20 Mayan Tzolkin Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part IV


I do hate beating a dead trojan horse…
Starting to sound like Master-baiting.

Michael Tsarison, another truth seeker (though some have claimed he is one of the ‘elite’) in this video …
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz0l94TU … re=related
…which forms Part 1 of 11, highlights the importance of symbols…or as he suggests the subversive use of symbolism to manipulate the herd (my words and emphasis)
We share some of the same views. Not all.
I do like many of his ideas, his interpretations.
At around 8 minutes he presents some very interesting information about how the brain operates, using pictograms.
The brain communicates using images…WE turn those images into numbers and letters.

But having said that, what a seeker of truth soon realizes is that there are forces at play that spend time, money and energy keeping us disconnected or symbol illiterate.
Remember the sublime importance of archetypes in making us stop and go, just like amino acids.
Switches need locks, keys and codes.
ARKetypes can be used like switches, right Carl?

Same line of questioning…more What ifs?
Can we compare DNA to Mayan Timekeeping and communication?
Apparently yes we can.
Read on and visit those two links below.

What if the approx. 800 hieroglyphs belonging to the Mayans and the 700+ hieroglyphs that the Egyptians used, are in analogy … Junk DNA?

What if?
If you consider that alphabets comprised of 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 letters OR the 50-52 Sanskrit letters would represent about 3-6% out of a total of 700-800 hieroglyphs, I believe this ratio begins to approach the estimates I have seen for Junk DNA which many claim to be around 95% -97% of the total genome.
Here are two articles that suggest the numbers look like that could line up.

There is another reason I am making this analogy, between hieroglyphs and Junk DNA.
Both Junk DNA and Egyptian hieroglyphs are known to have repeat sequences that seem to make NO apparent sense.
Egyptians went to great lengths to copy or replicate as best they could the sequences.
They took much pride in making copies.

Going one step further.
Letters and numbers are given birth in the left hemisphere of the brain.
Science has proven that first the mind ‘captures’ an image (glyphs), and then it is translated into letters or numbers, forms of communication.
Both can be interpreted as languages.

What if their language, their mode of communication was based on the language of DNA itself?
And transmitting or replicating the sounds (Oral traditions) would then be similar to the function that RNA serves as ‘messenger’ in the replication process…
What if?
I feel my what ifs are being replicated into WTFs?


2 images. Both are attempts to convey an elementary underlying process.
The photo on the left is a strand of DNA. The double helix unwinds in preparation for replication.
DNA produces an Electro-magnetic field.
The photo on the right is a Birkeland current.

A Birkeland current generally refers to any electric current in a space plasma, but more specifically when charged particles in the current follow magnetic field lines (hence, Birkeland currents are also known as field-aligned currents). They are caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field. Birkeland currents often show filamentary, or twisted “rope-like” magnetic structure.

For those that want to join Goz and me in our explorations that the SUN’s power is ‘electrically’ generated and not nuclear, there is fine reading here…

What if the 5th element is Plasma?
How would plasma manifest as a character, as a modern day action hero?
Sounds like the Silver Surfer (plasma messiah) will come to the rescue of the Fantastic Four come 2012, for a second time…he will die for our planetary sins…hahaha
By the way how well do you conduct electricity?

I can’t help mention the following analogy…
But the sheeple really need to be aware of the following…
‘Untreated wool’ conducts more static electricity…because of it’s moisture content…

Cut and paste from another forum I participate on.


noman wrote:
Number theory and numerology does tend to attract my type. I recently learned that a Japanese man recited the number pi from memory to 100,000 decimal places. (one hundred thousand decimal places)

Wow I just had a thought.
Is being able to recite Pi an epiphany?
And I am not alone in having this thought…

Maybe this is a clue to Moses reciting the Torah?

The Torah is a scroll you unwind and it is very important each and every Hebrew letter be preserved…a scribes job (Aaron was with Moses?) is to record/transfer/correct any breaks or missing letters…
DNA filaments need to unwind in order to replicate and are very very very long.
The Torah is a sequence of letters and some people claim the bible carries a code.
DNA is a sequence of letters that also definitely carries a code.
Both are forms of a cryptology that when ‘reversed’ yield clues.
How many letters are in the Torah?
How long would it take to recite the Torah?
One word at a time?
One letter at a time?

Akira Haraguchi, 60, needed more than 16 hours to recite the number to 100,000 decimal places, breaking his personal best of 83,431 digits set in 1995, his office said Wednesday. He made the attempt at a public hall in Kisarazu, just east of Tokyo.
Pi is a physical constant defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.It is usually written out to a maximum of three decimal places, as 3.141, in math textbooks. But the number, which has fascinated scientists for centuries, has no theoretical limit to the number of decimal places it can be written to. It is a constant that appears in the proofs of many equations defining the universe.

Hey noman did you happen to notice something else in that link you sent me?
Pi = 3.141

That is an anagram for when the Mayan calendar begins.

3114 B.C.

Which brings us to the Mayan Long Count Calendar.
Just like Pi … it is also non-repeating.

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is a non-repeating, vigesimal (base-20) calendar used by several Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya. For this reason, it is sometimes known as the Maya (or Mayan) Long Count calendar. Using a modified vigesimal tally, the Long Count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since August 11, 3114 BCE (Gregorian).[1] Because the Long Count calendar is non-repeating, it was widely used on monuments.

2Bee continued




3 thoughts on “20 Mayan Tzolkin Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part IV

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