“Tesla & Sagan make CONTACT” > what the HOLY GRAIL looks like!!!

great minds think alike

Carl Sagan and Nicola Tesla

>>archetypal truth arrived at is difficult to triumph over.
>>it will always resurrect in some shape or form.

truth is truth is truth

>this dimension that we call reality is where energetic electro-magnetic thoughts and ideas take shape and form.


Rotate by 180 degrees and compare the TESLA TOWER on the left with the same universal KEYHOLE shapes that I have illustrated in the posting that follows this one.
>>go ahead make your day pilgrim…pull the trigger…commit suicide….kill your silly beliefs.

click on this image;

now enlarge the image and scroll down for an explanation of how the Tesla Tower operated…
Can we apply this knowledge to DNA and other sciences?

OBVIOUSLY we should be able to….truth is truth is truth is truth in ANY LANGUAGE, comes in many shapes and forms, using numbers, letters or even sign language using your chiral asymmetric Left and Right hands.

Our evolution began as tool-makers, learning how to master our left and right crafty hands.
And here we are…plodding along, the evolved mind of the physicist defines quantum spin by referring to left/right handedness.

DNA also emits an electro-magnetic field.
What were Tesla’s interests?

Manipulation of our DNA or the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the earth would or could serve the same purpose?

Sadly however heaven above and heaven below and in between, in the middle appears to be a real messy meso-culture that  is full of sheeple, seegullibles, quizzies and trekkies, that exist ‘unawares’ between these extremes, often polarized, sadly confused, by the profound role that polarity plays in their lives, and the eventual evolution of the creation.


Read the blog that follows this one for the Carl Sagan / DNA connection.


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

UPDATE Wednesday Oct. 13, 2010


I was lead to the Basque region this morning after waking up.

Do the Basque Hilarri Tomb Stones resemble ‘Temples’ and ‘DNA’ ?

What do I mean?
Am I claiming these KEYHOLES are a reference to DNA?
Am I claiming we have built TEMPLES so we can enter and heal and help our DNA evolve by entering a representation of our DNA?
Am I claiming that our DNA is the Holy Grail each of us is in possession of?
Am I claiming then that a DNA grave marker makes too much sense?

further proof:
HOLY GRAIL found in ARECIBO Message


p.s. Each arm can be drawn with three sweeps of a compass
Ah yes the geometry of the swirly twirly swastika/lauburu is evident again.
Each arm can be drawn with three sweeps of a compass. :flop:

Don’t you love how they call the swastika in the Basque region a lauburu?


Same swirly twirly design found on Malta. :flop:
Why is the Maltese Cross called the Maltese Cross?

UPDATE thursday october 14/2010

What is the connection between memes and genes?
How do memes like genes help define us?

Memetics is a theory of mental content based on an analogy with Darwinian evolution, which was originated by Richard Dawkins and Douglas Hofstadter in the 1980s. It purports to be an approach to evolutionary models of cultural information transfer. A meme, analogous to a gene, is an idea, belief, pattern of behaviour (etc.) which is “hosted” in one or more individual minds, and which can reproduce itself from mind to mind. Thus what would otherwise be regarded as one individual influencing another to adopt a belief is seen memetically as a meme reproducing itself. As with genetics, particularly under Dawkins’s interpretation, a meme’s success may be due its contribution to the effectiveness of its host (i.e., a the meme is a useful, beneficial idea), or may be “selfish”, in which case it could be considered a “virus of the mind”. Memetics is notable for sidestepping the traditional concern with the truth of ideas and beliefs.


How do we connect the cover illustration of Skeptic magazine, discussing MEMEs to Tesla, 369, sacred temples, DNA, and everything else I continually try to present on this forum, about some fundamental TRUTHS, regarding the swastika?



:look: HOLY GRAIL found in ARECIBO Message

and it ‘resonates’.
sEEing is believing they say.
can a fEEling make you a believer too?
believe it.
ImageImage Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMENt to the ocean of E motion


23 thoughts on ““Tesla & Sagan make CONTACT” > what the HOLY GRAIL looks like!!!

  1. Are you kidding? Explain in detail!

    The swatsica as you call it… is actually people’s expression of the desire to name and pride of claming to put titles to what “they call” “full circle.” This is not new science. This has been borrowed from religion to occults since the begining of man. With small truths of experience to back their theories of what it means with no fullproof evidence, and evidence borrowed from other generatios.

    If there was a Holy Grail out there, the fear of exposing it for destruction, would be what has already been discovered and what you should be looking for. Christ has already been discovered and put to death.

    The signs of secrets… and man’s inventions is not proof of a Holy Grail. Although simularities in dna etc. does not make the truth confirmed. It just leaves it incomplete.

    Interests and awareness of the unknown is actually seeking, and seeking you will find. As in the last days Christ was with us He said you must drink of Him and eat His flesh. This was referring to excepting Him in actions as the Last Sacrifice as they did in those days for cleansing of sins. They drank from a cup which “represented” the cup of His mission He was to endure, and then gave down His life in sacrifice for the preople and returned after 3 days defeating death. If people can not except the “communion” between them and Jesus, than surely they will not understand the “communication” either.

    As long as science removes God from the creation than they will always be seeking! As long as they are seeking they will find bits and pieces of truth to keep interest. But to know God, is to truly know what the Holy Grail is.

    Like a painting without an artist enough money and time will they find the artist. This is not unusual, but when it comes to God people try to discredit the artist.

    • the premise is simple lori.

      BOTH science and religion possess bits and pieces of the TRUTH.
      truth is truth is truth is truth and it comes in many different flavors.

      THUS you should be able to CONVERT science truth into a religious truth or vice versa.

      truth is truth is truth is truth

      if the creator is the artist you claim…

      i.e. “our father who ART in heaven”

      then we should also be able to CONVERT Science and Religion into ART too.

      Whatever book you are reading from these end of daze does NOT hold any exclusive rights about the TRUTH.
      Especially when the TRUTH is presented as a literal dogma dispensed by self-serving temple priests.

      The descendants of Abraham battling for TRUTH for the past 2000 years bears me out.

      truth is truth is truth is truth and I can find it in DNA.

      DNA is very very very very old.
      And DNA would play a role in Genesis or a gene thesis?

      truth is truth is truth is truth


      • who actually wrote the bible lori?

        YES Lori I edited your response…..because this is NOT a forum to dispense bible babble…enough of them out there.

        I consider this site unique.

        it is a wordblog that investigates the sublime connections between science and religion that must exist.

        truth is truth is truth and like a currency it can be converted into many shapes and forms…

        please take your holier than thou bible rhetoric >> here and discuss … I will be waiting.

        END OF STORY

      • The edited version you posted is actual “proof”or “truth” if you call it… of conviction. I rest my case…only the daring would cross the street and post the actual feed and let others be their own judge to the post.

        Which might have gave you a lot of feed.

        Suppressed truth is ones unsurity.

        Your manipulation of my post, is what some call short mans syndrome.

        What started as an opportunity for you to prove theories in the open… became so much defense which shows your unsure of yourself.

      • Bible babble vs science babble

        This site is uniquely simular to the Alice in Wonderland tea party…

        “A word blog” that investigates?
        the”sublime disconnection!” between science and religion Both made by “man” that “does” exist! (Hmm… “Yet God made the tools for science and made man to manipulate the tools.”)

        If truth is like currency and is formable into shapes and forms, than you definitely spent your truth on fabrication! Manipulation of the truth into different shapes is called fiction.

        You prove God does not exist.

      • why don’t you try to discuss the info in this word blog itself?

        instead of posting the same old ‘god’ created everything and if anything contradicts bible babble it is bullshit?

        >>what you don’t realize is how much info I have gathered and presented on this wordblog that supports my theory…that jesus is a viable archetype used to veil ancient theories about LIGHT, SOUND and HEAT.


      • “ancient theories about LIGHT, SOUND and HEAT” and natural animal vision of all worlds, would I say*)

      • The post I wrote that you deleted… made you feel inferior, because I explained that I am born to Nasa minded intelligence.

      • Lori it is drivel like that, that will not allow you to post your BS any longer on this site.


        you blew it…using holier than thou NASA drivel to support your holier than thou bible babble without seeing the profound links between both?
        Links between both science and religion that do in fact exist….is not my problem.
        it is yours.
        I am suggesting what I see and feel.
        For you to deny me my experience is typical of the holier than thou tower of NASA babble that you subscribe too.

        if it hasn’t been proved to you it doesn’t exist.
        says who?
        keep it to yourself please?

        can’t get any worse…

      • There is enough light for those whose only desire is to see, and enough darkness for those who have a contrary disposition.”

        So it tells us elsewhere: Vere tu es Deus absconditus.* – * Is. 45. 15. “Verily, thou art a God that hidest thyself.”

        Blaise Pascal*)

  2. rafael,

    i entered here only to post you this… but then i tought… where to put it?? i wish not to throw it to the wind…

    poetic enough your last entry is about energy…

    this guy is a brazilian inventor… his premise… to see in the world something he perfected… the use of vegetal all sustainable and ecologic friendly oil to fuel up motors… renewable energy all way long…

    yea he is not doing that well… or in another point of view.. the world is not letting him do it…

    but he wrote a book to tell his story…

    i suspect you will identify yourself with it…


    please give it a look… translate it to english…

    note his company logo… it is the swastika… only apart…

    maybe we can bring it togheter?? yea i am including myself into it… if you let me!


  3. There will always be Lori’s in the world who’ll disagree and find fault with your ideas and theories. If truth is truth is truth is truth, then you’ll come to realize you’ll have more success if you simply ignore her pleas for attention. You don’t have to delete her comments, just refrain from commenting because, after all, isn’t it obvious you’re not gonna change her mind?

    As for myself, I am re-reading everything here because, quite frankly, I am intrigued and in awe of your ideas and theories…

    Peace, out.

    • as always bianka you offer gems… 😉

      you throw pearls before this swine-flue 😉

      5/5 was the creative musical-vibrational summary of Pythagoras knowledge.

      maybe 5/5 became the SS?

      The HOLY SPIRIT = pythagoras 5/5?


      • I throw pearls against a joyfyl sadness or sad joy,
        you know, the very problem ist not at the point
        we are:”All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, the very problem is that there are too many pigs
        and pearls are not only rare but like that grain of wheat, so at least I hope*)

  4. Raph… have neglected your blog… computer problems… 😉

    lmao @ lori… sounds like someone else already on the forum… 😉

    ‘made You feel inferior because she is from stock of nasa minded intelligence’… PMSL
    cheers lori, you Really made me Laugh…

    keep up the Good work Rafa…

    Love N Peace

    • thanks for the continued ‘support’…eyez

      as you know, lost on lori however, I am trying to bridge the gap between the two sides of the same coin.

      religion and science

      lori appears interested in having NASA explain Jesus evidently…

      For some reason I don’t trust ‘NASA’ to tell the truth about the currency we use.


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