Knights Templar … secret code 11258 found on Card X of the Tarot





Are the Rosetta Mandala and the Lapsit Exillis both referencing the same philosophical idea?

We know that KEYS are needed to open TREASURE CHESTS.

Postel Tarot Key

From left to right the key has three parts:

KEYS by C. C. Zain (left) Papus (right) and below is Card X of the tarot designed by Arthur Edgar Waite and Patrici a Coleman Smith.


Did the Knights Templar know 11258 was an Apocalyptic Code?
Is 11258 an Apocalyptic Doomsday Code?


…Is 11258 a possible CODE for helping you find the Philosopher’s Stone?

Without any remaining doubt, those ‘numbers’ embedded on CARD X (a treasure map) represents a very powerful mnemonic to help a person remember what they arrived with when they were born, a Card that could be used as a teaching tool or aid, in conjunction with the Oral Traditions and the brand new and evolving Written traditions.
Makes sense that images, glyphs or objects might accompany the Oral being handed down?
Handed down?
With which hand however the RIGHT or the LEFT hand?

Above is a template of what appears to be the dimensions of a idea in the shape of light bulb.
It also looks similar to a KEYHOLE.
Does it not?
Well the plot just thickened.
And soon you will want to join me in looking for the KEY that fits the KEYHOLE/Lock  Arrow

Thomas Edison gets all the credit for the light bulb.

Yes the KEYHOLE  shaped like a light bulb was an idea that the Knights Templar built on…and all that remains of this idea is the foundation.


Well now it gets confusing and rather interesting.

An idea whose time has come, the poetic insight needed to bring the two hemispheres of the mind together is upon us.

So how do those numbers 11258 help me open that LOCK and access deeper recesses of the mind?
Well somebody has made a rather interesting video and left us a valuable clue. We find that KEYHOLE shape once again in another Knights Templar church in Garway England.

go to 1:21:00 and watch about 2 minutes…
Arrow new link:…5965847122

‘Eye of the Phoenix Secrets of the Dollar Bill’

I do NOT agree with all the info in this video but….the info starting at 1:21:00, discussing the Knights Templar and Garway Church, England is worth noting, as I have.

“It is called Lapsit Exillis … the Stone is also called the Grail …”

Lapsit Exillis translations:

  • “The Stone That Fell From Heaven”
  • “those who have fallen from that”

Image above the nave, rotated 180 degrees.

Note the following:

EXILLIS rotated 180 degrees appears as SI77IX3 or 51771×3


If you read the links above this shape should already be etched into your mind.
Watch the video and over a nave this symbol has been etched into the wall.
please note that I rotated the image 180 degrees and highlighted etchings with colors to draw an analogy to the 2 trees as shown in the Universe of the Lamas (Tibetan) mandala.

HAND,  the SWASTIKA, and the TEMPLAR CROSS were ALL found in the Templar Church at Garway

The KEYHOLE/LOCK as those links I supplied above proved, seems to be a blueprint that the Knights Templar had used as a foundation for some of their churches, that can be traced to a ‘woodhenge’ at Goseck Germany, circa 4800 BC, or Stonehenge itself, or the Anasazi Kiva or even the current version of St. Peter’s Square ‘ellipse’. Wink

So how do we unLOCK and open the GATE using the numbers 11258?
Hence the dilemma when you take possession of the stone, now what?
Communicating what you have actually found is not always so easy.

In the last week or so, what has been revealed to me, by my shadow/genii, that I call mi (a frequency that resonates at 528 hertz) has been beyond words.

Life is best understood as a Numbers Game

Somebody tell Dan Brown to read my stuff…his next book is about the Knights Templar evidently.
Is Dan the Man the voice of the Tribe of Dan?
Will Dan from the tribe of Dan link the Knights Templar to the NAZIs and the Zionists and the White and Black Popes playing a game of cheSS with humanity?

Will Dan the Man finally drive a stake through the heart of the mutt of metaphor, the literal Jesus, whose bite has become worse than his bARK, and help dispense some truth and not just more contrived Judeao/Christian fairy tales that limit our imaginations if adhered too closely, ideas that promote ignorance, and ultimately confusion, panic, and fear?

UPDATE Feb. 4th/2012

DANIEL is a cosmic anagram telegram DNA137

137 evidence linked to 11258 



Did you know that a name change is part of an initiation practice we can trace back to occult/magic roots?
So little did I know that by adopting the name Raphael when I traveled, starting in the mid-1980s, would manifest itself 25 years later!

I suspect that the association of the Archangel Raphael to the swastika is what lead me to photographing this image back in 2006!

There are NO coincidences.
I have found my purpose/porpoise in LIfE  … is to seek the mid-EL path … on land (EARTH) … in the WATER … or in the AIR.

Because I AM on FIRE.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


KEY 528 NAZCA Lines St. John the Baptist and Daniel Tammet

Raphael, this might blow you away, re Nasca lines:



The fact those Nazca Lines look like a ‘string instrument’…is of course just another coincidence.
It has nothing to do with the development of lutes, violins, cellos…of course not…those shapes came from the genius of certain individuals as noted in the scripted HIS-story.
BS … I see a little Stradivarius in those Peruvian Lines.

I could kiSS yo Oz.
How about a lick…?

KEY 528 again? …. my path appears to be true blue ….
Here is a link connecting our ancient ‘mechanical clock’, the Antikythera, (Sir Isaac Newton is doing 720 degree rotations in his grave), the two interconnected spirals and the work of another fella who is studying Stonehenge…and the Bush Barrow Lozenge.

Bush Barrow Lozenge and the Atlantis Cross

Which fits the universal template.
A center surrounded by 3 distinct square rings.

Above is the energy distribution within an atom / adam.

And the center of the Bush Barrow Lozenge looks very much like the Lo-Shu magic square.
A 3 x 3 grid…which contains the two diagonals comprised of the two sequences…4, 5, 6 and 2, 5, 8 OR the KEY 528.
Is 456 another key?

Remember Stonehenge along with Goseck, a German Woodhenge from 4800 BC is another clue, proof of beliefs that were cast in STONE.
LONG before the narrative called the Torah was scripted…shall we place FACT before FICTION?
And as we know Stonehenge, Goseck and the North American KIVA / igloo (ALL of which predate the Vatican), ALL fit rather nicely over/into St. Peter’s Square.
The Heel stone in Stonehenge is in the same location or approx. distance from the center as the Black Door in the Vatican.

Myths and legends of the Devil striking a “Friar’s Heel” with a stone resulted in its eccentric name, Heel Stone. Some claim “Friar’s Heel” is a corruption of “Freyja’s He-ol” or “Freyja Sul”, from the Nordic goddess Freyja and (allegedly) the Welsh words for “way” and “Sunday” respectively. It is doubtful whether any prehistoric standing stone has experienced as many name changes and interpretations. Only in the past three decades have world scientists used the name Heelstone consistently.

The DEVIL striking a ‘Friar’s Heel’?
And I want to point out that the modern day POPEs get buried over the Black Door of the Vatican / HEEL stone?, …said to lead to the tomb of St. Peter.
The tomb of which some people say contain animal bones?

And I can put all those geometric ‘archetypes’ into the Villa of the Mysteries found in Pompeii, where we also find the palindrome, SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS.
What the truth seekers have INCORRECTLY termed the Knights Templar Magic Square.
This magic square existed obviously 1000 years before the wannabe wankers became knightly bankers.
This magic square is connected to a culture (Pompeii) that had a magical reverence for the swastika…it can easily be shown.

And what does all this have to do with St. John the Baptist?
Name the numero UNO Church in all of Christendoom?
Is it St. Peter’s Basilica?
Who has the biggest PHALLUS / OBELISK in Rome?
Quite easy to locate the biggest pricks.…._John_Lateran

Lateran and Laterano are the shared names of several architectural projects throughout Rome. The properties were once owned by the Lateranus family of the former Roman Empire. The Laterani lost their properties to Emperor Constantine who in turn gave it to the Catholic Church.
The most famous Lateran buildings are the Lateran Palace, once called the Palace of the Popes, and the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome, which although part of Italy is a property of the Holy See that has extra-territorial privileges as a result of the 1929 Lateran Treaty. As the official ecclesiastical seat of the Pope, St. John Lateran holds the Papal
cathedra in its apse. The Lateran is Christendom’s earliest basilica.

Please note: show me an empire….and I will show the EWE where a crime against humanity has been committed.

Suggesting Christianity, the house that Peter built, endorsed by Constantine, got its start with a THEFT.
A theft we are trying to uncover as modern day Templars?
Our investigations are true wiz…keep at it.
Fun eh?

The late Baroque façade of the Basilica of St. John Lateran was completed by Alessandro Galilei in 1735 after winning a competition for the design.


Handel and Bach were two of the most famous Baroque composer dudes, and Handel composed his most famous piece called The Messiah, with the note ‘A’ tuned to 423 hertz.


This baroque basilica is seen as the MOTHER of ALL the basilicas in the Whole Wide World… www.
Baroque = 423 = Messiah = MOON

And if 432 = Sun?

432 – 423 = difference of 9?
What’s nine got to do with it?
Let me introduce someone who came from a family that had 9 children.
Poetic…ya gotta love this stuff, the narrative within the narrative.

The number 1 he’s drawn to for its brightness. ”Two is kind of like a movement, right to left, kind of like a drifting,” he says. Five is a clap of thunder or the sound of a wave hitting a rock. Six ”is actually the number I find hardest to experience,” he says. ”It’s like a hole, or a chasm. Number 9 is the biggest number. It’s very tall.” He seems frightened for an instant. ”It can be intimidating.”

Let me introduce the untapped power of the mind.
What those that covet the Power and the Glory, FEAR.

He is a modern day moSeS…I love this guy, he is a bridge, ALL SAVANTS are bridges….if the Church still had their way… these SAVANTS not that long ago, DARK AGES, would have been considered heretics and been institutionalized or burned at the stake.

This fella can help us figure it all out.
He is a messenger without a doubt.
SAVANTS hold the KEYs to helping humanity FIX the problems that the LEFT BRAIN has wrought humanity these past 2000+ years…they are living and breathing Rosetta Souls.

I would love to do lunch with a Savant like Daniel.
What a treat.
I have a most beautiful connection re: Daniel, the number 58, St. John the Baptist and a certain shape we can find near that Black Door in St. Peter’s Square …

AND the best part is … I can show how the EXPERTS who make Daniel jump through the hoops using LEFT BRAIN analySiS are OUT TO LUNCH.
I love showing how the EXPERTS today are wankers who fail to acknowledge they only use half of their people/sheeple brains.
2 bee continued…I am buzzing dude…time to put a stake through the heart of the scientist who has proved themselves kinda STUPID.

How about we call it St. Peter’s Lozenge, a bitter pill for the believers to swallow?