‘11258’ plus 69 = KEYSTONE = Royal Arch = Meet ME in St. Louis

Here is another book printed prior to the NAZIs adopting the swastika mantra in the 1920s, that I would recommend.
Mostly for its information re: symbols.
I do not agree with all its conclusions, some are quite ‘racist’ and ‘outdated’.
In fact what this information suggests is that it is the intent of the person who is shown this ‘truth’ which determines how it is communicated.
Thus a white racist armed with a bible can twist truth into whatever narrative they so desire.
Are ye ok with the KKK – what kind of putrid narrative filled their vessels?
Or a Freemason armed with a bible, compass, and square might just divide the world up based on their IGNORANT POV.

TAKE a peek:

Download the book:

Once you have acquired access to this book…
Read the entries about the SWASTIKA.

About the Author

Dr. Albert Churchward (1852-1925) was a Mason and member of the Geological Society of London. He is the well-respected author of books delving into the evolution of symbols through history in The Origin and Evolution of Religion, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, and The Origin and Evolution of the Human Race. He also collaborated extensively with his brother James Churchward, noted author of The Lost Continent of Mu and an additional series of books about the lost continent.


James and Albert are brothers.
I should have clued in.

I did notice AC sports my former FF badge numbers in his date of birth.
One of the numerical clues that I am following as I time travel.

Image on left is from Samarra Iraq, 5000 BC, image on the rightwas referred to as the ‘Key to Universal Movement’ by the ancestors of the Aztec.

And it was Al’s brother James that found the symbol called the KEY to Universal Movement (swastika) in the ruins of ancient ‘mexico city’.
And maybe we should have a look at what his brother/author James Churchward found in Mexico too?
Ancient mesoamerican cuneiform, known as the Niven Tablets, that disappeared?

Plate next to a digital sky survey of the MILKY WAY…
Is there a much deeper meaning to the plate?
Is the plate a MODEL of the Milky Way from 5000 BC?

Please note the KEYSTONE = 69

How does it match up with the ARCH and KEYSTONE found in St. Louis?

Construction of the arch started on February 12, 1963 and was completed on October 28, 1965.

Interesting ‘numbers’ used in its ARKitecture.

The date of completion caught my eye immediately.

Oct. 28/1965 … or …  10/28/1965

Remove the notation…

Then remove the CODE I stumbled and bumbled upon 11258, connecting the Tarot/Freemason/Christian/Egyptian mysteries CODE found on CARD X.
BTW CARD X solves X, all of ’em.

The CODE on CARD X is 11258.
Remove those numbers from the date of completion of the GATEWAY between EAST and WEST.

Date with no notation: 10281965 … remove the CODE 11258 … remainder 096

What do we do with the 0?
Place it at the beginning of the CODE 11258, or we could ignore it.

0, 1, 1, 2, ?, 5, 8 = fibonacci and phi and golden concepts…ask MacDonalds about the Golden Arch shaped like an ‘M’ or is it a W, E or 3?
? = the missing ‘3’ in the above CODE?
(yes ‘3’ is placed at the center of the wheel)

But what do we do with the 96?
Read from RIGHT to LEFT?
96 = 69 = KEYSTONE

Thus we place 69 = KEYSTONE

Oct. 28/1965 is the date of completion when the KEYSTONE on the St. Louis Gateway Arch was put into place.


KEYSTONE = ARROW shape and story:

The above KEYSTONE SHAPE was put into place on Oct. 28/1965, connecting the TWO halves of the ARCH. (connecting north and south)
Just a coincidence they chose this date to complete the Royal Arch/ARK?

St.Louis Gateway Arch, October 28, 1965, setting the KEYSTONE = 69


So my next question would be, what are the FREEMASONS/NASA doing on the MOON?

69 = Cancer = only astrological sign aSSigned the MOON.
the only one…

….and the story continues with the Crab Nebula in the constellation Taurus going supernova in 1054 A.D.?

Can’t make this shit up folks…it has already been written.


Swastika is the KEY to Universal Movement
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

21 thoughts on “‘11258’ plus 69 = KEYSTONE = Royal Arch = Meet ME in St. Louis

  1. Shakespeare explained 69 in the picture

    Sonnet 133 has the word CROSSED as word 69.
    This is an increment of three from Rosie which was word number 66, 17 sonnets back.
    Please recall that the typo consists of a 6 made into a 9. 3 = C. 17 = R. Rosicrucians called themselves cabalists.
    Rosie Cross = (17+14+18+9+5) + (3+17+14+18+18) = 63 + 70 = Sonnet 133

    The foundation year of the Rosicrucian Cross
    273 = Hiram Abiff = Ch V R M A B I V
    640 = Hiram, King of Tyre = Ch V R M M L K Tz V R
    465 = King Solomon = M L K sh L M H
    1378 = Total

    1378 = 13 x 106, where 106 = 53 + 53 degrees
    The pythagoran triangle is 3,4,5 which shows 53 degrees in one corner and 37 degrees in the other corner.
    This can be found again in the Shakespeare document.

    BACH understood this 3,4,5 pythagoran triangle. (Osiris, Isis, Horus)
    3,4,5 triangle on first picture
    http://www.mathematik.uni-kassel.de/piano-paul/ (a,b,c sides)
    3,4,5 triangle in his left hand
    As easy as 1,1,2,3 …

    BACH decoded:

  2. ….and the story continues with the Crab Nebula in the constellation Taurus going supernova in 1054 A.D.?

    Is 1054 the same as on link:

    The inscription on the KEYSTONE shows:

    Click here to view the inscriptions on the four sides:

    Qedosh Qedoshim, “Holy of Holies”
    Melek Eretz, “King of the Earth” <========
    Torath YHWH, "The Law of God"
    Devor YHWH, "The Word of God"

    Melek Eretz = King of the Earth
    Melek = 90
    http://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_296.asp (Eretz)

    This must be a MASON stone. Same text on:

  3. Christian Rosenkreuz, the mythical knight of the 15th century who is said to have launched the Rosicrucian movement in England, was born at Wartburg Castle.
    Martin Luther also resided at Wartburg Castle in 1521-22 after his excommunication by Pope Leo X following German Diet of Worms.

    WARTBURG Castle is in Eisenach
    J.S. BACH house is also in Eisenach

    Eisenach is dominated by the Wartburg Castle high on a hill, the castle where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German.


    Seems that Martin Luther uses also Rosencreuz code.
    His symbol was the red rose and a cross
    The magic sigil of Luther:

  4. The foundation year of the Rosicrucian Cross = 1378
    273 = Hiram Abiff = Ch V R M A B I V
    640 = Hiram, King of Tyre = Ch V R M M L K Tz V R
    465 = King Solomon = M L K sh L M H
    1378 = Total

    Christian Rosenkreuz:
    1378: Year of birth = 13 x 106 = 13 x (53 + 53)
    1484: Year he died = 14 x 106 = 14 x (53 + 53) an buried in the tomb
    1604: The tomb was reopened again

    The Swan and the Serpent
    Kepler’s Star of 1604 and the Opening of the Door to Europe

    Click to access digest_vol_82_1.pdf


    Again a Supernova in 1604 just like as in 1054

      • take a look at this image
        look in the lower right

        1 6 0 4

        Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

        nice find re: another gamma ray burst in 1604?
        connected to Kepler…

        SN 1604 is Kepler’s
        took place in Ophiuchus … the 13th sign of the zodiac?

        the plot thickens…

        “RS Ophiuchi is close to destroying itself in a nuclear explosion called a type 1a supernova, scientists report in the journal Nature.”

        Whenever it happens, it will be, she says, a spectacular event, outshining the planets, so that its final glory will be visible against the daytime sky.

        Like in 1054 A.D. when SN1054 … it altered the daytime sky for 23 days.
        And remember…it affects our OZONE adversely.

        Wait wait
        SN 185
        SN 185 was a supernova which appeared in the year 185, near the direction of Alpha Centauri, between the constellations Circinus and Centaurus. This “guest star” was observed by Chinese astronomers in the Book of Later Han,[1] and may have been recorded in Roman literature.[2] It remained visible in the night sky for eight months. This is believed to have been the first supernova recorded by humankind.

        SN 185 the first recorded by humankind was on Dec 7, 185 A.D.
        127/185 = ?

        the CODE 11258 remainder 7


  5. RCW 86 might be the SuperNova of 185

    And again linked to 11258!!!

    Are the 4 gospels modified by the Knight Templars?
    I expect so.

    In almost all castles, there are references to Templars and Masons.

    Wartburg castle may hold the Key for Supernova 1604.

    Wartburg castle is the location for:
    – Christian Rosencreutz
    – Francis Bacon (King James version)
    – BACH
    – Martin Luther and his Sigil

    • yes it probably is…
      …and why?

      well WAVES that collide or intersect are either IN-PHASE or OUT-of-PHASE
      an IN-PHASE wave if it ‘looks’ like a 9 when flipped 180 degrees opposite it is OUT-of-PHASE and now looks like a 6, does not matter if you rotate CW or CCW.

      (a thought here….when waves are IN-PHASE do they appear as a wave? and when OUT-of-PHASE are they particles or is it the other way around?)

      you might want to join in on this conversation I am having on a forum.
      (a conversation I am having with myself)

      137 96 is THE code.
      welcome to my nightmare.


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