Hitler’s Search for the HOLY GRAIL

“The destruction of Irminsul by Charlemagne” (1882) by Heinrich Leutemann
UPDATE February 26, 2015
No proof exists that Himmler wanted a Grail castle, but redesign of the castle by the SS referred to certain characters in the legends of the Grail: for example, one of the arranged study rooms was named Gral (“Grail“), and others, König Artus (“King Arthur“), König Heinrich (“King Henry”), Heinrich der Löwe (“Henry the Lion“) ~ Widukind ~ Christoph Kolumbus (“Christopher Columbus“), Arier (“Aryan”), Jahrlauf (“course of the seasons”), Runen (“runes“), Westfalen (“Westphalia“), Deutscher Orden (“Teutonic Order“),Reichsführerzimmer (“Room of the Empires Leader(s)”; “Reichsführer-SS”, or “the Reich’s Leader of the SS” was Himmler’s title), Fridericus (probably in reference to Frederick II of Prussia), tolle Christian (probably referring to Christian the Younger of Brunswick, Bishop of Halberstadt), and Deutsche Sprache (“German language“). In addition to these study rooms, the SS created guest rooms, a dining room, an auditorium, a canteen kitchen, and a photographic laboratory with an archive.
But who is Widukind?
G R E A T   V I D E O !!!!


Hypothesis confirmed.
The swastika and all it implies is divine and sacred and currently its powers are being used against humanity.
I always knew at the end of the story, there would be a profound twist to the narrative.

The final jewel or should I say wewel in the crown, that we have been seeking is in fact the Holy Grail.
What Hitler and Himmler and all others have failed to find.

Yes I know most people will doubt these words.
VisionMaster this is the jewel in our crowning glory, and it is called Wewelsburg Castle.
By entering this castle, we will understand that little has changed in over 7000 years.

Milo Wolff and me have both identified this simple archetype using different languages.
But that is allowed.
Isn’t it?

Clockwise and counterclockwise according to Milo Wolff are the only two movements or spin possible creating either In Waves and Out Waves

S I M P L E is beautiful and when you go back in time toward a hypothetical Big Bang things in fact become more simple/less complex and more dense.

SS Generals Hall in the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle

On the ceiling of the vault is a swastika, or Hakenkreutz in German. To the Nazis, the Hakenkreuz was “das Symbol des schaffenden, wirkenden Lebens” or “the symbol of the creating, acting life” in English. The Hakenkruetz was called the “Rasseabzeichen des Germanentums,” or the “race emblem of Germanism” in English. Today, the Hakenkreutz is banned in Germany.

Wewelsburg and the Irminsul

What are the connections between the Saxon Widukind, Emperor Charlemagne and the pagan Irminsul?

An Irminsul (Old Saxon, probably “great/mighty pillar” or “arising pillar”) was a kind of pillar which is attested as playing an important role in the Germanic paganism of the Saxon people. The oldest chronicle describing an Irminsul refers to it as a tree trunk erected in the open air.[1] The purpose of the Irminsuls and the implications thereof have been the subject of considerable scholarly discourse and speculation for hundreds of years.

A Germanic god Irmin, inferred from the name Irminsul and the tribal name Irminones, is sometimes presumed to have been the national god or demi-god of the Saxons.[2] It has been suggested that Irmin was more probably an aspect or epithet of some other deity – most likely Wodan (Odin).

VeDaS >> WeDeN >> WoDiN >> oDiN gives Thor the Mollinjor

Royal Frankish Annals

According to the Royal Frankish Annals (772AD), during the Saxon wars, Charlemagne is repeatedly described as ordering the destruction of the chief seat of their religion, an Irminsul.[6] The Irminsul is described as not being far from Heresburg (now Obermarsberg), Germany.[6]Jacob Grimm states that “strong reasons” point to the actual location of the Irminsul as being approximately 15 miles (24 km) away, in the Teutoburg Forest and states that the original name for the region “Osning” may have meant “Holy Wood.”

Obermarsberg is situated on the site of an Old Saxon hillfort and refuge castle, the Eresburg,

During the Saxon Wars, the stronghold was repeatedly occupied by Widukind, leader of the recalcitrant Saxons (those refusing to adopt Christianity and the overlordship of the Franks), and then abandoned to Charlemagne’s forces as the Saxons retreated to the home of Widukind’s in-laws, today Denmark. Local lore states that as Charlemagne’s forces approached, the town’s common folk would move into the Drachenholler, a vast system of underground gypsum caves beneath Eresburg, where they remained unnoticed until Charlemagne’s people left. Though only a legend, the caves can still be seen, along with several watchtowers dated to the same time period (circa AD 800).

De miraculis sancti Alexandri

The Benedictine monk Rudolf of Fulda (AD 865) provides a description of an Irminsul in chapter 3 of his Latin work De miraculis sancti Alexandri. Rudolf’s description states that the Irminsul was a great wooden pillar erected and worshipped beneath the open sky and that its name, Irminsul, signifies universal all-sustaining pillar.

Translatio sancti Alexandri Wildeshusam anno 851 covers the conversion of the Saxons to Christianity and was begun in 863 at the request of Waltbraht, a grandson of Widukin. When Rudolf died in 865, the work was completed by Meginhart. Begun in 863, this text covers the conversion of the Saxons to Christianity, at the request of Walkbraht, the grandson of Widukin. Taken on in his final years of life, Rudolf of Fulda would not oversee the completion of his text. After his death, the work was continued and finally completed by Meginhart. The Translatio Sancti Alexandri Wildeshusam anno text of 851 conveys the conversion of the Saxon peoples to Christianity in Germany. Rudolf of Fulda once more makes reference to the works of Tacitus’ De Germania’ in the Annals of 852

Clockwise and Counterclockwise

Here is the KEY to Universal movements, not only on the quantum microcosmic level as Milo has observed, but also on a macrocosmic celestial level as the astronomers, astrologers and physicists have also observed when mapping the Milky Way.
As the above image called a Digital Sky Survey illustrates.
So two different fields of science are suggesting a similar model can be applied to both the Milky Way and an atom/electron/positron?

The Dalai Lama wrote a book called The Universe in an Atom.
Do you think science could meet him halfway?
But wait what else can the above archetypal model apply to?

Equinoxes and Solstices?
Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year perhaps?

The above image on the left is the 3 STEP program according to a Freemason.

The image I drew on the right is an archetypal model, the same cycle can be found in both the Greek and Chaldean Zodiacal Crosses, and on a plate from Samarra Iraq circa 5000 BCE.

And as we can see Milo Wolff’s model suggests the same movements.

Two valances move outward and the third valance moves inward.
How cool is that?

What does Leonardo DaVinci, the Freemasons, quantum physicist Milo Wolff, Marko Rodin and his torus and 369, a Polynesian navigational tool, Hitler, Himmler, the NAZIs, and my journey all have in common?

Did I mention the swastika is in fact the common denominator; it is the only divine symbol from antiquity that is both chiral and asymmetric … just like all biological systems, that get their start from chiral asymmetric DNA.

Clockwise and Counterclockwise
Seems we keep coming back to the movements of a ‘clock’.
The motions are stated relative to the ‘hands of a clock’.
Are Time and the Calendar important considerations in how humanity evolved?

Go to 5:31 of this video and tell me if you can see this clock?

Is the fat lady about to start singing?
What other coincidences exist between the Vatican and the Nazis?

We must take a visit to the center of the NAZI New World to see that they embraced all of the above when building their archetypal temple for entry into Valhalla.
This is truly enlightening.
Within this castle we will find the archetypal HOLY GRAIL.
Within the castle Wewelsburg is a ‘crypt’ and now I realize this crypt is Room 1258.

The HOLY GRAIL can be identified and understood using the archetypes that transcend time, space and motion and it also helps to pay attention to what mathematicians call the transcendental numbers.
Pi, phi and Phi.

Divine archetypes that keep resurrecting themselves, no matter how much nature and man attempt to conceal or veil these ‘secrets’.
They will always be revived because the archetype does not die. The archetype plays a role in the revival, perpetually being updated is the intent of this process.
Both the creation and destruction process is itself a most powerful archetype.
The creation of an electron and positron is divine.

Milo Wolff can describe the Holy Grail in scientific terms.
He calls it Standing Wave Theory.
A S I M P L E beautiful theory.
The simplicity of the theory is a fine clue that Milo Wolff is full on.

I. Edward Clark a Freemason wrote a most profound book called The Royal Secret.
The best $25 I ever spent on esoteric revelations via a Freemason perspective.

It is a gem filled with secrets… i.e. suppressed knowledge.
I. Edward Clark and Manly P. Hall are two Freemasons whose work I highly respect. 😉

I will reproduce Chapter IX from The Royal Secret in its entirety at the end of this post…it discusses the 3 STEPS thatwe shall see later in the Wewelsburg crypt.
You will see how I.E. Clark cuts through the Freemason bullshit that was used to veil the mysteries.
And I.E. Clark’s work is a fine Freemason’s interpretation of the mysteries that have been preserved as archetypal rite and ritual, helping to document this cycle of time.

Above is the archetype. A basic shape of temple design I have seen often.
GOSECK, an important clue to the archetypal Aryan / Nordic ‘Valhalla’.
GOSECK is a German Wood/Stone Henge….from 4800 BCE.

Goseck is from the same epoch as this plate found in Samarra Iraq circa 5000 BCE.
This blog shows the profound intimate connections.
Further supporting what I am illustrating here in this thread.
It suggests that plate was an archetypal model of the universal movements.

And the shape of this symbol found near Mexico City is quite similar to the shape that I have highlighted on the plate from Samarra Iraq.

The name of this symbol found near Mexico City and connected to ancient mythical Mu, was the Key to Universal Movement.

Another coincidence?

Please note they have identified 3 openings/GATES in the structure in GOSECK.


Wewelsburg was mainly Himmler’s vision…and it was Himmler who was the driving force behind the arcane / occult methods of the SS.
Himmler actually saw himself as a reincarnation of King Heinrich who initiated the First Reich.

Wewelsburg was their ‘occult’ hangout.
Wewelsburg was their entry into Valhalla.
Wewelsburg was the seen by Himmler as the center of the Nazi SS Universe.
Remember to the Roman Catholic SS = the Holy Spirit or St. Peter and St. Paul.

Wewelsburg confirms my 3 GATES hypothesis.
Wewelsburg confirms that the Knight’s Templar, the Freemasons and Hitler/Himmler’s SS all shared the same ‘vision’, based on the same underlying archetypal truth that even Plato discussed when describing the archetypal Atlantis.

Which brings us back AGAIN to what all of the important archetypes are pointing us toward.

Precession of the Equinoxes / The Great Year / The Platonic Year / a Grand cycle of Time tracking the movement of the SUN

Shall we step inside the archetypal temple/crypt at Wewelsburg?
Here is a must see video.
So let’s go pilgrims you are now ready to enter Valhalla / Solomon’s Temple / Eden etc etc etc.

Go to 9:05 of this video. Part III

Please watch this video folks.
Please please please do yourself a favor, today’s flavor of the day is quite sweet.
Please the truth is so easily revealed.
What the grand conspiracy conceals is a most simple TRUTH.
The truth can be revealed in many ‘languages’.
i.e. myth, math, astronomy, astrology, scriptures, art and archetype (mi field of interest).
When you have a chance, watch the entire 5 parts to this video.

Don’t be discouraged by the lack of knowledge the fella leading the tour of the crypt in the video displays.
He apparently doesn’t have a clue to what that room represents, what those 12 plinths are for, or those 3 STEPs (the 3 Steps are discussed below in the Royal Secret page 80).
And then he takes one more step, a 4th step down into the center?

Geesh fella, could the 12 represent the 12 constellations that sit on the ecliptic, part of journey called Precession?
Can I have your job dude?
I know all about Room 1258.

W ewelsburg and the 3 GATES.
How would those 3 Gates operate?
Is this a clue?

Only 3 GATES?
It is mentioned that the Wewelsburg crypt is situated under the NORTH Tower.
This is an important clue.
North does not receive sunlight like the 3 other directions, east, south and west.
North is the direction that the Hopi suggested was blocked and they had no access.

The Polynesian mattang also shows that one direction appears to be ‘blocked’ with a stick.
See the extra stick?
The Polynesian mattang was used to identify different kinds of waves.
The Polynesian mattang I feel might help us navigate through the 2012 ‘stargate’.

Knights Templar Magic Square is a valuable clue to how the ancients navigated the oceans.
And a GPS / navigational tool 2000+ years ago would have been very very valuable.

SOLOMON’s KNOT is the symbol that represents the manifestation of universal movements, and beside it is the quatrefoil often used in Gothic churches, which were built and designed by who?
Rumor is that the Freemasons and the Knights Templar played a role.

So the symbol that represents these universal inward/outward movements is universally recognized, it is ancient, it is often illustrated with 3 ribbons, it is found worldwide and it is associated with the Swastika and all divine sacred temples, becasue….

Clockwise and Counterclockwise

And in Part V, in the final minute of the video, this comment is made.
“…these men were engaged in a project to rewrite the record of the past in order to influence the future course of history”

So are you folks concerned about CERN and, about these men who are engaged in a project to do what exactly?

Eh, what has changed in 7000 years?

Clockwise and Counterclockwise?

left and right?

positive and negative?

positron and electron?

DNA has not changed in 3 billion years and it requires all of the above.



The Royal Secret 

Chapter IX
pages 73-84


7 thoughts on “Hitler’s Search for the HOLY GRAIL

  1. Raph,
    Thanks for the link to treeincarnation, I’ve been listening to Fintan’s audio and looking at what he has to say.

    I have a short question that I would like your opinion on, if you would be so inclined. Do you share his view that we are all immortal?

    I have been receiving some zaps while listening to his audio, and it’s extremely exciting the way he describes it all… But I refuse to just take someone’s word for it, as I don’t trust anything, really. There is always that thought in the back of my head… “It’s a trick!” but I don’t really trust that voice either. The reason I bother you with this is because I respect your insight, and few others have the balls to really be so sure of their answer, as I know you would- I’m not looking for a guru, is what I’m trying to say.



  2. I like Fintan’s model
    I like Marko Rodin’s model
    I like Milo Wolff’s model
    I like mi archetypal model

    I don’t like CERN’s.

    I wish we could get all the models in the same room, posing on the runway, willing to take a little criticism?



  3. I neglected to give you the insight you requested Jer.
    Yeah I feel immortality is part of the equation.

    BUT with the gift of immortality comes great responsibility.

    That is what this bullshit existence is all about.
    Figuring out the inherent energetic responsibilities one step at a time.


  4. I appreciate it, and I am a ways through Secret Teachings, Those other 2 are on order. That video was superb. I got flashbacks from a guy’s website (I think his name was Mathew Delooze, he’s seen that in an experience he had, or something), about that “hole in the sky” (which also brought fintan’s view in) And yeah, the 3 steps, and that guy 12 could be anything… I almost died laughing.

    Those lights I saw around the room, just screamed two vortex’s on each side to me too. Anyway, sorry to make such trivial comments, I do appreciate the time. Hopefully soon I will be able to contribute more seriously.

    Take care,


    This is here, for your enjoyment, I love this song.

  5. There is an image floating around on the internet of some of Teslas scribbles, and on the page the “Sator Square” is visible

    Tesla is the man 🙂

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