20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part II

sparks42 wrote:
I understand that they both have 20 and 13 in common, but what else links the two together?
This is neat-o !


I want to suggest that the 3 cogs above used in Mayan timekeeping containing 13, 20 and 52 teeth in their circumference, interlocked play a similar role in relationship to each other as the ‘3’ strands of DNA … and there is a 4th wheel I see … not sure what that one turns or what it is connected to, anybody want to take a guess?
Replication function?


The 3 strands I refer to are the two ribbons and the middle steps that bridge or form lintels resulting in a spiraling ladder, a double helix of ACGT coding that exists between the two strands, pillars, or ribbons.
Please note in the above image one ribbon travels in one direction and is assigned the number 3.
The other ribbon travels in the opposite direction and it is assigned the number 5.
The middle steps … if we were to assign the number 4 to the ACGT codes, it soon becomes apparent that we can form a right angle triangle using the numbers 3, 4 and 5.
This was a very important step in our evolution…the right angle triangle.

And the number 4 travels up the middle between the two pillars.
Like in this image where the middle connects the two pillars and travels up the middle.


This image is called the Tree of Life.
The mystical ancient Kabbalah is structured on this primary archetype.
Does the Tree of Life on some archetypal level represent DNA?


Or like in this image where the middle aisle connects the two pillars (man and woman) as they travel up the middle, to be united at the 4th circle (between the 3rd and 5th) inside St. Peter’s Basilica where NO circle exists.
Is it a coincidence that we note the same structure of 4 circles in both the Tree of Life (based on Jewish mysticism), and in the Christian Vatican too?

Please note that there is an empty spot between circles 3 and 5 on both the Tree of Life and inside the Vatican.
And we exist in the 4th dimension, a dimension that some people suggest is an illusion…like those missing circles in both profound archetypes representing Judaism and Christianity.

Again is this a reference to DNA on an ARKetypal level?

And remember Right Hand Rule and 90 degree angles comes into play in magnetics….and in the Butterfly Effect…scroll down the page at this link.
http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hb … agfor.html


Right Hand Rule rules vectors.
The trinity called x, y and z.
Father Son and the Holy Spirit
What if?

Deeper and deeper we go…
Seeing the subtle coincidences…?




15 thoughts on “20 Mayan Tzolkin Calender Glyphs = 20 Amino Acids Part II

      • Okay then I do admit that you have done a great job linking the Maya to our DNA.
        Do you think your work is done?
        Now show me how your work collides with the 5000+ year old I-Ching and the 1000+ year old QaBaLaH.

        Those were ancient theories that were in fact based on associations and correspondences too. What you call synchronicity.
        Carl Jung felt the alchemist was his predecessor. Carl Jung understood synchronicity better than most.

        The I-Ching on a molecular level is related to 64. And on the atomic level is connected to 55.

        So dude all I am suggesting is if you want your EC ‘idea’ to take off, you will need to show how your Emergent Culture proposition merges with other significant cultures that are still alive today. It will become necessary that you merge your ideas with theirs.
        They came first.
        How do the 1+ billion Chinese feel about your ‘western’ ideas?
        What does ancient Chinese wisdom and the mystical rabbi think about your Emergent Culture?

        You seem to have it backwards.
        Just saying.

        That is one reason my treating of the Maya is superficial with an intent.
        Because I knew not to dwell on one culture for too long. (especially one that was rubbed out with an intent)
        Therefore my superficial efforts have allowed me to link the ‘Maya Code’ to the Freemason Code, the I Ching, the QaBaLaH and the list goes on….as it should IF we are unified in ways we do not comprehend.

        i.e. As it turns out the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid we can associate/correspond/syncronize to the 55 atoms found in ACGT, to the Ka’ba in Mecca, to Stonehenge, Celts, and of course to the 55 black and white dots of the Ho Tu (I Ching).

        But that is another story you might find superficial while you try to sell the world on your ideas.


        EC sounds too much like European Community

  1. First off I want to clarify that I did not cast your work as superficial only the part on the Tzolkin code.

    The I Ching is a valid system, the QaBaLaH I cannot speak for.
    Arguelles supposedly integrated the I Ching with the tzolkin.

    Arguelles introduced the tzolkin model I use, but before I wrote about it I first verified it myself.

    I don’t take anybodies word. I need to either test a system for myself or see empirical studies to substantiate. I provide studies and methods for self validation for what I purport.

    Emergent culture is a natural process that is driven by the sheer virtue of growth within a self-balancing, self perpetuating and self evolving system that is the Cosmos.

    Every other system you mention is merely a derivative of the master program discovered by the ancient mesoamericans.

    Carl Jung merely identified synchronicity for academia. The entire matrix of synchronicity is underpinned by the tzolkin code.
    Please see my work on the Art and Science of Synchronicity
    The Developing Series on The Art and Science of Synchronicity http://t.co/PoM5DU8

    you state…
    “you will need to show how your Emergent Culture proposition merges with other significant cultures that are still alive today. It will become necessary that you merge your ideas with theirs”

    here you go
    The Universal Meaning of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. The Mythos, Astronomy and Sociology of 2012-MC. http://t.co/BLKimzRx

    • Jose Arguelles is your foundation, and you waste even more precious time comparing and debating with theories by C. Calleman?
      Meanwhile you dis the Qabalah, and the I-Ching, and Jung’s work on synchronicity pales in comparison to yours?

      You said: “Every other system you mention is merely a derivative of the master program discovered by the ancient mesoamericans”

      But how can that be the I Ching is 5000 years old and to my knowledge older than the Tzolkin?

      Like I said, you need to show how your ideas merge with proven ideas, the I Ching has been around for quite some time, will your ideas stand the test of time?
      From what I see on your website.
      Who cares about Ron Paul?
      If an American wants to become part of the solution, you gotta stop thinking like an American.


      • I suggest we not discuss matters as a pissing contest. I did not “dis” the Qabalah I simply indicated that I could did not know enough to comment on it. Jose Arguelles introduced a multi dimensional understanding of the tzolkin, that I call tzolkin dynamics and it provides the systems architecture needed for empirical testing. All of my work is original and based on the tzolkin framework he provided.

        Jung identified and speculated about synchronicity, whereas I am able to demonstrate the cosmological mechanics underlying synchronicity. I have written over 20 article on the subject so unless you’ve read every article you can’t know what I’m talking about.

        I’m not sure why you say that my work has to mesh with proven ideas. Nothing you speak of is proven in a scientific format. And their is nothing wrong with an original work as long as one can show how to empirically verify.

        When I said that other systems are derivatives of the tzolkin I meant to say that other systems only capture facets of what the tzolkin is capable of describing. Physical evidence of the tzolkin goes back about 3000 years. But people must have been using it far before they started inscribing it on stone, but that is besides the point since you misunderstood me.

        Tzolkin cosmology most resembles the holographic and computational/digital models of the universe. It is also in line with David Bohms Implicate and Explicate orders. Mine is still a work in progress. But there is enough there for self study people to self validate. You can find all key article on Tzolkin cosmology in the the synchronicity section. http://t.co/2tGsE9Bl
        Let’s take a more constructive tone. I am sure that we each hold parts of the puzzle.

      • If you claim to know about the Maya you must know about the 819 day count?

        The 819 day count of the Mayan calendar combines colors, directions and a distance number counting backwards into a cycle that has, as factors, several numbers important to the Maya, the primary ones being 7, 9 and 13 (7 · 9 · 13 = 819).


        That is Mesoamerica, what is the profound connection found in Mesopotamia re: 819?

        All of the aforementioned suggests why you should try to get your inspiration on the same page as truth.

        So I would love for you to tell me how the Tzolkin discusses speed of light, plancks constant, and e^2, then your idea would be meshing with the QaBaLaH and emerging sciences. The dimensionless constant comprised of 3 constants should be a factor in all emerging cultures and theories.

        Well you did say that you are not familiar with the QaBaLaH.
        QaBaLaH is in fact a Theory of Everything. As is the I-Ching, many bibles, and the Vedas, etc., they all predate QED, string theory, etc., ALL are attempts to synthesize an idea.
        I find it interesting that QaBaLaH ‘science’, in its right a Theory of Everything was given a Gematria value of 137, and this was at least 1000 years before the fine structure constant was measured in around 1916.

        Where else can we find 13 – 7 – 9?

        I ponder was Genesis a Gene-the-sis?
        Here is a Rabbi discussing 137, enjoy:

        Light to E. February, – center “reputable”, Crown Heights (English)
        Summary rates of Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg Shlita 1

        We’ll talk about the number 137 – the fine structure constant. One of the greatest scientists, Sir Arthur Eddington, was obsessed with this number. He tried to develop a ‘theory’ a whole library to explain the origin and meaning of this number. And is not the only one trying to figure out the secret number. But in the end no one understands exactly why this number, and why so many natural phenomena are related and dependent on him. For example, this relationship between the speed of light speed electron. Ie Speed of light, speed of the photon has no mass, is 137 times the maximum speed of a particle that has mass. There’s a lot – a lot of phenomena that this number defines them. We will search for its meaning in the Torah.

        One of the amazing things, perhaps the most amazing – we focus on a different lesson – is that this number is the only one who returns as the age of people three times in the Torah. We know that Sarah lived 127, Abraham 175, Moses 120, 123 Aaron (his Hhilola today), but not so familiar with the age of 137. Age 110 REVISITED Joseph and Joshua in (comes from Joseph), but in turn this age appears only once – the age of Joshua has been found in the Prophet.

        But there are several – one age of three different people – who are specifically written law of Moses, with five Pentateuchs – that mysterious number, 137. Ishmael lived 137 years, and Levi (the third son of Jacob) and Amram lived 137 (father of Moses, grandson of Levi) lived 137 – three of them figure in the Torah. There are “great rule in the Torah” S”btlt summoned a strong O “- the only number that repeats three times the length of life in the Torah is this mysterious figure of modern physics.

        Want to get one unified theory – the theory of everything – and all attempts to revolve around this. For example, string theory expects that this number will pop out. The same number is related to almost any phenomenon in science – so I guess the theory of everything to do with him, but nobody knows why. Those who successfully decipher the narrator – a good chance he would win the race unified theory of everything. This in turn is the only one that repeats three times, strong as a man’s life, it’s very important.

        We are dealing now at rates of Torah and science connection – something that belongs to our generation – and this number is a pure number that belongs in every good relationship, with God created the world. This is the most profound, and most simply – it’s much complicated math, but it’s just a number. Have interest concerns scientists and philosophers of science, principles of anthropic “- lots of side show that the universe is designed to allow a person’s life (if things were a little different person could not live in the world). Many phenomena in this context relevance to number 137. It’s a difficult subject to digest a lot of scientists are opposed to it, then it is in dispute.

        Fees Tammuz is Yahrzeit of Rashi and A is the yahrzeit of father Aaron. There are 5 letters on the board – the Y. N. Y. S.. What’s this? Law of Moses has five Pentateuch, and look for the signal-to –137 in Chumash. Count the letters that something very fundamental here – are smart writers and sages explain that it’s because they count all the letters in the Torah. When a person really likes something, he told him again and again, and our love expressed in the Torah that we count the letters and watch them in any way possible.

        The letters on the board are the –137 signal of each of pentagons (now begin the book of Deuteronomy). Hiins = Solomon, the name of Rashi (Rashi, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki Tam = 861, the triangle of 41, and he is the Temple, for this time of year. Rashi machine Frsndta = 1035, a 45 = triple the times light of day Dmash early = c times of Moses) – is in honor of Rashi. That’s nice, but how it is related to number 137 where we are dealing with? Each letter has a dimension visible and hidden dimension – simple signal and its fill. The name of each letter is a word, made up of more letters, but do not see them. Fill reveals a different dimension (sometimes written in the filling that’s what goes with the letter – which has potential). Letters fill here – Ha Nun Xin-iodine and iodine – are 137!

        This is an amazing phenomenon, but simple math. Recently the Renaissance language of science is becoming more and more mathematical. Before that science was philosophical, qualitative, but the breakthrough of science – the possibility to discuss and demonstrate, etc. – began when science became mathematical, language was simple. The Torah is the quality. When you want to connect the Torah and science have some common ground, and when you start looking at the Torah itself mathematically. Not only Gimtrie simple – it did start – but an attempt to use more and more Torah study mathematical structures, these structures reveal the Torah. This observation in turn can trigger something scientist.

        After doing the click between Torah and science have a lot of information and learning, but creating the click is through contemplation Mathematical – mathematical phenomena exposure association between Torah and science. When you want to do with an answer – you need to first speak his language. If you can not speak his language can not communicate with him, you can not touch him, if we want to reform science should speak his language, mathematics. This matter is very important. Again, we have five letters, the –137 in Chumash, that are complete, but fill their (only when you write the letters Hiins, and d me why, for example, of course) is 137. There is no necessary relationship between the letters to fill, but you can calculate them. Here are 375 letters and fill up 137 – together it costs 512 = BF 256 (average letters and part of the fill), Aaron. We began with Rashi and we moved to Aaron, his Hhilola day now.

        We do ping-pong between science and Torah, back to science – the first-obsessed relation to number 137, Eddington. He was an early deal with the theory of relativity of Einstein, who proved her observational (he claimed that only years can understand it – Einstein and Feynman himself … said few people understand the theory of relativity, but no one understands quantum theory). His attempt to understand the number 137 is tied him for another number – 256. Number 137, the fine structure constant, tying together the speed of light, c, and Planck’s constant, h. Ie It connects with the theory of relativity and quantum theory. Eddington was obsessed we understand this number, and last years of his life in business – a business made Gimtreot … numerology (think gone awry opinion). He believed that the number 137 is another number – 256 (Aaron, 16 Square). At the time thought that the number of the fine structure constant is 136, not 137. Mistake number one.

        When the number of Square – 16 Square is 256 – is made up from his triangle and the triangle of one less, in the case of 256, 16 Square, is composed of a triangle 16, 136, and another slice of 15, 120. He thought that God created the world with 16 square, and triangle of 16 is 136. 16 itself is a square, four square, and 4 is 2 Square. Number of square reflects integration, and integration secret back here three times – Btlta summoned Hui strong. This number as low as to make him a significant square (2), and three times a power of integration – it’s Aaron. So he thought it was the basic number, absolute, of the entire universe. When they reached the conclusion that the number is 137 or 136 is said to add another one, namely that the –137 is really 136 “with the overall” (made a joke of his name – Arthur Wadding – Wan, Arthur adds – one, the total).

        Disrespected that fell physics numerology, but gradually more and more scientists are trying to understand this number through sheer numbers of Practice. Even now, after nearly a century, did not know the significance of the number. Go back to his way of thinking – now have a renaissance of thinking about the meaning of the pure number 137 (going and accepted the idea that God created the world in numbers only then dressed the letters). If the number is the meaning of the Torah that a connection between Torah and science. We have seen the filling of the letters in the Torah is 137137, and the average between the fill is 256 characters – two numbers that show a relationship between them. If he was here was very happy that (not a Jew, perhaps could be the next incarnation). He was the world’s greatest disciple of science – a big fan of Einstein (who brought the teachings to the world than any other scientist).

        Issue today is that –137 is the number of women. All the women in turn are included in both my father – one for women – Leah and Rachel. Rachel Leah’s average is 137 (the difference between 375 to 137 above = Rachel). Head of Lea and Rachel end (fixed end at beginning and went into effect at the end) – to to – he learned the secret of the Jewish heart, the secret of the woman. Between the to of Leah for Rachel’s to – letters Aharh = Wind, Oh wind, that beats the heart (spirit O ‘in to to = Q = Spirit of God abbreviation Rachel, as explained in MA), and dL. Leah is the secret of the thought and Rachel is a secret bee (and Bsrsn – the very soul full of letters, and annotated Bda”h really mind has two roots, root one of the thought and the root of two of the bee, root of “youth and discovery” and root of the “bone and spread “Leah and Rachel as they are in fact the soul). Women belonging to letters, the language – when I think Leah and Rachel Hornet letters. Leah’s eyes were soft from tears arising from poring over the rest of me to think that (secret is not Mosrin secrets of the Torah but to whom his heart was concerned in him), is the secret of Alma Datcsia, while Rachel, Alma Datgalia, was striking Describe and very pretty, she was glad of observing Torah and commandments actually (only After her death, in exile, Rachel weeping for her children, as explained Bda”h). Average between two women is 137.

        Why are two types of women my father turn? Arizal says you started creation, when a created man, He created man and woman – Adam and Eve. Arizal says – Our sages and Arizal explains – there were two farm. Only one person, but two farms. When you read the Torah in Budapest do not see the two reviews, but how Chazal explain the text they say that there were two different women with the same name – Eve first and second Eve. There are some opinions first what happened to Eve after her creation – Write back Ofra first Eve, then Eve came second. Arizal says that two of these farms are the source of Leah and Rachel. Leah and Rachel are the two wives of Jacob. Jacob is the reconstruction and repair of the first person – “ochreola ochreola Dadm Diakb first kind”.

        Like Jacob was the first person’s recovery, so that his two wives come to fix the two ladies man – Eve first and second Eve. Descent number 137 Call us for many phenomena 19 – Eve. One of the great scientists say that the Torah is Kabbalah –137, and he (and others) admired Mgimtrie this – it takes even a scientist, that the Torah to Kabbalah, the secret dimension of the Torah and the world. First occupation of the reception is “early action”, everything about the secret number of Creation, 137. This Gimtrie simple – 137 = Receive – mentioned in dozens of scientific books (popular) on 137. This acceptance of female power (man and woman gets affected), and here you see the average of the two most important women, women’s prototypes – are, he complained. EVE are amendment of the first and second Eve.

        Wife of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism, was named Leah – Rachel. His mother’s name was Sarah. Sometimes he writes Amulet of the name – Israel ben Sarah (sometimes he writes Israel ben Eliezer). Where his wife Leah – Rachel, connecting letters letters speech and thought. This is one of the intentions famous Baal Shem Tov, connecting speech and thought – the Ttah and the sublime – a secret “Who rises from the desert” (who – between her, it – the kingdom, which costs desertification in the Torah and prayer with the intention – it’s a secret key of the theory The Baal Shem Tov). They had two children – had a daughter, Adele (Tam “Mo Fire Religion”, as he explained the Baal Shem Tov), and a son, Zvi, who continued to change the Baal Shem Tov until he handed over the leadership, Rabbi Maggid. Adele deer = 137 (beating of Ao”i private and Orach – a times, J., D. times in, for times in Czech = 2718 = Blessing of the Priests, the secret of the mysterious number of mathematics, e [= 2.718]).

        The name Eve appears only twice in the Torah, the entire Bible – a clear indication Eve first and second Eve, the first and second root root Leah Rachel. A man appears a lot, but the name Eve appears only twice. From the first time (“Eve, because she was the mother of all living things”) that the name appears for the second time (“And Adam knew Eve”) – call her name and being a mother of two first children, Cain and Abel (the birth of Seth says only “wife” and not Eve) – has exactly 256 characters! Eddington number wanted to connect to 137, 16 Square. That the square of the letters we painted on the top – from farm to farm;



      • This number system that you are working on. Do you have a systems architecture for it? Because it is impossible to prove anything the way you present it. Use the tzolkin as an example. It is a self contained, fully articulated number system. It has a premise and because it has a systems architecture (aka testable theory) it then if offers itself for real world testing. What is your premise?

      • The number system I use is based on 1-12, i.e. the 12 signs of the zodiac.

        The number system I use is also used by the Vedic astrologers which antedates the Tzolkin.
        I have no problem with putting the Tzolkin on the same page as Truth.

        “There is no religion higher than the truth”

        But clearly the Tzolkin does not OWN the Truth Page.
        If the Tzolkin gets a mention on the Truth Page, the CULTure should be happy being mentioned.

        It would serve you well to find out how your belief FITS other beliefs.
        Instead of defending all you know about the Tzolkin against what you are not familiar with.
        And you admit that Jose Arguelles is a big influence.
        Sorry but your Emerging CULTure sounds like another CULT for sure.

        p.s. How does your Tzolkin modEL fit in with the UVS modEL?
        >>> http://www.uvs-model.com/index.htm

        If indeed you are proposing that you have a theory of everything, your theory will need to explain everything.


      • That’s hardly a number system. I asked you for your method I did not knock your method. I will eventually look to see how other belief systems fit it. But that is the least of my concerns at the moment. Furthermore what you suggest is not a necessary method to validate the tzolkin, The tzolkin stands on its own feet.

        I could you send to a single page on my site where you would find the entire theory and its parts. On other pages I give methodologies for purposes of self verification and another I provide samples. Btw your capitalization is a cute trick. I have not proposed of theory of everything. Such a theory would first need to define what is meant by everything, That’s very vague.

      • Ok lets start with some simple ideas regarding a theory of everything.
        Use the Tzolkin to define SPACE, TIME, and MOTION.

        Take your time exploring other beliefs like science. Science believes in order to explain everything, defining SPACE, TIME and MOTION seem paramount.
        Then I will ask you to use the Tzolkin to link the MOON, to the SUN, and to the STARS and the idea of 12. (zodiac)

        BTW, ignorant person who is unaware of other beliefs, ALL those other beliefs like the QaBaLaH and the I-Ching stand on their own two feet too, that is why they have survived.
        I Ching has served the Chinese well, their surviving culture is proof.
        And you suggesting 1+ billion Chinese and 1+ billion Indians merge their worldview with your worldview that revolves around the Tzolkin is kinda stupid and childish.

        Your Emergent CULTure Theory sounds more and more like your EGO is trying to align itself with a ‘truth’, and the first thing it grasped on to was the Tzolkin?

        Thus the gravity of the situation in your life, the law of attraction, does not make the Tzolkin the only truth out there in lalala land lulu.

        I wish you good luck getting all the other CULTures to merge with your emerging IDEA.
        If it happens you will be long dead.
        You do know that fact of life?
        Your dreams only have a chance of survival if others dream it to be true too.


      • Rohan I get the feeling that you are not familiar with the 819 Day Count Calendar employed by the Maya?
        There is not much to be found on the internet, this is a good link:
        >>> http://www.pauahtun.org/Calendar/819.html

        You should be aware of the 819 Day Count, considering the claims you have made thus far about the Tzolkin.

        Note the simple code I3 x 7 x 9 = 819 days

        But it gets simpler.
        I3 x 7 x 9 >>> remove notation >>> I379

        Now take those four numbers I379 and see how they match up with other 6eLIEfs, including science.

        >>> http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=75288#75288
        Here is a good place to start your quest for a unifying TRUTH that exists in the here and now, always has, because if alpha was much different than 137 than we might not be here today.


        A 137 meSSenJAH

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