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Like take your birthday to work a life path number and punch it into a calculator and divide by 9 the first number after the decimal place is the reduced number, except when it’s zero in which case it’s a 9.

eg 23/05/2008 would add to 20 or 2 in a calculator 23,052,008/9 = 4.222 any string of numbers will work, try it!

you won’t find this in any math book

Thank you for sharing wiz.

I just want to confirm a successful result re: the life path number = birthday formula.
The following is far more than just coincidental.

My birthday is July 3rd, 1957 similar to Tom Cruise, same day but Tom Cruise was born in 1962.
So according to your Life Path formula I would key in day/month/year and then divide by 9.

3071957/9 = 341328.555555…..to infinity

I can’t help notice the numbers 28.5
I have written a few blogs about 528.

Is that what you mean about finding your life path wiz, through numbers that make you numb with an awakening but not dumb?

Numbers that can help define you, and get this…they can help you zero in on your life purpose, assist you in finding your path too?
That was a cool acknowledgment wiz.

WOW I just noticed more ‘coincidences’.
My journey has been a fourfold exploration of archetype these past 4+ years.
Starting with the number 4.
Which lead me to 4 specific numbers 11, 2, 5, 8 found on this Card X, the Wheel of Fortune.

11, 2, 5, 8

Back to the life path formula.

My birthday 3/07/1957 converts to 3071957/9 (divide by 9) = 341328.55555555 ….. to infinity
Take the first 4 numbers from the result and add them together.

3 + 4 + 1 + 3 = 11

11 … followed by 285 followed by an infinite string of 5s

LIFE PATH number = 11285
11285 anticipates Card X being associated with my life path.

Would you believe me if I told you I am tingling just a little right now?

Try it, go ahead and make your day pilgrim.
Find out your life path number(s).
I am proof of its validity, that there is something to it.




8 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ and mi LIFE PATH NUMBER

  1. mind if I see the ‘formula’ of your birthday?

    if you mean that your number was 1234.00000?
    then .00000 = .999999

    sorry I didn’t mention that.


  2. Jim I see your script looking something like this….

    1240221.0 = 1240221.9

    though 9 is the main number … the image is 124O221
    your shadow is 1240221…



  3. Love your blog, I get it (i do)!

    my birthday is August, 6, 1977

    life path 11

    samprajnata samadhi sasmita (SSS)


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