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Gozguyse5 wrote:
I remember what the grass circle thingy reminded me ofhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Arecibo_Overview.jpg#filelinks


Is there a connection?

The Arecibo message is a radio message that was beamed into space at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope on 16 November 1974. It was aimed at the globular star cluster M13 some 25,000 light years away because it was a large and close collection of stars that was available in the sky at the time and place of the ceremony.[1] The message consisted of 1679 binary digits (equivalent to nearly 205 bytes) transmitted at a frequency of 2380 MHz and modulated by shifting the frequency by 10 Hz, with a power of 1000 kWatt. The beam was extremely narrow (giving a power equivalent to 20 trillion Watts if it were omnidirectional) making it the strongest man-made signal ever sent. The entire transmission lasted 169 seconds and was not repeated.[2] The number 1679 was chosen because it is a semiprime (the product of two prime numbers) and therefore can only be broken down into 23 rows and 73 columns, or 73 rows and 23 columns. This assumes that those who read it will choose to arrange it as a rectangle. The information arranged the first way (23 rows, 73 columns) produces jumbled nonsense, but if arranged the second way (73 rows, 23 columns) it forms the image shown on the right (assuming the bits are arranged from left to right and the rows are arranged from top to bottom;otherwise a flipped image is formed), which is assumed to be recognizable as data.[3] oReading the image from top to bottom and left to right, it can be divided into 7 parts that state (or show) the following:

1. the numbers one (1) through ten (10);
2. the atomic numbers of the elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, which make up deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA);
3. the formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA;
4. the number of nucleotides in DNA, and a graphic of the double helix structure of DNA;
5. a graphic figure of a man, the dimension (physical height) of an average man, and the human population of Earth;
6. a graphic of Earth’s solar system; and
7. a graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope and the dimension (the physical diameter) of the transmitting antenna dish.

Because it will take 25,000 years for the message to reach its intended destination of stars (and an additional 25,000 for any reply), the Arecibo message was more a demonstration of human technological achievement than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials.

Dr. Frank Drake, then at Cornell University and creator of the famous Drake equation, wrote the message, with help from Carl Sagan, among others. Whether or not this message has any ostensible effects, it has nevertheless forced humanity to consider how it might communicate with extrasolar beings, and what the contents of any such communications might be.


What a find Goz!

I will tell you something … what jumped out at me immediately.

…the globular star cluster M13
…and the year 1974.

Thank you very very much for the image and the huge huge clue goz.

Now that accounts for the WHITE CIRCLE, now we need to find its cheery chiral stellar scaler sol-mate, the BLACK RECTANGLE.

Here it is.
Ever heard of Milagro?
The Milagro Gamma-Ray Observatory

Milagro, the Spanish word for miracle, is a new type of astronomical telescope. Like conventional telescopes, Milagro is sensitive to light but the similarities end there. Whereas “normal” astronomical telescopes view the Universe in visible light, Milagro “sees” the Universe at very high energies. The “light” that Milagro sees is about 1 trillion times more energetic than visible light. While these particles of light, known as photons, are the same as the photons that make up visible light, they behave quite differently simply because they are much more energetic.

Getting VERY VERY close to the dirty secret the MASTERS are hiding from us…

inspired and
full on

Rolling Eyes
Golem, what does the “G” in the Compass and Square represent?

God, Goat, Gold or Geometry?

‘Google’ everything I say silly Razz


To Bee or not to Bee?

The BEEhive known as the Omphalos.

update: Monday August 6th, 2007

Here I present one of my favorite blogs.

Why are the bees dying?
The info is too profound to be buried by arguments of commercial vs. organic methods of bee keeping.
I was inspired by this following thread.
…and after posting this particular piece I was kicked off that ‘mainstream’ forum…why?

Feel free to participate on whichever thread you deem more important…central to the issue.

This is what the BUZZ should be about.
Bees possess chiral awareness.

Read the following list of 15 chiral curiosities to see how important this behavior is. This list was taken directly from a ‘Technical Manual’ provided to a sales team.
A sales team whose Mission Statement is to sell cosmetics.

Please note the profound substances that are chiral, without which we would NOT be here.

DNA, amino acids, carbohydrates and crystals ALL share one thing, chiral asymmetry.
All the building blocks of life participate in chiral behaviors.

Update Aug 16 / 2007 : neutrinos also exhibit a chiral awareness or preference … may I suggest as my theory continues to penetrate into the smallest (microcosmic) particles … my theory begins to connect the dots to a much bigger (macrocosmic) picture.

Is this a coincidence or part of an underlying structure of design, indicative of Intelligent Design?

Not long ago, before 1957 physicists believed the world was structured along the lines of symmetry. Then one weekend in 1957 the scientists realized that in the battle of matter vs. anti-matter, the fact matter was proclaimed victor suggested that the Universe was NOT symmetrical. They should annihilate each other BUT the residue left over, the matter that we call stardust, are the building blocks of all the stars and other lifeforms that exist in the ‘Matterial’ World.

And there was another event in 1957 that also contributed toward the world changing.
I was born in the same year they realized the Universe is an asymmetrical illusion…

But asymmetry and symmetry and parity took on new meaning in 1957.
In 1957 pregnant women were still allowed to take Thalidomide in Canada where I was born.
Thalidomide has very curious properties in regards to chiral asymmetry.
So does AZT.

So please read the following blog and then decide for yourself if 1957 was a significant year, if the discovery that we live in an asymmetrical universe was an important discovery.
For one obvious reasons I think 1957 was a GREAT YEAR!!!

1/ Human DNA is a helical structure made up of chiral nucleotides. If not for these molecules handedness, DNA could not form and we would NOT be here. STOP!
Before we proceed we must first acknowledge how profound this truly is.Without the concept of left or right handedness, the DNA Blueprint builds NOTHING.Life simply would NOT evolve…DNA + Chiral asymmetry = LIFE

2/ Amino acids – can be either left or right-handed, yet we can only metabolize left-handed amino acids; whereas right-handed ones cannot be utilized by the body to build protein, although somemay offer therapeutic benefits.

3/ Carbohydrates – sugars – are also chiral. Humans only metabolize right-handed glucose, of which there is abundance. Left-handed glucose, which can only be produced in limited quantities due toits higher cost, although just as sweet, passes through the digestive system untouched. The most notable exception amongst predominantly right-handed sugars is L-ascorbic acid or Vitamin C – the only carbohydrate considered essential in human nutrition.

Most of those familar with my writings know I have a fascination with the number 4

4/ Bees can distinguish between different enantiomers of sugar. They will eat sugar of one hand, but not of the other. From plants they will gather the nectar containing sugar of one hand, but not of the other. Bees are therefore enantio-selective or chirally aware.

Yes the fact Bees have a chiral awareness becomes a very important aspect to consider.

Are they not our MAIN pollinators of many animals primary food source?

So do not be quick to marginalize the profound aha chiral asymmetry suggests!
The evidence I have also gathered suggests that the egalitarian cultures that preceded the Judeao / Christian cultural rise were chirally aware cultures.

It was a time when the LEFT hand knew what the RIGHT was doing.

And this was reflected in the structure of the colony, it too was made in a honeycomb fashion.But it was also a time of Goddess worship, there were NO priests, fewer wars and left handed people were not considered sinister or evil.Each hive had a Goddess or Queen Bee…men were simply drones.

5) The human nose is the most chirally aware of the senses. (and I can smell the Corporate RATS trapped by TRUTH)

The nose smells the shape of a molecule, instead of the expected vibratory energy levels. It actually relies on the handedness (chirality) of molecules. Left-handed carvone has the odor of green mint, while right-handed carvone is the essence of caraway aroma. KYRA, is the first product line in the world to improve on aromatherapy by creating chirally corrected aromatherapy or chiroma-therapy, to enhance the therapy: aroma ratio of natural aromatic compounds.

6) The sense of taste is also very chirally discriminating. It recognizes most synthetically produced right-handed amino acids as sweet, as opposed to the naturally occurring left handed ones which are often either tasteless or even bitter.

7) Right-handed pheromones can be hundreds of times more potent than their mirror images

8  Crystals, not surprisingly, are predominantly chiral compounds exhibiting optical activity in very obvious and visible ways (although not always when in solution). The lipid bilayers of membranes throughout the body are liquid crystals composed of hydroxy acid units. Liquid crystals are unique because they exhibit dual chirality: they are optically active like solid crystals and optically active like solutions. This is known as birefringence.

Crystals and OPTICS exhibit chiralty too?
Read the following.

Here is an interesting quote:Dr Bagnall of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University says, when we started to consider which chiral geometries would be most suitable for our experiments it was impossible for us to ignore the swastika, it squareness equates to an absence of optical birefringence at normal incidence, and the straight horizontal and vertical lines can be readily drawn at a nano length scales using electron beam lithography.The team at Southampton have found that the interaction between light and their two dimensional chiral metamaterials, can cause changes in polarization state that were only previously observed as a result of interactions with three dimensional materials.
The group are continuing to experiment with the wide range of chiral geometries, Triskella (such as the symbol that represents the Isle of man), spirals and some chiral fractals can gain us additional functionality, and while we are still at an early stage in our experiments we can already anticipate applications in optoelectronics, laser physics and optical communications, says Dr Bagnall. This is especially true, as technologists are increasingly using polarization state as a means of carrying information in applications such as quantum cryptography

So in addition to the swastika they are also toying with one of the swastika’s symbolic cousins residing on the Isle of Man, the Triskella.

..And where could quantum cryptography come into play in the near future?

“Beam me up Scotty” is the technology the mysterious THEY seek.

The following from The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 350 December 10, 1997 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein summarizes this important development.“Quantum teleportation has been experimentally demonstrated by physicists at the University of Innsbruck (Anton Zeilinger, 011-43-676-305-8608, anton.zeilinger@ uibk.ac.at ; Dik Bouwmeester, Dik.Bouwmeester@uibk.ac.at ).First proposed in 1993 by Charles Bennett of IBM (914-945-3118), quantum teleportation allow physicists to take a photon (or any other quantum-scale particle, such as an atom), and transfer its properties (such as its polarization) to another photon–even if the two photons are on opposite sides of the galaxy.
Note that this scheme transports the particle’s properties to the remote location and not the particle itself. And as with Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, whose body is destroyed at the teleporter and reconstructed at his destination, the state of the original photon must be destroyed to create an exact reconstruction at the other end.In the Innsbruck experiment, the researchers create a pair of photons A and B that are quantum mechanically “entangled”: the polarization of each photon is in a fuzzy, undetermined state, yet the two photons have a precisely defined interrelationship. If one photon is later measured to have, say, a horizontal polarization, then the other photon must “collapse” into the complementary state of vertical polarization.
In the experiment, one of the entangled photons A arrives at an optical device at the exact time as a “message” photon M whose polarization state is to be teleported. These two photons enter a device where they become indistinguishable, thus effacing our knowledge of M’s polarization (the equivalent of destroying Kirk).What the researchers have verified is that by ensuring that M’s polarization is complementary to A’s, then B’s polarization would now have to assume the same value as M’s.In other words, although M and B have never been in contact, B has been imprinted with M’s polarization value, across the whole galaxy, instantaneously. [as ketamin implies for the eti]This does not mean that faster-than-light information transfer has occurred. The people at the sending station must still convey the fact that teleportation had been successful by making a phone call or using some other light-speed or sub-light-speed means of communication. While physicists don’t foresee the possibility of teleporting large-scale objects like humans, this scheme will have uses in quantum computing and cryptography. (D. Bouwmeester et al., Nature, 11 Dec 1997).”http://www.akasha.de/~aton/NUnews.html

“In the beginning there was light”

Here are the final 7 chiral curiosities I found in *KYRA’s Technical Manual promoting a “Fountain of Youth”. However these promises to cheat the dissolution of matter (aging) come at a very high price of course. This Manual has one primary motive … to profit from people’s vanity. To enrich the shareholder.

(*Kyra is the name of a Pharma Corp., and cosmetics is the illusion they dabble in)

9) Methyldopa, a classic treatment for high blood pressure, owes its effectiveness to the left-handed enantiomer alone.10) L-ketamine is anesthetic, while the right-handed KYRA is an excitant, which can cause psychic disorders.

11) Chloromycetin – a synthetic antibiotic has only one of its enantiomers that is therapeutically active.

12) The famous herbal aphrodisiac yohimbine occurs in plants in both left and right-handed forms, but only one hand is responsible for its desirable vasodilation effects, while the other hand virtually negates it. Clearly, here is a case where the whole natural extract is virtually useless andwould be better separated.

13) Nicotine occurs in tobacco in its L form. The D form is less addictive and less toxic. Wouldnt providing tobacco with the same calming effects as regular tobacco, but not as addictive and not as toxic, be an improvement on nature? Isn’t this an example of being better than natural?

14) Mothers who belonged to the old school demanded that their children say hello to the gentleman or lady with the proper hand.

I love what is behind door #15.
Everything goes round in circles, and circles + linear movement, actually presents itself as a more elliptical path, traveling in clockwise or counter-clockwise ascending or descending spirals.

15) In both the old and new worlds a left-handed (anticlockwise) swastika was considered an inoffensive, even revered mystic symbol. Ironically, the nazi fascists used its enantiomorphic mirror image (the right-handed clockwise form) as their party emblem and symbol of hate and anti-Semitism.

Yes, as earlier mentioned, the swastika exhibits chiral asymmetry.

“In the beginning there was light” *

(sounds like an echo to me)

* This LIGHT however was accompanied by SOUND … so I am told.
However we have actual evidence of that sound. It is recorded throughout the Universe.
It is known as Cosmic Background Radiation. And it is one of the cornerstones in formulating the elusive Theory of Everything. Is that not true Mr. Hawking?
By analogy if there are no witnesses to hear the Tree of Life fall in the forest, does it still make a sound?
I can only respond … do we hear trees ‘growing’?
Silence is indeed ‘golden‘ and related directly to the audible ‘range’ of our ability to hear certain frequencies. This analogy also holds true of not only sound but also holds true about light.
We can only see a silver of reality manifested in a very narrow band of light between the colors deep red and violet, which the electromagnetic light spectrum clearly illustrates. What we see contains the frequencies that give rise to matter manifestation. Between infrared and ultraviolet blue is the visible realm. Our collective illusion in the form of matter resides there. Everything beyond these two boundaries is part of the invisible realm.

The electro-magnetic light spectrum reveals itself as a ‘life-cycle’ of light. It has a beginning, a very bright and white light representing the Big Bang and the Big Crunch would be an apt ending as we are swallowed by the violet or dark light of a Black Hole.

And can I suggest because the narrowly focused experts have not yet conclusively ‘mapped out or measured or quantified’ this invisible quantum realm, always seeking empirical evidence before moving on, having little faith, utilizing even less intuition, unable to make the quantum leap of understanding, as a result it is we who still reside in the dark ages.
As a result, the fallen man manufactures his own heat and light with very little awareness.

Heat and light are the products of Fire.
The mythical gift of Fire by Prometheus liberated man from the cycles of day and night, because he now had the technology to replace the Sun and the Moon.See why Zeus might be pissed off?
Fire was the seed of ALL technologies that mankind employed to control heat and light.
Man and God thus became thermodynamic co-creators.

Daydreaming aside, we must realize and acknowledge as a collective how profound that is, DNA, I repeat, DNA the blueprint of life itself, and the swastika are profoundly connected with the process of life creation.
Yes they are and science has proved this in many countless applications!!!

The swastika’s association to religion and pagan societies is also without challenge.
I have also just shown, using only chiral asymmetry, the swastika’s connections to life creation. And in metaphor the Nazis showed how this symbol can also be associated with destruction. Is it a coincidence that both aspects, the clockwise and counter clockwise swastikas are associated with most of the 5 Cradle Civilizations?

Thus I have accomplished a feat many have attempted and failed, including Sir Isaac Newton.

Read my other posts regarding the swastika and it soon becomes clear, this symbol unites, it reconciles religion and science quite profoundly.

Yes evidently my claim is that I have reconciled science and religion using the very ancient swastika.

But the funnymentalists and fundamentalists entrenched within the Western Judaeo/Christians power structure will need to return this sacred symbol. Both versions of the swastika belong to the collective consciousness and unconsciousness of humanity.

Science proves this.
Religion proves this.
I offer a few more examples.

1/ Many Jewish synagogues have had swastikas removed because of its association with the Nazis pre and post WWII.
2/ As an amulet the swastika was the most common cross carried by the pagan Christians, pre-Constantine, and it was Constantine the Roman who embraced Christianity but replaced the pagan swastika with first his visionary Chi-Rho and then later followed by the infamous Crucifix.
3/ Your left and right hands also display chiral asymmetry. Place your hands together in prayer. By bringing your hands together … you bring balance by matching the chiral halves. That would explain why the swastika as an amulet was so popular in Rome … prior to Constantine. The swastika was embraced by those that Constantine needed to convert to a one size fits all Christian theology. Hence he manufactured a ‘vision’ for all the people to embrace … the Chi Rho.
4/ Also in Judaism, the sacred symbol, essentially a weave, known as Solomon’s Knot is constructed using the swastika and I can further show how both these symbols, Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika are profoundly connected to what is referred to as The Great Year.
A term that measures the ecliptic or orbit of our Sol (soul ?).
Our Sol is the Sun. And our Sol’s journey or path through Space is calculated to be approximately 25920 years…in contrast the Earth completes one orbit in about 365.24 days.
The Moon’s orbit is about 27.3 days. And we as the Micro individuals complete one orbit in 24 hours. And it can be easily proved that the Sun and each and every individual is made of the same stardust.
It is only important to understand that we are ALL only at different stages or levels of evolution / creation.
i.e. what if each star in the universe formed represents a person who has evolved to a higher state of being, from all planetary sources …?

And then once you realize the Swastika is also connected to telling accurate TIME and forecasting the future … ahaaaa!!!

This is a very sacred ancient symbol THEY have marginalized with intent, since the time of Constantine. Flashing the swastika in conjunction with skeletal bodies and crimes against humanity. It can be shown this ancient sacred symbol was being resurrected by a renewed interest in eastern mysticism late in the 19th century and early 20th century, even being referred to as The KEY to Universal Movement.

The Niven Tablets found in the Valley of Mexico (where Mexico City now is) which made reference to the swastika as The Key to Universal Movement when missing when being transported back in the 1920s.

Also people such as Madame Blavatsky, renowned mystic and the Grand Dame of the esoteric were again challenging long held western beliefs, dogmas that had been reinforced using inquistions and spreading the ‘Word of Godusing colonialism to expand the Christian Empire to the 4 corners of the globe, selling a one size fits all X-L T– shirt.

Probably had a crucifix (T) emblazoned on it.

Yes I imagine a collective awakening is always seen as a threat by the Vatican.
Who I ponder is responsible for associating crimes against humanity, death, destruction, and attempts of cultural genocide with this symbol?
Why has the black, white and red swastika for the past 60+ years been negatively portrayed only in WESTERN society?

And though it is illegal to display the swastika in Germany, many world religions still have a reverence for this symbol, including the Iranians!

And who promotes the swastika as negative?
By no coincidence it is by design. It has it’s roots in a cultural and theological bias, it is those who kiss the CRUCIFIX and those who have a blue HEXAGRAM on their national flag that oppose the swastika.
THEY are the THEY.

Here we have 2 more symbols we can trace back to the pagans.
The crucifix and the hexagram.
The pagan cultures predated the Jews and Christians, pagan cultures from whom the Judaeo/Christians essentially STOLE the rites and rituals of those who came before them…and naturally this would happen.
This was a time long before lawyers started defending intellectual property rights.
Ask Bill Gates.

The false Prophets have profited from the selling of stolen goods and services (slavery) for eons. Now they even have a goods and services tax. (GST)

Then the Vatican fell silent during the Jewish Holocaust, and the Vatican (please note the church is a self-appointed mediator between man and god … is this not true? … and they just happen to appoint themselves!), and by taking a vow of silence while crimes against humanity were being perpetrated, the Vatican thus became an accomplice in the crime. The Vatican became a silent partner supporting the actions of a ego-manic (Hitler) who saw himself as Aryan Messiah.

Hell, I bet the Vatican even gave Hitler money to build the concentration camps and gas chambers to finally deal with their nemesis from Genesis.

And what treasures stolen through a manufactured HIStory (a history which THEY helped write, being the ‘victorious’), what artifacts of TRUTH are THEY hiding in the catacombs that exist beneath this untouchable gold and teflon plated City State known as the Vatican?

Eh, don’t you ever wonder?

Now is it also possible to link the former ‘Nazi Empire’ to the modern day bio-pharma-chemical and cosmetics industries?

This is by far too easy…but not the intent of this blog today. For those of you that have an interest in following this particular trail of criminal activity and deceit … work backwards through TIME . Start here, google / do a web search of … “I.G. Farben and Thalidomide and chiral”.
I.G. Farben presents themselves as one of the THEY.

The fact that the cosmetics industry is pouring billions into the study of chiral compounds speaks volumes also.
Follow the money…find out where the R&D is leading humanity.
CHIRAL correct compounds are being marketed as an ‘An Anti-Aging Miracle’ or as a ‘Fountain of Youth’.
These words and claims were made in that manual that has gone ‘missing’ from the Internet.
The manipulation of chiral asymmetry will also bring claims of longevity, claims will be made to lengthen the life of man … a magic potion concocted to extend one’s life to a mythical 900 years, just like Moses.
At a cost of course.
The false prophets seek the profits. This is the first step in identifying the corporate THEY.
Oy vey.

UPDATE Please note: to the reader … the above link I had provided to this TECHNICAL MANUAL has been removed!

Wow I have such influence by exposing the truth?

I find this move by the corporation (SuperNatural Alternatives Ltd.) to remove any link about my discoveries, about the swastika and chiral compounds to their cosmetic line called KYRA, very, very revealing.

The truth be known though they themselves made the link available on the Internet to a TECHNICAL MANUAL. A manual to be used as a tool, to inform and to be used by their sales staff.

And not only has KYRA removed the TECHNICAL MANUAL, but even in a word search of ‘KYRA swastika chiral dna’, and in fact all these words do appear together in this manual … so there should be a hit … but the word kyra is no longer associated together in a word search with swastika dna or chiral.

WTF is going on?
I seem to have pointed out a connection that is all-encompassing. Along the way I forced a corporation to alter their marketing strategy.

So sadly the following info I suggested you link too, therefore is no longer available … (i.e. I had suggested you mainly need to read starting at page 4, the chapter called Chirality 101 and may I remind the flock here that my favorite number is number 4, who here would DARE challenge that? Read my blogs about the number 4)

Well it is a good thing I have lapses where I seem to have a photographic memory, I call this gift of prophecy, ‘short term memory gain‘.
I will see if I can remember the highlights of that manual … after all it was only science that had been already published elsewhere.
(stay tuned for further updates…)

But books on ancient Jewish myth, magic and mysticism gives us more clues to the unraveling of a truth obscured through the manipulation of Time itself.

Chirality and Cosmetics present themselves as part of Biblical prophecy.

Let me explain.
In ancient Jewish History, the use of amulets by the biblical Israelites is criticized, as is astrology and lapidary.
(lapidary … the word means “concerned with stones”)

Amulets are included as a list of vanities and luxuries (cosmetics included) associated with women, to be resisted.

So the 3 areas of curiosity, the KNOWLEDGE we should NOT consume from the mythical Tree of Good and Evil found in the Garden of Eden (by the way this is the tree Eve ate from), are in analogy connected to the Heaven above, Heaven below and the firmament that separates the two.

1/ Astrology deals with the heavens above, that which is OUTSIDE of the Earth, everything visible to the naked eye … the MACROCOSMIC realm.
2/ Lapidary (the word means concerned with stones) deals with the heaven below, INSIDE the EARTH, inside what we cannot see, the invisible world represented by the MICROCOSM.
3/ Amulets and Cosmetics were warned against. That which is above is the same as below and they meet in the middle.
A realm where the Microcosmic man uses cosmetics to create his illusions of beauty, or is it a metaphor to indicate we should NOT cover up reality?

Thus humanity is to resist tampering ‘ with an already ‘perfect’ creation that needs to be understood properly before being exploited mindlessly. With only profit being given primary consideration in deciding how to structure a society is pure folly.
Much of what we do, our efforts seem to negate the ‘Creation’ and make it worse…in the end.

Trying to survive within the Creation by altering it as little as possible is quite the ‘game’…a game called sustainability, a game ruled by the indisputable, infallible, supreme Laws of Thermodynamics.
Laws that Einstein believed would stand the test of TIME itself.

Consuming all that surrounds you, blindly, without discipline is the game we find ourselves presently immersed in…and it appears to be a fools game.

Evidently Bees and salmon are not immune to human tinkering, being fed anti-biotic because they are stressed out…are we nuts treating our food source in this manner?

I suggest modern man’s intellect, void of spiritually, profoundly exhibiting a chiral unawareness, the fallen ‘man playing god’, should stop.

By the way, the legendary ‘Killer Bees’ were also the result of man tinkering with genetics.
And apparently the Bees are becoming mutinous.
They too have become tired of man’s pride and ego tinkering with the Creation in a foolish haphazard manner.

disclaimer: To Be or not to Bee?

To Be chirally aware like Bees?
Apparently in a profound metaphorical aspect…this is indeed the question.
The child’s tale of ‘The Birds and the Bees’ also takes on new mythical and scientific meaning.
Please be aware what I present could be difficult to google, to verify…very little peer review exists.
Because I am the author of this theory.
That means unfortunately that many will be at a disadvantage because you have not awakening the intuition necessary to understand the evidence I present.
You need experts to tell you how it is so…to help you understand.
I personally have stood in the crossfire between the experts long enough to know their aim, based their own bias or perception is not very good at hitting its intended target.
I gave a surgeon half my thyroid.
His aim was poor…yet I still helped him make a mortgage payment.

Non-chirally aware humans (the paradox is that it is mainly the smart scientists), tinkering with the creation with a blatant unawareness, f%$#! it up, is part of the bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

THEY study chiral science as I have indicated above.

THEY study symmetry and asymmetry.
It is the wave/s of the future.

As I have pointed out the cosmetics and bio-pharma-chemical fields pour huge sums of R&D into the study of chiral compounds.
Follow the money…

Our ancient ancestors were chirally aware.
They ‘played’ out a cultural balance between the left and right…they tried to mirror the creation in how they structured their communities and temples and this is the main reason for rite and ritual and rote, it is an acknowledgment of an underlying foundation of truth, that must be respected.

Did you know it was Louis Pasteur who discovered chiral science?
This was Louis’ true gift overlooked.
I contend that Pasteur’s observations of chiral asymmetry, far outweighs his other discoveries.
Some people think pasteurization is more about political bullshit anyway. A milk industry more interested in trying to control the distribution and manufacture of the cow’s milk, more than actually producing safe milk.
Ask many dairy farmers in New Zealand about the options.
But chiral science is not bovine, it is a divine ACT…without a doubt.
Remember without the geometric benefits of ‘chiral asymmetry’, DNA would not form, and life would NOT take hold.
We would simply be a ‘flash in the peter pan petri dishes’.
We would be the little lifeforms who never grew up.

If there are no esoteric swirling movements at the quantum level of existence, symbolized by swirling swastikas….no life evolves apparently.

Work on chirality and the polarization of light In Pasteur’s early works as a chemist, he resolved a problem concerning the nature of tartaric acid (1849). A solution of this compound derived from living things (specifically, wine lees) rotated the plane of polarization of light passing through it. The mystery was that tartaric acid derived by chemical synthesis had no such effect, even though its reactions were identical and its elemental composition was the same.Upon examination of the minuscule crystals of Sodium ammonium tartrate, Pasteur noticed that the crystals came in two asymmetric forms that were mirror images of one another. Tediously sorting the crystals by hand gave two forms of the compound: solutions of one form rotated polarized light clockwise, while the other form rotated light counterclockwise. An equal mix of the two had no polarizing effect on light.
Pasteur correctly deduced the molecule in question was asymmetric and could exist in two different forms that resemble one another as would left- and right-hand gloves, and that the organic form of the compound consisted purely of the one type.As the first demonstration of chiral molecules, it was quite an achievement, but Pasteur then went on to his more famous work in the field of biology/medicine.

This ‘wrong turn’, this delay in scientific confirmation, as part of man’s scientific history, will be one of the chapters in my book called ‘CodeX4, Myth before Math‘.
The rotating, polarized ‘bending’ or manipulation of light was a much bigger deal than boiling milk and killing bacteria.
We know that now.
After all today we use ultra-violet ‘polarized’ light to kill bacteria and viruses.

Which brings us back to the swastika again.

Probably why it keeps gettin’ put down by the powers that BEE.
But here I offer 2 more powerful associations with Bees and ancient knowledge which found its way into myth and scriptures.

What is the Omphalos?

An omphalos is a religious stone artifact in the ancient world. In Greek, the word omphalos means “navel” (compare the name of Queen Omphale). According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world to meet at its center, the “navel” of the world. Omphalos stones used to denote this point were erected in several areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; the most famous of those was at the oracle in Delphi.Most accounts locate the Omphalos in the temple adyton near the Pythia. The stone itself (which may have been a copy) has a carving of a knotted net covering its surface, and has a hollow centre, which widens towards its base (illustrated, to the right).
The Omphalos at Delphi came to be identified as the stone which Rhea wrapped in swaddling clothes, pretending it was Zeus. This was to deceive Cronus, his father, who swallowed his children so they could not grow up and depose him as he had deposed his own father, Uranus.
Omphalos stones were said to allow direct communication with the gods. Leicester Holland (1933) has suggested that the stone was hollow to channel intoxicating vapours breathed by the Oracle. Erwin Rohde wrote that the Python at Delphi was an earth spirit, who was conquered by Apollo, and buried under the Omphalos, and that it is a case of one god setting up his temple on the grave of another.Christian destruction of the site in the 4th century at the order of Emperors Theodosius and Arcadius makes all suggestions about its use tentative.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omphalos

And the Omphalos is profoundly connected to the Oracle of Delphi who gave the sage eternal advice …

” Man Know Thyself “

And somewhere between the ancient sage advice suggesting we know both halves of the gender equation, reuniting the hermaphrodite, (the feminine and masculine principles), residing within each of us somehow was translated into the concept of ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.
This is a German phrase meaning “work brings freedom” or “work shall set you free/will free you” or “work liberates” and, literally in English, “work makes free”.

The slogan, “Arbeit macht frei,” was placed at the entrances to a number of Nazi concentration camps, not as a mockery, not even literally – as a false promise that those who worked to exhaustion would eventually be released – but rather “as a kind of mystical declaration that self-sacrifice in the form of endless labour does in itself bring a kind of spiritual freedom.”

It was suggested in the quote above that as a result of the Omphalos being destroyed by the Christians, its meaning had been obscured.
Until now
I do ponder the obvious.
Why do Christians have a HIStorical penchant for going around the world destroying and rebuilding? This behavior continues today. Witness the ‘rebuilding of Iraq’.

Until now the meaning of the BEEhive has been obscured. Science has liberated the TRUTH from the clutches of those who seek the Power and the Glory. Or is it the Gory?

It is only through seeking a unity that the answer to the significance of the BEE-HIVE is revealed. The BeeHive was represented by the Omphalos stone, which we know is associated with the birth of ZEUS…

My intuitive suggestion makes the most sense, all the other literary, self-centered cultural bias pale in comparison to the implications of the bigger picture I am pointing out here.

Chiral asymmetry is the answer to why we showed reverence for bees and the structure of their society…and it also suggests what was substituted and DESTROYED in place of ZEUS.

quoted from above… “the Omphalos at Delphi came to be identified as the stone which Rhea wrapped in swaddling clothes, pretending it was Zeus. This was to deceive Cronus, his father, who swallowed his children so they could not grow up and depose him as he had deposed his own father, Uranus”.

So the story suggests ZEUS lived and the Omphalos was instead destroyed. Thus the underlying structure of the Beehive substituted, was instead destroyed in place of ZEUS.
And we also know that CHronos is associated with Saturn and TIME.
What does it mean in metaphor, ‘to escape being consumed by TIME’, using deception?

And as I have suggested … Bees are the diplomats buzzing about a truth, they exist as the main pollinators in the Garden of Eden. And the busy bees have a cheery chiral awareness, which can be associated with egalitarian balanced cultures that predate Egypt and the Exodus that followed.

Like the egalitarian society in Turkey called Catal Hoyuk, circa 6500 B.C.E.
In Catal the structures had no windows or doors, entry was through one hatch in the ceiling. From the air looking down, the clusters of homes looked like a beehive. Only Goddesses need apply within this power structure, NO male temple priests are allowed within the structure of this culture’s hierarchy…Until the deluge occurred giving the stronger male Patriarchs an opportunity to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER in the chaos and confusion.

The other example suggesting a ‘GENDER COUP’ took place is in reference to the ‘Alchemical Rose’… related to the Rosy Cross.
Related to the Rosicrucian.

See the bees again in this symbol?

Is a 7 petaled Rose significant?
Why bother placing the bee within this profound symbol?
Am I too assume the 7 petals on a rose is a coincidence and has no significance to the 7 chakras discussed in eastern mysticism?
What about those ‘spider webs’ we see in the distance. The fact it is broken into 7 triangles and not 8 is coincidental too? Wnat is the relationship of an octagon to the 5 Platonic solids?
Should I stop with my foolish analogies or should humanity wake up?
Open those ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ before it is too late.
You might miss the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity that 2012 presents all of us.
These is an opportunity that is part of a long term cycle.
We are very fortunate to find ourselves in this position as a collective.

How can you start to disengage from the lies, the manufactured illusions?
Take a Media fast. NO TV, NO newspapers, or at least try to reduce your exposure.
No BBC, CBC, CBS, FOX or CNN or other networks marketing profitable crappola programming, or newspapers bought and paid for by the funnyandmental-ist Judaeo-Islamic-Christians.
And crap eastern TV programming should be avoided too.

I speak of Unity because I see Unity because I seek Unity. I can also hear Unity.
Others speak of ‘their’ beliefs based on their own ‘literal’ self-serving interpretations, along the way claiming ‘we are the chosen’.
I feel Unity comes through the figurative interpretations that we can ALL relate too!

NOT the self-serving patriarchal interpretations we have been witness to since the last deluge.

Since the Flood we have been deluded because the TRUTH became diluted.



p.s. A PATENT search of ‘chiral’ returned nearly 17,000 HITS!

The above link now says there are ‘No Matches’.
Why does the company ‘Patent Storm’ now show no matches for the query?
The actions by these companies seem to implicate them.

Why haven’t you heard about this ‘puzzling piece’ of truth called chirality, a concept that helps complete the puzzle rather well?

There is more of course … 1957 = 1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22 Hebrew letters = 2+ 2 = 4 = 4 ROYAL STARS is the answer to the question…What is X?



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

The Armageddon Party

Bill Back wrote:
When we look another in the eye, we see a reflection of our self and the realm around us in the convex surface of the eye. As we peer into the center pupil we see infinity, like looking out into space at night.
The iris shows the color, tone, vibration, of where others are coming from. The white and /or red, like the twinkle, shows our soul. (Don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes.)

Do not underestimate the symbolic importance of the colors RED and WHITE.
Two of the 4 colors on the medicine wheel representing 2 of the 4 Races.
The 2 colors positioned as steps 2 and 3 in Alchemy…the Philosopher’s Stone are white and red, positioned between black and yellow.

Bill we really screwed up big time, this is what HIStory suggests to me.
With a little insight using Alchemy I now realize that the prophecized EGO and PRIDE and GREED and desire was the undoing of Western Civilization.
The decline of Western Civilization I will argue BEGAN when we crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge en masse.

The prophecy of the fall of man was solidified when the white man arriving on the shores of the New World, arrived looking for only one thing, he was in search of the material GOLD…and rumors of material Gold allowed the feeble mind of man to expand westward, looking for nuggets in the ground and ignoring the nuggets within.
Here was an opportunity for a reconciliation of male and female principles represented by two distinct and different cultures.

It turned out to be a missed opportunity.
Sadly this feeble Judeao/Christian mind was further weakened because it was filled with a self-serving literal interpretation of a wisdom, coded into Oral Tradition that was really meant for ALL to hear.
The western mind filled with devils and demons and ghosts, FEARED the unknown westward lands because that was the hemisphere where the Sun of God died each night … like Prometheus another messenger of light whose liver was affected by the passing of day into night.
A cycle of time is implied.
The EXODUS was the passing of Power from the female right hemispheric prinicple to the left hemisphere of the mind where the patriarch resides cloaked in logic and rationale.

The Indians were offering something better … they were offering a Spiritual Gold.
These ancient societies I have come to realize were chirally balanced.
The EXODUS upset the balance, and continues to do so because their Chosen attitudes refuse to acknowledge cheery chirality. Their less than cheery attitudes thus has lead to the Armageddon Party.

Do ya notice how the balanced individuals are staying away?

So what did we do to the Mesoamerican Indians?
…We stole land that really belongs to no one, and in return offered them trinkets made from the resources that ‘grow’ on the land that we stole from them. An apt analogy would be stealing the press that prints the money and just printing them money using the very same press…
And hundreds of years later we are blowing up mosques in holy cities like Fallujah in Iraq, only to replace them with shopping malls.

Yes it was time for the Fall U Jah. (jah = god)
The fall of a spiritual god and the apparent rise of the Money-theistic God in his place and its accompanying graven image has been responsible for placing many of this Cult’s followers in their graves.
What is their symbol?
What symbol do the mythical and metaphorical and archetypal THEY worship?
No secret here. The book and concept called The Secret was all about manufacturing more of this secret of alchemy.
Yes it is all about the transmutation of the inner gold but most of us spend to much time shining and buffing the stuff that shines on the outside and as always we default to sweeping the stuff on the inside under the rug where it cannot be seen.

This is the symbol THEY want everyone to have on their mind and THEY want to fool us to believe it is a positive symbol capable of healing all woes.

I suggest in an upside down world that the swastika and the dollar sign exchange roles.
We acknowledge that meditating on the dollar sign is bad and mediating on the symbol representing a creation process as good.

This is profound and true realization and very necessary to the global healing process and obviously I am way ahead of current thinking because I FEEL more than I think.
And this is becoming more and more obvious as I engage the intellectuals…


Bill Back wrote:
Writing back and forth and back and forth in an online forum must be mutual to be successful. This is what we have here, like waves coming together from all directions to form the standing waves that we experience. How about the point of view that there are no possessions, we only get to use this stuff while we are here. Can’t take it with you. All these things are actually, one big wave going in and out and in and out like the squeeze box from Who?. So let us use the waves to realize the unity that we always have…

Yes Bill there are many philosophers here at WSM but the realities always seem to point toward a different consciousness…

A philosopher is often someone who uses his mind NOT drugs to escape the apparent BS of life.
I find I need both to help me cope with the WMD THEY keep employing all around me.


Weapons of Mass Deception



p.s. we are at the same crossroads we were when we crossed the Ocean long ago. We have learned what?
We are sailing back EAST with what knowledge what wisdom after hundreds of years of WESTERN exploration and discovery?

WTF and WMD is all we are returning with.

Mission has failed, everyone report to the Middle East. Arrow Arrow
Do not pass Go … straight to a jail imposed by the feeble mind.

Schizophrenia and The Magnificent Seven

cynicalheretic wrote:
I was just curious, I realize I speak out of my ass sometimes, but it seems to me that a serious case of dementia / schizophrenia has taken over the board.

Hey CH, I agree…on at least 2 counts! Shocked
That is a rare occurrence between you and I.

A/ I agree with you. You do often speak out of your ass where the sounds emanating, the pitch and the volley are controlled by your 2 sphincters, yes ewe have 2.
Most people are not aware of the other sphincter I shall refer to as Sphinx for short.
It feces yeast. Very Happy
(and if you want to talk about Aker, Geb and Sun Disk…please engage me)

B/ Cynical you can do some surfin’ now that ewe have cut yourself free of the self-imposed Peak Oil descent into hell…or whatever it was that the EWE in you saw, and then decided to run and hide from….
Please google ‘earth rotation schizophrenia’ and you will see that the following inquiry provide these top 2 returns.

This thread was the second return at a myth site I participate in….on page 3, scroll down…enjoy Wink


disclaimer: Since writing that thread in Feb…I can greatly expand what I wrote with the aid of Dr. Carl Jung and Dr. Marie Louise von Franz…ewe just wait and keep on grazin’, I will deliver … I always do … Rolling Eyes
Changes In The Earth’s Rotation Are In The Wind

Changes In The Earth’s Rotation Are In The WindScience Daily — Because of Earth’s dynamic climate, winds and atmospheric pressure systems experience constant change. These fluctuations may affect how our planet rotates on its axis, according to NASA-funded research that used wind and satellite data.


In conclusion: As we approach 2012 and the earth continues to slow down…people are going to go apparently, quite fucking mad.

Not me, because I already am willing to be whatever you want to call me… Embarassed (so I am constantly being reminded of … by those who haven’t a clue about the sheeple poo that is used to cultivate not love … but war. (the Killing Fields are very very green)

This of course is tied into the electro-magnetic fields that are being altered as we continue our descent into the abyss … into the tunnel of love.

In the future, finding crazy fuckers to fight a war against people they have never met will be very, very easy if we continue this path into the darkness that is kept illuminated, souly by hydrocarbons.

That is the bad news.
The good news
is that America plans to keep most of the fuckers / gladiators, who have guns playing on the same level playing field in a stadium called Homeland America … Das Vaterland Part II … the return of the Burning Bushes Razz

Also there is more good news … I, Raphael confirm I am a product of the coming ‘earth changes’ and there will soon be many more of me. Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
(the Magnificent 7)
Rolling Eyes

In the future as my clan increases, those born of the Oral Traditions, our word of mouth will travel quickly in an age where the BIG GUY has pulled the plug. (again)
This is the tribe my ancestors belonged to and we will make a come back once the advantage of science has been removed and the Goddess returns, we will be humbled by our own collective Mother Nature … her punishment will be directly commensurate with the rape and pillage and plunder that has occurred, simply as the result of technology gone mad…with ever increasing numbers of mad people at the switches and triggers.

Yes, back then the ones to be feared, the THEY were the Schizophrenics. Shock
The Schizophrenics actually heralded from a time where the Oral Tradition ruled … it actually beckons and beacons from a time when the conscious (language and math) were in more of a harmony with the unconscious. Can I suggest that the Exodus that took place, did not take place at all in Eygpt.
Egyptian History does NOT record the fame and fabled Jewish Exodus which as I have often suggested might be instead a metaphor for the transfer of power and influence actually taking place in the mind.


Here is more food for thought to be digested by your easily influenced and programmed MIND. Confused

The female principle/ negative power/ electron/ Goddess / Priestess / right hemisphere / Oral tradition and shape (hourglass) was displaced by the male principle/ positive power/ proton / Male God / Male Priests / left hemisphere / language and numbers.
So the battle that rages outside of us … can be traced back to inside of us.
The insanity around us is manifested by us.
I and Ihztak Bentov would equate that our future lay in how the light of knowledge and scientific achievement, the consciousness of the collective, driven by apparently a ‘semitic mind’ needs to find a balance with the darkness, the unconsciousness that is found in how the complex knowledge itself was always ‘spoken’ and transmitted by sound and common archetypes that ‘uneducated’ could relate to and also relay accurately.


In the future as our worlds collide, The 7 sent to resurrect the spirit, the Yogis, the Sadu, the Seers, the Mystics, the Schizophrenics, the Shamans and the many, many Goddesses will scour the American landscape, some seeking out the wetbacks who became the I want American green(made off the) backs of others.
America has become a magnet for those who desire to belong to the proud full tribe, the patriotic (to a fault), the well equipped belligerent globe trotting citizenry, the affluent numbed and dumb and dumber who seek to be comfortably numb, at any cost.
Afterall THEY have created a hell for themselves.

The Magnificent 7 will first deliver a mythological sermon before slaying the sin within and without hurt to you, resurrecting the virtue within the spirit.

The Magnificent 7 will soon be coming to a beleaguered global village near the you…do not fear these people who are connected to their unconsciousness.

It has been the EWE within the YOU all along we should fear.
Please take the time to ‘know thyself’.
2 words of Wisdom repeated since the dawn of time.
Who said it?

See how numb and dumb ewe have become?
I do sadly. Crying or Very sad

I just want to clear up by what is meant by … “as it is Above … so it is Below”?

This is a No brainer from a male perspective.
I say let the Goddess return and bring back the Oral Traditions.

Silly Razz Here I share with you, the initiaite, I wish to share with you the secret. What is actually meant by “as it is Above … so it is Below”.
The Heaven above and the Heaven below, above and below the waist…this is the FIRMofMENt that divides and keeps me from experiencing Heaven if not attended to through Oral Traditions.
Language becomes limp if we start measuring everything.
Duh do I need to explain everything?

Hence my quest for the Goddess.



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


Here is a cut and past from another thread I participate on.

Rainman wrote:
So… in summary, this is why I do not think that any single geometric glyph is superior to any other. Are you saying that the swastika is “more important” than the interlocking triangles of the Star of David? For if you are, I can also show you a similar 3-D depiction of this geometric glyph, and I can even show you how it overlays and interacts with the swastika and it’s 3-D toroid cousin.To me, life is about RELATIONSHIPS, one thing to another, and it is in understanding the RELATIONSHIPS of one thing to another that we encounter truth.Ray

I agree about the Relationship aspect Ray.
And I am glad you brought that up.
Because the swastika…more importantly BOTH rotating swastikas are above LOVE.
What if I was to suggest a proper understanding of these symbols is The Final Solution?
Yes with the most profound irony, the symbol that has been ‘intentionally’ flashing like a beacon for the past 60 years…is in fact capable of providing humanity with The Final Solution.

Did THEY not always say it would be very obvious, right there in front of us? The TRUTH was right there in front of us all along. We just did not see it because?
Yes why because?
I will introduce the work of Marie-Louise von Franz later into the discussion to explain how chirality manifests itself in the mind…how the psyche splits with itself…fascinating shit….she worked with Dr. Carl Jung for 30-40 years.

So how do we twist the truth back into this sacred symbol?

Well for one thing do not quickly dispense with what I am about to share. Do save it on a hard drive, print it, fold it into a hexagram…I do hope to put a hex-agram on you today.

Reality Test
The swastika’s role in religion…throughout ALL the world, pagan and Christian has been well documented.
So do I need to spend any time suggesting the swastika is profoundly deeply seated within our psyche, do I need to prove this?
The oldest archetypal symbols that unites all humanity is the swastika, circle/oval, square cross.
That would be it. Those are pre-historic.
Let us stay there. Closer to the beginning before men started writing down their thoughts in Bibles and such.

I made the claim some time ago that I was attempting to ‘Reconcile Science and Religion using the Swastika’.

Well I have essentially accomplished what I set out to do.
Please read the following.

Here is the Science portion of the equation.
The Chiral Swastika is the KEY

THE KEY Exclamation

THEY have known about chiral properties in chemistry since the time of Pasteur … he is given credit.
(update…evidently this is another lie of western science and the charting of a certain prescribed HIStory.  There was an Arabian alchemist 1000 years prior to Pasteur who knew…)

Understand THEY know that you can take a substance and make it good or bad…
2nd Commandment states … “thou shall not make any graven images”

Swastika … Chiral … Thalidomide … AZT … AIDS … is there a connection?

Below, when you draw Solomon’s Knot using both swastikas … you end up with a 3 X 3 grid

Here are 15 Chiral CuriositiesYou really only need to read the 1st curiousity … let us call the this step, Alpha … the Beginning AND The last curiosity noted #15 … let us call this step, Omega … the End. 1) Human DNA is a helical structure made up of chiral nucleotides. If not for these molecules’ handedness, DNA could not form and we would not be here! 2) Amino acids – can be either left or right-handed, yet we can only metabolize left-handed amino acids; whereas right-handed ones cannot be utilized by the body to build protein, although some
may offer therapeutic benefits.

3) Carbohydrates – sugars – are also chiral. Humans only metabolize right-handed glucose, of which there is abundance. Left-handed glucose, which can only be produced in limited quantities due to
its higher cost, although just as sweet, passes through the digestive system untouched. The most notable exception amongst predominantly right-handed sugars is L-ascorbic acid or Vitamin C – the only carbohydrate considered essential in human nutrition.

4) Bees can distinguish between different enantiomers of sugar. They will eat sugar of one hand, but not of the other. From plants they will gather the nectar containing sugar of one hand, but not of the other. Bees are therefore enantio-selective or chirally aware.

5) The human nose is the most chirally aware of the senses. It smells the ‘shape’ of a molecule, instead of the expected vibratory energy levels. It actually relies on the handedness (chirality) of molecules. Left-handed carvone has the odor of green mint, while right-handed carvone is the essence of caraway aroma. KYRA™ is the first product line in the world to improve on aromatherapy by creating chirally corrected aromatherapy or chiroma-therapy™ , to enhance the ‘therapy: aroma’ ratio of natural aromatic compounds.

6) The sense of taste is also very chirally discriminating. It recognizes most synthetically produced right-handed amino acids as sweet, as opposed to the naturally occurring left handed ones which are often either tasteless or even bitter.

7) Right-handed pheromones can be hundreds of times more potent than their mirror images.

8. Crystals, not surprisingly, are predominantly chiral compounds exhibiting optical activity in very obvious and visible ways (although not always when in solution). The lipid bilayers of membranes throughout the body are liquid crystals composed of hydroxy acid units. Liquid crystals are unique because they exhibit dual chirality: they are optically active like solid crystals and optically active like solutions. This is known as birefringence.

9) Methyldopa, a classic treatment for high blood pressure, owes its effectiveness to the left-handed enantiomer alone.

10) L-ketamine is anesthetic, while the right-handed KYRA is an excitant, which can cause psychic disorders.

11) Chloromycetin – a synthetic antibiotic has only one of its enantiomers that is therapeutically active.

12) The famous herbal aphrodisiac ‘yohimbine’ occurs in plants in both left and right-handed forms, but only one hand is responsible for its desirable vasodilation effects, while the other hand virtually negates it. Clearly, here’s a case where the whole ‘natural’ extract is virtually useless and
would be better separated.

13) Nicotine occurs in tobacco in its L form. The D form is less addictive and less toxic. Wouldn’t providing tobacco with the same calming effects as regular tobacco, but not as addictive and not as toxic, be an improvement on nature? Isn’t this an example of being ‘better than natural’?

14) Mothers who belonged to the old school demanded that their children say hello to the gentleman or lady “with the proper hand”.And Ray I want what is behind door # 15.

15) In both the old and new worlds a left-handed (anticlockwise) swastika was considered an inoffensive, even revered mystic symbol. Ironically, the nazi fascists used its enantiomorphic mirror image (the right-handed clockwise form) as their party emblem and symbol of hate and anti-Semitism. Whether this was deliberate or chance we shall never know.

And I disagree with the author about the, we shall never know part.

Chirality was discovered by an Arabian alchemist acutally. Again here is another profound lie, where knowledge is attributed to the great Judeao / Christians and others are marginalized or discredited.

Here is a most profound example and one upon which a great truth rests.
Precession of the Equinoxes or the Platonic Year was attributed to Hipparchus who is credited with discovering that the positions of the equinoxes move westward along the ecliptic compared to the fixed stars on the celestial sphere. The exact dates of his life are not known, but astronomical observations attributed to him date from 147 BC to 127 BC and were described in his writings, none of which survive to date.

But Plato lived BEE4 Hipparches!

Plato (428/427 BC348/347 BC), was an ancient Greek philosopher.
A Great year (also known as a Platonic year or Equinoctial cycle) is the time required for one complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes

So why call it a Platonic Year and not a Hipparchus Year?
So the myth makers who wrote the HIStory took the Platonic year away from Plato and turned his story of Atlantis, which is based on cycles of precession causing destruction into a fairy tale to be disbelieved.

The former professor of the history of science at MIT, Giorgio de Santillana, argues in his book, Hamlet’s Mill, that many ancient cultures may have known of the slow movement of the stars across the sky; the observable result of the precession of the equinox. This 700 page book, co-authored by Hertha von Dechend, makes reference to approximately 200 myths from over 30 ancient cultures that hinted at the motion of the heavens, some of which are thought to date to the neolithic
Identifying alignments of monuments with solar, lunar, and stellar phenomena is a major part of archaeoastronomy.

What happens to HIStory when I can illustrate that the two ancient symbols known as Solomon’s Knot and the Swastika are symbols representing Precession of the Equinoxes, the Great Year…known as the Platonic Year?
What happens to HIStory when we realize ALL megalithic structures were successful attempts at measuring the cycle known as Precession?
What happens to HIStory when it can be shown that many cultures prior to the rise of the Levant religions were measuring Precession.
Think about it.
Precession is NOT what they want us, the herd, thinking about.

The ancient alchemists knew about chirality and asymmetry.
Pasteur knew about chiral asymmetry.
The Nazis knew about chiral asymmetry.
The CDC in Atlanta knows about chiral asymmetry.
THEY know about chiral asymmetry.
Only the herd of EWE don’t.

Chirality is fundamental to all living things!
Your hands are also chiral in the MOST PROFOUND way. When you place your hands together in prayer it is exactly the same thing as placing the 2 swastikas over each other…canceling each other out and bringing balance, that is why the swastika was the most common cross carried by the pagan Christians at one time.

Thus you have the Cross above also that I drew using 2 swastikas rotating in opposite directions….and that Cross above resembles the shape and structure of the Cross below…

This was found in Nicaragua…they are found everywhere…not just in Judaic symbolism. And when you realize Rabbis meditate on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, what happens when they meditate on Solomon’s Knot?

The SEAL OF SOLOMON….in Mesoamercica?

And the Peru version below is called the Chakana. I meet a woman in Peru and that was the first thing she shared with me, drew for me after telling me her name. I was already at that time, ALIVE within in my own MYTH and I was receptive… Rolling Eyes
Both containing the magical 3 x 3 grid.

A Chakana (or Inca Cross, Chakana) is an Andean symbol. It is the three-stepped cross representing the southern cross and symbolising the three tiers of Inca life. The lower world, this world and the higher world. The three levels also represent the snake, puma and condor. Many buildings, temples, and religious sanctuaries are scattered with relevance to the chakana. Sacsayhuaman Temple, located in Cusco, Peru, has a stone entrance shaped to form the upper portion of the chakana. Artifacts and jewelry still made by Inca descendants often depict the chakana.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakana

I have felt for some time now that the mythical THEY were trying to kill this sacred pre-historic symbol, which lay and was somehow connected to the heART of our human architecture. As it turns out, the swastika is indeed a symbol of our divine architecture.

Asymmetry in our everyday lives
Interestingly, because of the asymmetry we observe everywhere in nature we take it for granted.
Why is it that most living things display bi-lateral symmetry, that you could ‘split them down the middle’ from the top to the bottom (in the direction of gravity) and they would separate into two halves which, in the broadest sense, were mirror images of each other?
This is so intrinsic and fundamental to life on this planet that the only people ever to question it prior to modern chemistry were philosophers.
CHIRAL correct compounds are being marketed as an ‘An Anti-Aging Miracle’ or as a ‘Fountain of Youth’.

Please note: to the reader … the above link I had provided to this TECHNICAL MANUAL has been REMOVED!!!!

I find this move by the corporation to remove any link about my discoveries, about the swastika and chiral compounds to their cosmetic line called KYRA, very, very revealing.

Not only have they removed the TECHNICAL MANUAL, but even in a word search of ‘KYRA swastika chiral dna’, and in fact all these words do appear together in this manual … so there should be a hit … but the word kyra will NOT be associated together in a word search with swastika dna or chiral any longer.


So sadly the following info I suggested you link to therefore is no longer available … (You mainly need to read starting at page 4, the chapter called Chirality 101 and may I remind the flock here that my favorite number is number 4, who here would DARE challenge that? Rolling Eyes)

Well it is a good thing I have lapses where I seem to have a photographic memory. I will see if I can remember the highlights … it was only science.

(stay tuned to be updated)

Some of the Peak Oilers may be in a need of a spiritual makeover after they read this article.



DUH…DUH…DUH…DUH…DUNCE NO LONGER…DANCE…DANCE…DANCIN’ FOOL…I have BEEcome chirally aware and I am buzzing with delight…are you enjoying the nectar of truth I deliver today?
I note the day 04/ 03 /07
I love 4 and I was born on July 3rd.
Do you see how the heroes and legends unfold through time.
Who would like to know how it feels to come alive with wisdom…clarity?

I was dancing, swirling asymmetrically about in my living room this morning…who wants to join me, and it happens often, and then I must mesh with those who are unaware.
If I am a wingnut…please understand it has been very difficult to be me…these past 2-3 years…for sure…ask my FORMER friends…

Please note that we can also now solve the riddle of Catal Hoyuk. This was an agrarian culture (one of the earliest recorded) that thrived around 6000-7000 B.C.E., but what was odd was that they employed ‘honeycomb’ architecture…the mystery has now been solved may I suggest….this agrarian culture was built around a ‘Queen Bee / Goddess …and they were apparently chirally aware.

We must move forward from being stuck in TIME, past geo-political and religious ‘correctness’ and acknowledge what is…vibration.
I also feel I can now work through the riddle of the Dendera Light using symbolism and alchemy. Rolling Eyes


Vibration is all that matters according to Max Planck.
Max the Sage said matter was an illusion.

Reconciliation = Forgiveness
I could not think of a better ending to a Human tragedy written by our own unconscious.
That is why the swastika is and must be used to reconcile.

Ray, do your ‘symbols’ possess those properties that I listed above?

There is only one symbol that does.
There is only one symbol that I would etch onto to a rock to be left as a marker if I could only leave one symbol.

This epoch is on the Recovery Program Ray.
The ship went down long ago.
Since that time we have been on a salvage and recovery program.
We discover nothing.
We only turn over rocks.
And we also leave markers for others to follow.
Like on the Nazca Plains.
That’s what they did.

In conclusion as I see it … we must become more ‘chirally aware’ if we are to evolve, we must move forward and not ignore this knowledge.
We must decide if we want our TO BEE or Not To BE colonies to dive, hive, jive, kiva, live, ‘rive, thrive, vive…la liberte…vive la difference, vive la femme principle Exclamation

That’s what THEY are doing or should be doing.
Fine tuning society using this awareness of asymmetry.
THEY are chirally aware.
You gotta believe it.
I have proof…those 15 curiousities came from this article.
It actually arrived as a Technical Manual.
And that it is.
It is a Technical Manual that hopes to profit from the Vanity of Humanity.
And this Vanity of Humanity Manual … was by no coincidence delivered to me 26 years and 4 days after my dear dad’s death.
And it is no coincidence his name was Karl and my mother’s name is Maria. As I type this … I cannot withstand the joy I am feeling.
As I realize I again have the guidance of Carl (Jung) and Marie (von Franz) … I hear their whispers, more importantly I must be feeling their vibrations…
Jesus Zeiss…why is guys with the name Karl always give us vision?

2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Game to help understand Chirality

CHIRAL correct compounds are being marketed as an ‘An Anti-Aging Miracle’ or as a ‘Fountain of Youth’…so what is Chirality?

The above direct link to KYRA’s TECHNICAL MANUAL has been killed by the company. But the info I linked to above, can still be still found on their site.

We are not aware of the difference. The Prophets make the profits with this technology.
Have been for a looooooong time. Ever heard of Thalidomide and AZT.
That’s the Real SECRET you will not see on Oprah.
There are $$$ to be made.

I feel this symbol (both) belong to humanity.
All of humanity.
Jews at one time had this sacred symbol in their synagogues, yes the swastika…which long ago was associated with Solomon’s Knot.
This association of the ‘Nazi’ swastika can be traced back to alchemy.
Am I correct Mdm. Marie von Franz?
So let’s discuss.
Who dare take on the wingnut?
Books keep mysteriously arriving to help me in my quest.
And as my family coat of arms proudly displays…I am a Blue Knight, my flag carries the Hexagram and the Crescent Moon, implying I am on the right/left path of balance…and my quest has been recognized.
Not unlike the Key Man in the Matrix you finally recognize your purpose in this life.
It truly is liberating…but scary.
I now recognize the resurrection of the Goddess as the event of 2012.
And I am starting to feel deep within it can have a happy ending.
We have little time left…to change our attitudes ( I cannot even read the paper or watch the news any longer…this is what we need to bring us to a much much higher latitude in the development of human consciousness…a merging of the two distinct principles…male and female…

shhh but the battle is supposed to take place in our minds and hearts … this is absolutely no need to get all dressed up in your Khakis and Doc Martins and take your dysfunctional bad act weaned on western TV to the mideast folks.
Stay home turn off the lights, sit in the darkness and a new light arrives. And soon you realize there was no need for the hydrocarbon illusion….

Rolling Eyes


Love you all…even the Americans, including ‘Ask Kam the Nazi’
Very Happy

p.s. cut and paste … spread the news …tell 2 people … the Siamese cat is out of the bag … sometimes I feel I shouldn’t be saying these things … sometimes I wonder about my future.
The more people that know Ray, the safer you and I are.
Because you must understand I am doing a run around the system…THEY never thought somebody would give such insight and wisdom away for FREE…and I will continue to do so…

Sorry to bring you into it Ray, and ALL EWE Peak Oilers too. Razz
Don’t you see it?
Well if you don’t see it … you won’t see it coming.

God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.

Reconciliation of Science with Religion

Can We Reconcile Religion with Science using the badly maligned 20,000 year old Swastika as a mediator in the process, as an interface?
Coincidently the swastika has become an ‘in your face’ symbol?

Yes this is a very long post.
But it is a necessary post to give a little background to the background noise I have been receiving over the past 2-3 years, coming from all directions, from within and also outside of me exist all the forces swirling around me, conspiring to pull me from my center as I uncovered a very profound realization.

Northjetty and Rob please may I repeat what I wrote above and this is paramount in understanding where I go next…

Hamlet’s Mill was a much acclaimed work by MIT prof G. Santillana and a Dr. von Dechend of the University of Frankfurt.The revelation of this book was that myth and folklore represent the scientific language of the ancients, designed to record and transmit complex astronomical observations, particularly those connected with the Precession of the Equinox.ANDThe beauty of using myth to transmit complex truth is that you can depend on uneducated people to accurately transmit the information…

So these authors confirmed for me what I have been feeling intuitively for some time now, over the past two years and I suspect from the posts I have read thus far … I am the only one seeing profoundly what I see…
Again I appear alone in my thoughts.

haselhurst wrote:
Truth and reality / the wave structure of matter reconciles science and religion – just need to more correctly define the language of religion, which relates to our connection to God as the one infinite eternal creator of all things (wave motions of space).

Gentlemen the language has already been invented and I will strongly suggest we do not go there in rewriting and introducing more gospels to an already convoluted primordial pond … blah blah blah
It is in place. We do NOT need to add one more word to what has been written.
Because ‘it has been written’.

All we need to do is have another ‘coup’ like they did in the Middle Ages, the age of Darkness where the literal interpretations rose above and thrust out those who were using the scriptures for more unifying purposes by using unifying figurative interpretations based on the oral traditions and the Word. But really what happened was they dispensed with the tradition of Oral tradition and handed out books to replace the exercises and discipline needed in handing down the traditions Orally, thus helping to break the lineage.

Simple conspiracy once you realize the Power of Myth.
And I do not need to repeat everything JC…Joseph Campbell has said.
Northjetty did Campbell ever attempt to rewrite what was written?
Or was he an interpreter.
I will suggest not even to use new and exotic terminology…sounds carry vibration and unless you want to start breaking down words into letters into numbers to be measured and then figuring out the exact frequency of every new utterance that emanates a sound … go for it, but I will suggest everything has already been written.
In the end the lesson always is … we need to become better listeners … you can do that by simply meditating on symbols … Rabbis do it all the time, they select one letter of the Hebrew alphabet and ‘receive’ … so I will suggest I have also been a receiver these past 2-3 years. And the ability to transmit what I have received has been quite the journey.
After all if I can convey this … I will also have shared my epiphany with many.

Let us use the 2 languages that can indeed bring all men together and have.
Myth and Math
One was an Oral tradition and the other rose from form, from shape itself.
Math was born of the same place language was…the left hemisphere of the mind.
Guess where oral tradition has its roots…the right hemisphere.
So guess what?
Myth came before Math.
The Goddess came before the Temple Priests, Pharaohs, Kings, Masons, Popes, Masons, Mayans, Mathematics, Physics, and WSM…

Remember if “myth and folklore represent the scientific language of the ancients designed to record and transmit complex astronomical observations…” should we not be trying to interpret what was left for us in stone? Applying what we are finding out and combining it with what they knew.
It is important to stop and repeat the following …the ancients built these amazing structures … not us … how can we learn?

And this also suggests that the ‘feminine principle’ was in place as a dominant culture before the ‘male principle’ took over and dominated…(there was a time ALL women had to give good oral…it was a tradition…and ever since we knocked them off, from being on top, we, the men can’t stop playing with ourselves…)
Rudolf Steiner and his Waldorf Schools have the proper philosophy…they teach Myth before Math…very cool…

Would the brain be used in symbolism?
Would the hands be used in symbolism?
And if the symbols are used to transmit complex information why do we see the same symbols appearing throughout the different cultures?
Almost like numbers expressing a concept…the formula would be consistent.
So you can have animals and plants and rocks represent ‘numbers’.
Glyphs, numbers, symbols, and letters are the tools of communication or formulizing concepts. And one formula that you keep seeing is one involving birds and snakes or serpents.
So what does the formula Bird + Snake = X

So here is an ancient formula and the X became various answers to the equation.
In the Mesoamerican cultures X was the feathered serpent (bird + snake) known as Queztelcoatl.

Or as a muse once suggested to me when a bird and snake collide you get a dragon.

Now this at the time was a rather significant revelation for me.
Because at that time … I had an idea.
I believed that these 2 creatures that showed up in all cultures represented the 2 ways light could travel.

Bird = Particle
Snake = Wave

However since being introduced to WSM … I have altered this ‘vision’ to include both the Bird and Snake representing waves of light.
But what is interesting is when the two collide and you find you have created a Dragon
I saw of course this collision of light as an analogy between anti-matter and matter collisions happening inside not only the torus called CERN but also within the human, occurring at the 4th Chakra…halfway between the two extremes in where the collision occurs and what results?
Destruction or creation of the individual?

The final uncovering of the math we use today was the result of trying to express and emulate form and shape of what was visible.
What kind of math do we use for the invisible world that exists that is common to all of us?
It is called Myth.
It is what cannot be put into words…you transcend TIME when you VIBRATE.
Myth can place you into a place where you transcend time and you vibrate.

And as Northjetty mentions it is Myth.
The language of myth is already in place.
There is NO need to reinvent the mythical wheels…why don’t we just go back and read what has been written…and try to interpret what they wrote using 21st WSM science.
Are you getting what I am hinting at?

As the authors note above complex truth can be transmitted by uneducated people accurately using myth.

May I point out … it is MYTH that has already been written.

But what I am seeing here, in this forum is the following … no offence please …

Many, many egos (disclaimer: I also resemble that remark) … and though all the egos are aligned in a common cause called WSM, I do see a problem if you try to do 2 or 3 things at once.
I do not believe we can rewrite the direction of physics and discard people’s concept of God in one swell swoop. First of all these 2 camps are divided anyway…and need to be reconciled before you can pencil in changes.
As Northjetty knows, I read myth, symbols, anything esoteric and I look for patterns and try to weave the aforementioned together, applying a template of science both ancient and modern and trying to interpret what I find…but please note I am not ‘rewriting’ anything.
Only interpreting. Again Northjetty can attest to my yet unproven, non-submitted to a ‘peer pressured and reviewed’ committee, is my intuitive interpretation of the Dogon Cosmic Egg, which I believe has never been seen the way I did…that day.
Northjetty fed me the lead.
And remember I am the fellow who has gone out on a limb suggesting I can Reconcile Religion with Science and to suggest I can use the swastika as a mediator is incredulous, I do agree and many would AUTOMATICALLY react in a negative fashion.
This is to be expected and calculated and prepared for.
I do have a punch line prepared to disarm all funnymentalists. Because that is what you learn to do when the going gets tough.
Develop a sense of humor and see the world, your glass always as half full.
Especially in a future that promises water scarcity.

For 60 years now…before I was born, western consciousness has been fed a certain kind of propaganda. A particular spin has been placed on events because a certain bias is without a doubt, ‘in control’, and wants to maintain control and will not relinquish control voluntarily.
The west suggests the East uses propaganda, the West failing to acknowledge that marketing, advertising, PNAC enacted policy and highly encouraged consumerism is actually an improvement over Eastern propaganda.
The West writes the best propaganda, inside and outside of Holy-wood (no bias there?) …it has come to be simply the manifestation of the illusion of freedoms…and the new iron curtain called Homeland Security displayed crumbling walls before it was even built.

Time and again since 1945, we have seen the images of the Holocaust, the skeletal bodies, the train cars and in unison with the grisly photos flashed before our collective sheeple eyes are the BLACK SWASTIKA on the RED and WHITE background.

So why do we not flash the Crucifix when talking about the Mesoamerican butchery and the estimated 75+ million that were slain because they were heathens resembling pagans, theirs souls bowing down to sol and singing lunar lullabies.
Their history was slashed and burned and what remained was put into various Code-X bearing the names of the European owners…now that is what I call very, very effective genocide.
In comparison I must say … the Nazis were boy scouts in comparison to the atrocities committed by the Vatican.
Actually here I present an analogy for this outrageous theft collectively forgotten.

These Codexes / the history of the Mesoamericans are today hidden away in Europe, owned privately.
Now I contend this would be like me taking POSSESSION of the one of the 4 sacred Books of the Bible, and then this sacred script would be renamed depending on where it was being kept…no reference in the name of the Codex is actually to its origin … no the private owner owns that piece of Mesoamerican history.
So essentially in my analogy I could take the Book of John into the John and the name would not change.
History I can prove gentlemen using the divine Tarot is a Meso of lies.

Then there was Africa…Asia…everywhere…the Crucifix was almost everywhere…and it achieved quite a bit, moving outward from Rome with haste and the Jesuits.
However it must be noted to put things into a different light, to put a totally spin on our historical perspectives is the following fact:

In the hundreds of years prior to Constantine embracing Christianity in the 3rd – 4th A.D., the much revered Swastika was the cross of choice.

Now there were reasons for the popularity of the swastika and I can prove it using science and religion. It is very, very unifying if you can follow me back in time … pre-Nazi adoption of this symbol, an investigation into why ancients would etch this symbol everywhere time and again, all over the world.

The Swastika is buried and in its ashes the Hexagram / Star of David was erected.
And Solomon’s Seal or the Star of David now had a country from which to fly and announce their arrival in the neighborhood.
And your piece of the pie in Jerusalem … among the other 3 is finally served to you … the 4 Quarters now make 1.
However the Holy Roman Empire’s board of directors known as the Council of Nicaea, chose first the Chi-Ro and then later the Crucifix as the symbol to represent their cause.
Both these symbols arrived via Rome and both embraced the new unified Christian Mission Statement being developed for the Christian shareholders and sharecroppers to adopt.

FACT: The highly revered PRE-historic Swastika WAS everywhere long before the Judeao / Christian HIStory appeared that was written or edited coincidently by the victors, this we know.
After the swastika lost favor … the new and improved Christians were introduced to the Chi-Ro and following that the Crucifix and now can I suggest it is the $.

And who through history and HIStory has stood stubbornly in the way of world domination by one of those symbols?
Yes it is the swastika, carried by pagans, pagan Christians, neo-Nazis, Iranians, Hindu, Chinese, Occultists, indigenous tribes throughout the world…essentially the fringe or the non – Western consciousness.
I could not help see a pattern that I needed to investigate. It was not long in doing my comparative studies that I began to realize the swastika was to be found virtually everywhere, in all cultures.
For some reason it became apparent to me that the swastika apparently needed to be written out this stage play we find ourselves in.
What was it they could have found out about this ancient symbol that suggested it would be best if it were buried very deep within an individual’s consciousness and just left there.
Not awakened or realized?

And then you ask yourself this profound question.

Why would a humanity, IF it truly wants to recover a truth of its ancestry, be so quick to bury an ancient symbol, a pre-historic symbol found the world over, a symbol that has the potential to unite humanity?

As always the answer is in the question…this is a symbol that has the potential to unite humanity.

So now please explain why I have been witness to a blatant negative reinforcing of this symbol as being heinous and evil and nefarious and yikes, “wasn’t that the symbol the Nazis used? “
Why has it been demonized with obvious intent and very rarely portrayed by a mainstream media as it had been for the past 20,000 years, its meaning being good luck?
So why the very effective smear campaign against this symbol?

Here is the basis for a conspiracy, it only takes two to tango.
However I am divided as always, as to the mechanism of the conspiracy.
Is humanity driven by a conscious THEY with the compliance of an unconscious THEY playing along like sheeple and seagullibles?
Or and this is where I am now intuitively leaning toward…

Lately I have beginning to feel this entire ‘drama’ must unfold ‘as it must’…
Things are the way they are because that is the way they were meant to be.
What does this mean essentially?

In myth we can find evidence that a planet on an orbit which has a direction or destiny or a fate can be calculated, having a very profound relationship to the entire cosmos…
So could this info eventually be transmitted and received and conveyed and finally written on a printing press and fed to the masses?

In other words … I have developed a most divine respect for the ancient myths and scriptures, because these divine ‘blueprints’ are essentially ‘flight paths’ … and that is why as a Creator you could write the script, perhaps a story for the Creation of the Earth, and then you send the blueprint via light messages to be received by a Moses or a Mohammed and then these cobblers and sheppards, simple uneducated men could still convey to all the people, regardless of the language spoken, a truth contained in the archetypal language of myth which transcends knowledge.
Just like Gene Roddenberry who created Star Trek, as author he could predict how his series was going to End. He too saw the End of Days.
George Lucas started his Creation the Star Wars Sixtuplets in the present beginning with episode 4 and moving through to episode 6. So after it ended … it began.
We found out the beginning and then moved through 3 more episodes before arriving back to the now.
Here in the 4th dimension or episode 4 where it all began.
So in effect the Star Wars Saga started in the present traveled to the future and then we traveled back in time…to the very beginning, how it all began.

So in effect we found out how it ends before we figured out or were told how it all began.
This is a metaphor for life.
We must die before we find out a ‘truth’ that is unknowable from this side…
This is also an analogy to the myth known as the Tower of Babel.
This is a profound metaphor for where I feel humanity rests right now.

But remember before Gene Roddenberry was creating his visual reality … the Creator was using our genes to create his grand illusion.
We must remind ourselves of our oral traditions that which precedes numbers and letters.
So as I will continually try to remind most of the other associates here at WSM, as our egos stray, do not try to reinvent the language of myth … instead I suggest we immerse ourselves the creativity of the myth, become part of the creation and try to interpret what was left for us to interpret.
Math was uncovered to dissect the essence and meaning of myth.

So please understand my goal is UNITY.
Is it not obvious?
Please note: I compare the different ‘beliefs’, looking specifically for common denominators unlike the scholars and experts who pick and sift through the sands of time, expending their vital life force looking for differences so their beliefs can be maintained and appointed and finally anointed the Chosen Ones.

I believe it was Rockefeller who said “THEY would put the TRUTH in plain view”.
Flash … Red / White / Black Swastika … how much more obvious has this particular ‘configuration’ of a symbol become as part of Westernized consciousness.
It has become a button without a doubt that I dare push…
I look at what was left for us in stone, which has the most archival integrity (important for truth seekers), and the subsequent methods for communication became corrupted, first papyrus, then animal skins, then paper followed by the most corruptible method of communication we have devised in a last ditch effort to unite …bits and bytes, one push of the button and it’s a whole new ball game.
Another machine to replace what the flesh should do, what mind body and soul should have the discipline to do relative to a bigger picture … many see the PC and Apple as technological saviors, as messiahs, but from my perspective, the ‘hanged man’ perspective, my upside world suggests the PC is an elaborate SOS signal trying to manifest itself … in the 11th hour.

So essentially I look at what the sciences have recovered till this point, and this is being updated daily in these ‘end of daze’, as all would be revealed, and in conjunction with what I have recovered on my mission, I then try to merge the various, what many foolishly claim disparate beliefs together and then blend it with science and as I have said … I believe WSM is a really good fit.

So this Sacred Symbol, the Swastika which had been used for around 20,000 years and mainly for good purposes, as an amulet or cross, and then was intentionally hi-jacked from the consciousness of the eastern theologies and used inappropriately for about a 15-20 period and as a result of this ‘crime against humanity’ we quickly bury it and develop an aggressive campaign to make people twinge whenever they see the RED, WHITE and BLACK SWASTIKA?
Profoundly why do we not flash the $ $ $, and then at the same time show how this symbol has taken the lives of many, many more than the 6,000,000 the swastika as claimed…the misuse of this symbol, $ has caused far more misery than any other symbol known to mankind…prove me wrong…now that would be a difficult task.
After all ‘money is the root of all evil’ NOT the swastika…actually I prove the unique geometric shape of the swastika is the root of all creation.
Maybe that is a good idea…we would think twice before handling the dirty green stuff.
But that is not the game gentleman. It is the opposite. The system encourages the handling of green because this is what feeds the illusion…

Why is the film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ NOT highly advertised?
When it should in fact be seen by everyone and probably shown in schools to enlighten people as to how Capitalism actually works?

So as I see it Geoff and Co., you want to do 3 things…
1/ Change the direction of physics investigations … TimeSpace to a TimeSpaceMotion concept…
2/ How will you interpret or reword the underlying motifs, archetypes, and symbolism representing the universal structure we already find so beautifully expressed by the ancients … contained within the classical writings?
3/ After altering the above 1 and 2 are you expecting to change the structure of Democracy … supported by stealth Capitalism too?

No my suggestion is we put a concerted effort into interpreting the myth that already exists.
I would suggest no effort be made in making up ‘new stories’ but instead interpreting what is so obvious to me and it is just begging for people to take notice, for people to immerse themselves in the sublime and subtle arena called the unconscious mind…
There are so many correlations in mythology to science it boggles my mind, and I know also Northjettys’, another avid rabid mythical kinda guy.
So here is a new field I feel and I seem to be in on the ground floor among others.
This really is a new field of study … not unlike the merger of archeology and astronomy into archaeoastronomy, which can thank the Hamlet Mill study for laying the seed of that merger.
I am only suggesting we extend those findings to not only the stars … but we also look at everything else that was spoken of, the oral traditions that talk about direction, color, number, animal, plant etc. etc., essentially anything that has shape and shows motion can be computed or put into a formula.

Harmonizing Myth with Math is Reconciling Religion with Science.
What is reconciliation?
It is ultimately forgiveness needed on both sides.

I hope to use the recent gains in science to resurrect this ancient most revered GLOBAL symbol, which actually represents and transmits complex astronomical positions.
In my next post…I become far more specific in my esoteric and visible connections, which have been grossly overlooked because of the bad, yet effective press that has helped innoculate western consciousness.
Remember only Western Consciousness fears this symbol. Multitudes of westerners perceive and are rather ignorant about this symbol …many of these grossly misinformed people thinking the Nazis conceived of this symbol … and many of the same ignorant misguided people also believe the Star of David or Solomon’s Seal is exclusive to Israel.

Millions still pray to the Swastika … many, many, many more pray to this symbol than the Star of David…UNLESS you are including the Hindu … which long before Judaism adopted the Hexagram … it was central to interpretation of the Chakra system also.
So by no coincidence the Hindu worships both the swastika and the hexagram.

And Western Consciousness has CHOSEN to support one symbol and demonize another.
This is obvious.
Both are sacred.

So how do we bring these two different consciousnesses together that can almost be represented by the symbols they support?
I would like to reveal a way, assisted by the historical thoughts recorded, the thoughts and feelings and inspirations of the mystic Itzhak Bentov. (in my next post)

By no coincidence the Mid-Atlantic Ridge splits the earth nicely in half and seems to be heaving in harmony with our dysfunctional collective consciousness that also is divided by two distinct consciousness, operating on different wave lengths because they utilize their minds differently.
It really is that simple.

Yes we are developing WSM, which helps greatly among other things to explain the formation of matter in space.
Max Planck said there is no such thing as matter only vibration.
Who am I to believe?

I will use Jung to assist me among others … the list of esoteric characters who realized their roles throughout this stage play is endless…
Your participation is appreciated.
I will get you thinking and hopefully feeling that I have struck upon something really, really important.

What if I can show convincingly that we should indeed resurrect the swastika back into western consciousness, because it actually resides there, centered within our ‘super consciousness’, and if you think about what I am suggesting, the forgiveness process is in fact a reconciliation with God, with Unity itself.
And how would that likely event, the reconciliation take place or manifest itself on a Global scale, what is the window of opportunity?

I will finish from a quote from Itzhak Bentov’s Book.
‘A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness’

“It is interesting to note that if you merge your consciousness with that of the Creator, you discover within Him a rotating swastika. In other words, swastika stands for both the Creator and the Creation, they are inseparable.”

Remember ‘Ben’ as his friends called him…built rockets for Israel, was an inventor with patents and meditated often.
I suggest that is where he and I met…through meditation.
No we did not actually ‘meet’, what if we just rode the same wave, the same vibration?
As you can see, I will have some assistance as we discuss this volatile yet necessary stage in our collective enlightenment.
Myth in conjunction with unfolding events, here and in outer space, also suggests TIME is running out…
I feel part of ‘game’ is lining up our evolving collective consciousness with an ‘event’ … this event can be calculated as a date into the future and it is defined by that identifiable path or orbit we are on called the precession of the equinoxes…two suns. two orbits, two intersecting waves, can I suggest the same dynamics are consistent regardless of the magnitude, macro or micro?