Ancient ‘STICK’ theory = Modern ‘STRING’ theory

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In my humble opinion, I’ve always believed without evdience that we’re here only half the time

Thanks wiz, more confirmation for me.
You want further confirmation?

Within the Fibonacci sequence is a pattern that repeats every 24 numbers. (Marko Rodin incorporated this ’24’ in his torus design)
If you reduce all Fibonacci numbers to a single digit you will see this pattern that repeats.
I did it for the first 96 numbers.
(24 x 4)

This site illustrates what I suggest.…wsletter_id=27

Info about the Knights Templar Cross is on that site too and I want to come back to it later in this post…
It is a most valuable KEY we need to use to help us unravel the distortions of a self-serving tribal HIS-story of belief.
The author makes some interesting connections between the Fibonacci series and the Knights Templar Cross.

Plot the fibonacci numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…etc onto one side of the x axis…but allow spaces between the numbers.


because I want you to plot the shadow numbers contained within the Fibonacci series, which are the numbers NOT used.

i.e. 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 etc …..

So each amplitude of the wave has a maximum of 9 either above or below the x-axis that we can call the dividing line…or maybe the Divine Proportion.

Soon the pattern becomes evident … a double helix forms, the Staff of Moses or Hermes, the Caduceus … two intertwined spirals, containing the Fibonacci cycle we know and the shadowy Fibonacci cycle that represents our other energetic ‘half’ that is invisible, but still plays a vital role.

Wiz I made a stunning discovery yesterday relating Phi, the Fibonacci series, the Knights Templar Cross, the swastika and wave identification. 

Using what?

A navigation tool used by the ancient Polynesians.
How old is it?
Good question comrade.

It is believed that Papuan speaking settlers began to arrive around 30,000 BC. 

Austronesian speakers arrived circa 4,000 BC also bringing cultural elements such as the outrigger canoe. It is between 1,200 and 800 BC that the ancestors of the Polynesians, the Lapita people, arrived from the Bismarck Archipelago with their characteristic ceramics.[1] The first European to discover the islands was the Spanish navigator Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira, coming from Peru in 1568.

Do you want to have some fun accessing your super consciousness?

Helping to connect the dots…revealing secrets worth burying in a ‘temple’ and calling it Solomon, maybe even a secret stolen from the Solomon islands?

What I am about to show you will make you realize that the Polynesians in fact had a ‘stick theory’ that resembles our modern ‘string theory’.

This navigational tool called the mattang contains a wealth of mathematical, geometric quantum information…made out of sticks…but made from the same archetypal ‘mind source’ that the modern asymmetrical mind accesses too.
It is in fact I believe, an ancient GPS, among other things.

Let the fun begin…to my knowledge…nobody is making this vital connection between the past and the present using the magical Knights Templar square found in ancient Pompeii, in use at least 1000 years before the mythical legend called the Knights Templar was written into the narrative.

How do I connect the mystery surrounding the Knights Templar Cross to the mattang, an ancient GPS?

And why do I suggest this is a vital connection?
Well I do feel I have proved in many of my posts, that by using the universal archetypes as guide, allows the initiate to penetrate and catch glimpses of the super consciousness that few encounter in their daily lives.
Lets face it, I continue to make *NEW* discoveries all the time, because I wake up and go to bed with intent.
I bury myself in archetype 24/7.
I am not bragging, I just want to share a confession.
I now know what intent brings. That is why I consciously now make attempts to have my left brain converse with the right brain, I am conducting an experiment you could say.
Mi 13 Step AAA meetings yield results.

Ascension u-sing

Today is no exception.
What is, what is….

Do you know how the Polynesians used that navigation tool?
The answer is sublime and poetic and beautiful and gives us a clue to unlocking the secrets of wave interaction.

w a v e >>> i d e n t i f i c a t i o n

HELLO Mr. Physics scientist expert please listen to this vital clue to solving the mystery of gravity, it could be found elsewhere, ya know!!!!!

The Polynesians used this tool (made from palm ribs bound together using coconut fibers), to help them navigate through the expansive Pacific ocean, a macrocosmic ocean filled with water, and water is made up of different kinds of waves, some are big and some are small and microscopic.
They actually used that tool to help them identify the ‘different types of waves’ they would encounter when traveling from island to island…they believed the waves of the ocean contained recognizable patterns, like the stars above.
The ancients would hold the mattang near the water at the bow or prow of the boat, and these ancient sailors would use this tool to help them identify the wave’s patterns.
The wave patterns could help them determine where the major islands lay and where reef barriers break the ocean’s surface.

The Polynesians claim their mythic ancestors bequeathed the mattang to them.

It was seen as a survival tool.
(origins unknown…though the mythical Mu is a possibility)

To be passed from one generation to the next.
The archetypal belief held was that they were traveling the same mythic journey that their ancestors had traveled, they read the same wave patterns their ancestors read, thus past and present evolves toward the future.

Still with mi?

Step 1
join together the 4 letter A lphas and the 4 letter O megas from the Templar magic square (btw as I have pointed out, it is a square whose true origins unknown)

It should look something like this after you rotate it 45 degrees.
Note how in the beginning stages it matches the mattang rather nicely.
Continue to play with the design.
Working through it yourself, seeing the various esoteric crosses that can be identified, the geometry, all of it helps tremendously in activating the archetypal right brain.

Step 2
We now cross reference what we know about the mattang with what we can learn from the Knights Templar ‘magic’ square.

I want to suggest this archetypal approach could offer us insights into the quantum realm of wave theory…to help us guide the ARK called Earth.

Who do we have leaning over the prow of the ocean linear taking readings as the titanic ship of fools called Earth, plows through the luminiferous aether we have called space, the final frontier?
Who is at the helm of planet earth….?


G7? (god or gee 7 nations)
A shadowy shadow government that casts no shadows…?

What if ‘we the sheeple’, Ewe and The Me are in charge?

 Robin Herbst describes some of the techniques used to train young Marshall sailors: 

Physical artifacts are used as mnemonic devices for…teaching the principles of swell refraction and intersection, and are used by the islanders as crucial navigational tools.

The “sticks” that form the chart are the midribs of coconut leaves curved around a central point to model how swells from opposite directions refract around an island and intersect in nodes.” [see Uncommon Directions by Robin Herbst]


Story of the W and Z – Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Penrose & Schwaller & Witten & Wedekind

Here is what I am going to do over the next few daze, having been given access to this valuable clue, a clue I have shared with you as received, not to be squandered.

>>>>I am going to acquaint myself with stick theory … because I can feel in mi heart it is a key to unlocking a viable string theory

Remember this ‘insight’ I offer is brand new…we have all just entered this esoteric room together…I am going to start reading about these ‘ribs’ bound together, found in the Solomon islands…a simply made tool yet complex in its archetypal implications, an ancient tool that may help us navigate the temple called earth through space, the luminiferous aetheric waters that the experts 121 years ago said did NOT exist.

Wrong turn taken by the Captain of the titanic ARK…

And then of course it is not difficult at all to connect the mattang to the Peruvian Cross called the Chakana. And the Chakana can be easily connected to Solomon’s Knot, and the swastika and most importantly the grand cycle of TIME called Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year.

To find the Chakana in the Knights Templar Square join the letters T-A-O and then convert to the mattang.

I want to suggest that the ancient mattang might help us, the modern man, who are the descendants, the followers navigate through the ’stargate’.

A ’stargate’ that might be connected to 2012. (never happened…or did it?)

Who understands what I am hinting at and seeing the profound connections here?
Maybe with a little help from abrahadabra, what if together we formulate that archetypal lever that the archetypal Archimedes was hinting at, to help Mohammed move a titanic mountain of an ARK … to help turn things around?

Here is a challenge I have taken on, you may want to join me.
Betcha we can come up with a ‘theory of everything’ , playing with and probing the universe with the mattang and other divine archetypes, faster than a particle physicist can, playing with his particle accelerator?




just so you know the Polynesians were tuned into the cosmos … here is another design of theirs.

The Mi-Do?
Hey hey, I can do sing that tune…lalalalala tickles Sheela Na Gig’s fancy.
Ya dig?

Look familiar fellas?
Some of the men may need to get down on their hands and knees to recognize it.

What would Colonel Sanders say?

A twelfth century sheela na gig on the church at KilpeckHerefordshire, England

14 thoughts on “Ancient ‘STICK’ theory = Modern ‘STRING’ theory

  1. I found your blog looking for a picture of the Qabala Tree of Life to print out and color as a physical representation of my own personal “theory of everything” which is a lot like your blog…I feel much better knowing that I am not the only person that sees the connections between modern science and ancient religions/philosophy!!

  2. And the process reminds me of ‘meioSiS’ on a molecular level.
    The tympanum / archway in the church could be an expression of this event on a molecular level, but as we know those 4 ‘beasts’ surrounding Christ in the middle are also the 4 Royal Stars known as Aldebaran, Antares, Regulus and Fomalhaut…

    Macro = Micro
    above = below

    The universe within a single atom.



  3. Well, well, well. We meet again. Glad to know that you are…here, writing away. I saw you on a new forum, “breakfornews” and will join up there.
    Not much into the Abracadabra forum, unless there’s Runic talk there. Mostly Enochian/Gnostic/Egyptian magicks there.
    Am off for the season now, so ready to start “talking online” again. Be well, talk with you soon, my most gentle friend!


    The Significance of The Lost Cubit In The Design Of The Tesla Shield™.

    The Lost Cubit was discovered in April of 2000 by German astrophysicist Hans Becker and has, in the last ten years, been extensively researched by the well known metaphysical researcher Slim Spurling. The Lost Cubit is a previously unknown cubit length which fills a harmonic gap between the Sacred and Royal cubit lengths of Ancient Egypt. Research and calculations made by Becker indicate that the Lost cubit may well have been deliberately omitted from ancient records due to its important and powerful esoteric significance.

    The secrets of The Lost Cubit was always strongly guarded by the priesthood of Egypt, and was reserved exclusively for high initiates and Phaoroh himself. This is why there are no records of the Lost cubit to be found in orthodox historical records.

    The Lost Cubit is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the Earth divided by the speed of light. The Lost Cubit therefore relates to cosmic harmonics in a special way. Due to its dual ability to resonate with cosmic energy frequencies and earth energy frequencies, The Lost Cubit is the secret key to extraordinary health and extreme longevity.

    The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 megahertz which corresponds to the frequency of DNA, thereby facilitating DNA repair and the capability of consciously controlled DNA activation and ascension. It is becoming more widely accepted by scientists that DNA acts as an antenna for light energy, and therefore the harmonic frequencies of light and The Lost Cubit in particular are vitally important aspects of the equation.

  5. hey, is it just me, but when i look at the templar square, i see a rather complex figure that consist of circles:S maybe there something incoded to it? :d

  6. This is the perfect example of how things get perverted over the years… and always explains why there are secret societies.

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