Swastika and the Counsel of the Wolff

My real given name is NOT Raphael.
My real given name translates into ‘the counsel of the wolf ‘
Today we shall seek the counsel of standing wave expert Milo Wolff.

Origin of the swastika…how far back can we trace it?

It has become clear to me lately the profound relevance.
It is a symbol that represents the two movements that result in an electron and a positron.

What is essential to kick start the universe?
Ask Milo Wolff…

C l o c k w i s e   and   C o u n t e r c l o c k w i s e
(creates a universal archetype>>>polarity)


The central phase shift is similar to the phase shift of light when it reflects at a mirror. The required phase shift is a 180o rotation of the wave, either CW or CCW. There are only two possible combinations of the rotating inward and outward waves. One choice of rotation becomes an electron, the other becomes a positron. The angular momentum change upon rotation is either +h/4 or -h/4 . This is the origin of spin. One wave set is the mirror image of the other set producing the CPT invariance rule.

Milo Wolff’s Dynamic Waves model vs. Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way


New Insights. A simple spherical wave structure of the particles leads to new exciting insights, including: 1) the origin of the natural laws, and 2) the relationships between the smallest things—particles—and the largest, the universe itself. These insights are breath-taking in their scope and potential. This structure appears to agree with and predict experimental observations.

What happens when we connect the dots of the archetypal mind that transcends time, space, and motion?
What symbol best describes both the ascension and the descent?
What symbol best describes both the clockwise and counterclockwise spiral staircases?

IS the swastika the miSSing piece of our collective history turned into a one-size-fits-all HIS-story?


The above blog suggests a truth has been obscured by time and self-serving human behaviors.
It connects those dots between our past and the present using the alchemy of analogy.
It suggests the universal archetypes bequeathed to all of humanity were veiled with a narrative using ARKetypes.

I believe the swastika has been part of our universal collective unconsciousness for a long TIME, and for a very good REASON.

The evidence I have gathered, and continue too, suggests that the much maligned swastika and its mirror image, are among the most significant Macrocosmic/microcosmic symbols representing a collective history.

The swastika is a fine symbol to represent how Clockwise and CounterClockWise are necessary to create the electron and a positron necessary building blocks for the creation to manifest.

The swastika is seen as rotating either CW or CCW.

DNA, the swastika, our Left and Right hands are all related to handedness.
DNA, the swastika, our Left and Right hands are ALL chiral and asymmetric.
DNA is the oldest aperiodic crystal on earth.

(-) negative = rotation or spin of the swastika determines = positive (+)

But even more important I feel is that this ancient model is suggesting that the universal in/out movements is valid on many levels of the creation, not only can we apply this movement to the microscopic electron, BUT on a larger Macrocosmic scale, I feel it can be applied to the Sun and its movements too, as the digital sky survey of the Milky Way confirms.
Herein is a secret worth burying if you expect to be in charge of ‘The Power and the Glory Inc.’

But take a look around the world today.
This model of universal movement can also help explain how our world is today changing rather rapidly.
The changes taking place here on earth are connected to the heavens above and below.

The Great Year, the Platonic Year or the more commonly referred to Precession of the Equinoxes is a cycle of time and movement that can be predicted using Milo Wolff’s model of the in and out waves.
As I attempt to show in that blog.

We are leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius…and an apt analogy to the universal ocean of space would be…our Sun Sol, is entering a cosmic ‘thermocline’…the cosmic environment has changed…
(we and our Sol are not standing still)

The universal archetypes are transcendental concepts, not unlike the transcendental numbers we call Phi, phi, and Pi. The letter Y has also been imprinted within the collective unconsciousness.
Wonder what Pythagoras would say?

He would say…

In addition to the Oral and Written traditions humanity was also given a Visual aid.
Card X is the treasure map.

I just want you folks to know I found the treasure buried under X and what its implications are for 2012 and the alleged spiritual awakening or revival.

BTW…important to know that Dan Brown tells bedtime stories endorsed by Vatican Inkorporated.




2 thoughts on “Swastika and the Counsel of the Wolff

  1. Raphael,

    What did you discover to be the treasure buried under “x”?

    And what do you see are the future implications for
    what you have found there?

  2. immortality is the treasure

    but you can’t be immortal in material form, in a body.
    that’s why we are called mortals.
    thus you must die to find the real treasure.

    how many deaths till the need to be reborn subsides?


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