TIME to make Amiens to the Swastika

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Given that the Mattang measures waves and their frequency. the same principle would apply at both a micro and macro level. The current going past an island would be the same process as light going thru’ the slit experiment I would think. Both creates a interference pattern

Those are exactly my thoughts.
And I still say those double slit experiments are null and void.
Standing wave theory also suggests the same thing.

The experts forgot to account for SOUNDs they could not hear.
Pulses of non-electromagnetic longitudinal sound waves?

We need to back track to 1887.
121 years ago we chose the left path (math = left brain) over the right path. (myth = right brain)
We chose math over myth.
Myth says 121 = 4
Math says I am crazy.

Myth describing the Macrocosm and the microcosm was ancient and had been bequeathed to us…origins unknown.
Math describing the Macrocosm and the microcosm was still in its infancy relative to the ancient myths and appeared to be a product of the evolving mind.
We let the preschoolers with their slide rules take charge.
Wrong turn.

Math without myth is folly.
Science without myth=religion has no purpose.
Myth=religion without science becomes corrupt.
Science without myth, is Lost in Space.
I see a checks and balances between the two actually.
Myth provides the archetypal framework for which to build a Valhalla, Eden, Utopia etc…using math.

Science took a disastrous wrong turn with big M and small m.
Yup Michelson and morley.
Michelson got the Nobel prize so he can be the big M.
morley thus is the small m.

The empirical wizards Michelson + morley using only ‘light science’, proved using questionable empirical methods, certainly by today’s standards, suggested and then proved that the luminiferous aether, that the ancients had believed in, DID not exist.

But M + m did NOT account for the SOUNDS that the Chandra telescope 116 years later says are in fact there, present ALL the time.

So let us do those double slit experiments again and put Chandra in the room with the ‘experts’ observing photons.

Now more magic wiz.
U and mi are polar opposites on this egg, and this combination seems to work well in this exchange as you shall see.
Down under veiled by the Canadian shield?
Too bad you weren’t a woman we could have fun taking turns being on top.
But I would still bring mi Trojan shield to cover up mi dirty sword.

The magic of intent and intuition >>> using the mattang:

Your intent was to heal, and understanding color intimately lead you to designing this color chart.
My intent was to understand more intimately a unity that I knew/felt existed, a unity that could be explained to a child. Thus the unity concept needed to be real simple…counting to only nine is a good start…and keeping things as simple as possible, for mi has been key.

Myth before Math is the KEY to educating the youth and bringing forth the archetypal realm of super consciousness.
Rudy Steiner and mi see the value of a Waldorf system.
Problem with Waldorf (IMHO) is that it had first and foremost ‘Christian’ roots, and would default to purely ‘Trinity’ values when the going got tough, however the Madame within the group, found herself perhaps under the patriarchal wing once again and thus departed to seek other esoteric values in the east, among the Hindu, Buddhists and the Jains, not the Christian Janes taking commands from grunting TarZens.

Please note the mattang is an ancient survival tool of unknown origin, and is to be used for when your world gets turned upside down or inside out…

I noticed 2 anomalies on the mattang.
I noticed 2 palm ribs that were unique to it’s structure.
I want to suggest one of those ribs might be Adam’s.
Metaphorically of course.
But remember this is ancient stick/rib theory that matches string/knot theory.

I have mi mythical archetypal reasons for placing those BLUE lines over both the mattang and your color chart.
Being down near the South Pacific is rather poetic too.
And sublime poetry and narratives is the language the creator alchemist uses.

Take a look at the numbers running along the ‘equator’ in your color chart dude, reading from EAST to WEST…

4 … is how it all started for mi, 4 years ago … that is when I started to remember what I had 4-gott.

I have done these exercises before without a doubt.
5, 1, 8, 12
in mi esoteric books is the same as 11, 2, 5, 8

Hey Wiz have I sent you an invitation to the party happening in crypt/Room 1258?
You are in, bring your color chart as an entry paSSport.
Remember the north entrance is locked for now.

Thus I feel the mattang carries the same significance as both CARD X of the Tarot and St. Peter’s Square and the symbol I found in a Peruvian Monastery.

Now it becomes clear why I wanted to establish the origin of those numbers relative to the colors.
Your source is the archetypal super consciousness.
Mi source is the archetypal super consciousness….

5 X 5 GRID
is one of those archetypes that the super consciousness ‘recognizes’…default, reset mechanism, maybe?

Knight’s Templar Magic Square found in the ruins of Pompeii, 1000 years before the Knights Templar (existed as the Knights Templar), is on the right.

Another lovely little piece of archetypal magic carried forward.
Once you recognize the patterns…the world becomes magical, full of bullshit, but still magical.
The image on the left is the symbolic Head of John the Baptist in Amiens Cathedral.
The head was brought there by the Templars from Constantinople.

The Baptist’s head

The initial impetus for the building of the cathedral came from the installation of the reputed head of John the Baptist on 17 December 1206. The head was part of the loot of the Fourth Crusade, which had been diverted from campaigning against the Turks to sacking the great Christian city of Constantinople. A sumptuous reliquary was made to house the skull. Although later lost, a 19th century replica still provides a focus for prayer and meditation in the North aisle.

NORTH again?

Now go to this site and take a REAL close look at the symbolism found in Amiens.
that is an Order emanating from mi KA0S
Full of quatrefoils and swastikas…ja, ja, jah, way, Yahweh.

And the Riddle of the Sphinx explains what ‘north’ represents on a fundamental level.
(2bee continued)

Wiz apparently we are on the yellow brick road together … … trust me … this will be the adventure of yer life … your miSSion impoSSible … are you ready?

The journey apparently starts with intent…like this next symbol suggests.

Ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory preserved on a stone.
That is what I feel that stone is suggesting, in mi heart.



p.s. I need to post the following to illustrate the poetry embedded within the narrative.
It is beyond words … it is divine … and divinity can only be recognized if you seek unity.
It is a real simple formula…just like spherical standing wave theory.
Let me introduce others that might be attending the party in the crypt / Room 1258.

re: Amiens Cathedral

The paucity of documentation concerning the construction of the Gothic cathedral may be in part the result of fires that destroyed the chapter archives in 1218 and again in 1258—a fire that damaged the cathedral itself. Bishop Evrard de Fouilly initiated work on the cathedral in 1220. Robert de Luzarches was the architect until 1228, and was followed by Thomas de Cormont until 1258.

St. George the Dragon Slayer is attending the party too. 



18 thoughts on “TIME to make Amiens to the Swastika

  1. Hi Raphael, I came across this brilliant stuff you write while searching for ‘sun lozenge’ on google. I live in a big old house in Spain and there’s a stone symbol on the wall – looks like a sun in a lozenge. Can I send you a pic to check out? I woke up in January this year. I see the conspiracy. JP

  2. the plan is quite simple … it is a one-size-fits-all solution that can be expressed with a T-shirt…

    And the ‘T’ represents a Cross (crucifix) / T-shirt we must bear and wear.

    The exoteric / outside symbol on this T-shirt would reflect today’s consciousness…

    But by reversing or turning the T-shirt inside out and exposing a different symbol, to reflect the shift in consciousness…we would be accomplishing two things at once…exposing the ruse, and plotting a new collective course.
    IMHO it can be done with T-shirts…
    T-shirts made from hemp…
    What else would you expect the myrrh-ijuana mystic to say…?

    2bee continued


  3. Hi im new here, just wandered over. It’s intriguing what you are doing here, can you give me some idea of what’s happening here?and where are we going with this?

  4. hello sella,

    Take a look at the last two images in this thread.
    The sculptured stone from Ireland and the modern graph of a Spherical Standing Wave.

    …briefly but right to the point…

    I believe I can prove (you will find the proof on this site) that the swastika/solomon’s knot are both profound ideograms representing an ancient Spherical Standing Wave theory.

    In other words that stone from Ireland suggests our ancestors knew what the particle physicists have yet to agree on and formulate, a workable math equation to explain what that ancient stone is already suggesting.

    I have more proof of my theory from ancient Nazca, Peru.



  5. Hi Bianca and Raphael,

    What i gather is ancients new more about particle physics than the modern scientists do.

    I do not doubt the wisdom of elders, however how does this take us to our home? and which home? the one which the church describes as heaven/hell or some other place hidden from us?

    Thanks for your replies.

  6. in a sense that you realize by means of this very travel that you are at home and the bride has no veils.


    p.s. Raphael is the M aster here.


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