KNOT THEORY not String Theory

And a study of esoteric suggests a theory of knots is quite valid.

Maybe this is why knitting is considered meditative?
Of course the reason cultures placed histories and symbols into their sacred weaves of tapestries suggests a connection with the unseen forces lending a divine hand or two in helping to bring the invisible architecture alive within their ART and textiles.

So my prediction is that the linear thinking that gave us string theories will evolve eventually to an understanding of filaments existing within an Electric Universe, a universe that is filled with twisting, spiraling filaments, which need to be explained using Knot Theory.
A theory that attempts to weave the 6+ billion distinct vibrations into one.

What can rope, another manifestation of thought, its source unknown tell us about how the universe is constructed?

(Most rope construction of natural fibers which twist into yarns which twist into strands which resemble the finished rope.)

Laid rope, also called twisted rope, is historically the prevalent form of rope, at least in modern western history. Most twisted rope consists of three strands and is normally right-laid, or given a right handed twist. (as I mentioned above)
Twisted ropes have a preferred direction for coiling. Normal right laid rope should be coiled with the sun, or clockwise, to prevent kinking. Coiling this way imparts a twist to the rope.

And in determining magnetic forces …. we apply the right hand rule. … or.html#c3

The universe (our ever-expanding world) seems to have a preference for a specific ‘handedness’.

Our visible reality apparently is based on ‘right-hand rule’ manifestation?

“I cannot believe God is a weak left hander” – Wolfgang Pauli … technology

More What ifs? … ft-handed/

And the connection to DNA becomes obvious.
Watch for the thread called DNA and The Sword in the Stone.

And then watch using a ‘sleight of hand’ how I pull the sword OUT* of the stone….
I kid you knot, what I show is how the archetypal ‘Return of the King’, or Return of a Messiah manifests.
The day of the philosopher king has arrived.


p.s. *The grand design suggested to me that by solving the ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’, I was now prepared to attempt to pull the Sword out of the Stone.



3 thoughts on “KNOT THEORY not String Theory

  1. It is a KEY for the LOCK….

    I also have come to the conclusion that it is no coincidence that the Maya had 20 days that formed the sacred round, part of the Tzol k’in calender.

    I believe that those 20 days represent the 20 amino acids used to build the proteins…

    Yup…you heard it here first Pallav.


  2. Actually I just did a google search of amino acids and the maya calendar.

    Evidently others have tuned into the same truth.
    It is all pointing toward a unity.


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