“…Sator Square + 137 + 55 = How to make TIME disappear”

Group of Pontifical Swiss Guard inside St. Peter’s Basilica

What do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?

Besides sharing the Swiss Guard?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
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Morse Code

The 1-3-7  RULES or how to communicate using Sticks and Stones.
What if sticks became dashes and stones became dots?
What follows is the ‘architecture’ or ‘structure’ of the very archetypal Morse Code.
1  – dot/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER.
3  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS.
7  – dots/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS.
Are these coincidences or a design worth taking note of?
In gematria the numerical value for the word QaBALaH is 137.
Richard Feynman suggested all good theorists write 137 on the wall and worry about it.

Dante’s 55 and the Platonic Lambda 

In this paper we will show through the significance of the number 55 that Dante was a Pythagorean and Platonic philosopher at heart. Dante scatters the word “star” 55 times in his Commedia, and uses the Platonic Lambda’s number 55 as a vehicle for the soul’s ascent to the stars.
In examining Dante’s conscious placements of key passages in lines 55 of his Commedia, we discover secret doors that open the path to our cosmic soul.
These studies will help us to participate more fully in Dante’s and our spiritual pilgrimage to paradise.
In Plato’s Timaeus, we find that God created the Cosmic Soul using two mathematical strips of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 1, 3, 9, 27. These two strips have the shape of an inverted “V” or the “Platonic Lambda” since it resembles the shape of the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet “Lambda”.

 55 was known to the ancient sage-kings of China in the I Ching (circa 1000 B.C.)

On the Oracle: Heaven is one, earth is two; heaven is three, earth four; heaven is five, earth six; heaven is seven, earth eight; heaven is nine, earth ten. There are five heavenly numbers. There are also five earthly numbers. When they are distributed among the five places, each finds its complement. The sum of the heavenly numbers is 25, that of the earthly numbers is 30. The sum total of heavenly numbers and earthly numbers is 55.

It is this which completes the changes and transformations and sets demons and gods in movement.

It will be noted that the sum of the odd heavenly numbers and even earthly numbers = 25 + 30 = 55 from the I-Ching is obtained differently from that of Plato’s Timaeus whose Cosmic Soul is the sum of the double and triple series = 15 + 40 = 55.

Do you have this book?
Interesting to say the least….
And we ALL do the same thing….
We find the evidence that fits our theory best….
suhail jalbout wrote:
I have been asked:
Why the height of the Great Pyramid is exactly 280 cubits while the height of the Grand Gallery has a minor deviation?
My answer to this question, which I hope it will be of interest, is as follows:
“The length of the Grand Gallery is 91.37 cubits or 47.877 meters.
The ceiling and the floor are parallel to each other and both are sloping upwards at 26° to the base of the pyramid.
Its height, measured perpendicular to its base, varies between 8.48 and 8.74 meters which means the error is ± 13 cm with respect to its average height of 861 cm.
Most probably the height was consistent at first but due to settling, earthquakes, and floods that gradually made it uneven.

Late breaking news…
I am the source of this breakthrough… :oops:

The 55 holes (with a 56th at one time evident) found in the Grand Gallery is a reference to DNA, I suspect.

How do I know?
The evidence is pointing me in that direction.

source of  image:
Ever wondered how the Kaaba looked inside

S H A R Z A R W A A N  55  Rings of Brass

55 brass rings line the perimeter of the Kaaba cube in Mecca

more info:


Though it should be noted I did find one photograph posted on wiki that has 56 brass rings, the 56th being placed in the southern corner of a diamond configuration, however in the image above the 56th brass ring can be seen in the top left.
[I want to mention at this time that  the Freemasons lay their cornerstone in the northeast.

Similar to Stonehenge, the ‘heelstone’ (healstone?) is placed in northeast.]

Also in regards to Stonehenge we find that there are  56 Aubrey Holes in the most outer circle, not 55
(…but it should be noted that the 56th hole blocks direct line of sight from the ‘center’ of Stonehenge out to the Heel Stone)

So in Mekkah (the real spelling of Mecca), in Stonehenge, and in the Great Pyramid we seem to have a significant common denominator identified as 55 vs. 56 

and this quote was taken from wiki:

The true purpose of the holes may never be known, although future excavation of the remaining twenty-four using modern archaeological techniques will certainly provide more information.

Well I disagree, the fact the Aubrey Holes were treated as ‘tombs’ suggests my theory that these ARKetypal temples are in some way connected to our DNA.



And of course it is another coincidence that the Heel Stone is about the same distance from the center of Stonehenge as is the Black Door (where they hold service for dead Popes) is from the Obelisk in St. Peter Square.

’55’ X-perts went to ____ and asked is DNA the HOLY GRAIL?

The DNA KEYHOLE temple theory also aligns itself with the best of the other theories that currently exist regarding Stonehenge.
One theory was that it was a solar/lunar calculator, and the most current debate is fueled by the theory that it was a healing center.
Well our DNA is altered on the altar called Earth, and both the solar and lunar cycles are playing a role in how our DNA is affected from cradle to grave.
In other words we have great evidence NOW that the ancients saw a connection between our DNA and the dance of the coSmoS.

image: The Dimensions of Paradise
by John Michell 

note: in the above image we have a pentagon with 5 edges  and a hexagon with 6 edges sharing a common edge.
Therefore we end up with a geometric shape that has 9 edges not 11.
Compare to the images of DNA below.

It does appear therefore, based on the primal prime numbers, and other archetypal clues based on shape/form, that my IDEA or theory has great merit.

We also find:
>> 55 black and white dots in the Ho Tu (I Ching)
>> 55 atoms comprise ATCG
>> 55 = SS = Holy Spirit

>> 55 km is also a ‘boundary’ surrounding the earth, 55 AU is one too.

>> 56 = 5 + 6 = 11 = II = two pillars?

source of images and great info:

Ho Tu 55 black and white dots  and 55 is the sum of the numbers 1-10
Next to DNA’s nucleotides ATCG

And YA sure it is all a coincidence, that the 5 pointed pentagram/pentagon and 6 pointed hexagram/hexagon were both amulets/Seals of Solomon, and lo and behold LOOK it is the same geoMEtry (pentagon rings and hexagon rings married) that we find manifest in the chemistry of ATCG of DNA.

And how do we make the jump from the RIGHT geometric brain to the LEFT algebraic one?

Does FIVE have anything to do with F + IVE = F + I37?

…what SOUND is F ?
…what is 137?
...why are both the physicist/mystic enamored by 137?


And I almost missed the 91.37 cubit reference to the length of the GRAND GALLERY, which I had previously connected to why we build TEMPLEs based on the structure of our DNA…so we can enter the DNA Temples and thus heal our selves in ways we have yet to master….

BiNgo score another direct hit for the MM MaN.
The Myrrh-ijuana Mystic MaN.

 “…The Amphora, the Rosetta Fractal, DNA and the Holy Grail”

But wait there is ONE MORE GREAT reason why the numbers 1379 are important.

The number 5 is the number assigned to ‘MAN’.
If you surround the 5 with the numbers 1379 what configuration do you arrive at?


cha ching we have one of two sources that would combine to become the I-Ching!

Those 5 odd/yang numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) comprise the + of the 3×3 LO SHU Magic Square, (in the corners are the EVEN female numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?) which is fundamental to the I Ching, the Chinese ‘bible’ re: morality, causal/acausal synchronicities’, it is their Book of Changes of Transformations, eastern alchemy, a blend of science, theology, and the metaphysical.

XX Mystic recovers Mystic Tablet i.e. the 3rd Bagua Arrangement to the I-Ching … now what?

You folks will need to wait for my book….ETA?
(Can’t say when it will be completed. I know now that I might need to come back, again, and again, in order to put the finishing touches on me mnemonic, meme, magnum opus)

Pray it gets to print before the I37  aLIEn  :lol:  invasion takes place.
An invasion designed to instill FEAR.
IMHO aLIEns are evidence of a mass hysteria that I see ‘we the sheeple’ consciousness is being directed toward.

The Philosopher King/Queen, the ONE-who-is-to-come, will take a REAL GOOD look at their OWN life, and they will put all the pieces together in a language that is comprehensible to each and ALL.
A simple truth that encompasses science, theology, philosophy and the arts, reduced to ONE idea we can all rally around.

Till then, it will be bu$ine$$ a$ u$ual.

End of story…

hardly…here is an update:

SS ‘the Holy Spirit’

Held up to a mirror this image yields pi.

i.e. in the mirror the SS or 55 looks like a 22 surrounded by 7 doves.

Leonardo Da Vinci might suggest the above image of the Holy Spirit SS/55 >>> put to the test using a mirror leads us to pi >>> 22/7 and >>> 3 1/7

Try to remember we are trying to recall how those memory games would have been played, recalling ideas by utilizing associations and correspondences.  Both the QaBaLaH and I-Ching promote learning about the universe by being keen observers of nature, and noting the associations and correspondences that must exist if the concept of an underlying unity is even to be considered.


The Templar/Maltese Cross was formed by joining the letters A-E-O-N

4 x AEON and AEON or AION means AGES.

So we have a reference to the 4 AGES
(gold, silver, bronze, iron is one version)

Knights Templar Magic Square has 25 units

It can be thought of as 5×5 or 5^2

The Maltese Cross and language:



The Maltese Cross and the Great Pyramid:

So there appear to be correspondences/connections between all of the above.
i.e. Sator Square (Knights Templar), Maltese Cross, 25, Great Pyramid design

http://www.amazon.com/Great-Pyramid-Dec … 1852307935

But what did I find in this book that got me excited again?
I went looking for information about the 55 holes in the Grand Gallery (DNA archetype) and found 56 like in Stonehenge.
But in the Great Pyramid where the 56th hole should be we find this:

visit the well >>

55 DNA Temples – Holy Spirit – SS – the KEYHOLE

But it was the MANY references to 25 primitive inches = 1 sacred cubit that caught my eye.
All of the following references to the number ‘25‘ are listed in the book :

25 (primitive inches)
It is suggested that the missing capstone would be 5 points 5 sides

And as listed in the book, the references to 25 are associated with all of the following:

the ONE-who-is-to-come
the Great Initiate
the birth of enlightenment
the Messianic Ideal

What the hell is a Messianic ideal?
Is an idea and the IdEaL essentially the same thing?

Does the ‘Well’ lead to a Hell or lower realm?
Yes it does…

And ONE day folks will realize that 25 = ZS, and the Holy Spirit or SS is in fact a reference to the number 55 and our DNA structure on the atomic level.
This has been proved that we have 55 atoms associated with all the building blocks of life called ACGT.

And we know another fact that is easily confirmed.
Somebody long ago felt that there were 10 Rules or 10 Commandments we should be aware of and live by.
Simple addition reveals the sum of the numbers 1 thru 10 = 55 
And it is also a fact of life that at some point in our ‘fractal self-similar’ evolution we were sent another reminder of how to interpret the inPHOmation that ‘just is’.

“… the 55 seems to be generated at the completion of the fine structure constant 137 that comes in horizontally on the number 21 …”

-Anthony Morris

The 10 Commandments are listed in Exodus 20:3-17.
Can we in fact find a profound correlation between Exodus 20:3-17, the 3 Mother letters, 7 double letters, and 12 single letters AND the position of ACGT as letters in the Alephbet?
Recall that Alpha = 1/137 = the fine structure constant.

Oh my oh my what has been recovered?
Could it be this simple?
go to the comments below:

To me it all adds up to 137 along with hinting that the Exodus across the Red Sea could be another clue in fact that the Red Sea could be the Reed See, and the corpus callosum, that ‘barrier that divides our LEFT and RIGHT brain.

What consistent connection can we find between the Egyptians and many other pagan/heathen/indigenous basket weaving CULTures concerning reeds and magic squares and sacred knots?


So what do the SwiSS and Vatican City have in common?
And how do we use simple geometry (some like to call sacred) as the link between Switzerland and the Vatican City.
It really is simple as counting 1   2   3
The most primitive societies count in this manner …

1 … 2 … many

One to many?

The most primitive societies have no number for anything beyond ‘3’.
And that is rather interesting because we can find a profound analogy in string theory that suggests the same thing.
There is no need to count beyond three when looking for patterns.

So here is yet another AHA I want to share.
There is only ONE country in the entire world that is currently using a distinctly shaped flag that is NOT a square or rectangle.

Only ONE.

And it is Nepal.
I see a number ’13’.
How about you?

larger image of the Tabernacle Floorplan:

The Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes “holy chair”) is the episcopal jurisdictionof the Catholic Church in Rome. The primacy of Rome makes itsbishopthe worldwide leader of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Pope. It is the preeminent episcopal seeof the Catholic Church, forming the central government of the Church. As such, diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Catholic Church.

The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) is one of the three sectors (divisions or units) of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU); it coordinates standards for telecommunications.

ITU-T has a permanent secretariat, the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB), based at the ITU HQ in GenevaSwitzerland.

ITU-Tassigned code 379 to Vatican City. However, Vatican City is included in the Italian telephone numbering plan and uses the Italian country code 39, followed by 06 (for Rome) and 698.

Rome = 39

And how do we connect ROME to VBM and a much bigger picture?

click on link:  

Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret pattern – Saturnalia

fig. 513 Ya – Holy Ax

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

52 placed in the north and 25 in the south lead us to another clue about the need to go back to the Well, the 3×3 Lo Shu magic square, and Marko Rodin’s recovery of Vortex Based Mathematics!

And perhaps a solution has been retrieved from the collective unconscious, regarding one of Jesus’s famous miracles?

How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

The oldest traces of hominid existence in Switzerland date back about 150,000 years.[19] The oldest known farming settlements in Switzerland, which were found at Gächlingen, have been dated to around 5300 BC.

‘SS GoddeSS Civilizations’ and the Vinca script 55oo B.C.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this IDEA I had about patterns and how to communicate….SS truthS!

1  dot/pebble/stone represents the SPACE between the PARTS of a LETTER
3  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO LETTERS
7  dots/pebbles/stones represents the SPACE between TWO WORDS

Sticks and Stones can break ME bones but calling me names will never ever hurt me.

IGNORANCE of SOUND a.k.a. hertz hurts you.

Wang Mang<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 "Large Coin, Fifty" (da quan wu shi) with four<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 lines extending from square hole (si chu)

The “Large Coin, Fifty” (da quan wu shi 大泉五十) exists in many sizes and varieties.

The example above is one of the rarer varieties.  It has four lines extending from the corners of the hole to the rim which the Chinese refer to as si chu (四出). (diameter: 26.8 mm, weight: 4.2 grams)


I need to study coins.
Because they were the currency of THOTH thoughts too.

The strange relationship that John Michell was alluding to in the above image between pi and phi has been solved by Livio Catullo Stecchini.


Naturally, Sonnet 55 is addressed to Hiram Abiff.

The reason we can be sure of this has to do with two Key words in the text of Sonnet 55—they are “masonry” and “arise”.

Sonnet 55 is the ONLY Shakespearean sonnet in which these two crucial words are to be found. The clincher is that the words masonry and arise are conjoined by precisely 55 words—again, this is not a coincidence, rather it is an affirmation.




KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

35 thoughts on ““…Sator Square + 137 + 55 = How to make TIME disappear”

  1. 55 is S+A+T+A+N in simple gematria. 5+5 is 10, the basis of binary, or X in roman numerals. IO is the cow goddess in Greek and if you combine those symbols, you get the phi symbol. I+O=24, which is X as a letter. 5*5=25, which is Y or BE. IrOn’s weight is 55.something. 55 visually looks like SS. It could be one pentacle facing up and one down. Man*Devil or something like that. You can find the S/5 in the yin-yang design. The swastika is made up of a S and another S. The revers of this symbol would be Z & Z or Z & N, as in ZioN or ZeN, or NaZi. Z+Z=52, as in the weeks in a year.

    I would imagine 5*11 could have some significance.. like man facing the pillars?

    • 55 is indeed 10 according with its “intrinsic value” but its “implied value” is:
      55= [(22) +(22)] = 44. [4+4]=8 and 8 implied = 27. If you implied 27 = [(25)+(13)] 38, and 38 = { 11}.
      Implying 11=[(21)+(21)]=42!!! That coincides with the number of Gods Letters. { the 42 Named of Go}.

      I’m sorry but this is what I’ve been trying people to understand, especially Kabbalah followers. Numbers had been “telling” us what we wanted but not what God did.

      • too much implying Ferdinand, you have fallen into your own hole, you need to make it more inviting or nobody will follow you into the abyss

      • well to tell you the truth Ferdinand
        I will leave it … your work is clearly incomplete

        I see no point in following you anywhere sir, even to your webpage unless you can share with me beneficial applications or ‘APPS’ for your insights?
        Unless you can figure out how your brain farts benefit others we shall leave them as your insights for you to LEARN from.

        selah V

        137 SS Mezine Mystic

    • I found out ralph = 55 too.

      satan santa ralph using ‘simple’ gematria = 55

      any connection to the 55 black and white dots used in the Ho Tu magic square or my name or DANIEL or DNAI37 is purely coincidental to all the evidence I have been gathering.


    • U R welcome
      those close to ME
      wish I would STFU


      some folks just can’t stand to be so close to the truth.
      it makes them uncomfortable with good reason.
      if some of what I suggest is true, it means some of what they beLIEve in is not.
      >>>and tomorrow some folks will not want to get out of bed and chase the illusion any longer…

      • im living up in London i started meditating and in my vision i seen the Sator Square and then i tried looking it up on google it took me a while till i found something that looks just like it and then i started to right it down on a piece of paper and started switching the words into number’s S=19 A=1 T=20 O=15 R=18
        A=1 R=18 E=5 P=16 O=15
        T=20 E=5 N=14 E=5 T=20
        O=15 P=16 E=5 R=18 A=1
        R=18 O=15 T=20 A=1 S=19

        19+1+20+15+18= 73
        1+18+5+16+15= 55
        20+5+14+5+20= 64
        15+16+5+18+1= 55
        18+15+20+1+19= 73

        7+3= 10
        5+5= 10
        6+4= 10

        I have also seen e.t visitors among where i live they connect to me threw my meditation and are telling me to leave the city and to move far as possible away so when they come and start life all over again i will be safe and who ever lives out of the city will be safe and much easier to teach the ways they know of, because the Humanity has chosen the wrong path we started creating things that we were not supposed to make for instance $ because money brought greed and we would not be able to learn the way they know of if we knew of greed. i can’t say any more but if you believe then move far away from the city and soon.

  2. I was also on the computer one day trying to figure out what the words of the sator square men’t? i found out but when i exited out of the internet a website popped up automatically it was a ancient website i couldn’t remember what it was called but i typed in the date and place and even the first and last name but i made up the first name last name date of birth and where the person lived. how i made the name was very interesting. i started looking at the SATOR

    and i made the name like it was a messege as you can see above it says
    OREPA i read it like… Apero is the first name then Orepa is the last name, then it asked me for a time and date so i just wrote in something of the top of my head and the date was 1714 BC. and then it showed that this Apero Orepa was a cousin of Ratas Rota then i kept searching and then it popped up to a page that had a bunch of names then i seen 4 out of 100 to 130 and the names were

    Thos peratorato
    Sarah peratorato
    John peratorato
    Elizabeth peratorato

    Thos peratorato
    Sarah peratorato
    John peratorato
    Elizabeth peratoratorato

    i start to look at the words top to bottem and notice the pattern in the wording’s so i start to make the patterns adding on new words and it seems to be making sense just i don’t know what to do i made a huge square by doing the patterns over and over constantly but it just makes the same names just in different orders and now im going to try and turn them into a number pattern.

    A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10
    K=11 L=12 M=13 N=14 O=15 P=16 Q=17 R=18 S=19 T=20
    U=21 V=22 W=23 X=24 Y=25 Z=26

    20+8+15+19= 62 6+2=8 <——-Thos
    19+1+18+1+8=47 4+7=11 <—– Sarah
    10+15+8+14= 47 4+7=11 <—- John
    5+12+9+26+1+2+5+20+8=88 8+8=16 <— Elizabeth

    8 goes into 16 2 times

    16+5+19+1+20+15+19+1+20+15= 131 <—– peratorato

    16+5+19+1+20+15+19+1+20+15+19+1+20+15=186 <–peratoratorato

    186/2=93 9+3=12

    im tired this is going to take a long time to tell you what i have discovered about this sator square but if you say sator square +137+55 = how to make time disappear then it would be 73+73+55+55+64= 320 is equal to the sator square there for 320+137+55= 512 ( how to make time disappear.) Again sorry for not finishing what i was explaining to you it's very interesting but to long to type out im a 15 year old boy who is into space and cracking codes, i started doing this, this summer when i seen 3 red UFO's in the sky on August 26th, 2011. I got a huge rush up my whole body and something told me to go and meditate and when i did i seen the Sator Square and a bunch of other things after that i started to see more of these e.t visitors often but they seem to appear then disappear before i can even pull out my phone. I am thinking about righting a book about this, that's how interested i am in this. i will post up more about my code later.

    • hey 15 year old code breaker….IF you make claims….I would LovE to see links for your claims?

      i.e. a search of the following yields no leads.
      Apero Orepa cousin of Ratas Rota 1714 BCE

      rants like yours need links
      and UFOs are distractions for the sheeple and seegulliblies to embrace…

      really too bad we allowed UFO SEEDS to be planted into the boob-tube and ewe-tube generations.

      I know of a simpleton theory proposed by a recognized respected scientist, Dr. Michael Persinger who claims the technology we seek to unify the world is in our heads.

      A good theory about the human condition does NOT need UFOs or aLIEns to fill the holes in the theory.
      A poor theory does.

      NO MORE SECRETS sez we do not need to beLIEve in bullshit aLIEns to heal the world.

      good luck kid

  3. We do not understand the language, though it is one very simple. Place a dot at center of a 360 degree sphere and it will answer all the complexity of which we attempt to decipher on the periphery. For all reflect there arises from that center where all is equidistant to every when (time) or where (space) to the periphery. The symbol of this sphere is memory etched in stone of the magnetic monopole……..a place in which space and time are one and the same…..symmetry in dictum of a static evolution and where the dynamics dictate of asymmetry of the bipolar anomaly no longer exists. All other symbolism arises of the place at center….the nucleus of the atom, the point of our origin.
    Energy and matter ratios are being recalibrated as energy delivered with the Galactic alignment shifts Earth’s ballast, fracturing a ferric domain in the iron atoms comprising her core. This new, yet old atom long ago understood in the far distant past, and not yet encoded in our time, will resurface and change the faces of our humanity which are now reflected as hatred and aggression into one of love and pure compassion. We are tel-empathic (communicating understanding) creatures whose neurons in our hearts will switch on and we will think with our hearts, not the linear logic of our minds. This is what is coming…there will be one language….Love. It is time we leave the path in the dark woods and begin walking in the light.

      • There is a great deal more…..but the Gods do not reveal to mortals everything. In time as we inquire we should know what is better for precept is upon precept which is n measure of the line.
        My insights are based on a simple hypothesis postulated by my late husband and one at which time of his death I continued to formulate. The proposition is a new elucidation of the atom. An atom whose structural determination makes certain Heisenberg’s Uncertainty, restructures Pauli’s Exclusion Principle and finally quantifies/unifies Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. Quite frankly Einstein’s biggest blunder will prove to be his greatest triumph…..his Cosmological Constant is the final straw to understanding what was before time.
        Ultimately we will see fusion of science and religion. Their dissension disabled the spiritual principle for truth.
        The application will become evident in time, as our current technology based on Bohr’s atom will cease to function. We will integrate and adapt this new technology or all data encoded will be lost. The Torah is a printout of lost knowledge written in a confused language and encoded in the DNA of man in generations that followed our fall from grace…..Paradise is the totality of DNA’s message…it contains the keys/genes to our immortality.
        This new atom will incorporate a magnetic field that cancels gravity and electromagnetism…..both anomalies resulting in effect the cause of the axial tilt. As energy and matter ratios recalibrate the vertical axis of every atom and planet will align at center 90 degrees perpendicular to the horizontal and the “Sign of the Cross “, that by which we conquer will be manifest.
        It was within the new structure I was able to see that which is invisible to the eye and cannot be heard by the ear…..useless are these appendages.
        Isaiah 28:10-11

      • I agree with you that Einstein’s Cosmological Constant is probably the ‘wild card’ … and this wild card would be inextricably connected to our evolving consciousness, its tenet encoded in the DNA of the ‘wild man’.

        Without a doubt ‘GENESIS’ is a ‘GENE theSIS’ and Exodus 20:3-17 spells it all out.

        DNA is comprised of ACGT

        how simple is it?
        just match the position in the ALPHAbet to the Letter?

        What if the NUMBER = Exodus 20:3-17 = LETTER?

        1 – A
        3 – C
        7 – G

        20 – T

        Because in fact it does.

        ONE more AHA before I sign off regarding the 22 Hebrew Letters.

        There are 3 Mother letters, 7 doubles, and 12 singles
        Do I need to spell it out for you?



        somebody once tossed the word selah at me after giving me a piece of their mind.
        Look it up.

        It was the best piece of their mind they actually shared with ME.


  4. “PAUSE AND THINK OF THAT”….”STOP AND LISTEN”. Selah is a beautiful word. It stirs emotion in me, for as I read the verses in the Torah and Commandments I have always stopped to listen, pausing to hear the song within the words. It has always allowed I read between the lines.

    With you I agree….each letter a number and word, as dalet = 4 and means ‘door’. Each dalet written in the Torah opens a multidimensional door….so the equidistant letter sequencing stops and starts here. We use the Hebrew letters of the Commandments, their number and word, aligning to text in Torah……A to T and G to C. What we isolate is an anomaly at Dalet, for here the G for guanine is replaced by the T for thymine…so we must shift the letters back to link the key and replace the frame shift substitution, rather than one delete. All the pieces are there…..bound at an crossover angle of complexity of iron’s ferromagnetic propensity to create a stronger but temporary magnetic field….a place where the CTT gene magnetically bound and electrically spliced into AGG during a lateral inversion shifting 45 degrees, then bonding on the retro move to the right…..Uracil now must be used as intermediary between cytoplasm and nuclear memBrain.
    CTT, beta-globin gene for ‘normal’ hemoglobin taints the template and forces evolution to adapt the letter substitution through all of time.
    Could it be time and times again plus one half mentioned in the Torah is relative to the measure of distance for charged particles from the black hole in the Milky Way to reach Earth’s core? I ask this of you feeling certain you know…..Since you also believe Einstein’s biggest blunder is the wild card. So let us do the math and find the day and precise time the Constant should arrive. The old man knew…taking it to his grave, yet he still keeps knocking at my door and window that never fails to close.

    The open faced square of the digital genetic memory consists of three equidistant limbs, the original impulses in line segments of the equilateral triangle. Placed at center and critical to rate of spin… the latero-retro inversive moves of the open square express the swastika unfolding to create the 64 base combinations….of the 3 letter codon sets. A single limb of the second letter of the second set has been inverted to the four letter sets on the other side and can only be reversed in fracturing the domain of magnetic tide. “a ferrous bar en hydro-magna’ prevents immortality of our genetic dogma!

    When the missing day/letter arrives we will know an evolution without the factor for time……frame shifting mutants out of rhyme.


      • Nano technology coupled with genetic ‘interference’ will very soon reverse the memory encoded on the linear time line, and we will once again repeat the errors of our ways without memory of ‘what was before.’ The crystalline seed or embryonic nuclei was replaced after fracture of the true code by experimentation with crystalline macro-technologies of the past. Newgrange, Stonehenge and monuments throughout Mexico and around the world were built in attempts to contact the G-ds. Instead the magnetic fields of the specific architecture and mineral/elemental components of stone used in construction and the mass weight breached the nuclear envelope removing fragments of the genetic code. Ancient petroglyphs remain etched and fused in stone today telling the story in geometric riddle of the divide. By all accounts there is indication 2 chromosomes were displaced, and substitution of just one letter forces humanity to walk this helically threaded evolutionary path adapting in stages to grasp what once was a given…..our full potential gift the nuclear DNA, but now we digress this ladder dependent on messages and transfer from a template of co-creation.
        We are at an end of the time line when knowledge will begin to surface rapidly within us as memory unwinds. So it is here we must take pause, be silent and listen to the inner voice for the treasures there will deliver us. It is inside us and it will speak to each and every one. We must share the memories stored and the truth will surface.
        I listened carefully and this I found. It is one important piece of the puzzle. Those holding the genetic memory are still here awaiting we awaken with some facsimile of truth. The time is nigh!

        The seed or root of G-d is an embryonic nuclei…..a blank page ready for the story of creation to be written. Born in this garden and from that seed we grew to be in G-d’s perfection, not in likeness.
        The Aboriginal tribes in Australia continue to date to live by and with memory of how life was transformed after loss of the regenerative potential of these nuclei circulating in our blood. The tribal medicine woman collects the menses of women in the tribe, packing it with Eucalyptus leaves that assist in decomposition, into a pouch made of Kangaroo bladder. She carries this vertically on her spine whilst it cures or decomposes. When there is injury to members of the tribe she opens the distal portion of the sack removing a black tarry substance that is applied directly to the area of injury after the elders have laid hands on and prayed for the victim. In hours there is miraculous healing. Or is it? What do they remember that we have forgotten?
        What happened to Eve in that garden? Was the forbidden fruit knowledge and does the snake represent our now helical DNA?
        Adam and Eve represent all of humanity in a place without time, in a Universe where static equilibrium reigned. The technology of the time man again abused taking it to the extreme, as apposed to leaving the balance in check. The so called Big Bang was this point in time…..the creation we still live by today as co-creators. Whether or not the worlds collided, at its root of the destruction was abuse of nuclear technology. In so doing both the micro and macrocosm suffered the shift in the vertical axis to 45 degrees left. The Earth and DNA tilt and wobble.
        Our longevity of thousands of years began to decline as is mentioned in the lives of Enoch, Noah and Moses. Why would these incredible machines, our bodies begin to suffer diseased effects, grow old and die, when in earlier times known in the Garden of Eden we lived in perfection of the immortal?
        First I must confirm man is once again tempting fate. Our fate is no equation! We splice in genes when we have no idea what the effects will be…the potential for further mutation is endless. Many past civilizations have left documentation in images of humans with the heads of a bull or lion. Did genetic manipulation of our past cause these effects? I think so. Are our attempts at cloning going to derive the same results once again.
        We are warned in the Torah stories not to take this path. Moses’ Ten Commandments states clearly, in particular that we should “honor thy mother and father”….meaning we must accept the genes gift us by them. 1/2 chromosomes from each to make us whole. And it is the joining of these gamete into a zygote embedded in the bloods lining the uterus where life begins. And this once freely circulating, de-differintiated nuclei in our blood that gave us immortality is now confined within membrane of the uterine wall of woman. This new thread of code now embedded with data for creation begins to call out to these embryonic nuclei whose blank slate awaits dictation of the genome to begin its growth. This seed newly planted builds its temple from the inside out, forming layer upon layer of endoderm, exoderm, and mesoderm. The three letter code is there to build every cell in the human body using this blank slate….ex nihilo…nothing from nothing.
        EX NIHILO
        In the beginning there was nothing
        Then there was light
        And unseen matter began to transform
        Exchange was rapid between silent bonds
        Formation extended its longevity
        Making way for evolutionary demands
        Frame shifting mutation replaces the root
        Creating a grapevine unsound.
        Here life begins to fade
        Therein these limits death abounds
        Roots now plucked from the soil
        Once again find only darkness
        No misery, no pleasure, no toil.
        For we become all we can be
        Out of nothing
        And so……….
        In the end we return to nothing.
        We were cast from paradise when the genetic nuclear fragments, a result of nuclear warfare in their time, shifted the vertical axis during the chromosomal divide from its 90 degree perpendicular crossing with the horizontal, displacing DNA from the nuclear domain into the waters of the flood or cytoplasm where it remains today in the circular mitochondrial DNA. This, a gift to all future generation from EVE. What went into the flood of water was our perfection, our immortality and the genes that encode for this embryonic seed, and the on switch for the non-coding and ‘junk’ DNA.
        And this is why woman is so important today.
        She has passed this gene, not only to her daughter, but to her son and he holds the retro inversive code in the mDNA, in that circle that will be opened or loosed and inserted magnetically through the envelope. And this son will carry the code back through the membranous field into realm of nuclear DNA. So let go the stigma of AIDS! This retro-viral prolific monstrosity who speedily kills its host also holds the key to immortality. The key is in the nucleus of this cell. Its magnetic domain once fractured will release the iron atoms ferromagnetic potential where aggregations and filings spin out of control a message of salvation.
        God Blesses the mother and her son.

        Only woman pro-creates with the blood of the menses…..for as it disintegrates in the lining of her womb…a medium tempered for the formation of this nuclei or seed, the iron decomposes enabling a nucleus to form in the RBC, or red blood cell. It is here the miracle of life outside the nuclear garden begins.
        The ancient tribes collect the menses for this reason, knowing proper storage and timing of decomposition factors are critical to the seeds outcome. The medicine woman then can extract the tarry healing seeds applying them to injury so the DNA that has been damaged can re-create those cells…..repairing the phantom limb by its memory contained, mending the broken bone, healing and suturing the lacerated skin and muscle, and even mending a broken heart.
        The Great Wheel, the Universal clock and their gears are aligning to shift the vertical axis back to 360 degrees and 90 degrees perpendicular at center with the horizontal axis with the Galactic alignment this year. The one degree mark or 666 will set static equilibrium in line. It is what we have been waiting for.
        Signs in the heavens are already visible as was seen with the vernal equinox September 21. As we gain momentum from all the past events of quakes, tsunami, cometary impact and other functions induced by a dynamic Universe the axis has begun to shift. The charged particles from the Milky Way center in the Dark Rift, CME’s, solar flares from the sun will converge on Earth’s weakened magnetic field, depleted ozone barrier and using linear velocity will diffuse Earth’s cutaneous membrane equal to her angular momentum as the increased core rotation dictates, penetrating through stone monuments erect through the ages by man to be used as a macro-electronic circuit to fracture the ferric domain in Earth’s iron core. Ancient man built those monuments hoping and praying his future would reap the benefit. Not only will Earth be set free, but we who are derived from substance alike shall be saved.
        When the ferric hold in our iron is loosed or fractured the new resonance will free the contained rest mass in every atom recalibrating energy to matter ratios, removing every isotope of our disease and those mimicking replacing molecules that once formed homeostasis of our cells. Our disease is one cause….iron. Our war is the abuse and extreme use of radiation effects. Once the neutrons are freed from their nuclear hold the atom of creation will at once and again reign in the garden where all things we will held in a static equilibrium………Einstein’s Cosmological Constant was shown him by G-d…he believed and so asked….ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. All knowledge is available to each and every one born under the sun standing erect on Earth’s convex surface.. It is there, within Earth’s iron core encoded through the generations to precede us and passed to us in our genes.
        For now look to the woman. For he puts enmity between them in the garden.
        When the nuclear device is in place and the axis well defines the sign of a cross where from its center all becomes equidistant to any point on the periphery, we shall all reside in Paradise. It has been inside us all along.
        We fail to dream and envision what was and will be. How is it we have forgotten that place in the garden? Because we fail to ask.
        I remember.
        One last word. Do you remember now what was in the Alabaster jar that Mary used to rub something on Jesus’ feet as he hung on the cross?

        It has everything to do with the resurrection and the potential that is within all of us.

        “Endowed with force”

        The endowment
        Cloaked linguistically
        Boundaries fixed
        Set in stone.
        Beneath is veiled the force.
        A domain alone
        The mass at rest
        Contained within
        Destiny’s test
        Angular indifference
        Energy is to mass
        Life exists
        In lieu of the Impasse!
        she who watches


    Years ago a set of synched events placed in space and time led me to a most interesting knowing. After reading Alice Bryant’s “Mystery of the Crystal Skull”, a brief and rare glimpse into a beautiful artifact was gifted me through an encounter with a medium who’d somehow ‘recognized’ me.
    Intrigue and an unbeknownst mysticism set my path. I was led to a lecture in Santa Barbara by Michael Glickman on England’s crop circles. As each slide was projected on the overhead the images began to speak telling a story from our far distant past in a confused, but translatable language.
    Delving deeper for meaning open to suggestion I was invited to fill an empty spot at a science conference in Mesquite, Nevada. I filled the car driving off into the unknown. The empty spot filled the void in the hotel with a woman, Eva who roomed alone and otherwise would have paid the price for two. She was delightful, a bright brilliant soul born in San Francisco with wisdom and insight beyond her years.
    After the long day of lectures she invited me to meet an acquaintance of hers. Gladly and without hesitation off we went to her hotel room. We sat discussing the days events when Linda announced her mother was on her way to the room and she’d like us to meet her. The door opens to her mother. Our name tags in bold black caps cannot conceal identity and as she shakes my hand looking into my eyes….a simultaneous gasp concludes….I have just met Alice Bryant, .. her mother and author of the Crystal Skull book.
    This chain of events and conversation that followed opened a door that is yet to close until the last ‘bit’ is downloaded.
    I say downloaded and that is precisely what I mean.
    Alice knew before I did I knew something. So the tools by which I uncover this knowing she gifted me….one telepathically and one in picture form.
    Her time spent with the ‘Mitchell Hedges’ crystal skull and with Anna Mitchell Hedges, its guardian and Frank Dorland who studied it intensely …..was knowledge being offered to me now which was graciously accepted.
    The week conference passed giving more insight. In the exhibit hall in an obscure and dark corner i stumbled upon a single skull unearthed by wind and rain on a Colorado farm. It had two faces, one distorted by obvious pain and suffering, the other at peace with eyes closed, that when inverted eluded to humanity’s metamorphosis through a dimensional door. As I held it in my hands the vibrations, so fine….. as is generated by the piezoelectric frequency held rhyme diffusing the capillary beds into blood flow of my mind.
    On return home I did as Alice had suggested I do with an 8×10 photo of the skull. I went to bed and placed it under my head…..something I use to do with my genetics book. What follows did not surface overnight.
    Upon my awakening I recalled a green triangle glowing and spinning above me and a linear thread of Hebrew letters descending rapidly into my beFOREHEAD….the place where the neuroendocrine transducer secreting melatonin…the PINEal…. took physiologic control of the circadian rhythm joining the circle of my dreams. The small cone like crystals respond to the fine rate of piezoelectricity, whereas the flush and mad dash of RF and EM waves distort the letters. The line of communication was open, the long atrophied septum and broken circuit of the hemispheric divide now undermined joined my left to know the right. in a cohesive and coherent unified mass.
    What later manifest was this once linear to and fro conversation of babble between the right and left had formed a triangulated circuit between the rods and conical cells in the eyes with the PINEal cones. Obviously this right angled view offered a 360 degree perspective and the ability now to communicate deep within convolutions of brain, and whose previously ‘turned off’ 44,000 neurons in the heart had switched on. I knew then man could once and again access these heart neurons to think, avoiding the left brain logic. In so doing he could end all opposition leading him to a warring mentality.

    Now we must delve into the message from the Crystal skull that came to be in bits and pieces through time. SO BE IT.

    The information encoded in this man/Earth microchip works through the hard drive of Earth’s iron core. The iron core ballast now mislaid removed us from the garden. Time has been our friend to allow regrowth of circuitry through old ley lines. The end….or circuit closing is in lieu Galactic Alignment and energy to matter ratio recalibration, shifting mass and opening by switching on the circuits to the aether connecting every living thing.

    In my sleep I was in the center of this skull looking out through window of her eye. Looking down there stood an entire crystal skeleton. The solidity/sanctity of Earth was reflect from beneath her feet. Watching and feeling as Earth’s core energy moved through piezoelectric fields and began to build up in the form of visible auric light energy….. being collected in function the phalanges, tarsals and metatarsals, calcite crystalline structure of all the small bones of the feet, it began clinging and climbing upward the bipedal structure. The curvature of the calcaneous or heel bone and its greater density gathered the energy shifting it at right angle into the tibia or weight bearing bone of the lower extremity, as the less dense angular ribbing of the fibula collected any diffracted light. The synovial fluid surrounding joint space drew the light into the concave mechanics of the patella or kneecap….ever so swiftly delivering a bright burst of energetic light feed into the femur and its blood forming marrow. Surging only to be purged into the pelvic girdle, a bowl swirling the vortex of energy to build momentum for ascension into the spinal vertebra, rib cage, shoulder girdle where every angle and curve is in a direct energy feed to the heart and its chambers where the Holy Grail, Holy Blood lies await purification through oxygenation. I saw these red blood cells and the magic of hemoglobin’s iron deliver breath to every cell.
    The energy stopped at every organ along this path and spoke of its role to maintain health and homeostasis.
    Then I awoke knowing she had saved the best for last. The journey from the shoulder girdle to outstretched arms through hands which heal, and into the base of the brain through the axis at end the cervical vertebra opening the circuits of our minds was magical and exhilarating brought the understanding of who and what we really are.

    This I shall share on the next venture. For now I must put the chickens to roost and feed my best friend Sophie.
    Life is what it is and was, and will be again.
    Our DNA will switch on the long forgotten links of non-coding and light up the junk. all that atrophied…extinct through evolutions dictum still resides within us. We are not forsaken and the downfall occurred due to our friend TIME.

    Omni-Potent Light

    I stand before you with eyes that fail to see all
    Turning now do I in favor of darkness
    For my mind cannot comprehend all truths
    Which my heart must conceive.

    It is not that you shun me
    For it is in decision I make to falter in the shadow
    Or rest in the shade of rent darkness
    Then to stand in all your glory.

    When my thoughts intent know desires of my heart
    And I can be therefore driven
    I shall then focus in directives of this light
    The one and all powerful who heals.

    Penetrate the depths of my membrane
    Fracturing this domain where cause seeks transgression.

    Enable my spirit freedom to rise above and beyond
    Correcting the polar dysfunction
    That prevents my brain the spark of light’s omnipresence.

    Release me of the chains that encapsulate
    Humanity’s full nuclear potential
    As we utilize the contained rest energy
    To spark, lighting the periphery of the atom… our nuclear soul.

    Here our souls bleed from suppressive weights of iron
    Oppression where the body of the lamb’s blood
    Drag’s mankind asunder
    Failing to ignite the spark and memory of you near
    That shall set him free.

    Philosophiae Consolatio lies in the covenant
    And judgment O’ noble soul
    Of your omnipotent sweet rays.

    shewhowatches and can now speak

    • You certainly have a ‘story’yearning to get out…
      Your narrative is starting to sound similar to something Barbara Hand Clow might share with a reader.

      But I was wondering shewhowatches over ME do you have any insights to the ‘magnetic swastika’ and its role in the big picture?

      thanks for your time,

      selah V

      • We speak the same language, for there be but one.
        When the Dreidel increases speed of rotation correcting the wobble the sign or symbol is the swastika…. in sign (sine) of the cross (cos) encapsulating the sphere. Four arms or cardinal points maintaining equilibrium. Here levitation is possible as energy and matter unifiy in a simultaneous event where speed of rotation increases velocity to equal angular momentum. Zero point……….no gravitational pull, no electromagnetic dysfunction of wave and particle duality. No uncertainty as to position and its momentum. The swastika is as old as the old atom arising in tune to the harmonics of the spheres. It is the pillar of strength, the integrity of the nuclear dictum. The magnetic field arising of the center, as inversive moves both retro and lateral and of convex concave curvature, are delivered to every when (time) and where (space) simultaneously and equidistantly to the periphery using the structural determination of the Swastika.
        Understand the elucidation of the indivisible atom and its parts and you will see all the signs and their meaning. For they all manifest only in numerical harmony of both light and sound. So from the atom’s center all is equidistant to the peripheral hierarchy.

        What Else is There?
        We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension to realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere.
        The monopole projecting our existence and gravity the opposing force maintaining our dance with life.
        In crystalline chambers of the atomic structure lie the acoustics for harmonics to resonate and here piezoelectric sparks infuse life with a perpetual vibratory motion and the choreography of her dance.
        We will with this knowledge slip through time into another and there ask, once again, WHY?

        The Swastika expresses the nuclear device/devise of the Magnetic Monopole. We built the device long ago as Moses and Aaron will attest. But it led to our downfall. Can we control our intellectual/behavioral extremes? If not we shall not build it.

        “a Ferrous bar en Hydro-Magna”
        vs. Atomic Monopole

        Even tempered smooth and radiant she shines
        Permeable fluctuations in which she dines.

        Concentric shells to calm the reaction,
        Constant stress and pull of life’s contractions.

        Numbers to mirror the internal identity,
        Counter balance of magnetism expressed in distortion of gravity.

        Infusion of light via matrix crystalline,
        Linear this catalyst to spark …for the life to shine.

        Geometry proclaims the angle of ascent
        Claims certainty by law in degree its angle of descent.

        Continuity proclaims question along the way
        Tetrahedral architecture begins to weaken, overlay.

        The sphere doest propel with vibrations intense,
        Offset by manifestation of disease a pretense.

        The equation clearly a mishap, not uniform
        Confusion stems as language reaches to conform.

        The compass begins to falter, something is amiss,
        Forever to propel a direction towards the dark abyss.

        Balance of the compass must be to theorize,
        The MONOPOLE…..or be it North and south to realize.

        Her energies entomb as the reaction internal dies
        The vibratory dance within is where the obstruction lies.

        Forces stronger than the external pulse of nature
        Increases the membrane with molecules of grandeur.

        Now with messengers alarmed the attack is launched
        Our flight for survival ultimate in response.

        Synapses fire and the imbalance reeks of pain
        Waters rise as the Captain pleas, “she must remain.”

        Adrift in seas of confusion, our iron ballast mislaid
        Now to sail in the calm each sailor in fear portrays.

        Waves of violence demand flight in recourse
        Yet, the messenger army is denied cure by this ferric remorse.

        Balance pulls North no point of reference can sustain
        Rhythmic plea is intense now locked in a dance of refrain.

        Electro forces increase magnetic tides…..”a ferrous bar en hydro-magna”
        A compromise of stress in their sails in lieu of complimentary dogma.

        Inflation of particles is disrupt,
        Continuum of time and space curvature abrupt…

        Yet, amidst the turbulence and chaos of our journey
        Our intuition can intervene during this temporary sojourn.

        Simply to release by fracturing its domain
        We raise port sail as life’s exploration ‘ad infinitum”
        Becomes adrift at once and again in seas of primordial equilibrium.

        she who speaks

        ASK me directly and I will hear the answer in your words. I know of this magnetic field….for it is the true path of light without darkness. I visited there twice through the concealing veil of death’s illusion.

  6. Pinecone Symbolism
    ……….and the frequency of the mean green of light’s spectrum radiated this triangular prism and the Hebrew letters descended the ladder upon inversion to replicate the code, as it formed the Star of David.
    “Behold, Fear not, saith the Elders; the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David hath prevailed, and one would come to loose the seven seals thereof.”
    The triangular prism ,a polyhedron placed within a sphere must invert 4 times to reflect the incident angle of light’s velocity to the 360 degree spin and angular momentum in replication the whole. The 3 x 4= 12 and in copy of four daughter cells =48. 180 degrees of the vertical or horizontal is 24.
    The conical crystals of the PINEal cone and optical cones are hexagonal structures, a multiple of three’s thereof, a unit cell found in beehive construct and related to the calcite mineral also found in bone and in Earth.

    “They are responsible for the electromechanical biological transduction mechanism in the pineal gland due to structure and piezoelectric properties.” quote from New Crystal in the Pineal Gland: Characterization and Potential Role in Electromechano-Transduction by
    Bacconier Simon, Lang Sidney B. and De Seze Rene

    Are we the surveyor of reality with the built in tool?
    Me thinks so. What say you? And Lord knows what we will see when the Universe returns symmetry.

    she who speaks

  7. http://morsecode.scphillips.com/morse2.html

    from Steve Phillips;

    If the duration of a dot is taken to be one unit then that of a dash is three units.
    The space
    between the components of one character is 1 unit
    between characters is 3 units
    between words 7 units.

    To indicate that a mistake has been made and for the receiver to delete the last word, send …….. (8 dots or units)

  8. hey Raphael, doing some wi[l]de research on the ratio 1.37 & S.Peter’s Square I stumbled on this GREAT blog… because I found (God knows why) out, 1.37 is the ratio of major to minor axis of the big ellipse of the square in the center of which stands the obelisk from hELIopolis. Now such an ellipse is but a [mirror] circle looked at a 45 deg angle, AND, the two focus of the ellipse form with the base of the altar (you would call it the black door) a triangle with a [4][5] deg upper vertex. Also, do you see the bow and arrow shooting from that point eastward to the SUN?


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