4 ROYAL STARS 4 Evangelists LSD and DMT and Shamans

junglelord wrote:
Thats funny
Laughing Laughing Laughing

Good One.
I did not know.
So there you go, Valhalla, I am coming!

Sound creates Vision. DMT.

What is voiced is not seen by all but is visible to some.
On DMT, Terrance called it speaking Vision, as the Balls of Light taught him and encouraged him. The common experience on DMT when first getting across to the Parallel Universe. The Spheres of Light, that create via singing, and they ecourage you to do it, do it, DO IT.

Your words are real structures in the aether. Yeshua was right.
What you say is a big deal. Because it causes Visions of reality in the Aether. This will effect Matter.

For those of you just tuning into this thread and wondering how junglelord and me made a leap from LSD to DMT … read on.

Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

And I want to introduce a very important archetypal shape that exists deep within the subconscious and we can find it in deep space too.
The quatrefoil


And the quatrefoil above, which is found in sacred geometry, temples, gothic churches, can be filled with many other structures/shapes or concepts…but this shape (a lucky four leaf clover), and its origins, and what it implies on many different levels or dimensions is worthy of further investigation.

And the quantum space cadet…herr Doctor T. Leary had his own ideas. Idea

So too much LSD, resulted in an epiphany.
Timothy Leary believed LSD was worthy of being represented by an ancient sacred symbol.

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

Thus we have some strange connections to acknowledge when comparing the different languages people use to express what can’t be expressed…
DMT = LSD = Four Evangelists = 4 Gospels

And the Persian astrologers had connected these 4 Evangelists to four specific stars…that they called the 4 Royal Stars.
This thread shows how the Quatrefoil = 25,812 year TIME elapse in regards to the Precession of the Equinoxes…

What is the link between ALL of the above?
How is the Macrocosmic cycle of the Sun (25,812 years) connected to what is happening down here …

It is the PINEAL gland…we all have one…and it produces DMT.

LSD is essentially synthetic DMT

What is the ROLE of the PINEAL gland?
Good question.
Is it a transmitter / receiver?
What connection did Jeremy Narby (an anthropologist apologist) who wrote The Cosmic Serpent make between myth and science?

…well I just happened to have written something about the ‘connections’ that Narby observed, that the mainstream of consciousness fails to ‘acknowledge’.

And of course we would expect that the sacred Solomon’s Knot to be a nice fit with the quatrefoil.
It fits perfectly inside the shape/outline of the quatrefoil.
Well that is what I would expect to find.

If you want to ‘dissect’ how the sacred quatrefoil manifests from nothing…
Yes I am implying that something from nothing does in fact occur.
And the symbol that best connects…nothing to something…is in fact the swastika.

As this ‘Philosopher’s Stone in Ireland depicts.
It contains several important archetypal shapes found the world over.
Used in both ancient and modern scientific notation…I need to point that out…how we still seem to use the same ‘notations’, glyphs, ideograms, symbols…
This next blog shows how the above Philosopher’s Stone is connected to an ARKetypal Theory of Everything.

Yes I have just connected the concept of the 4 leaf clover to Solomon’s Knot and the quatrefoil and the swastika.

If I take LSD or DMT what are my chances of seeing green men and fluorescent serpents?
However do I see green Leprechauns or green Aliens?
Thus the shape of what we see can be manipulated by a hidden hand?
Yes of course…this brings us back to the silent role sound plays and what is the SOUND of ONE HAND CLAPPING?
Another paradox in the land of chicken and egg paradoxes.

I do know however that the frequency 528 hertz falls within the color GREEN on the Electro-magnetic Spectrum, and a GREEN vision might be connected to the ancient EMERALD Tablets.

We seem to have evolved from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Christian spiritual gallows…did I say evolved, I should have declared, descended from…?Which is a more truthful observation of the events till this point transpired?
Are we the leaders or the followers?

In conclusion:
We seem to agree junglelord.
Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

Is it all in the eye of the beholders of a vision = collective imagination = AETHER = helps create MATTER
Can we alter reality just by meditating thoughts and producing thought waves that are somehow connected to controlling the spin of the quantum waves that become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Is this the lever we need to manifest to move the world Archimedes?

A lever long enough to reach the smallest spinning wave within each of us? To ALTAR its direction by altering our behaviors?
Thus each individual contributes to help change the collective future?

please read the disclaimer: All of the above sounds hunky dory until it comes time to decide on a direction that satisfies everybody?

And it reveals why a conspiracy would even exist at all.
What direction does a organism that displays a bilateral symmetry take?

One of the advantages of bilateral symmetry is that there is a preference for direction.

And we both know that the only directions available in a flat world are CW and CCW?

So what the Christian dogma and spreading of their self-serving theological poo suggests to me … is a forced feeding of a certain belief … the direction has been already decided on, for the microcosmic us, and the macrocosmic US, by higher powers.

Are some of our lives already not comparable to the egg-laying chickens confined to small cages, having had their beaks broken off (silenced), and being fed genetically modified feed from birth till death?

Those cages are primitive energy extraction machines, a blend of nature and man, a collaboration of intent.

Egg laying cages are i-pods, they are McMachines, the heart of which is chicken.
Wasn’t supposed to be this way … Twisted Evil

And it becomes obvious upon further explorations that if our DNA represents our past…and it has been suggested by science that we CAN in fact ALTAR/alter our DNA during our lifetimes…

…this provides for a profound revelation … it means we CAN alter the past by using ALTARS.

Are the ALTARS a universal archetype or MUST they be based on a Judeao/Christian ARKetypal narrative?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein


10 thoughts on “4 ROYAL STARS 4 Evangelists LSD and DMT and Shamans

  1. I had a dream about a camp of the Knights Templar in the middle of a desert. There was a bull walking around the soldier’s camp and got loose. He ran in caves and crashed several wooden gates. He fell down when he hit the last gate and I saw a naked woman full of blood, bruises and blind in a sense.
    Out of the cave came a monster then, the size of a dinosaur, with a human head.
    The Templars defended their camp, with me in the midst of this epic battle. A guy on top grabbed his primitive pistol ( anno 1100 ?! ) and shot the being in the right nostril. It died, but before it fell down, the soldier asked “how many will die ?”. The being said “endless”.

    I always read your blog as soon as I see a new post, your research/journey fascinates me. This dream has been on my mind for some time, it’s one of the many I’m having that really have this archetypal atmosphere. I wonder if you could explain it.

  2. Do we have a case of synchronicity here?

    My research these past two weeks, has me wondering WTF?

    WWF? heart vs. mind currently dealing with WTF.
    The connections I have been making lately are rather bizarre on a personal level.

    I will be writing a post about it very very soon.
    It connects our bull, to SOUND and to a place in India called Hampi, a place I just happen to travel to back in 1992.
    On the way back from India I did a stopover in Germany for one week and visited two friends.
    I took a picture of a train platform, to the right is a train car, on the side of the car is a number…

    I often write about the numbers 1258 and the KEY 528.
    These four numbers compose the thread I have been following…take a look…at the index to the right…
    How many blogs have I written regarding the KEY 528?
    What are the numbers on that train car, in the picture I took back in 1992, returning from a rather spiritual place in Hampi India, that helps explain your dream and my archetypal journey.

    It has become apparent, I am not the only one that has a hand in scripting the itinerary that has been my life.
    Evidently my shadow had me thinking I was making all the decisions.

    My past, present and future journeys are ALL coming into a focus.


  3. oops, I didn’t mean to tease you regarding the numbers on the side of the train car.
    These numbers have been confirmed by others.
    Because you need a magnifying glass to see them.


    Remember the 4 numbers I have been on the trail of these past 4 years, are those 4 numbers on the Tarot card that represent the 4 Evangelists and the 4 Royal Stars contained within 4 specific astrological houses.

    11, 2, 5 and 8 are those 4 Astrological Houses on the Zodiac Wheel.

    The coincidences do not stop there regarding that trip back in ’92.
    (same year I got married)

    Apparently I am now able to recollect, and view my past and present life in an archetypal truth.
    I am beginning to understand now why I have always been drawn to ancient sites when traveling.
    It was my desire to ‘remember’.


  4. i can understand your desire to know ancient places; as its been a craving of my own since the time i was very young. i, though, living in a much younger empire with a worthless american public school education and in a failing profession that used to be very stable (land surveying). the closest i’ve come to ancient sites is saint augustine. yet even here i am aware of the symbols that exist everywhere we turn around, which originated in those times we consider ancient and beyond (being symbols of the universe).

    aware of course does not mean a grasp of the language; though i’ve been learning through associations. it is funny; because when people think of things like witchcraft — they think of people flying on brooms and shooting fire from their fingers. i am beginning to see how deeply rooted it is in controlling the human mind through use of symbols, colors, sounds and words — which we have a modern day word for: public relations. it is not considered some wacky, insane practice — but instead one deemed worthy through “science”.

    but also — i am seeing a lot of context regarding human sacrifice. most people consider this to be something extravagent, with priests and ceremony, which the public is allowed to witness. but i am finding accounts of not only many kinds of sacrifice; but also the broadness of the word itself. which would mean, in essence, we are being continually fed to the fires. the MLK, so to speak.

    i bring this up only because you mention genetically altered food. i had seen a lot of posts regarding bees — and in my profession, we are usually kept up to date on them; being we have to be careful in the environments we work in. now, i had also noted the material on the drop in bee population — and independently, I’d found an article where a scientist said it could be related to the more frequent use of GE crops. this scientist said that during winters, bee population generally drops between 8-10% — but in the last 20 years they have noted drops of anywhere from 20 – 40% of hive population.

    this scientist theorizes that the specific chemicals that are used as GE crop pesticides is lowering not only the bees hardiness, but also making it more susceptible to the bacteria and germs which already live on its body (especially amongst the european honeybees).

    now — in correlation with all this; the Southern North Americas have been seeing a rapid increase of what are being called “Africanized” bees. Now, most people do not know that what that term Africanized actually means; is that the bee was genetically engineered by mixing common American honeybees with those of the African deserts. The project stated that this was being done to make these bees more capable of dealing with tropical climates in South America.

    Now — if these were indigenous South American bees; why the heck would they need to be toughened up? Now, a good lot of GE crops are grown in the South American region — with the pesticides killing the bees; pollination would be tough and crop yields would fall. I am theorizing that perhaps these bees were being engineered in order to be hardier against the chemicals used on GE crops.

    And why not? One of the major reasons companies are growing GE crops; is to make them hardy enough to withstand the pesticides that same company is producing.



  5. Raphael:

    On the subject of the Swastika, are you getting the sense that each corner/pillar is a dancer?

    Two of the Dancers represent us and our ‘opposite’ (god?)

    But the other two columns are our respective shadows…

    It’s funny, the times Mother took me dancing and flying around the Cosmos, I never noticed, or even thought about my/our shadows. I was too busy taking in all the awesomeness. A cube that is spiraling/dancing through time.


  6. ‘polarity’ and shadows?
    Does not polarity suggest like day follows night and night follows day, that life follows death and death follows life, that I follow my shadow and my shadow follows me?


  7. ‘polarity’ and shadows?

    Does not polarity suggest the following kenny?

    >>>day follows night and night follows day?
    >>>life follows death and death follows life?
    >>>I follow my shadow and my shadow follows me?


    • sad to hear about junglelord passing away.

      thanks for letting me know keeha
      he inspired me too…
      RIP JL

      the good news is that we have another reliable spirit to tap into out there.


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