“…I37 and the Hall hEIL Effect”

Electromagnetism, Coulomb’s Law, and the Hall Effect

I do love Sixty Symbols, sometimes I feel my SS insights and their tutorials are a marriage made in heaven.

That Brady Haran (the cameraman/editor) certainly has saved me a ton of work.

Can we use the Hall Effect and Coulomb’s Law to help explain the 3 Pillars?

i.e. We have the LEFT and RIGHT pillar + and   along with the 3rd pillar or middle path that exists between them.

A River Runs Through It?

Remember the basic premise here of the IDEA, the fingerprint of the hydrogen atom, the electron, and photons all add up to 137, the dimensionless fine structure constant we can place between the two fIELds or two spectral lines, i.e. the pillars.

I 137 I

Polarization of Dielectric

UPDATE Jan. 5, 2012

re: PULSARS and the bigger picture

this quote forms part of the review for the book:

On the positive side, I learnt several new things reading this book; all having to do with solid scientific results. I learnt of Pulsars and their properties, I learnt how the ice core samplings have let us to discover the cosmic ray waves that come out of the galactic core every 13,000 years or so and
their effect on the global climate, and I learnt of phase-conjugate mirrors in non-linear optics.

In fact, the precision of the pulsar periods and their glitches very much reminded me of the precisions and plateaus of the Quantum Hall Effect and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Quantum Liquids with magnetic fields – and a neutron star is a quantum liquid with trapped magnetic fields within and around it. It might be possible to build better models that use the Quantum Hall Effect and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.


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