“…a noble Theory of Everything must include the CHIRAL SWASTIKA”

UPDATE July 11, 2022
longitudinal vs transverse
Consistent with Carl Jung’s theory that ‘universal archetypes’ and ‘dynamic symbol’ emerge out of the ‘collective unconscious’ the following evidence asks were ACHIRAL LONGITUDINAL and CHIRAL TRANSVERSE waves being ‘visualized’ by our ancestors and recorded anticipating the brain fARTS and heART work of modern scienctists/theorists like Hannes Alfven and the Electric Universe CULTure?
To answer that question I have cued this video to a significant entry point.
UPDATE November 24th, 2020
It appears it is time to incorporate the ACHIRAL PHoNoNS into the algorithm due to the penetrations of 21st century science into the quantum.
This page discusses the ACHIRAL PHoNoN and CHIRAL PHoToN identified by the ancients approx. 5000 BCE.
Below are two images that depict/anticipate quantum and relativity.
Maltese Cross Samarra ACHJIRAL SOUND PHoNoNSamarra Iraq 5000BC-1
image on left: ACHIRAL Phonon
image on right: CHIRAL Photon

The Unruh effect combines quantum physics and the theory of relativity. So far it has not been possible to measure or observe it, but now new research from a team led by the University of Nottingham has shed light on how this could be achieved using sound particles. The team’s research has been published today in the journal Physical Review Letters.

The Unruh effect suggests that if you fly through a quantum vacuum with extreme acceleration, the vacuum no longer looks like a vacuum: rather, it looks like a warm bath full of particles. This phenomenon is closely related to the Hawking radiation from black holes.

A research team from the University of Nottingham’s Black Hole Laboratory in collaboration with University of British Columbia and Vienna University of Technology has shown that instead of studying the empty space in which particles suddenly become visible when accelerating, you can create a two-dimensional cloud of ultra-cold atoms (Bose-Einstein condensate) in which sound particles, phonons, become audible to an accelerated observer in the silent phonon vacuum. The sound is not created by the detector, rather it is hearing what is there just because of the acceleration (a non-accelerated detector would still hear nothing). 

Below is a pdf. that tries to weave science and religion narratives together using ironically the ‘weave’.

WEAVING Katie Ancheta

UPDATE April 19th, 2019
Plain weave vs Basketweave textiles vs longitudinal and transverse and the EM field
The above image needs to be introduced now to help illustrate later in this blog  ‘transverse’ vs ‘longitudinal’ and a particular evolution concerning our species.
To understand or begin to comprehend an evolution from the universal over and under plain weave, later to the basket weave, evolving to the Pythagorean right angle theorem and today in the 21st century the entire process is best explained using ‘chiral metamaterials‘.
2D Chiral 3D Chiral
~ end of UPDATE ~
Coat of arms of the Teutonic Order Grand Master
In my personal quest to find an underlying unity that exists, that I know exists, (now there is a job for everybody that has some merit), I came to realize, as Carl Jung did many years ago, that the archetype is the common denominator that transcends space time and motion. Archetypes do not expire nor do they have a best before date.
The archetype like the universe, is both just and just exists, AND in fact represents the final just-is / justice.
You could say the archetype represents concepts that are beyond words, left to the imagination.
An archetype is a picture worth a thousand words.
via doug ahau gray
note the difference in the images on the left, center and right
4-fold geometry, St. Dominic, goat smoking a corn cob pipe blowing earthly bubbles?
what could the designer have ‘in mind’?
are these images designed to unify mind and heart?

I could even argue based on the numerous lengthy threads that I have posted about the mandala I photographed in a Peruvian Monastery in 2006, that a picture or image can act as a KEY to help an individual unlock the ‘Hall of Records’, that exists within the human asymmetrical mind that has as memory files, the ‘archetypal slides’ that are necessary, to help that individual navigate through life…and the slide show is constantly being updated, as the associations I make below do show.

And though I found a similar archetype image in Tibet, it lacked the color coding that this Roman Catholic one had.
Is it a coincidence that the colors of the Peruvian mandala, and the heraldry used by both the Romans and Nazis are the same 4 colors?

Black White Red Gold/Yellow



I challenge anybody to find a symbol that matches the Nazi swastika more accurately than the one I found in Peru and the one we find in this image depicting the last Teutonic Knight Grand Master being sworn in.
(see below)
So how did something so sacred at one time become so despised in the WEST in such a short period of time?
Was there an intent to damage or sully its image, along with LOSING the scripted WARs?
So where did HITLER the Christian, who was raised as a ROMAN CATHOLIC get the idea for the swastika and in particular the color scheme?
In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote:

“I myself, meanwhile, after innumerable attempts, had laid down a final form; a flag with a red background, a white disk, and a black swastika in the middle. After long trials I also found a definite proportion between the size of the flag and the size of the white disk, as well as the shape and thickness of the swastika.”


Well it is clear where HITLER got the idea for the BLACK, WHITE and RED color scheme, he stole it from the Teutonic Knights, who got it from the Roman Catholic Church, whom they ‘served’.
Those are the colors of pagan, pre-Christian Rome also.
We can also follow the color yellow/gold and the eagle from Rome to Germany too.


Teutonic Knights

Note the year: 1914

The Last of the Teutonic Grand Masters Archduke Eugen being sworn in and please take note of the ghostly image of the Archbishop in the background…
And 1914 is clearly before Hitler and his goose-stepping wreaking crew adopted the ‘pagan swastika’.
And why would Hitler LIE about the true origin of his inspiration?
Would Hitler who saw himself as a ‘knight’, raised as a Roman Catholic have known about the Teutonic Knights?

The Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem [1]
(Official names: Latin: Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum, German: Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem), or for short the Teutonic Order (Today: German Order), is a German Roman Catholic religious order. It was formed to aid Catholics on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals to care for the sick and injured. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights, since they also served as a crusading military order during the Middle Ages. The membership was always small and whenever the need arose, volunteers or mercenaries augmented the military forces.
prediction: I shall await more proof, whatever is found will only strengthen my argument about the swastika and the role it has played in human evolution, constant change and our reversals of fortune.

   BLACK cross WHITE circle RED background

Essentially this symbol links the NAZI adopted swastika to the Vatican via Peru.
Why not?
Along with that Teutonic flag gracing the THRONE.

The swastika was a much revered symbol throughout ALL the Americas, north, south and central.
The Peruvian mandala above exhibits the 4 main colors of the Indian Medicine wheel and it is also contains green, emerald green.

Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry, and symmetry is connected esoterically to the circle, the sphere and perfection.
A simple enough statement that delivers a profound truth.
The mythical Atlantis we want to believe was grand and near perfection, just like the Garden of Eden.
(But Atlantis was not the perfect state, Magnesia was, Atlantis was flawed according to John Michell)
An analogy could be that this breakdown of symmetry occurs between those 2 green pillars that we see above, in the Peruvian mandala?

After a deluge destroyed Atlantis or being tossed out of Eden, these events mark the breakdown of symmetry.
And after something as traumatic as a deluge destroying the archetypal greatest civilization of mankind to date (so the story goes), or ‘God’ directing humanity OUT of the Garden of Eden (so the story goes), a person after they have had their world turned upside down by these psychologically jarring events, would have a psychotic episode or breakdown.

And when this happens, after you suffer a ‘breakdown’ (can be of many descriptions) … people as they recover tend to focus on the number 4 initially, because after your world is turned upside down, there comes the task of re-orienting yourself to your new surroundings, starting with the 4 directions, east, south, west and north, locating the rising/setting sun and identifying the 4 phases of the moon.
Ask me about the number 4.

That would suggest why all nations have cultural mandalas that express how they re-oriented themselves after  deluge/s  that had in fact occurred. These deluges can be found in most ancient cosmologies, not just the bible or Plato’s Atlantis.
It happened, there was a flood/s.

And quite possibly 95% of all humanity / life was eliminated…rather quickly and efficiently.
The slate was wiped clean.
A state of minimum entropywas perhaps restored.
Energy was put back into the system…and we have been witness to a rise of civilizations since the last deluge, after receiving an influx of ‘energy’.

I want to show you several more images.
The first image is of the asymmetrical brain and it shows graphically how ‘different’ the two hemispheres are, in regards to tasks assigned.


Plain weave vs Basketweave textiles vs longitudinal and transverse and the EM field

Now is a good time to reintroduce the above image to illustrate how some basic impulses common to all life can be representing by the ‘weaving’.

Two of the images shown below represent FLAT 2D waves, longitudinal and transverse.

I want to compare how these two modern images given birth by a mathematical scientific empirical mind (with its HQ in the left hemisphere), can be traced back in analogy more than 7000 years, to show how the ancient mind (with its HQ either centrally located or in the right hemisphere of the brain) might have represented such ‘archetypal’ imagery that the math/science brain has been able to demonstrate.
And remember that these plates were ‘handcrafted’ using two chiral asymmetric hands connected to a asymmetric brain using the X formula.
i.e. X = right brain controls left side of the body and left brain controls right side of the body.


Above we see the propagation of a longitudinal  SOUND wave on a 2D grid. And below it is a FLAT 2D representation of the same thing, on a flat/concave plate from Samarra Iraq, 4900 BC.

Take a close look at the center of the grid above and you will see a Maltese cross emanating ‘pulsing’ from the center … similar to tossing a pebble in the water with concentric circles emanating/radiating from the center outwards…

Maltese Cross Samarra ACHJIRAL SOUND PHoNoN

IMHO both of these images are representations of the same archetypal truth…

Let me show you another ‘archetypal’ slide we ALL arrive with as part of our programing…a message that may arrive via chiral asymmetric helical DNA.


Above I present the propagation of a transverse spherical wave in a FLAT 2D grid.
These are transverse LIGHT waves and their motion is slightly different as we can see in the above image….they swirl…as opposed to pulsate.

Samarra Iraq 5000BC-1

And the motion matches the FLAT plate from Samarra Iraq 5000 BC.
That plate above is also an archetype or model of the FLAT spiral galaxy they have identified and called the Milky Way.
more info here: https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/catego … milky-way/

Take a close look and you will see a Swastika swirling in the center of that grid.

So how much more info do the herd of sheeple need, to realize and accept the divinity of this ancient symbol, the swastika being a fine ambassador, an archetypal representation of the KEY of Universal Movements, a ancient ‘good luck’ symbol that has been veiled from western consciousness with nefarious intent, perhaps?

Want names?

Here is a clue of where to start looking.
In ancient Sumer / Babylon the swastika and the 8 pointed star was linked to the planet/comet/morning and evening star Venus and the Gate of God…Babylon became Rome.
How about the secret order of the Knights of Malta who were connected to the crusades and the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights…what would these ancient orders comprised of  fighting monks know?
How are both the modern versions of the White and Black Popes connected to this ancient conspiracy?

The biggest conspiracy that exists is the following…
Those that claim there isn’t one.
It only takes 2 people to form a SS or Secret Society conspiracy.

SS Sanctus Spiritus The HOLY SPIRIT pi

SS surrounded by 7 Doves = Holy Spirit = pi
22/7 = 3 1/7 = pi

However Leonardo Da Vinci taught me something about mirror writing, codes and cipers, etc…
IF you hold that SS Holy Spirit image to a mirror …. what is revealed is that the SS becomes 22.

But the ‘position’  of the 7 doves remains unchanged.
Now we have produced by traveling along the mirror ‘z’ axis the equation  22/7 = geometric pi inscribed in the architecture of the Great Pyramid

And yet another plate referred to as Halaf ceramics. 4900 BCE
Note the similarity in structure of both symbol and plate, based on the number 7.
(and vortex mathematician Marko Rodin uses the magic of 7 to create his magical ‘torus’ known as the Rodin Coil?

Another Fact not disputed:
SS = Holy Spirit = St. Peter and St. Paul
Did these two SS wankers form a conspiracy 2000 years ago?
Is SS an archetype?
I do believe I know the SS Code they used, it can be exposed using mirrors…it drove Ezekiel the prophet mad!
But I figured it out before it drove me crazy…I have thus re-oriented myself in the field of dreams and illusions…I am no longer seeing the world upside down though I am now driving everyone else crazy…

The swastika still has a role to play.
Come 2012 the KEY of Universal Movement will reveal itself.
IMHO these things can be predicted when you pull back the archetypal veils.

As mentioned before, Card X and the numbers 11, 2, 5, 8 of the Tarot is the KEY.
In fact there is not much more you need to start your own personal journey, than to take this card along, following the spiraling yellow brick (bricks are rectangle) road to the Emerald City…(sound familiar Dorothy?).

The archetypes transcend and make wonderful narratives…always.




Codex Manesse, UB Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 848, fol. 264r: Der Tannhäuser
between 1305 and 1315

18 thoughts on ““…a noble Theory of Everything must include the CHIRAL SWASTIKA”

  1. “Orbit Earth Schedule Change
    (Until further notice) Orbit Earth will have route modifications & a schedule change

    Route 27 and 582 Express
    (Until 10/15/2008) Construction will detour routes 27 and 582 Express.”

    I saw this on my local transit system’s website. It gave me some of those chills you’ve talked about. According to some different google results CERN should be doing some bigger pops by then. Funny coincidence, to me. ;]


  2. Wow…more than interesting.
    When you make the connection … and receive the accompanying zzzt, it means ‘truth’.

    imagine feeling those chills all the time.
    I do feel them with more ‘frequency’ now, since ‘aware’ and exploring the underlying archetypes.

    those truth chills dude…was it a tingle or a zap?


  3. Oh, well it was just chills. No zaps yet. I need to work on my “connection”. I just really don’t know how to. (IE: I am back more than a few firmware levels than you, for sure.) Anyway, in time I’m sure I’ll find out. Either via my efforts, or the hard way I presume.

    I am putting all those books on rush order today. Something tells me therein lies the ‘updates’ I need.


    P.S. I didn’t see this response until just now, you know how I don’t like ignored questions. =] Take it easy.

  4. First let me say: I thoroughly enjoy this site. This is not an acceptance of your challenge to find a symbol that matches the Nazi swastika more accurately than the one you found in Peru. It is rather a furnishing of more data concerning the swastika. It is said that the origins of Swastika are lost in the distant past and the origins can only be guessed at by piecing together surviving clues. If this is true, maybe, just maybe a clue is to be found in the book of Ezekiel (1:4-17) where, a whirlwind came out of the north, and out of the midst thereof came four living creatures; every one had four faces, four wings, four hands (under their wings), and each having a pair of straight legs and feet. Their appearance and work was as a wheel in the middle of a wheel. The word whirlwind is an archaic term, describing circular movement, as in a tornado, whirlpool, etc. The faces of the four living creatures are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, namely Aquarius (man), Taurus (ox/bull), Leo (lion), and Scorpio (an eagle). From an astronomical standpoint of view, using the North Star as a reference, the heavens do appear to spin as the earth rotates. This phenomenon is achieved by using the technique of time-lapse photography. What’s interesting is that the Little Dipper, when positioned at the apex of the four seasons, appears as a giant swastika in its natural form. The swastika and its ‘mirror image’ (seen in Nazi flag) could point to two ‘spiraling motions’. What do you say?

  5. Incidentally, Card X (10) of the Tarot and the numbers 11 (Aquarius/man), 2 (Taurus/Bull), 5 (Leo/Lion), and 8 (Scorpio/eagle) coincides with aspects of both chapters 10 and 1 of the book of Ezekiel.

  6. you mentioned…Ezekiel (1:4-17)
    >>would that be the same as 1, 4, 7 and 10?

    >>and I have shown that CARD X = 2, 5, 8. 11?

    Seeing a pattern?
    3, 6, 9, and 12 would complete the pattern?
    Who said the following?
    If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
    — Nikola Tesla

    >>you should enjoy these links Annabah.
    >>at this time I seem to be the only person capable of interpreting CARD X and the rantings and ravings of the madman Ezekiel.




  7. dear Raphael,

    i “found you” on Divinity’s lightworkers thread on GLP. what a tremendous article, and fascinating website you have!

    if i’m remembering correctly, didn’t James Churchward, in his work on the sciences of Lemuria… refer to the “swastika” as the ancient Four Forces? that would fit right into its being found as a sacred symbol in South America.

    yes, indeed… to the Infinite Dance of Pi and Phi…


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