“…the IHC and IHS Conspiracy and You” part I

IHC and the IHS 

re: the film ‘2012’
soon to be released
the following is a cut and paste

it was posted by an Irish philosopher called Fintan


A full-spectrum internet marketing campaign
is part of the promo for this movie:





2012 pseudo-‘conspiracy theory’:

The IHC Conspiracy & YouPosted September 30, 2009

Things have been getting a little confusing with this whole Naaczaal business, so I thought I’d take a minute to sort it all out so we’re on the same page. Ready??

The Institute for Human Continuity (otherwise known as The IHC): Know the world is ending in 2012, and working to “preserve a small population” so humanity doesn’t go extinct. They’re running an election for the Leader of the Post-2012 World and some kind of Survival Lottery. They have a website, a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, and Twitter.

Dr. Soren Ulfert, PhD: Was the Communications Director at the IHC. They say he quit, but he says he got fired… Given the voice mails he got before he left, I’m inclined to believe his story. He’s working with Corruption Theory, but we’ll get to that in a second. Doc Ulfert is on Twitter, and he has a blog and a YouTube channel.

Corruption Theory (CT): A shadowy blog run by a shadowy person. Mr/Ms Corruption Theory thought they’d uncovered evidence of rampant embezzlement or corruption at work, and was reassigned for asking too many questions. There’s a Corruption Theory blog, but nada besides that.

Charlie Frost: That’s me! I’m an innocent bystander here, just like you. I love to watch the fireworks, though, don’t you? You can find me here at my blog, or on Twitter or my YouTube channel.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Right before Soren was fired, he got a threatening phone call from some guy who told him not to talk about a “Project Naaczaal.” But Soren had never heard of it. Then this Corruption Theory dude found a reference to Naaczaal while trying to get proof of dirty dealings at work. Pretty much everybody realized there must be a connection there and linked them up.

Then, last week, CT intercepted a secret document related to Naaczaal. CT has found evidence that there will be more files changing hands that way in the days to come. Soren’s working with CT to put the dates and places up on some sort of IHC PSA system he’s still got access to… and they want your help.

That’s where you come in, boys and girls. Keep a sharp eye out for the dates and times so you can snag one of the docs if a drop spot is near you. (And then tell us all what you’ve found.)


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.


 Part 2 : https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/the-ihc-and-ihs-conspiracy-and-you/




10 thoughts on ““…the IHC and IHS Conspiracy and You” part I

  1. raphael, i discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and started reading from the first post. pure nectar. i.m on the road… and would like to know if there is anyway to get all of your posts in pdf or word document. mircea

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