‘Key 528’ Mohamed and Plato with a MI-RA in the Cave


Proof of Atlantis connected to the swastika?
What if?

please note:
after a wee bit more research…apparently these medallions are part of a publicity campaign.
sadly that link above is for entertainment purposes only..

But read on…that is the bad news, the good news is that it inspired me to write this post.  I will discuss certain archetypes that I believe the author of that book also clued into.


April 15 2003
“We may at last… have discovered evidence… that proves the
existence of that most fabled and mysterious civilization: Atlantis”

ecause the medallion…. is decorated with crosses, floating on a golden spiral-like wire
behind the dome, the professor initially thought… it to be… from an early period of
Christianity. But as he delved deeper… he realized that it indicated… more of a
universal message. “It certainly relates… to the heavens above,” he said, “but not
in a religious way. I am convinced… the symbols are linked to the movement of
celestial bodies. Many ancient civilizations used the cross… as a symbol to
indicate the Sun.”

Well I think we can help them out with the deeper meaning of that instrument.
I have a real good feeling I know what it is, are you following along with the utter simplicity that evolves into diverse complexity?
Here is what I just wrote on another site.
What I wrote is I believe connected to that ‘golden spiral like wire’ behind the dome described in those medallions found…

Originally Posted by vision-master



That is the twist at the end I guess.
Like I have suggested.
The Christians chase the light and are reborn back into a material HELL, which has a tendency to default to a WANKER run HELL.

Gravity = SOUND and that is where they will find the bosun Higgs, who has been AWOL.
Higgs the meSSiah shall soon reveal itself.

Gravity = SOUNDS we cannot hear, also suggests a solution to the paradox of wave/particle duality, the observers thoughts thus overriding at a short distance, the low low low sounds, that we failed to comprehend when those experiments were conducted…it was not until 2003 that they detected the ‘god particles’, and the wankers did not realize it, they have been busy building a machine that deals mainly with light, wrong path wankers.
It is…SOUNDS so low and stretched across billions of light years…
A SOUND either so LOW or HIGH or maybe both…representing the boundaries we cannot hear…nor have we yet developed the necessary equipment to assist us in isolating these frequencies…

So what this also suggests is that this ‘wavelength’ would NOT appear as a wave as it slices with phi precision, a golden schnitt right through our solar system, which would just represent an invisible speck on this god wave that stretches right across the diverse universe…a WAVE which is a spiral / helix emmanating from the core…that is consistent and everything always defaults too…so fate is a frequency that free will must return too.

…anything else the EWE wanna know?
…today is mi anniversary date.
…as a former firefighter who was working on 911 and witnessed the second plane hitting the WTC…something changed in mi that day, in the world.
Did you notice?
The narrative MUST follow what has been written.
What was written is a frequency.
The name of god is unpronounceable BECAUSE who can utter sounds at 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’?


And those two images above express the archetypal journey we ALL experience, it is the archetypal ‘Christ’ journey…my FIRE fighting badge represented by the 7000 year old Maltese Cross, which is connected to the SWASTIKA, and of course, I am a scuba diver too, diving to the depths of the ethereal waters of the waves we can see and also those we cannot.
And both badges awarded above…the diver tag in ’83…the year I started with the fire department, I went diving with 3 others…that tag was awarded to me at the park.
I kept it because coincidentally it also matched my employee number.
And the other badge was given to me by a fella named Saint Peter.
My FF captain, everyone feels this fella a saint, and Pete is loved by everyone….this is true.
Peter’s last name was Gutenberg.
(close enough for us to continue with the narrative)
Peter knew deep down I had a story to share.
That badge was issued to the year I left the fire department.
It replaced the numbers 856 that I formerly had.
856 are in fact three numbers which represented the letters of my last name, first and middle namescool … just noticed that recently 🙄
So a fella named Gutenberg shook my hand and silently pointed me in a new direction…post fire department.

I have actually been issued a badge number that helps explain many of the ancient mysteries.
It contains the 4 sacred numbers I have been following both consciously and unconsciously for these past 4 years.
4 numbers I feel that are capable of unlocking the archetypal universe.

The world of archetype I want to warn you is very addictive.

You cannot help but get drawn into its charms, what is without a doubt, the most amazing narrative, you will ever tap into, and for each of us…it is slightly different…call it free will.
But that golden string that passes through our spiral galaxy, without a doubt represents the fact that a creator alchemist only needs to pluck the string…for its music to reverberate throughout the cosmos….

But these insights offered archetype, is beyond what only words can convey.

I offer in addition to words like god and dog, live and evil, devil and lived, numbers and GRAVEN imagery, that need to be held up to the mirror.
This is a necessary stage or step to understand, because everything has been veiled using the asymmetry that a mirror or MI-RA suggests.

It has been 7 years since 911.
To mi that is quite significant.
Who better a messenger than a firefighter who is now battling the spiritual demons, to help bring forth a spiritual gold?

I can suggest to those wanker experts how to move a mountain come 2012…I have a real good ‘feeling’ about what we are SUPPOSED TO DO.
Is CERN a good idea?
Mohamed whispered the solution into mi ear, as we sat there pondering the big in the small, in Plato’s cave, smokin’ some myrrh-ijuana, designing a lever to move a mountain.
Oh I forgot ARCHimedes HAD to be there too.




11 thoughts on “‘Key 528’ Mohamed and Plato with a MI-RA in the Cave

  1. STOP
    please note: after a wee bit more research…apparently these medallions are part of a publicity campaign.
    sadly that link above is for entertainment purposes only…oops…sorry…for the fiction.

    …the author is clued into the archetypes too!


  2. KATHARA (KA-Light, THA-Sound, RA-One)

    I certainly like that interpretation…however…the language that is used on that site is a little too ‘new age’…for my liking, or ability to interpret.

    I was never good at learning new ‘wordy’ languages,I prefer to continue to consult the wisdom of the ancients…the archetypes that became the ARKetypes, that we still apply and default to.

    Unless the KAthara or CAthers can show me how the Egyptians built Giza…
    Not saying what they offer is not valid, I am sure there is a valid message BianKA, but the fact they are looking for students, to sign up, is a flaw.

    I believe spiritual ascension, preparing for, is best achieved ALONE.
    A little tired of the same wheel being reinvented, looking for people willing to act as pallbearers for just another vehicle of belief.


  3. I know Raphael what you mean – and i’ve, at least doubts:))) about the so called “New Age” and various “Lucis Trust”, i like much more the “Rinascimento”, not only because i studied in Florence, only because i was “called” in phi…, and that’s t.T.t.ruth.
    The very problem in this frequency – now.a.days:))) – is the called “seignoirage”, but even that is a default of the Mind… and so on.
    Consider you can find “Maranatha”: “Maranatha (either מרנא תא; maranâ’ thâ’ or מרן אתא; maran ‘athâ'” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maranatha
    so, in the eye, fast beyond that phi in that site.




  4. p.s. if you mean “da’ath’ – a name is just a name – I went through it.
    It’s not new age.
    You, “imagine”:), a g_d – even a good))) one, they say -who needs something new!



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