The DAY the SUN Stood STILL

The DAY the SUN Stood STILL

And of course if the SUN stops….the EARTH and MOON will too.
bible ref:

Think of the path of a swinging pendulum>>>which can be expressed as a sine wave.

What happens when the pendulum is about to change direction?
It takes a ‘REST’.
Call it a zero gravity moment.
Call it an apocalypse.
Call it what you want.

Astronauts ride the KC-135 to get a taste of what it will be like to be in the “zero-g” environment of space.

If the human pilot can induce zero gravity…so can the CREATOR alchemist in a much BIGGER way. Angel

But the truth is in the air…..I can feel it.
Explains all the controversy re: MOON landings….

Archimedes…give me a lever long enough and I can move the world.
Hey Mohammed can ya bring the mountain over here?
Gospel of Thomas WORDS of JESUS has how many references to a ‘mountain’?

And in that brief moment of REST…is the BEST time to give the ole’ MOON a nudge…….remember the film DEEP IMPACT?
The meteors were moving through SPACE…but if they were floating weightless….

MOVING the MOON >>> moves the EARTH >>> moves the SUN. Angel

go back to shleep folks…
I should NOT have woken the herd of EWE up, by unveiling the MOON to the Christians, who have NO moon symbolism in their ‘narrative’, TRUTH could start the herd to stampede…

Waving Goodbye


In mythology there is a reference to the SUN rising in the WEST. Cool
And mythology has its roots in the ORAL traditions….
MANY many many other links…..…=firefox-a


29 thoughts on “The DAY the SUN Stood STILL

  1. The IBM (I ‘ll Be Master) head of operations said, “What’s wrong?” “Well, we’ve found there is a day, missing in space in the elapsed time.” They scratched their heads and pulled their hair. There was no answer… One religious fellow in the team said, “You know, one time I was in Sunday School and they talked about the sun standing still.

    This seems to be a real standing still.

    In Latin this is however called: Sun Stitium= stand still
    Solstices (Sol=sun , Stitium= to make stand still)

    This happens every year, as explained by the Order of St. John.


    St. John the Baptist’s day, June 24, in 1717

    Now December 21, 2012 (11:11) is very close to ST. JOHN THE APOSTLE. Also Christmas birthday has been modified.

    Be also aware that Venus is crossing the Sun on June 6, 2012,
    199 days later is December 21, 2012 (11:11).
    Be aware that Microprosopus = 199 + 911 = 1110 (Eclipse adds 1)=1111

    Due to the Latin translation of Stand Still, this becomes very confusiing.

  2. How is it going you crazy old fool? I have been banned again for the 7th time from Those fuckers just don’t have a sense of humor. This time they deleted my posts going back till to 2006


      • They didn’t. I was really bummed for awhile, told me they weren’t going to take me as I was a medical discharge. Even though I have healed up and am back to 100%

  3. Raph,
    I was under the impression that Mary was the moon symbolism in Roman Catholicism- I assume that is what you mean when you speak of “Christianity”. Google image search linked below:

    Your thoughts?


    P.S. I’ve got no religion, was raised “pseudo-protestant” but it never really took hold. (Perhaps a little of the the fear of “going to hell” did, but well… I’m scared of spiders. So, yeah…) My only bias is confusion. heh. Take it easy.

    • Jer,

      But do they call Mary the MOON?
      I know they suggest Mary was a Jew.

      The mother of Jesus.
      Necessary to make Jesus a Jew, the mother must be.
      So Mary/Jew = mother?
      Who is Papa?

      How many guesses do you want?


      • Raph,
        I’m not sure how many guesses I’ll need, probably a lot (I was going to say 3, but… Ha ha). Obvious answer doesn’t feel right, so I’ll hold off for now. I keep trying to post a long comment with info to the previous post (mary/logos/sound,etc) but it’s not going through!!! Piece of…

        I am heading out here now so I will try to post it under this one, or just PM you it on 2012forum…? The one time I actually have something to contribute (probably not much but I spent some time compiling links/info last night…) Damn.

        Oh, well, soon enough-


        P.S. I fell in love with an instrument last night too- so I have you to thank for that. Too bad my girl basically pulled the plug on that one. Was even going to justify it as a birthday present… *sigh* Oh well, not like I’m going to listen to her anyway! Hahaha! I’m in for it. Nothing new there…

      • Raph,
        Okay dude, here it goes:

        The “second sun”, or the “black sun”!(Maybe that’s just the back of it? haha.) I don’t know what that is *really* in a physical sense, as I’ve only read about the “occult lore” of all this “mysterious Sun worship” and… well those aren’t my ideas or feelings just how it seems to be portrayed- hence the quotes. Perhaps it’s better stated as the spirit, or SOuL (heh) of our sun- it’s essence. That would make more sense to me since I like to entertain the idea that the sun is most probably yet another form of a conscious being! I haven’t experienced that directly it’s just a feeling I have due to the micro/macro of it all and the things you and others have helped to show me.

        Just going out on a whim here man, as my first feeling was to say “Jesus”, because of the sun symbolism attributed to “him”. Though, that didn’t seem to make much sense to me and begged me to look deeper before responding.

        I’m better at reading people than books and symbols. Even then I would rate that skill at poor or maybe moderately poor on a good day! As stated before, not much of the symbolism does hit me until it seems to be the right time? Much as your blog and my life (micro/macro) has been a slow experience showing me things, one at a time. Just gotta pay attention, I never pay enough attention! But as it goes, awareness grows. Like you say though- you must intend for that to happen!

        Let me know what you think,


        P.S. When I started thinking micro/macro, I came up with this whole scenario in my head, and thought it was too funny not to share: I would imagine a small form of consciousness to us, like say a bacteria living inside my gut might be given an illusion instead of what’s REALLY going on in our 3D space. Or at least I’d freakin’ hope so because I bet it stinks down there! Say, when I eat, it’s his 9-5 and afterward he goes and parties at the “Intus Cantina”?? … Or something?! hahahaha. That’s ridiculous, entertaining, and funny; to me if not to anyone else. =]

        P.P.S. It’s probably of little significance to you but, Mr. Drew I have spoken of previously is oot and aboot posting on forums again. It appears his blog was merely zapped- and bogging him down anyway. I was relieved to know that. =]

    • is the Sun nuclear driven or electrical?
      many believe electrically…

      only an electric universe accounts for the anomalies re: sun?


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