LSD = DMT = FLYWHEEL = 4 Evangelists = Solomon’s Knot = 4 Leaf Clover = Coral Castle


Postby Raphael on Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:50 am

This is a cut and paste from my wordblog, part of a response to a Freemason logde I loiter about.It might be helpful to watch this video on DMT or the ‘spirit molecule’ first.



I feel this is one of the better posts I have authored,  it really helps connect many vital ideas, assisting the mind’s eye in bringing back into focus something necessary.
re: a shrinking global village needs an update to its collective big picture.
Allow me to share what the archetyapal ARK-e-ologist has retrieved using a new set of tools.

I believe this is not the Discovery Channel.
Our search for the past clues would suggest this is a salvation operation.
Yes you have tuned into the Salvation Station.

Your father was your leader. Your father’s father was his leader.
We are clearly the followers and NOT the leaders. What wisdom do we lack?
Is enlightenment about learning new tricks or remembering old ones?
My enlightenment I now realize, sadly a bit late for my kids, includes what I was supposed to teach or awaken in my children…however they were sacrificed on the altar I call who am I?
But I can hardly wait to play the role of the elder, wise ole’ grandpa…
How much of what grandpa wants to share with you today is preserved does not really matter…because all elders’ know that truth always resurrects itself.

I have salvaged much much more from the abySS of me since receiving that ‘bolt of DMT’ about 4 years ago.
Here is a sample.
What would architecture have to do with embedding ‘secrets’ in its walls and foundations?

Shall we take a tour around a Freemason Lodge and compare it the Coral Castle…this is a fascinating find ….


Am I allowed to share these secrets fellas with the non-initiated?
The general public knows…about these connections…I am proof, therefore it would seem silly if the Blue Lodge membership did not know.

While watching the Code 144 / Secrets of the Universe videos pay real close attention to the shape of the FLYWHEEL.
You will get a really good look of the distinct shape of the FLYWHEEL.

Secrets of the Universe parts 2-6:


FLYWHEEL on Page 3 Slide 263.

Embed that/this image of the FLYWHEEL into your right brain imagery…

Then read these two blogs.

The links I make are more than coincidental…you begin to see an archetypal narrative unfold.
That shape of the FLYWHEEL which looks like a 4 leaf clover, found in gothic churches, Timothy Leary actually called LSD, or the League for Spiritual Discovery and associated it with the 4 Evangelists.
So the apparent magic behind the FLYWHEEL = LSD = 4 Evangelists?


Apparently YES.
The narrative is thus exposed.
What the conspiracy is really about.
Everybody claims they have found the secret.
Well let me share with you what I have found.
I can use CARD X of the Tarot and the Greek/Chaldean Zodiacal Cross to explain a narrative, where I have found a pattern, and I feel I can show how this archetypal model of the universe , can predict not only where an electron will be on the microcosmic level, but most importantly while they chase what they can’t see, this model can also be used for larger spinning objects, like our SUN.


Above quatrefoil / LSD is the outline or STENCIL of SOLOMON’s KNOT … which is easily shown to be connected to ALL kinds of symbolism on many levels.
This is a powerful symbol/archetype because LSD passes the acid test.
What is the acid test that a critical mind using archetypal tools defaults too?
It must have profound meaning in ALL levels that exist between both the MACROCOSM and the microcosm.

The conspiracy THEY hide is the cycle that has been termed Precession of the Equinoxes…ALL else are mostly red herrings that their archetypal Jesus feeds to the masses of sheeple and see-gullibles.
For sure for sure…in a nutshell.
Precession of the Equinox cycle = Flywheel = Solomon’s Knot = LSD

And here is where the Shaman says come flying with me…
LSD is a synthetic man-made version of DMT
DMT is PRODUCED in the PINEAL gland…
Darkness, like spending time in Plato’s Cave activates the production of DMT in your PINEAL gland.
This explains why the Aborigines see ‘Dreamtime’ as reality, and what a Euro-Vision reality imposed on them as just more ‘alpha/aleph/fehu/bullschiesse or bull poop.

I do spend much time in the cave these days with Plato, and the dancing shadows cast upon the walls, and the echos…activating what exactly?
What is my experiment called detachment, isolation yielding?
The Cosmic Background is an echo…that yields three important clues to our past.
What does this echo suggest to a critical mind?
Aum :confused: read this:

Here are more graven images worth a thousand words…ever notice the multitudes and beatitudes, the many graven imagery inside ANY temple?
HERE is a must watch this/these videos about the SAVANT mind.
These shapes activate the archetypal mind as the SAVANTs Daniel Tammat / Temple Grandin have shown…
These SAVANTS are the Rosetta Souls that are the KEYS to helping us bridge the LEFT with the RIGHT hemispheres of the mind, a division that manifests as many divisions in the material world…as polarity often expressed as masculine/positive/light vs. feminine/negative/dark.
But of course there is one word to describe all of the above, and they hand out Nobel Prizes to people who recognize this fact…

Enjoy fellas…and gals looking to unmask men’s secrets, that may have logged in incognito, enjoy what I have written.
Hope I didn’t break any rules.

And of course CHiram Abiff plays a central role in helping me build my temple of beliefs…
I never Tyre of his advice… D

So if you want to use your mind to open doors to other realms that both the shaman and priest say exist, and some of the quantum physicists concur…there are apparently many many paths…some appear faster than others.


LSD anyone?
The ewe get to fill in the blank?;)
The fact it looks like the frame of a MIRROR is just coincidental…



p.s. oh I almost forgot to mention the obvious…would such a FLYWHEEL mechanism be beneath the pyramid at Giza? ;)
And another what if but not so obvious…
re: the Platonic Solid Octahedron

What if the Great Pyramid is similar to an iceberg and there is much more, hidden, veiled beneath the surface, what kind of complex lay beneath the Giza plateau?

What if it is not a pyramid but in fact an octahedron?
How original is that?
What if?


8 thoughts on “LSD = DMT = FLYWHEEL = 4 Evangelists = Solomon’s Knot = 4 Leaf Clover = Coral Castle

  1. sorry, the video about DMT seems to be removed from youtube. can you tell me the full name of the documentary so I can try to find it somewhere else?

    btw. I send you all of my love for your work, I had found it incredibly familiar to all of my highS – which is comforting for my mind that had been awakened very recently. I was an orthodox catholic until one night.

    peace 🙂

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