UPDATE April 11, 2016
If the Hebrew gematria value of the word QaBaLaH is 137 …
And we can link the number 37 to the hexagon …
Are these in fact meaningful coincidences …
Being recovered by the 137 SS Mezine Mystic?
Clearly I cannot ignore this measurement regarding the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio.
I see red!
Though it negates an earlier idea proposed based on the serpent mound being only 600 feet in length [I do not recall where I got that measurement] the fact that this error was exposed by the numbers ‘137‘ is great news.
Including all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,370 feet (420 m), and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet (30–100 cm). Conforming to the curve of the land on which it rests, with its head approaching a cliff above a stream, the serpent winds back and forth for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail. The serpent head has an open mouth extending around the east end of a 120-foot (37 m)-long hollow oval feature that may represent the snake eating an egg,[5]though some scholars posit that the oval feature symbolizes the sun, the body of a frog, or merely the remnant of a platform. The effigy’s extreme western feature is a triangular mound approximately 31.6 feet (9.6 m) at its base and long axis. There are serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are very similar.

… and yes as bonus we have also the number ‘37‘ being significant too!

37 meters  = long hollow oval feature that may represent the snake eating an egg …

383 + 37 = 420

However the lunar cycle is linked to 384 and the number 36 is solar … thus 384 + 36 = 420

This next link is a PPT slide show regarding the Great Serpent Mound.

~ end of UPDATE ~
The decline in the magnetic field also is opening Earth’s upper atmosphere to intense charged particle radiation, scientists say.

This post will be an attempt to explain how that quote above is connected to this next quote.

The Tree of Life is dead in the water as it stands…it cannot take us where we need to go.

But it does indirectly intimate the course we do need to be on I think.

I agree.
Here is where I believe the new direction is pointing toward, what the Tree of Life might actually represent as an archetype…as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the age the archetypal St. Matthew called the age of science.
The NazCa Lines in Peru will help us understand that the ancients understood far more than we give them credit for, and it illustrates what the Tree of Life was actually representing on an esoteric level…that until now modern man was incapable of putting into a ‘scientific context’.

They were created by the Nazca culture between 200 BC and AD 700. There are hundreds of individual figures, ranging in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fishes, sharks, llamas and lizards.

Please understand I believe I am the first modern seeker of the truth to present this evidence, so it will be difficult to confirm my hypothesis … but the images I present speak for themselves … … google what I suggest and you will realize I speak a truth … Please note that I have actually flown over and walked some of these glyphs back in 2006. Going to Peru was the trip that changed my life, as I had a ‘gut’ feeling it would…

These geoglyphs, the Nazca Lines were first discovered…from the air. The NazCa lines are suggesting to me that this ancient tribe, the Nazca,…had an archetypal knowledge about Electro-magnetism and had equated the ‘electrical and magnetic’ effects they observed = power of the GODS.

And many scholars have already suggested that many of the temples, pyramids, Gothic cathedrals and other earthly buildings are in fact posited as reflections of a divinity that resides in the heavens above and below. It is as if the ancients were saying … lordy, lordy, look at what we know about you and your magical powers.

The attempts to connect these ancient glyphs to only constellations or other celestial objects, or other starry events has failed because of the liars liars directing humanity for their own nefarious reasons…IMHO And it will soon become apparent who ‘THEY’ are.

I want to suggest the following. The NazCA knew about x, y and z axis. ALL axis of symmetry are to be considered mirrors. The NazCA had an intuitive ‘feeling’ the universe was asymmetrically designed using those axis. So allow us now to take that Judeao/Christian/KAbbalah Tree of Life and give it a twist…


Christian Rosenkreutz
 Electromagnetic Field surrounding the earth looks like a spider?
St. Peter’s Square
all roads lead back to the roaming Romans who worshiped both SATURN and JUPITER.
“Rosetta Mandala”

And the above symbol is my personal Rosetta Mandala that I photographed in that Peruvian Monastery…not long after I had flown over the NazKA lines. Now here is where I help rewrite a little VatiCan HIStory.

Let’s take that photo above of the EM field surrounding the earth and give it another twist…or rotation.

Electro-Magnetic Spider and the Earth
Nazca Spider

Some of the older cultures spoke of Maya who wove a WEB…some even had a 13th astrological sign. With the spider being the 13th. I can tell the reader is far from convinced.
Let me present the heron geoglyph from NazCa.

Why have the Nazca Lines proved such an insoluble mystery? The reason lies in the sheer variety of designs, which include around 300 pictures, commonly referred to as “geoglyphs”.

The relative sizes of the spider, monkey, condor and lizard (among others) can be judged against the largest figure – a stylized heron with a zigzag neck, approximately 900 feet long.

However, as diverse as these geoglyphs are, others are different again, consisting of totally abstract shapes. And even among the abstract designs, there is diversity. Whilst one design in particular contains no less than 365 angles (and not 364.25), others, in the form of spirals, contain no angles at all.

Now let’s compare that heron (900 feet = 9 pagan number) with the zig zag neck to the Judeao/Christian Rosenkreutz and his semitic Electro-magnetic Field of Dreams.


600 ft. Serpent Mound in Ohio next to the 900 ft. Heron in Nazca
error revised to 1,370 feet
together we have in the north 1,370 and 900 in the south?
a match made in heaven >>> 137-9

note that what we have is a 6 in the north and a 9 in the south.
The 6 and 9 become crucial as I explain later in the 137-96 code.

Count the zig zags AFTER it has entered the heron’s brain/Kether and entered the body… But of course those who have checked into Hotel DeNILE are shouting coincidence, blasphemy…

Qabalistic Tree of Life illustrating the lightning path (in red)
next to the Throne of St. Mark showing the same path that I  have highlighted in yellow.

Christian Rosenkreuz – the temple of man
superimposed over and next to the Tree of Life

The most crooked street in the world
Lombard Street, San Francisco

Did you count the zig zags in the above street?
Apparently I left my heart in San Francisco.

The sheeple continue to graze.
Those who fail to see the obvious evidence I feel are lost in space.

It is because of people like you that we are on the verge of destroying each other and ourselves in the process.
What a bunch of aSSymetrical aSSes we are.
Deluded by our illusions.
And what does asymmetry have to do with it?
All building blocks in nature appear to be asymmetrical or should I say lack perfect symmetry.
So our evolving asymmetrical brain uses two asymmetrical hands to assist us in composing a creation using asymmetrical puzzle pieces.
okay I get it….but more needs to be explained.

The two hands of Ra?

Why are there two glyphs in NazCa showing a PAIR OF HANDS?
Seems they were trying to make a point… BTW some brain ‘experts’ believe that our hands played a role in developing speech…ie. we are a predominant RIGHT handed culture … being directed by our LEFT hemispheric BRAIN. And when I suggest something is chiral asymmetric, it means it has a preference for Left or Right Handedness….or simply a preference for moving counter-clockwise vs. clockwise.

4 vs. 5 fingers

UPDATE November 13, 2015

4 vs. 5
This observation by me I find interesting.
Another coincidence that seems to have found me.

According to legend, Widukind experienced a vision that led to his conversion. Disguised as a beggar, he was spying on Charlemagne’s troop camp during Easter. He witnessed a priest performing a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the priest was holding a beautiful child during the consecration. To his astonishment, people would receive communion and the priest would give the same child to each person. Widukind was dumbfounded by this scenario and went to beg outside, following the end of the mass. One of the emperor’s servants recognized Widukind behind his disguise – due to an odd formation of one of his fingers – and Widukind was captured.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Take a look at the NazCa monkey with the two CHIRAL ASYMMETRIC hands and the SPIRAL tail… Spirals appear also in Malta, where we find the oldest civilization in Europe.
Tarxian, Malta.

Temples Malta Tarxien Temple

Are these magnetic lines of force?

 One of two large screens made from Globigerina limestone used to flank the inner side of the Trilithic passageway into the second apses of Tarxien’s Middle Temple.
The screen features symmetrical spirals in low relief on a pitted background.

And is there a connection to the black cube in Mecca/MecKa called the KA‘bah?
The black cube that Muslim pilgrims circumambulate 7 times in a counter-clockwise direction.
How do the 55 rings that grace the perimeter of the Ka’ba stone help us trace this clue to the 55 atoms that comprise the ACGT of our DNA? 

Do those images above of magnetic lines of force have anything to do with the Maltese Cross?
The Maltese cross through history can be connected to the Crusades, the Pope, and Nazis…and magnets?

So here are 5 things that you need to know about asymmetry.

1/ Everything Big is asymmetrical including the UNIVERSE.
2/ Your BRAIN is asymmetrical…left and right hemispheres.
3/ Your left and right HANDS are chirally asymmetrical.
4/ Your DNA, AMINO ACIDS and CRYSTALS are asymmetrical.
5/ The KEY to Universal Movement that we know as the swastiKA is asymmetrical and CAN be used to POLARIZE or BEND light.


From the Macrocosm to the microcosm…(quoted from the second line of the Emerald Tablet)…asymmetry is present…it is one of nature’s architects that can be understood ONLY by understanding the archetypal world we live in…

IMHO So what’s 2012 all about eh?
Don’t ask the experts…ask mi. What is mi?
One of the original 6 sacred Solfeggio frequencies. Mi = 528 Hz
And this code or KEY 528 can be placed into the heart of St. Peter’s Square to help interpret Ezekiel’s vision / prophecy … which brings us full circle back to the MerKAba and the KAbalah or CAbala.
I do know for a fact the swastiKA will play a significant role in how our future unfolds…
We must resurrect this DIVINE ancient symbol, its source unknown.

I believe I have found the source of the Nazi adopted swastiKA.
The trail starts from a Catholic Peruvian monastery I visited in 2006.
This CAtholic monastery was built in 1580.

2012 – 1580 = 432
432 is the radius of the sun (432,000 miles).
432 is an ancient pagan number…along with… 9, 18, 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864, 1728 etc….and they all reduce to 9.


The image with the two flags with an almost identical design as the Rosetta Mandala is from a Teutonic Knights ceremony, circa 1914.

Please find me another symbol that shares these exact colors and shapes, matching up so well with, well you know.

Black Cross
White Circle 
Red Background 

Dendera Zodiac 

However before you waste any time in trying to discredit my fine work, here is zodiac symbol found in Egypt.

Please note in the Dendera Zodiac the 4 pairs of people shaped like those SS scrolls on the Peruvian ‘Rosetta Mandala’ below. btw >>> SS scrolls = the Holy Spirit >>> true!

That is why you will find those SS scrolls on violins and other string instruments.
Remember the universal narrative is about an archetypal string theory and making beautiful universal music together.
Being in tune.
The S scroll I am told is the note ‘F’.
Something worth remembering.

  And wait just in…from NazKA…a new glyph has just recently been spotted.
The NazKA Mandala Can’t quite make it out eh?

Somebody has done us a favor.

But what does this universal archetype of a square / diamond indicate?
Why do I keep finding symbols that appear to be 8-pointed stars?
What is it about this octagonal geometry that makes it so special?

Ed LeedsKAlin was the fella who built the Coral Castle.
He claimed he knew the secrets of how the pyramids were built….
He befuddled the 20th century experts. Evidently electro-magnetism places a role in how we evolve.
Ya think?

KA by the way is a rather interesting ‘sound’ and considering Oral Traditions ruled for 99% of human development, this sound is very significant. Sounds = frequencies = vibrations = sine waves KA seems to follow the swastiKA around.
Language is structured using asymmetry.

How many significant KA / Ca that transcend man-made cultural borders can you find in the various religions, myths and beliefs?

Think about it.


St. Peter’s Square next to the Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle

Was St. Peter’s Square designed using Fractal revelations?


137 SS Mezine Mystic


9 thoughts on “TREE of LIFE and KA and MAGNETISM

  1. Sir:
    The best illustration of the mass derivatives of the proton and electron is through these equation forms of the collective unconscious constant : note where the integer 18 comes from …Cheops constructs ( 2/Pi )

    ( 2 * 143.9999506 / 37 ) – 35
    Me 10
    ————— = ————————————————-
    sqrt aem 57

    ( 1 * 143.9999133 / 37 ) – 35
    Me 10
    —————- = ————————————————-
    666 57

    ( 2 * 143.9999638 / 37 ) – ( 2/ Pi ) – 37
    Me 10
    ————— = ————————————————————
    37 57

    …the proton and electron masses can also be derived from the four fundamental forces of Nature:

    aem = fine-structure constant = 1/ 137.0359997 …..exact
    as = strong nuclear force = 14 …..exact
    Gn = gravitational constant = 6.67428 * ( 10 ^ -11 ) ….exact
    Gw = weak nuclear force = .0000116637 ….exact
    Me = electron mass = 9.109382136 * ( 10 ^ -31 ) kg …..exact
    Mpr = proton mass = 1.672621668 * ( 10 ^ -27 ) kg …..exact
    Fd = Feigenbaum delta constant = 4.669201609 ….exact

    aem Gn
    ————- * 10^-32 * ———– = Me ….as = 13.99936462
    as Gw

    aem Fd ^-1
    ————- * 10^-33 * ———— = Mpr ….as = 13.9997156
    as Gn

    The connection of the pure integers , 37 and 57 , to Pi can be illustrated as follows: radian = 180/Pi
    log in base 10

    log ( ——————- ) = – 1.891891731….. collective unconscious constant
    57 * 18

    sqrt aem
    log ( ——————– ) = – 3.891891565 ….. collective unconscious constant
    37 * 18

    …stripping the integer 18 ( neutrinos) from the above equations shows the origin of Pi:

    log ( ———————- ) = – 1.999998282 / Pi …………Cheops constructs ( 2/Pi )

    sqrt aem
    log ( ———————– ) = – (1.999997759 / Pi) – 2 …..Cheops constructs ( 2/Pi )

    …the Cheops constructs ratio ( 4/Pi ) as power function to the radian has an amazing connection to absolute zero ( -273.15 K ) and Eulers gamma ( .577215665 ): radian = 180 / Pi

    ( 273.1507152 ) Pi / 4
    radian = ( ———————— )
    ( 1 + .577215665 )


  2. Dear Raphael: Named after one of the archangels. I see G-D has you on HIS/HER radar screen. Wonderful explanation and comparisons of the Nazca Lines in Peru with other symbols from ancient history.

    Good Luck. How lucky for you to have gone there.


  3. awesome bit about the nazca spider, ive been trying to find more similarities between the lines, before i read this i thought the spider was the CHROMOSOME spider.

    like the bird with the long neck relates to tesla and tree of life.

    i was looking at the ‘shark’ too… tried to find something that looked like a fish with a round hat or halo. i reckon psilocybin could fit that description…

  4. Hey Kachina, the blue star.

    It seems you know. I enjoyed stumbling in to your info.

    send me an email and I will enjoy talking with you.


  5. rafi – appreciate your well written insights.
    In most all these esoteric analyses I am reminded that a brains primary occupation is to collate information, to assemble structure from often disparate elements.
    While all of your conjecture may be entirely correct; I’m inclined to consider the night sky over Nazca as a primary motive in the glyph constructions. Their attempt to bring some order or meaning to the magnificent starry display. They may have seen the nightsky as a dark jungle, populated by bright-eyed creatures. A monkey, a spider, etc. Refining the aesthetics of the glyph portrayals over time.
    My armchair analysis of the straight lines indicates a pattern of 3 nexus locales in casual alignment with Orion’s belt.
    The stars being a primary influence in their lives.

  6. some nice thoughts, thank-you. now it’s october, 2011… so i’m behind your curve a bit. recently saw a diagram of the dispersion of dark-matter in the universe. The pattern, assymetrical of course, looks so very much like the map of synaptic pathways in the human brain. An intelligent universe? Is water it’s language? i’ll read more of your work. thanks, again. jack

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