DNA and the 4 Quadrant Theory of Electricity

Krackonis wrote:
It’s just what the ancient sun looked like. Nothing divine. Just what plasma does.

The division into 4 quadrants can be seen in real time in many cymatic videos and of course google videos of ferromagnetic powder moved only by occilating magnets.

I really don’t think that any amount of meditating is going to make it become any more than a symbol of something that ‘once was, and should be remembered.’

I did not realize what I was doing was meditating on this symbol, (include also the square cross and crucifix and spirals and cubes), until I had read that rabbis will select a letter like Aleph from the Hebrew alphabet and meditate. The image somehow being a key to a deeper understanding.
But because many of my hours are spent trying to understand the aforementioned symbols, I soon realized that I had been inadvertently meditating on many symbols.

Krack what I find amusing when discussing the esoteric with an empirical mind often immersed in a sea of numbers and formula is this … they often deny ancient concepts like Gematria, numerology or Pythagorean reductionism, denying these systems any credibility or relevance in a modern world.
But what separates modern science from these ancient methods of investigations is that the ancient systems were used to illustrate an underlying unity.

Krackonis wrote:
The division into 4 quadrants can be seen in real time…

A scope divides the point of focus into 4 quadrants using the cross-hairs.

Modern science using her microscopes and macro/telescopes, used to penetrate and expose everything small and big, seems more concerned with dissecting the detail.
Everybody becomes so specialized, our POV rather centric, that we fail to see the unity.

Most of my posts are only suggesting that what made the ancients tick is still what makes us tick.
DNA is a fine example.
One of the best.
DNA is comprised of filaments.
EU has filaments.
DNA gives off a very weak EM field.
EU is filled with EM fields.
DNA has a unique relationship to water.
EU has a unique relationship to plasma.

The genetic info on a human for example (called a genome) is comprised of 3 billion letters (a code using only 4 letters, A, C, G, T) spread out along a single filament.

But because our cells contain two complete genomes and their backups, the 3 million base pairs is expressed using 12 billion letters.

And those 4 letters are used to make every living thing on earth.
The only thing different between a human and a banana is essentially the ordering of those 4 letters.

Now compare this strict ordering of letters using only A, C, G, T, to the Torah.
Remember using DNA alphabet soup, the order of the letters defines the life form you desire to ‘replicate’.

And the ordering of the letters in the Torah is specific.
It is vital the original ordering of the letters be maintained.
It is a scribes DUTY above all else to ensure that this CODE be maintained in its proper sequential order.
The religious fanaticism thus reveals itself as trying to maintain and respect a CODE that is crucial, in determining our origins and ultimately, maybe even our destiny.

If the strict order of letters is not maintained in the Torah, if every letter is not kept in its EXACT position, the Torah scroll is considered null and void and must be sent off to a scribe for repair.

…Or these tainted scripts can be given to the Christians for further HIStorical alterations…

I now feel I understand what the Torah is suggesting it represents.
It is a CODE book representing the DNA that permeates all levels of life.

Here is a profound question that illuminates the myth of DNA, or to quote author Jeremy Narby, “the Cosmic Serpent”.
(he wrote a book by the same title)

Over the last approximately 4 billion years, where the earth’s surface has changed many times over, which of the following has displayed what biologist Robert Pollack refers to as a ‘stability’ or a ‘constant’?

a/ stone
b/ mountain
c/ ocean
d/ sky
e/ aperiodic crystal (DNA)

The answer is e/ DNA or what Schrodinger referred to as a aperiodic crystal.
But is DNA the end of the line?
If DNA is the program or code, can the program be altered, and by who?

Now compare DNA and its inherent di-VINE structure to what junglelord keeps posting on many threads.
To me it is not surprising that junglelord and his accompanying message, is filled with intuitive insight.

junglelord wrote:
E:If we take Tesla’s three phase electricity, or rotating magnetic field, we find that it is based on the archetypal form known as the Solar cross or by various other names.
T: Mandalas, medicine wheels?
E: …these are four quadrant types of forms, a balanced cross as opposed to an unbalanced cross.
T: This is where you get the Four quadrant Theory of Electricity?
E: Electricity has to be viewed from a four quadrant type of situation. The right angle plays an extremely fundamental role in electricity. It is generally a right angle phenomenon.

(from Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity video):
Tesla experimented with impulse current and oscillating current.
our electricity is direct current and alternating current.

The Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity is

alternating current + direct current are transverse electromagnetic
impulse and oscillating current are longitudinal di-electric

And once you tune into the subtleties of the ‘creation’, adopted names like junglelord come attached also with a deeper meaning.
Such a name would be connected with a di-VINE message connected to images of filaments, serpents, ladders, ribbons, VINES, beanstalks and the many other images, that the drug induced and non-drug cultures of yesteryear ALL manifested, interestingly whether the culture used drugs or NOT, the same esoteric symbolism and archetypes appear.

i.e. fact: the Aborigines access the same symbolism, extract the same archetypes through Dreamtime NOT drugs … however many of the western Amazonian tribes found in Peru use ayahuasca, a botanical cocktail that evidently gets the user into Dreamtime pronto…

Two tribes accessing the same info using two distinct different methods.

Empirical science is trying to find another way of accessing Dreamtime.
But it is by far the slowest method.

Using metaphysical Dreamtime insight combined with the empirical Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity here is what I would do…

I would investigate how these 4 factors appearing as 2 pairs match up with A, C, G, and T, which coincidently also appear as 2 pairs.
Study the relationship between these pairs to understand the magic of electro-magnetism…

alternating current + direct current are transverse electromagnetic
impulse and oscillating current are longitudinal di-electric

When we are told the Epi-Genome is hierarchal to the Genome (like putting the cap on the pyramid), and is accessiable, by the user, the individual, what does this mean?

It means we as individuals have some direction in how our DNA evolves within our lifetimes.
It means we might be able to alter that weak EM field that DNA emits.
It means we might be able to alter our environment by our thoughts and feelings.
It means science has much catching up to do.
It means the serpent consumes its tail.
It means the Cosmic Serpent (an anaconda) referred to as Ronin by the Desana Tribe, is profoundly connected on a mathematical level of creation to what is called the Rodin Coil … dealing with vortex energies.

It means the truth will triumph again.

I can only suggest when you fail to appreciate the connections we are bathed in, what people call coincidences, I see as an opportunity to pay attention, a grand opportunity not to be taken for granted, an opportunity to tune into an altered frequency, if only for a moment.

But it is when you acknowledge unity, that these moments of altered frequency can be maintained for slightly longer periods of time.
Do you vibrate when you speak a truth?
I have come to understand the power of thinking/feeling ‘truth’.
Truth is only accessible if you take the time to ‘know thyself’.

Which brings us back to that missing cap on the pyramid and the role you as initiate play, in temple building.