E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEME MEMorE’ plate!

NME blade was made in the Rhine basin of Germany in late 12th or early 13th century


The main inscription reads: N[omine] M[atris] N[ostri] S[alva]t[ORis] Et[eRni] D[omini] S[alvatoRis] E[teRni], with an additional one on the same side of the blade saying C[hRis]t[us] Ih[esus] C[hRis]t[us]. This means:’In the name of the mother of our saviour eternal, eternal Lord and Saviour. Christ Jesus Christ.’

The inscription on the reverse side is harder to read, but the first word  ‘NOMENE’ – clearly seen –  helps reconstruct the rest as ‘N[omine] O[mnipotentis]. M[ateR]. E[teRni] N[omin]e’, which means ‘In the name of the Almighty. The Mother of God. In the name of Eternal’.

~ end of UPDATE November 26, 2015 ~

hey hey hey
I woke up this morning with a chill
that means I caught something last night

Here it is, but first a reminder, a visit to some earlier ideas I had, that seem to be fulfilling themselves.
It certainly seems my MEMorE has been *activated*.

Memory is associated with the Greek word MNEME.
Coincidentally the center of the MNEME plate below has an N or is it a Z (or one of each?) at the center?

And we can also see how the necks of the birds, starting at eleven o’clock  and moving clockwise resemble uncannily the M, 3, W and E
And now I must remind the reader of the connection between Apollo, the oracles, and the Temple of Delphi.


‘E’ at Delphi and 1_4_7_10

….the glyph ‘E’ makes a cameo at the Temple of Delphi?

‘M’ Theory = ‘E’ found @ Temple of Apollo @ DelPhi

And it is more a clue than a coincidence that the Temple of Delphi was associated with a glyph that resembles an ‘E’.
But hey ‘rotations’ suggest that an ‘E’ theory thousands of years ago would evolve into today’s current ‘M’ theory.
How poetically geometric.

Are the ancients talking to us through this MNEME plate and the Sator/Rotas Square?
Can we interpret this plate using xyz and w?
Can this plate which can in fact be rotated or turned over be used to represent 3+ dimensions?
Can  we pretend this plate is a MIRROR and perhaps a MNEMoNic that a CULTure immersed in the ORAL Traditions must use as a tool to help them rEMEMbEr?

Can we hang this MIRROR on the Cosmic Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as well in our bathroom, and learn from it?

Now that I have prepared you for what is to follow, what to expect.
Here is the chill I woke up with.

I do HOPE  you catch something.
Actually I have FAITH that you will.


E = M

I know it will only be a matter of time
till I prove myself right

mostly to a chorus of boos too it seems
but I do hear the whispers

E = M

we can actually put the c^2 on either side of this equation.
and if we divide that plate up into 4 quadrants, as the plate does indicate, an offset, asymmetrical cross, indicated by the tails of the birds.

Shall we continue to play around?

…and deep deep deep down in ME BEing I have a fEEling, a good one.
Einstein’s equation was not only brilliant, but most folks do not realize what made it brilliant.

its simplicity…
well to simplify the process even more…
IF we are to follow TRUTH to a simple source…

I am making the observation, and I will prove it, I KNOW I will, because this message is arriving like all the rest have….accompanied by :pray: ‘TRUTH’ chills.

Now for a mystic, astrologer and even a physicist, these are folks who study ‘patterns’ that MUST exist and be observable, manifestations at this level are mere distortions of an underlying foundational truth that makes the whole thing work.

And the payoff is simple too.

Tuning into your intuition, and FEELing what TRUTH fEEls like…is enough already.
Other experiences begin to ring hollow?

folks like ME and WE …. DO NOT NEED MORE TO EXPLAIN MORE … to ourselves, but it certainly seems many folks want it that way.

LET MgM (Murray gell-Mann) explain about the beauty to be found in physics.

What I like about that video is MgM explains how in 1957 (the year I was born) he put forth a paper that was OPPOSED, in disagreement with 7 experiments.
However to him, the beauty of his theory suggested his TRUTH would prevail and it did.

This theory I offer is so simple, it truly is…and because of its simplicity, and its ability to connect many formerly unconnected dots, there is an inherent elegence to it. :flop:

It is simple, it connects everything, and as I continue to claim the MODEL I have uncovered brings it all together.

E = M

what to do with c^2?

I will be serving the THEORY of EVERYTHING on Samarra Ware dated 5000 BCE.
Same dinner ware the Last Supper used?

and a reminder
the SWASTIKA has been my tour guide since 10,000 BCE.

beauty and ElEgEncE
shhh the EL-E-gENcE is in the language….and I know where it is hiding.

betcha. :flop:

And here is another claim
HOT off the prEss

when we finally get to figure out our JUNK DNA, which seems to contain many REPETITIVE sequences, GIBBERISH, taken out to the curbside, by the LEFT Brain and the Right Hand.

WE and ME will be able to decipher the Voynich Manuscript. :flop:

Why would I say or suggest that?
Well one very good claim made is that Roger Bacon was the author

He was also incarcerated for 10 years.

Any idea what locking up a great mind does?
I can only guess.

If the last 3 years is any indication, 3 years where I have kept to a minimum my exposure to the outside mundane world, trying to walk, talk, and think like an Egyptian, a Pythagorean Pythias geometer, a Hindu, a Lo Shu magic square-head, and of course I must adopt a Jew yarmulke and a Christian hat even, blending as many beliefs and rolling it ALL into one.
And that ONE would be ME, who else?
Time to light up that spliff that be ME, like a Christmas trEE on the 3rd of July, and getting high.

But seriously incarcerate a mind like Roger Bacon’s for 10 years?
Any idea what that would do to a mind like Roger Bacons’?
By locking him up, you FREE his mind?

I want to suggest that Roger Bacon definitely went over to the dark side, and came back, and wrote a bunch of shit down, and the Voynich Manuscript, full of gibberish it seems, is evidence that the author of the Voynich Manuscript tapped into JUNK DNA….

the language of the creator?

You will see. :flop: