“…a noble Theory of Everything must include SOUND”

So the scientists at CERN are in search of a Big Bang Theory of Everything eh?

The Big Bang?

A Big Bang?

Bang Bang you are dead.


If you were looking at the end of the pistol pointed at you some distance away, did you see the flash of light, feel the bullet or hear the sound of the pistol firing first?

What has become obvious to me is that the particle physicist is ignoring the obvious in their quest of a Holy scientific Grail. The obvious is simple enough.
All of the experiments focus on LIGHT and ignore the role SOUND plays in a theoretical Big Bang Sound and Light show.

I have written blogs regarding this apparent oversight.

In 2003 The Chandra Telescope detected a sound wave thousands of times below the human threshold, being emitted from a black hole. Suggesting that a deeper understanding of the cosmos is always limited by the sensitivity of the equipment we possess.
What IF the human ‘body’ is both a receiver and transmitter?

And what does it mean that these ever present but invisible waves have been in the same room when the double slit experiments re: wave/particle duality are taking place?
At 57 Octaves below middle ‘C’ this sound wave until 2003 had gone undetected.

Mi work regarding the Solfeggio frequency 528 hertz thus supports Masaru Emoto’s work, his study of ‘water’ and the messages it carries.

Water is similar to electromagnetic waves which are a combination of transverse and longitudinal waves.
Thus the ocean is analogous to electromagnetism.
Thus I ponder how an electromagnetic tsunami would manifest itself and effect the earth.
Would it be possible?

Examples of non-electromagnetic longitudinal waves include sound waves (alternation in pressure, particle displacement, or particle velocity propagated in an elastic material) and seismic P-waves (created by earthquakes and explosions).

Most important to consider…

SOUND WAVES are non-electromagnetic and the particle physicist I want to remind everybody is a black/white magician who likes to play with light, mirrors, fire and brimstone.


> Crack of the Whip breaking the sound barrier

> The sound of ‘One Hand Clapping’

> AUM and OM

> ‘Ineffable name of G_D‘  that cannot and should not be repeated … is connected to SOUND and/or LIGHT I suspect.

There is sufficient reason to question the validity of CERN and its attempts to find the Higgs Boson, the graviton, a gravity wave, etc etc etc, are all attempts to define a SuperSymmetric God.

CERN is perhaps only a paperweight … in a game called Rock, Paper, and sciSSors.

Destiny / fate / ineffable SOUND of creation, suggests today in fact would be a great date to post this article.  Today’s date contains my badge number as firefighter, 1258,  the 4 numbers that are helping to define my destiny.

September 15, 2008.

Those 4 numbers might also help define gravity by the way.

Because gravity can be connected to phi.
Those 4 numbers are the formula for phi.

√5 + 1

What happened to the number ‘8‘?

8 = a number that resembles the concept of infinity

\phi(\inf) = 0

It seems in calculus the symbol for phi and infinity are somehow related?

I feel I am getting closer and closer to the source called truth, obscured by both science and religion.

An intrepid seeker of the truth would have noticed another coincidence regarding those 4 numbers 1258 and the Transit of Venus cycle, the cycle takes about 120.5 (+ or – 8 yrs)
A cycle of celestial planetary movement that forms a pentagon/pentacle in the heavens.
A pentacle circumscribed by a circle contains ‘phi’ and ‘Phi’.

Hello hello can anybody hear mi?
Mi or Key 528 hertz it is rumored heals DNA.
According to Dr. Len Horowitz.

In conclusion, the so-called ineffable name of god is a non-electromagnetic sound wave…and it follows that the left and right hands of the creator alchemist are connected to the electro-magnetic light waves...

All I ever wanted was a noble prize for helping out humanity.

The irony being that Michelson and Morley’s experiments were flawed, and yet Michelson received a Nobel prize and the standard model of physics would continue to be forever chirally asymmetrically screw-ed since the time of Archimedes.

The Michelson–Morley experiment, one of the most important and famous experiments in the history of physics, was performed in 1887 by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley at what is now Case Western Reserve University. It is generally considered to be the first strong evidence against the theory of a luminiferous aether. The experiment has also been referred to as “the kicking-off point for the theoretical aspects of the Second Scientific Revolution.”[1] Primarily for this work, Albert Michelson was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1907.

Just more proof that science took a wrong turn.
The Luminiferous AEther as AEinstein surmised is a gravity wave.

101 years after Michelson’s Nobel Prize can I offer a simple explanation?

A SOUND gravity wave is created by exploding supernovas, or blackholes…helping to create longitudinal sound ripples in spacethat act as a baSS / base-line for when light gets distorted over distances and fades ... and most importantly the sound waves are invisible, but yet they would penetrate and echo throughout Plato’s Cave far deeper than light waves?

Unless you knew how to use the magic of mirrors and fire.

2bee continued.

UPDATE April 26th, 2013

Sound Waves of Matter Splashing Around the Universe

This lecture given by 2011 Nobel prize co-winner Brian Schmidt is a confirmation/acknowledgment that my intuitive ideas have been close to the mark.

… a noble Theory of Everything must include SOUND Waves of Matter Splashing Around the Universe



11 thoughts on ““…a noble Theory of Everything must include SOUND”

  1. Science and religion – Friends or Foes?
    There may be a way to build a bridge between them.

    Many religions have something in common: They see nothing between god and the human species. Some people tried to fill this gap and told us about Cherubims and Seraphims.

    What would happen if we try to use human thinking to fill this gap?
    This is what I started to explore: http://www.BetterThanThinking.com

    I welcome any comment.

  2. thinking with ‘intent’ for sure.
    ‘intent’ of what though?
    how is free will and intent connected?
    what is the purpose?

    if our intent and free will does not match the ‘real’ purpose of our existence, will a ‘correction’ take place, like in the financial markets?

    Elliot wave theory was used as an indicator of stock market behaviors based on the golden spiral.
    Seems like things are always unraveling as they should…eh?

    Based on our collective thoughts?


  3. Raphael, that is one thing that studying the Rodin coil has brought to my attention. That no matter how many wrungs out you go from a number, you always come back to that number in the center and the loop closes with the same value it started. Like he says- it makes numbers “REAL”.

    “Seems like things are always unraveling as they should…eh?”
    Yes, indeed it does- now that I see it in the numbers.

    Also, I wanted to tell you I was born on 7/22. I have always gotten a kick out of your mirrored SS being 22. I’ve always felt 22 has had some importance to me, I see it everywhere, perhaps someday I’ll know why.

    Any reccomendations on Bonnie Gaunt reading material? I checked out Len Horowitz’s site- have before as well. For some unknown reason I don’t trust him (I think it’s all the selling, but a guy’s gotta live). Perhaps it’s just because he looks like Serj Tankien, and I don’t trust that Serj is telling all he knows either, hah.


  4. Dr. Len Horowitz WAS made a Knight of Malta.
    My intuition is still checking him out.
    He and Marko Rodin WERE neighbors in Hawaii.
    They are ‘good’ friends?


    The plot thickens…

  5. Indeed, I forgot to mention that I didn’t like his response to people questioning why he ended up joining a ‘club’. Seemed too hostile to me. I will read it here when I get a chance to get away from the prying eyes of the big-wigs here at work (Wonder how many of them are in these clubs…). Oh, and for sure I didn’t think Mr. Rodin was letting the cat quite out of the bag. Gotta have something to keep you alive, or being on “their” side is keeping you alive. I didn’t know they were friends though, thanks for that catch. I noticed that the Bahia (sp) faith Mr. Rodin speaks so highly of really turned me off. My intution isn’t that strong, but it’s all I got. Well, and your blog. =]


  6. jer said: “Raphael, that is one thing that studying the Rodin coil has brought to my attention. That no matter how many wrungs out you go from a number, you always come back to that number in the center and the loop closes with the same value it started. Like he says- it makes numbers “REAL”.”

    Can you explain what 3, 6, 9 signify in the Rodin Coil?
    Andy connection to this info?

    Bonnie Gaunt and Gematria try this one.
    Quite good.

    But this next book is a gem.
    You will need to order it.
    Highly recommend it as a source of Freemason lingo.

    Manley P. Hall is a good author, his classic book the Secret Teachings of All Ages can be found online…

    Those are three great sources, you won’t need to read my stuff any longer, maybe only to contribute more.



  7. Thanks a ton for all the details. I am going to scour our local mom and pop bookstores before I order, we will see what I come up with.

    I will get back to you on the 3,6,9. I would love to contribute and will work at bringing myself into balance to do so.

    Thanks again,


  8. Okay, if I’m not mistaken I remember the 3,6,9 band being the “empty” space between the currents that were running in opposite directions- creating an invisible field of “Motion and Nested Vortices”. (It’s late, and I have only watched his videos not even once through fully, and his site goes into way more detail, I just feel that conveys the overall point…)

    Now, for a really bad analogy:

    To me, I see it as a ton of little Wee-Dubya’s going down a highway (watch for curves ahead), and no matter which way you’re headin’, if you’re on the median tearin’ up the flowers- crashing into the chain link “fen-SS” that you couldn’t see because you were driving too fast and the wool got caught up in the accelerator… There indeed creates the need for a major tune up (57 octaves below middle C ought to do it, eh? I noticed 5+7=12=3). After which I’m sure the local authorities would let you pass through their gate- the one that’s surrounded by bars and concrete on the other side.

    I may have not just made any coherent statements, and the fence analogy was pretty awful. But, comments and criticisms are invited and openly accepted… Gotta start somewhere.



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