HOLY GRAIL found in ARECIBO Message


Thought Experiment

Can we apply what this fella is explaining about the Ed Leedskalnin’s PMH (perpetual motion holder) to the following modELs?
Yet another message has been retrieved from the collective memory.
Carl Sagan, a pot smokin’ buddy of humanity has sent a message to us from the ‘other side’.
It forms part of the message he helped compose when he was on ‘this side’, looking to communicate with folks not of this world……
The Arecibo message was beamed into space a single time (not repeated) via frequency modulated radio waves at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope on 16 November 1974.Dr. Frank Drake, then at Cornell University and creator of the famous Drake equation, wrote the message, with help from Carl Sagan, among others.[1] The message consists of seven parts that encode the following:


So can we find the Holy Grail using the Drake Equation among other tools?
The above code that was dispatched into outer space, using binary code, and it reveals a powerful clue to a universal structure we ALL possess knowledge of.

The analogy I want to make between the binary code embedded within the ARECIBO message, suggested by Ed Leedskalnin’s Pertpetual Motion Holder, our DNA, the Vatican, and Alchemy is quite profound.

Many people, some are best selling authors, claim that we build earthly temples in an attempt to communicate with aliens.
Eric von Danikan is a fine example.

Carl Sagan/Frank Drake/Seti would be another example.

I recently claimed a cure for CANCER could be found using the language of ARCHETYPE.
Is cancer in some way connected to the evolution of our DNA?
They have proved our DNA is altered on the altar called earth, from the time we are born till the day we die.
Heat, cold, radiation, light, darkness, SOUND, environmental toxins, and the ingestion of certain foods can ALL alter our DNA.
And THEY have known this for centuries.
Gregorian monks singing certain frequencies called Solfeggio is proof of such a truth veiled.

And ALL of the above are analogous to modern alchemy.
Alchemy comes in two primary flavors that address the two primary cosmos we inhabit, the microcosmos and the macrocosmos, dealing with the two realms we perceive.

Exoteric realm is where the alchemist would attempt to turn ‘lead’ into ‘gold’.
Esoteric realm is more about turning ‘spiritual lead’ into ‘spiritual gold’.
Sir Isaac Newton thought the first group of alchemists were a vulgar lot.

And in science, the quantum realm could be compared to microcosm and relativity is akin to the macrocosm.

Now here I present a UNIVERSAL archetype that we all USE, from cradle to grave.

The keypad…extensions of the tips of our fingers, each stroke a mirror image of a finger print.

The following 9 numbers that can be written horizontally:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

OR vertically:

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

9 numbers that we can add, subtract, multiply, divide and perform magic with…business and phone communication would be LOST in SPACE without those 9 magical numbers that we can actually place into a 3 x 3 magic square called the Lo Shu.
And the Lo Shu forms part of the Chinese creation mythology.

Lo Shu = I Ching = 64 Hexagrams = 8 x 8 (magic square of the messenger Mercury) = 64 Codons of DNA

And the entire game takes place on an 8 x 8 chessboard. :lol:
And I believe the two players are dressed in RED and WHITE.
i.e. Just like in Egypt.

The Egyptians understood archetype and alchemy.
Lower Egypt King wore the RED crown.
Upper Egypt King wore the WHITE crown.

People speak about being branded with the Mark of the Beast.
Can I suggest we all have already been branded, and perhaps our DNA is a fine representative of the brand?
Think about it.
We are told however that we can remove the brand or tattoo, but it will be a painful experience?

The evidence ‘recovered from the mem‘, suggests that the Holy Grail is a chalice, a container, the cauldron, the alchemy veSSel.
Both the EARTH and the Universe present themselves as veSSels.
As is each of our bodies such a vessel.
So therefore, yes, Dan Brown was perhaps correct in the Da Vinci Code, suggesting the womb of Mary is also such an alchemy vessel.
Mary thus is a fine archetype that transcends the truth on many levels, not just one.


The Klein Bottle/Mobius strip…

Much of what I rite, rant, and rave about concerns the Reconciliation of Science and Religion, believe it or not…I am trying to bring folks together. 8)

Religion represented by the Vatican, would be among those most privy to the secrets of the past, like a winning hand at Poker that they dealt themselves, a hand that they hold close to their bosom, what TRUTHs do they veil from us?

No matter, the evidence of crimes against humanity is still OBVIOUSly strewn about, and if you take the time to investigate all the coincidences, you soon realize that so many coincidences can only mean one thing.

Can we in fact find the archetypal TRUTH embedded right into the architecture of St. Peter’s Square AND the Arceibo Message?

Science is also on the threshold of reaching their apex on the mountain of knowledge and aspirations, resembling a universal TRUTH.
And in 1974 Carl Sagan and others sent a message out into SPACE.
This binary message became known as the ARECIBO Message, because they used the Arceibo telescope in Puerto Rico.All roads lead back to Rome?
But the nine numbers, (pythagoras spoke of 9, the egyptian ennead were 9, the enneagram is 9, the 9 pointed star in the middle ages = holy spirit) can ALL be expressed or reduced as combinations of 1 and 0.
ALL numbers  including 1-9 can be reduced to a binary code.
I have isolated the image from the ARECIBO message that forms the part of the message used to illustrate the structure of human DNA using binary code.i.e. DNA = double helix



So can we find the basic archetypal architecture of our DNA, expressed in binary code, sent out into SPACE in EARTHLY structures and temples?
Yes I do straddle the fine line between genius :idea: and crazy. :shock:
Intent and focus help keep me balanced.

BTW…The images that follow, can also be traced to the Kabbalah blah blah re: Tree of Life.
I give the approximate dates of ‘construction’ of this universal archetype, a TRUTH revealed that transcends all man made blah blah blah self serving BS.


St. Peter’s Square Ellipse circa 15th century and onwards and the ARECIBO DOUBLE HELIX of DNA sequenced in 1974.


The UNIVERSE of the LAMAS (date unknown by me) and the ANASAZI KIVA circa AD 500.
Note: the ameri-Indian KIVA (found in the AREA now called 51 :shock: , predates Vatican architecture by 1000 years!! and it has the vertical BAR going up the center of the archetype.
AND this is important…OK? :wink:

One possible reason?

We see the VERTICAL BAR positioned within the GRAIL.

Representing the 4 nucleotides used in making DNA.
At the time the message was sent,  two more have since been discovered.


Can we introduce what influence the Siberian shaman may have had on eastern Europe?
We see the same vertical BAR used in ARKAIM Russia, known as the ‘swastika city’ circa 1500 BC, and on the right is the main ring found in MORAY Peru, Inca and pre-Columbian…BEFORE the New World was ‘discovered’.The evidence I present speaks a TRUTH.
It shows how we have equated our DNA with the TEMPLE.
The symbol/mandala on the left, photographed in Peru in 2006 found in a Roman Catholic monastery was the wake up call that I finally received, loud and clear.
It is the symbol that I followed back to Rome, Alchemy, NAZIs and the SWASTIKA.
And now quite possible it reveals itself as the Philosopher’s Stone, the Holy Grail.
No wonder the 3rd and 4th Reichs can be associated with the Holy Roman Empires,
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/0 … phany-101/
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2009/0 … the-tarot/




Please note that the red image directly below the image of DNA is that of the human.



Please note that the image of St. Peter’s ‘Square ellipse’ accounts for this, the apparent opening or a gateway, that does NOT  appear in the other images….

Has the GRAIL has been identified?
I believe so.
The CODE has been broken folks.
All that remains is to fix humanity, in a big way.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


26 thoughts on “HOLY GRAIL found in ARECIBO Message

    • thanks for that link, again.
      not the first time I have seen that website.
      I have bookmarked this time.
      I was familiar with this fella in my travels.

      Found the following info on that link you shared.

      Jain 108 is a self-taught mathematical futurist,
      a numerical nomad and a digital genius.
      Some of his colleagues describe him as a mathematical monk.
      He hails from a quaint Sydney suburb Kirrawee, born in Australia from full-blood Phoenician stock, ne 1957.

      God damn it!
      I had a feeling there was something in the aethereal waters back in 1957.
      We share the same year of birth.
      Along with a fella called Clifford Pickover, who has written many many books too.

      I have yet to write one book however.
      There will be only one I have decided, and it shall be a ‘Magnum Opus’.

      And my shrink who shares in my journey was born also in 1957.

      And in January 1957 it was announced to the world, due to Parity symmetry being breached that the universe was in fact ‘asymmetric’.

      Symmetry and an assumed balance was just an illusion based on ignorance.

      • Hi Raphael,

        another peculiarity about this phi-loving fella is that he’s 1,618 meters tall…

        And a very likeable guy, too, I was at one of his seminars.


      • er, one more thing:

        could it be that the key importance of phi (which actually results from putting two dimensions in a one dimensional nutshell, or three in two, and so on) – the undividing division – is relative to your obervation of the relevance of asymmetry?

    • thanks for the vesica piscis = 17 ‘connection’

      I however had made a mistake in the blog re: 17 nucleotides
      There were only four when the message was sent…but two more? have since been discovered.


    • thanks lee

      I wondered where you had gone dude.
      busy doing your own searching?

      may good luck and vital energy be yours on your journey.

      I will definitely see what Marko has been up too.


      • yeah man busy busy, got heaps to share with you that will resonate with all your cool uncovering.
        Model of the milky way etc

        the lo shu turned into a rodin axis and now looks like the prima off the film contact.

        His axis doubles away from centre, lo shu doubles toward centre ‘two sides’
        So maybe we can travel back in time now, lol as before he said we couldn’t; or make south monopoles to compliment his norths.

        ive got an old version of rodins book, a few mistakes apparently but worth a look, ill send to your email.

        Thanks for the inspiration dude.

  1. “But what is the LOVE STAR with prime Number 13”

    I suppose seeing own’s face, directions, elements…the very mirror of every ego, jinn’s life, power over soul-life.

    The frequence of a turning point between world of that sound of light


    I feel a relationship to electromagnetism… .

    13 maybe time 12+1, the matrix.


    p.s. Love?:)

  2. Exactly! Think about that “rosebud” in Citizen Kane, the last scene:

    From ash comes new(sic!) life, like a phoenix: they reload time, chronos, the matrix.
    It’s the very archetyp of every mental prison, I would say.*)

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