those numbers too?

Of course he is.
Takes one madman across the eternal waters, to understand another madman.
This madness that has overwhelmed me, is a badge of honor 1258 that I proudly wear…yes my actual badge number upon retirement in July 31, 2007, was 1258.
Actually the date of my retirement, those numbers also have a rather unique relationship to each other.
07/31/2007 OR 73127
In those numbers above, which can be read in either direction I see the numbers 37, 13, 72, 27, and 137.

Isn’t it ironic that I, as a firefighter, living in the Iron age, toiling at an occupation, internationally represented by the Maltese or Iron Cross was bleSSed with this archetypal vision AFTER watching the WTC drama unfold on Sept. 11, 2001?
Isn’t it ironic?

Yes, the irony seems apparent, it is part of the narrative that I must confess, I now realize has already been written, an implied fate.
Has it already been written that a ‘firefighter’ will play a role in the upcoming shift, where we move from one paradigm to the next?
What if?

The Maltese cross is in fact the international symbol of the firefighter.
In case some of you did not know.

Quite the hole I find myself lost in but I have brought some KEYs along.

Now I hope you find that fascinating what I wrote….because now I ask you to take a quantum leap called trust based on WTF.
I will post a picture later of the GOLD KEY I found that may help us unlock the north gate, or is it the back door we seek, or are they one and the same?

I noticed just the other day that my backdoor ‘gold’ key has the numbers …
12526 inscribed.
1258 …

Believe it or not, readers, I seriously take that as a clue.
Do you trust mi and the musical numerical path I am on, trying to find the one?

Wondering what numbers are on the Silver KEY, which is my front door key?
Those numbers would indicate how I entered this temple assigned #43.
The numbers on the front door key are E47855?

E … Temple of Apollo/DelPhi is associated with the letter E and Phi.

47 … My ‘energy = god’ epiphany occurred when I was 47 years of age in 2004.

8 pointed star of Inana/Ishtar/Astarte/VENUS is central to the theme. Also 47 + 8 = 55.

55 or SS or the fact I will be 55 in 2012. I could write a book about the numbers 55 which look far too much like the letters SS. 55 is in fact the number of the jersey I wore, on the only team ever to win the gold…the championship.
I played mainly two positions, SS (shortstop) and the hot corner at 3B.

All of the Vatican Coat of Arms, for ALL the popes, since St. Peter, have had a GOLD and SILVER KEY emblazoned.
(to my knowledge)
Coincidentally, of course, on the British Coat of Arms, we note the SUN is the LION and the UNICORN is the MOON and the magical horse has been CHAINED or harnessed…does the EARTH get its horse power from the MOON?
Is the MOON a vital part of the engine, does the MOON help supply the horsepower?
(note the spiral horn that the magical unicorn has been bleSSed with)
But to create the horsepower requires a fuel?
The SUN?

My personal house/temple where I reside, #43, (how many triangles in the Sri Yantra?) as I mentioned has a GOLD KEY for the back door, and coincidentally the front door is a SILVER KEY.
SUN is the Gold Key and Silver Key is the MOON.

Those are the types of clues I often follow on my archetypal journey, by becoming more conscious of my immediate surroundings and the props I have employed in this staged play.
Not science…but it works, and when science learns to become PART of the narrative, and NOT THE narrative, it makes for a far more interesting story.
Crazy eh?
Who cares, the series of numbers 1, 1, 2, ?, 5, 8 seem to be guiding me in the right direction.
Any resemblance to the Fibonacci series is to be expected at this point.

Thus another clue presents itself for me to ponder?
What does the missing 3 in the above seriesindicate?



p.s. MANY more KEY 528 posts.

LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=KEY 528=Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

“My Conversations with JEHOVAH = SWASTIKA”

UPDATE November 18, 2019

The sage of the faKebook age has added some comments to an image that were missing previously … adding information to help simplify the narrative sounds paradoxical but it works.

the ‘AFTER’ image

Archangel Raphael 2D CHIRAL the FALL OF MAN

UPDATE February 12, 2017

the ‘BEFORE’ image


continue reading:  “….The SWASTIKA and my altar ego called Raphael…WOW …

The reason for this update today is because of how this blog post you are reading antedates the year 2012.
Clearly these earlier writings suggest that this quest I had embarked on August 1, 2007 the day after my official retirement on July 31st 2007.
I was conscious enough at the time to realize that I was going on a trip … I just had no idea what to expect, my expectations were not great at all.

Believe it or not the ‘meaningful coincidence’ became my greatest ally when trying to separate fact from fiction and friction.
Meaningful coincidences or synchronicity became the affirmations that neither science nor theologian could ever hope to define for you the way your inner child-guide can for you.
The ‘meaningful coincidence’ often supplied by the World TEACHER seemed to ‘predict’ or ‘anticipate’ the image of a photon [see images below] that I would be shown in October 2016 [9+ years after retirement] … and ever since being shown that image by Gabriel, the arkEtypal Raphael has been on fire.



God said:

RESCUE ME and IN HOC SIGNO VINCES ~ “In this Sign Conquer”

Photon Knights Templar are awarded Maltese Crosses similar to this one…why?


Quantum holography sheds light.

FaKebook friend Gabriel Clarke shared the following link below with ME+me on October 8th at 12:09 p.m.

Hologram of a single photon ~ original pdf. dated January 11, 2016.

shape of  photons ~ Physicists created a hologram of a single light particle

Hologram of a single photon reconstructed
from raw measurements (left)
and theoretically predicted (right)

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram.

What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light

As the above image on the left illustrates you can construct a Maltese Cross by joining the letters AEON found in this 5×5 square known as the Knights Templar Magic Square, its attributions were assigned the planet Mars, and Mars was the god of wars, including chivalry, valor, and creativeness.
Note also that wars is an anagram of Mars.
4 AEON or 4 AION or 4 AGES results in one Maltese crusader cross as we can clearly see in the above illustrations.

~end of UPDATE~

There has been a spiritual heist ~ this is a stick up ~ put your hands in the air!

author of this blog many moons ago

The gods were called upon and asked to manifest themselves. This was done via a ritual, which involved the invocation of the First Time, which was seen as an existence outside of this reality, comparable to the world of archetypes as defined by Carl Jung.

In the ritual, an image of the god that was called upon was made. Then, the “opening of the mouth” was performed, by reciting certain words of power, which meant that the image became filled with the presence of the god. The statue was his residence.
Not only gods resided in statues. Statues of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were believed to hold his ka.

The ka was a spiritual double and was born with every man and lived on after he died as long as it had a place to live. Of course, the body was mummified to try and preserve this, but it could also apparently be transferred onto something else, like an “artificial body”: a statue.

The “opening of the mouth” ceremony performed on the deceased Pharaoh was precisely linked with tying the ka to its Earthly residence… and it is also the inspiration for the so-called mummy’s curse, which would become popular in the late 19th century.

The story of visualising the gods by continued thought is similar to the biblical story of Jacob praying to his angel, who finally, after much concentrated thought, manifests himself. Jacob too challenges and fights with his angel, before he gets from that angel what he wants. The “guardian angel” in ancient Egypt was often referred to as the ka: it was the conscience or guide of each individual and in Asclepius’ dialogue with Hermes, we should perhaps see this as an inner dialogue, of Asclepius talking to his “guardian angel” and guide – an archetype, Hermes.

Or in my case the guardian angel appears to be Raphael or Labbiel.

Heka or Hike ~ activating the Ka ~ ta da

Heka (/ˈhɛkə/; Egyptian: Ḥkȝ; also spelt Hike) was the deification of magic in Egyptian mythology, his name being the Egyptian word for “magic”. According to Egyptian writing (Coffin text, spell 261), Heka existed “before duality had yet come into being.

Heka literally means activating the Ka, the aspect of the soul which embodied personality.

So if you tell somebody to go take a ‘hike’, it means go activate your ka?

Top Ten Power Poses


Gold Medallist Tommie Smith, (center) and Bronze medallist John Carlos (right) showing the raised fist on the podium after the 200m in the 1968 Summer Olympics wearing Olympic Project for Human Rights badges. The third athlete is silver medalist Peter Norman from Australia wearing an OPHR badge to show his support for the two Americans.great site helping to relive the moment:

But but butt what number is Tommie Smith wearing …?
  • 307

Second place finisher Peter Norman was wearing …

  • 111

3rd place finisher John Carlos wore …

  • 259

Together Tommie Smith and John Carlos were at the time making a statement about ‘power’.
And the significance of that act of defiance is only starting to become even clearer today as a ‘coincidence’.

It is a MEME MEMEory image connected to civil rights, and by chance, by mere coincidence one pair of black gloves defined a moment in history.

What is less known is that Norman, a white Australian, donned a badge on the podium in support of their cause, the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR). On the way out to the medal ceremony, Norman saw the badge being worn by Paul Hoffman, a white member of the US Rowing Team, and asked him if he could wear it. It was also Norman who suggested that Smith and Carlos share the black gloves used in their salute, after Carlos left his gloves in the Olympic Village. This is the reason for Tommie Smith raising his right fist, while John Carlos raised his left. Asked about his support of Smith and Carlos’ cause by the world’s press, Norman said he opposed his country’s government’s White Australia policy.

I also happened to notice the following coincidence too:

1 = 307 (3+7=10=1+0=1)
3 = 111 (1+1+1=3)
7 = 259 (2+5+9=16=1+6=7)

Tommie Smith RIGHT ARM raised + John Carlos LEFT ARM raised = KA
I feel like a winner power pose!

307 … 259

Is there a cosmic idEA linking 37 to the power pose and god and the collective unconscious?

Are we underestimating the fine print that we dismiss as ‘coincidences’?

Japanese variations of the Manji  


The premise is simple.

If I can provide proof that the ancients believed the following to be true…

JEHOVAH and the SWASTIKA are profoundly related idEAs …

Are these the many faces of JEHOVAH?

…then I must ask the obvious…are my rants and raves and my theSiS signature below, in fact proof of my ‘ongoing conversations’ with the creator alchemist jehovah/god OR however defined, these past 4+ years? … shhh … don’t tell anybody, the Creator Alchemist, the Grand Architect, the Big Kahuna, talks to me using sign language.

Do you know of anybody else that is as driven as little me about this particular symbol, known popularly as the very unpopular swastika?
It is true that I have been banned from more forums than have allowed me to stay because of my inceSSant ranting and raving.

What if I can’t help it?
What if something within me is like a untamed flame called passion?
Is it the responsibility for each member of the herd to turn their receivers ON?

Once I had my receiver engaged I was led to this symbol in a Peruvian Monastery which is associated with the Dominican Order.

What is the difference between the Dominicans and Jesuits?

Dominicans vs Jesuits

Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. “What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders? ” the one asked.

The second replied, “Well, they were both founded by Spaniards — St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy — the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.”

“What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?”

“Met any Albigensians lately?

Image  Image

The image in the center and on the right I photographed in Peru. It captured my very soul it seems, it is associated with the Egyptian concept of the ‘ka’ or the ‘vital essence’. I added the Nazi swastika to show the most remarkable similarity.

The Ka (kꜣ) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a potter’s wheel and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies.

The ka was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate ka as double.

I have also written about the ka and various associations.
(all of my blogs are a work in progress, like the author of this blog)
Rosetta Fractal Mandala

I have superimposed the NAZI version of the swastika over the Rosetta Fractal Mandala … cropped to the approximate dimensions of a flag.

It was not long after this symbol engaged me that the underlying meSSage, signal, started coming in loud and clear.
Once I linked these two symbols together by color and form, the conversations with Jehovah/YHVH seemed to intensify.

We know that Hitler was raised a Christian Roman Catholic, his legacy being the evil monster who dispensed with the Jews?
Based on the HIS-story of the Roman Catholic Church, should we be surprised?

And the fact that the Teutonic Knights flag is essentially the same as the NAZI adopted flag suggests what?
Two more things you need to know, the Teutonic Knights had swore an allegiance to the Vatican since the days of the Crusades.
Hitler had the Teutonic Knights disbanded in 1938.
(but they regrouped after the war)
Hitler chased out of Germany all secret societies, including the Freemasons.


Teutonic Knight flag in 1914 next to adopted NAZI flag design in 1920s.


The above mandala that I photographed became a KEY to help unlock the mysteries of ALL the AGES, quite similar to the Rosetta Stone which assisted in the deciphering of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.
That is why I decided to call this mandala the Rosetta Fractal.

keyholerosettamandalastpete600px archetype

It became a KEY factor that looked  like a KEYHOLE or a ‘lightbulb’.

The Rosetta Fractal Mandala certainly has its Rosicrucian charms in its design, along with the fact I can show you the swastika embedded in the Mandelbrot Set.
And certainly when discussing recursive fractals, the Mandelbrot Set is the definitive example.

It is important to understand the foundational archetypes, what is allowed and what is not, how else do you expect to navigate once you leave terra firma?
But by the sun and the moon and the stars?
Well it would help to know what those archetypal cosmic sign posts that transcend time and space look like, I feel.

Since its discovery a quarter of a century ago, the Mandelbrot Set has become a universal icon for the doctrine of chaos–the emerging scientific idea that simple processes can result in infinite complexity. It’s the set of all complex numbers z for which sequence defined by the iteration

z(0) = z, z(n+1) = z(n)*z(n) + z, n=0,1,2, … remains bounded.
This means that there is a number B such that the absolute value of all iterates z(n) never gets larger than B. A bounded sequence may or not have a limit. For example, if z=0 then z(n) = 0 for all n, so that the limit of the (1) is zero. On the other hand, if z=i ( i being the imaginary unit), then the sequence oscillates between i and i-1, so remains bounded but it does not converge to a limit.

I don’t believe in God but I’m very interested in her.
-Arthur C. Clarke


Shall we take a psychedelic trip with Mandelbrot, LSD, DMT and the 4 Evangelists?

Watch the third video found at this link:

Let there be light!



LSD  and the SEED pattern:


Pit House sketch on the LEFT is taken from the west coast Thompson Indians
PIT HOUSE cosmology, explained here;



And I do love the fact that we can place the MandELBrot fractal next to St. Peter’s Square and it seems to be a nice fit.
How could that be?

The only answer, the most logical and intuitive one would be that we have been sharing in the same gene-meme-teme-DREAMS-theme pARKs.


image on left is a Nuraghe, Sardinia

The nuraghe [nuˈraɡe] is the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900-730 BC.
Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization.


I think we have a match regarding the ‘pagan’ temple that has stood the test of time, even copied by the ‘copy KAt scribes in ROME.

A simple design that spans thousands of years….not much new under the SUN in the Vatican is there?

Even the MOON has been accounted for.
It is the Black Door where they bury the Popes and give them their last rites in a ritual:

Nazirites in fact worthy of a Samson or St. John the Baptist:

In the Hebrew Bible, a Nazirite or Nazarite, (in Hebrew: נזיר, nazir), refers to one who voluntarily took a vow described in Numbers 6:1–21. The proper noun “Nazirite” comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”.[1] This vow required the man or woman to:

  • Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors[2] and vinegar distilled from such substances.[3]*Refrain from eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.[4]
  • Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head; but to allow the locks of the head’s hair to grow.[5]
  • Not to become impure by corpses or graves, even those of family members[6]

After following these requirements for a designated period of time (which would be specified in the individual’s vow), the person would immerse in a mikveh and make three offerings: a lamb as a burnt offering (olah), a ewe as a sin-offering (hatat), and a ram as a peace offering (shelamim), in addition to a basket of unleavened bread, grain offerings and drink offerings, which accompanied the peace offering. They would also shave their head in the outer courtyard of the Temple (the Jerusalem Temple forJudaism) and then place the hair on the same fire as the peace offering. (Numbers 6:18)

The Nazirite is described as being “holy unto YHWH” (Numbers 6:8), yet at the same time must bring a sin offering.

This has led to divergent approaches to the Nazirite in theTalmud, and later authorities, with some viewing the Nazirite as an ideal, and others viewing him as a sinner.

wolf rolf ROFL

What are the associations between the goddess Amy Cuddy,  the Nuraghe [pronounced new rage] , and Vonder Voman?

recall the opening video …. the Top Ten Power Poses



extra tripping no charge and no tipping allowed:


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory=LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=Universal asymmetry=matter vs. anti-matter=spin

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

So which came first?


The WWII NAZI storm-trooper?

… or the NAZIrite with rites?

In general there are three types of nazirites:

  • A nazirite for a set time
  • A permanent nazirite
  • Of the Nazirites for life three are mentioned in the Scriptures –Samson, Samuel and St. John the Baptist. The only one of these actually called a Nazirite is Samson.

The AshkeNAZI Jews with high IQs?

The Ashkenazi are the population of Jews originating in central and northern Europe. In the 20th century, they made up 3% of the U.S. Population, but won 27% of U.S. Nobel prizes.
More than half of world chess champions are Ashkenazi.

Einstein, Feynman, and Bobby Fischer are all of Ashkenazi ethnicity.

Gregory of Nazianzus  – Gregory the Theologian – Gregory Nazianzen

Or the town of NAZIanzus?

Nazianzus was a small town the history of which is completely unknown.

It became the Turkish village of Nenizi east of Ak-Serai (formerly Archelais), in the Ottoman villayet of Koniah, but has sometimes been wrongly identified with Diocaesarea.

In 1370 it was united to the metropolitan see of Caesarea Mazaca (modern Kayseri).

Or the town of St. NAZIanz?

St. Nazianz is a village in Manitowoc CountyWisconsinUnited States founded in 1854.The population was 783 at the 2010 census.