Eclectic Swastika and an Electric Sun part II


Caption: This is what the direction of the lines of force really looks like, demonstrated with a cubical magnet having the top face for the north pole and the bottom face for the south pole (top) as opposed to (bottom)


So my daughter the other day challenged me and said she did not think that the above image was an exact representation of a swastika.
After closer examination I realized she was correct, the spirals were not all going in the same direction.
But as so often happens on this quest I find myself on, time and again, a hidden hand guides my mousy instincts.
I soon found this.


Take a look at the third image on the right, which is connected obviously to the other two.
Bang on, it matches the lines of force of a cubical magnet.

The fact it is from Malta is significant.
Ever heard of the Knights of Malta?
And the first image has been linked to the Greek triskelion.

Greek Triskelion

And the triskelion has been connected to my beloved swastika by many scholars.
So another happy ending.
It seems the inhabitants of Megalithic Malta knew about magnetism.
Very intimately.



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