This thread is without a doubt a solicitation for a nomination, in many categories.

Best of 2007: Most Absurd/Wingnutish Post

Best of 2007: Poster of the Year

Best of 2007: Best Thread

Best of 2007: Post with the best Sociopolitical Insight

Last year’s nomination and subsequent domination of the Most Absurd/Wingnut Category was by my alter ego ‘Raphael’.
Raphael won this catagory last year uncontested.
But please realize though Raphael did succeed at being a winner, many still viewed him as a loser.
(one day many of the sheeple will eventually realize that to translate an epiphany is no easy task)

Raphael ranted and raved incessantly about the profound significance of an ancient symbol that appeared the world over, connecting ALL cultures. A symbol the Aztecs referred to as The KEY to Universal Movement.

And this KEY can be further linked to the symbol called the Mayan Galactic Butterfly.

And this ancient symbol (linking all esoteric crosses) it can be shown, has been manipulated in an attempt to inflict a deep psychological scar on western consciousness.

Unfortunately Raphael lacked the evidence at that time so his highly intuitive insights were seen as Absurd and Wingnutish.
Shortly after winning the ‘Wingnut Award for 2006’ … the cosmogonist Raphael was banned and his posts deleted.

August 22/2007 Raphael resurfaces under a new guise and is resurrected as his alter ego, a translator called golem.
Eventually the similar writing styles begins to expose the ruse but happily Raphael /golem is forgiven for his former trespasses against PO moderators by the PO Lord called Aaron.

But here is the info that golem wants to again submit, information that I believe is simple, concise and points toward a truth pointing toward a complicity, a conspiracy at the highest levels.

And it is a grand accusation as you will see.
I need show only a few images to implicate the Vatican in Crimes against Humanity.

(Though I have posted many others to support my thesis, but these images are quite damning to the Vatican on their own.)

The first image is of St. Peter’s Square.
Please note the elliptical shape that contains the 4 lamp posts.
At this time we will ignore the obelisk positioned at the center of the X, btw this obelisk is more evidence of our thieving heritage, did conquering Rome steal this obelisk from Egypt? The obelisk is also considered a phallic thus male symbol of the patriarch … would ya think?

Now that I have stated the obvious…the 4 lamp posts are the exoteric representations, but what are these 4 lit lamps to represent esoterically?

The next symbol was found in a Peruvian monastery. A monastery (run by Nuns) which had been closed to the public for 396 years, from 1580 till 1976.
And it can be seen clearly that this symbol found in the monastery can be placed right into the heart of St. Peter’s Square. Can I also point out that from above the Vatican grounds look like both a key and a keyhole?

An obvious similarity exists between the lamp posts that we find in St. Peter’s Square and the 4 eight-pointed stars that we see on the symbol found in the monastery.
I do explain in a blog how these 4 stars can be traced to the 4 Royal Stars which we find also referenced in the mystical Tarot, and these stars are also connected to the name of the Jewish God called YHVH.

And these 3 colors obviously unite all 3 images.
The claim the Nazis adopted the symbol from the Buddhists is now under dispute.
Show me a Buddhist symbol that fits better than this symbol found in Peru which can be traced back to the Vatican?

Black Cross
White Circle
Red background

Those colors Black, White and Red esoterically represent the first 3 steps in the process of alchemy.
Those colors Black, White and Red were used by the ancient Romans.

Psst…Hitler was a Christian.
(if he had been Muslim…we would NEVER hear the end of it…right?)
Hitler was a Christian who it can be shown received financial support from American and British corporate interests.
IBM provided the technology for the cataloging of the Jews.

Hilter was a Christian
who saw himself as Furher of the Holy Roman Empire.
Hitler was a Christian who received quiet support from the Vatican.
Remember while Jews died during the Holocaust, the Vatican said nothing.
Mussolini was a Fascist, Hitler was a Fascist and they surrounded the Vatican…
But in the end, Hitler was only another Christian scapegoat manipulated by higher powers.

The Vatican at one time had under their command, the fighting Monks represented by the Knight’s Templars, the Knights of Malta, the Teutonic Knights and the Knights Hospitaliers.
The fighting spiritual Monks of yesteryear have evolved into today’s British and US trained monkeys lacking any real spiritual guidance.
They do not think for themselves, they do as they are told.
Even if it means killing innocent women and children, which obviously represent the future generations of a culture you are attempting to alter…

These 3 images implicate the Vatican as working behind the scenes to destabilize the world.

So the book I am working on is in fact a pre-quel to the Christian fairy tale called The DaVinci Code.
How apt that the pre-quel to The DaVinci Code will be called The Riddle of the Sphinx…and everything defaulting to Precession of the Equinoxes.

The book shows how the dollar sign $ and the crucifix have conspired and can be implicated in many, many MORE crimes against humanity than the 20,000 year old swastika…which happens to also mean “good luck”.

Can it be shown that there are nefarious forces in the world today, which are trying to manipulate this unifying symbol (swastika) in an attempt to turn humanity against each other?
I believe it can be.

HIStory shows this has happened before.
After the council of Nicea in 325 A.D., the Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity and the emblem called the Chi Rho.

And the most common cross being carried by many of the pagans at that time in around 325 A.D, however no longer endorsed or sanctified by the Roman Constantine, was in fact the Swastika.
I rest my case.
Oy vey.

Please note that Plato’s description of Atlantis; the Judaic Solomon’s Temple, the Buddhist temple of Mt. Meru and the Indian Medicine Wheel also contain those 3 colors and most importantly all temples ALWAYS contain a 4th color, yellow or gold.
(psst….colors represent frequencies….)

What does it mean when we can further connect these 3 symbols to the Vatican and the Holy Spirit?

SS = Spiritus Sanctus = The Holy Spirit

SS … every Nazi had St. Peter and St. Paul wrapped around their left bicep…to assist in their god-given Mission statement…a Holy-cause that was portrayed as a Holocaust committed by a madman … (nice plan, eh? Wink )

Two 13th Century Monastic Symbol relating to the Virgin Mary are similar to some swastikas.

You want more proof of the sublime conspiracy?
Is America in fact becoming Fascist?
As always … when you are in the middle of the mess or forest … you cannot see the entire forest or mess you are in…

And Crusading America (those are the Presidents’ words btw), is in a real mess…still very paranoid too about the divine Swastika showing up in modern architecture, as this article illustrates.

Those connections I have pointed out are the just the RELIGIOUS associations of the swastika.
The profundity of this symbol however is fully understood when we see its applications in SCIENCE.

It is also a symbol for the Sun’s journey, it’s orbit called the ecliptic.
Would a known ancient solar symbol, (the swastika), be also a symbol representing the Precession of the Equinoxes?
DUH … too obvious.

When you understand how the swastika is a divine archetype for left handedness or right-handedness (google chiral asymmetry), and that these applications are used in biology, chemistry and physics…you begin to realize…sadly that you are nothing but a ewe.

THEY have linked the swastika to Crimes against humanity.
Who are the conspiratorial THEY?
THEY coincidently embrace the $ and the Crucifix since the time of Constantine.

And THEY battle for our hearts and our minds using the divine archetypes or ARKetypes.
Archetypes become the symbols which are buttons to be pushed…

And there is no more powerful symbol to be pushed than the Swastika, the Crucifix and the $.

What would Carl Jung say?
Would he nominate me for poster of the year?
Rolling Eyes

Does the Vatican and its affiliate stations broadcasting a certain belief, positioned quite nicely in the world, do THEY pay their fair share of taxes?

This next quote was taken from this thread.

Cloud9 wrote:
I had never seen the Pope up close. Jeez, I feel a little like Martin Luther.

I took this pic in a Catholic Peruvian Monastery

Why is this ‘conduit’ reaching for the heavens?
The answer I want to suggest can be found here and may surprise you.

These are the chiral asymmetric hands representing universal structure…chirality refers to left or right handedness, and handedness is something necessary to define in math and science.
Handedness is essential to spin and polarity.

Thus we will find them buried in the archetypes which underlay the foundation. Once recognized as universal, their inherent value is instantly recognized as a ‘secret’.
Secrets worth owning and keeping secret.

The universal archetypes that can be found everywhere became the ARKetypes that defined a particular belief system.
Fair enough.
But I contend the belief system represented a particular POV (point of view), at best it represented only one half of the equation.
The Abrahamic religions represent only a portion of the equation representing all of humanity.
Western Religions = ?

I feel there are two possible equations.
Neither of which is Western Religions = Unity or God

1/ Western Religions = Eastern Religions
or better and the equation I would like to suggest…
2/ Western Religions + Eastern Religions = Unity

POV from above of St. Peter Square
To me it looks like both a lock and a key.
Both are necessary when discussing molecules, amino acids and proteins in chemistry.

Also at the same time we know that St.Peter Square (lock and key) is but a reflection of universal structure which was often symbolized by the human body.

An inspired sketch by DaVinci, an artistic shaman.
The body which was seen by many ancient philosophers as a microcosm, a reflection of the Macrocosmic big universe.

This image suggests the power the Right Hand Rulers employ.
Patriarchs = right hand rulers using the right hand rule.
Thus the evolution of history can be tracked if we follow the sun on its orbit and are aware of the EM fields.
When I suggest the dominant gender within a culture is representative of the continually morphing Electro-magnetic spectrum, I feel this observation has validity.
That is what myth is actually trying to convey.
Inevitable change that occurs, but always marked by the same identifiable patterns or archetypes.

Can somebody mention to Jared Diamond that he needs to do even more reading and research.
Rolling Eyes

And this would be the POV the Pope would have when basking in the sun, atop the Basilica, worshiping Sol Invictus.

However I like this POV best as seen from the Pope when addressing a crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square.
That Egyptian obelisk the Crusaders stole, and then placed in the center of the elliptical Square, and has anybody noticed the contradiction, the paradox of a square ellipse?

And that obelisk I want you to know, representative of a phallus.
That is what the scholars say, not me.

What I want to say however is that I feel that obelisk is the Pope’s Penis

When the Pope looks out over the crowd … he would in fact see his erect Penis, and the faithful that have gathered to be comforted by his words and his invisible sperm, both reigning down upon the herd who have gathered to hear the words of this Sheppard.

If I visit the St. Peter’s Square I will bring an umbrella just in case the Pope tries anoint me with his sacred baptized/ koshered/halaled divine microcosmic invisible sperm as he tries to alter the consciousness of the herd…who have gathered to receive.
I suggest the ewe do the same.

Now this next fellow is interesting.
He is known among the secret societies as a Black Pope … The one who represents the force that exists always in the shadows.
The 2 eternal forces in an eternal dance.
Yin Pope and Yang Pope
Neither good nor bad, both are just necessary.

Count Borgia
Remember that name.
It is connected to the Borgia Codex.
This Codex is one of the Keys in helping to unravel Christian HIStory.
The Borgia Codex is Aztec.
It talks about the calculation of TIME using the MOON.

As I pointed out at the beginning of the thread … the Pope represents a SOLAR cult.
Different beliefs that reflect placing certain celestial bodies hierarchal over others…

MOONS and the Goddesses associated with antiquity take 2nd place in Christian scripts, penned by the patriarchs.

In the Torah the birth of the first new moon (a invisible event) marks the beginning of TIME.
New moons are connected with the unconsciousness.

My feelings are that for some reason the Vatican does NOT want us thinking about the MOON and the role it plays in regards to TIME.
No stargazing.
No predictions.
No prognostications.
Prophets are often crucified even if they speak a truth.

But Profits are always worshiped because they always bring sunny days.



reporting from down below, in the catacombs of the Vatican….


2 thoughts on “FASCIST Right Handed RULERS in the VATICAN

  1. There is nothing nuttish about what you have presented here. It sounds to me you have discovered what true protestants have always warned about.
    You are quite right about the concepts of alchemical processes.
    Take for example John Paul II’s funeral. He is buried in a trapizoid coffin in exactly the same manner as proposed by Anton La Vey .
    Ley Vey proposed “resurrection” power could be achieved by a trapizoid coffin marked with a pentagram (this is uneccessary because there is a man ie: the sign of the pentagram, in the coffin.
    There is to be an upside down cross marked on it with a W at the bottom.
    What we saw was televised pictures of an upright cross with an M at the bottom of the trapizoid coffin.
    But if you turn it the way Anton La Vey had his they are actually an upside down cross and a W.
    This is no accident.
    Thought you might find that of interest

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