“….What Tesla saw peeking through the KEYHOLE”

The necessary commentary pointing out the symbolism of the first 24 seconds of that clip in regards to the KEYHOLE.
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I was lead to the Basque region this morning after waking up.

Basque Hilarri Tomb Stones resemble ‘Temples’ and ‘DNA’ ?

What do I mean?
Am I claiming these KEYHOLES are a reference to DNA?
Am I claiming we have built TEMPLES so we can enter and heal and help our DNA evolve by entering a representation of our DNA?
Am I claiming that our DNA is the Holy Grail each of us is in possession of?
Am I claiming then that a DNA grave marker makes too much sense?


Image Ah yes the geometry of the swirly twirly swastika/lauburu is evident again.
Each arm can be drawn with three sweeps of a compass.   :flop:

Don’t you love how they call the swastika in the Basque region a lauburu?


Same swirly twirly design found on Malta. :flop:
Why is the Maltese Cross called the Maltese Cross?


Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt to the ocean of E motion


Our REALITY is based on matter and anti-matter ASYMMETRY.

only two things can define perfect SYMMETRY
the creator and a CIRCLE

ImageLook at my HEART.
It appears symmetrical.
YES I agree.
Like symmetrical butterfly wings…
However the parts comprising the symmetry between left and right are asymmetrical building blocks that help the butterfly achieve lift off, capable of achieving a certain ‘escape velocity’ that we as humans are incapable of.


:flop: Once *activated* you start to rEMEMbEr more easily.

Similar to the FACT, that the Sator Square was waiting for Ed Witten to be born, and counting on him naming it ‘M Theory’.
Another coincidence?
Hardly, in a unified world there are no coincidences, ALL is evidence of a unity we have yet to comprehend.
Why cheapen how the universe works with IGNORANT human hindsight at the end of daze by marginalizing magic moments with words like coincidence to explain away unexplainable feelings? :think:

The universe and its mysteries are *coincidencess*????

And the coincidences simply become pieces to the puzzle representing a unity that must exist.
The argument could be made that Gravity because it extends to the boundaries of an expanding universe, holding it all together, could in fact be considered a demi-god.
any fool babbling to himself can see that.

deep rabbit hole here:

So now you can appreciate my interest in merging the Sator Square with Ed Wittens String Theory?

SOUND is KEY and it is connected intimately to GRAVITY

re: Gammadion a.k.a. Tetragramaton

In certain symbolical combinations the gammadion alternates with the representation of the sun.
Edward Thomas has pointed out the fact that, amongst the Jains of modern India, the sun, although held in great honour, does not appear amongst the respective signs of the twenty-four Tirthankaras, the saints or mythological founders of the sect. But, whilst the eighth of these personages has the half-moon as an emblem, the seventh has the swastika for a distinctive sign. 1 Moreover, as the same writer remarks, the swastika and the Disk replace constantly each other on the ancient coins of Ujain and Andhra.

Another proof of the equivalence between the gammadion and the image, or, at least, the light of the sun, is found amongst the coins of Mesembria in Thrace. The very name of this town, Μεσημβρία, may be translated as “mid-day,” that is, the “town of noon,” as Mr. Percy Gardner calls it. 2 Now, on some coins, this name is figured by a legend which speaks for itself:

It is impossible to show more clearly the identity of the gammadion with the idea of light or of the day.—”But,” objects Mr. Greg, “the day is not necessarily the `sun.”—In addition to this distinction being rather subtle, how can one continue to doubt, in face of the facility with which in Greece, as in India and elsewhere, the gammadion interchanges with the Solar Disk and vice versa?


And we cannot forget the ultimate MEME recovered, from the collective MEMory.

I highlighted the ‘necks’ of the birds to show their MEW3 or is it MEME associations.

The MNEME Disk or Bowl

A 7000 year old pre-literate Neolithic artifact that brought it all together.
Linking this plate to the concept of the 3 Replicators, endorsed by Dawkins/Blackmore/Denett and others, helping to bridge a 7000 year old gap between the Neolithic mind and the re*activation* of our ‘right brains’, aka 2012, has been fun I must say.

That would be the good news.
The bad news as Susan Blackmore points out….is that MEMEs can become information viruses that pass on bad false information too.
In a WORD, the MEMEs itself is a double edged sWORD. :idea:
And the MASTERS know all about WORD play.

i.e. The Dogon god called NoMMo the 7th was called the MASTER of WORDs.


4 E  –  4 M  –  4 W  –  4 3 

In the above Celtic Brooch, it is very easy to see the four different meanings represented by the shape E.
We can certainly see in the Sator Square on the right that the center letter ‘N’ is surrounded by 4 ‘E’….the beginning structure to the ‘TENET’ cross.


The pattern is REALLY simple and it transcends beliefs, dimensions, space, time, and motion, because it is based on a SOUND being manufactured.
Does ONE of the sources huM and the other hiSS?
There would be two SOURCES.
One high and one low.
Two boundaries or pillars of SOUND?
CERN is now asking how LOW can the Higgs Boson SOUND signature go?
And ultra(high)SOUND helps us see through matter in the belly of a pregnant woman like a Superman can using his x-ray vision?

And the SOUND engineers at BELL Laboratories know about this sacred shape that I am sharing with you?
Comprised of a MOST SIMPLE pattern that can be applied to the 4 ways you can approach or read the Sator Square.

:arrow: scroll to the bottom of this post till you reach the image titled Sator-Arepo Formula to see how it all connects to Jesus and Constantine’s acceptance of Christianity.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/0 … -swastika/






image on left: BELL Laboratories Sound Stage Cubes
image on right: Slavic, Eastern European symbol called Hands of God

do not SAY or UTTER the name of Jehovah, or the tetragrammaton JHVH, YHVH, IHVH, etc.

ist es verboten
you must say Adonai


MNEME plate >>> the ultimate MEME or MNEMoNic used to trigger our MEMorEEs

Please note the ‘N’ or ‘Z’ in the center surrounded by the word MEME or 4 E, or 4 W or 4 3.
It all depends on YOUR perspective.

Is my claim about this shape unfounded?
:nope: Hardly…I am full on.

It is one of the MOST COMMON structures in Western Ideography.
In agreement with at least other 30 other systems.
And in agreement with the 3 Replicator Theory called Genes, Memes and Temes.
It all fits nicely.
Even the SOUNDS made by the letters ‘N’ and ‘M’ are consistent with the theory.
Those two letters and being in the center…radiating outwards…IF MosEs was high UP on the mountain and we were DOWN in the valley, those two letters N and M are heard the longest/farthest of all the letters. :flop:


one of the best references for signs/symbols/ideograms on the net.


The theory I offer, based on a 3 Ring Circus where a sucker is born every minute, is a Bullseye modEL that has been recovered, not discovered.
Bringing together SOUND, DNA, electrons/photons, current musings about gene >> meme >> teme >> dreamteme is FULL on.

Everything can be placed on the same flat page called the 5×5 or 5^2 SATOR SQUARE.
We have that same page we can fit everything on and then expanded on it.
Because the magic square itself is an algorithm for logarithmic growth.

Clearly a Theory of Everything or ‘M’ Theory could be called ‘E’ Theory too.
Because obviously E = Everything :clapper:

2bEE continued.



The Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt – to the ocean of E motion

Talking with the planets Tesla mentioned many times during his career that his world wireless system could be used for interplanetary telecommunications. In 1896, Tesla told interviewers:[7] The possibility of beckoning Martians was the extreme application of [my] principle of propagation of electric waves. The same principle may be employed with good effects for the transmission of news to all parts of the earth….Every city on the globe could be on an immense circuit. [Thus] a message sent from New York would be in England, Africa and Australia in an instant. What a grand thing it would be. —Nikola Tesla, [8]

In 1899 while investigating atmospheric electricity using a Tesla coil receiver in his Colorado Springs lab Tesla observed repetitive signals, substantially different from the signals noted from storms and Earth noise, that he interpreted as being of extraterrestrial origin. He later recalled the signals appeared in groups of one, two, three, and four clicks together. Tesla thought the signals were coming from Mars. Analysis of Tesla’s research has ranged from suggestions that Tesla detected nothing (he simply was misunderstanding the new technology he was working with[9]) to claims that Tesla may have been observing naturally occurring Jovian plasma torus signals.[10]

In 1901 Tesla said the following about his 1899 Colorado experiment:

I can never forget the first sensations I experienced when it dawned upon me that I had observed something possibly of incalculable consequences to mankind. . . . Although I could not decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as having been entirely accidental. The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.
—Nikola Tesla, [11]

In Time magazine’s July 20, 1931 issue celebrating Tesla’s 75th birthday Tesla stated:

[I have conceived] a means that will make it possible for man to transmit energy in large amounts, thousands of horsepower, from one planet to another, absolutely regardless of distance. I think that nothing can be more important than interplanetary communication. It will certainly come some day and the certitude that there are other human beings [at other locations] in the universe, working, suffering, struggling, like ourselves, will produce a magic effect on mankind and will form the foundation of a universal brotherhood that will last as long as humanity itself.
—Nikola Tesla, [12]

signals appeared in groups of one, two, three, and four clicks :flop:


All we are missing is the quintessence. 

Don’t forget to lift that goose-stepping leg real high. :flop:

At the end of his career…please note that Tesla had also gone back to studying what we call today INFRA-SOUNDS.

The LOW range not the HIGH range of the SOUND spectrum is what Tesla was verkin’ on.

Remember his plan to transmit frEEEE ENErgEEEE was based on the same technology that submarines and elephants (and the elephant headed ganesha hindu god comes to mind) today use to communicate with each other.

LONG wavelengths based on low frequencies … the longer the better.

Which brings us back to the Letters M and N representing the LOW range of SOUND best, and a KEY I found in the book called The Tarot of the Bohemians.
The KEY that fits the KEYHOLE.
forum discussion:


Find the Letters MNO on this KEY

Learn how by turning the KEY the MNO letters become NWO, OWN, ONE, NOW, MON, and and and NEO.
YES this is a NEO KEY we can use to open the LOCK to help understand the concept of ONE.
YES this is a NEO KEY that we can use to understand the MNEME disk better too, dated to the NEO-lithic age of 5000 BCE.
Because this KEY is connected to the concept of SOUND, that is why my theory is SOUND.


Knights Templar Temple foundation
And again it is NOT a coincidence a KEYHOLE :idea: looks like a LIGHTBULB :idea: which is an IDEA, and IDEAS are MEMES wanting to spread… :idea:
the signature is all over the map. :flop:

Can we link this KEY to the numbers 528 hertz and DNA too?


Swasti-KEY to Universal MovEMEnt to the ocean of E motion


Bogomilism (Bulgarian: Богомилство) were a Gnostic dualistic sect, the synthesis of Armenian Paulicianism, which emerged in the First Bulgarian Empire between 927 and 970. It spread into Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus’, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and France. It also presented a form of political movement and opposition to the Bulgarian state and the church.

Here’s a video from Bosnia:
Interesting tombstones begin about 1:17
How a CULTure buries their dead says a lot about how they live.

2Be continued …


Default VATICAN WIND ROSE / LSD / 112?58 / CC FLYWHEEL / CARD X and EZEKIEL’s Vision


quote from wiz-oz:

Guys, check out this website of the Bayse Newcombe Lodge, goes back to George washington:


Best. Clubhouse. Ever.


This post started as a response to another on the Solfeggio frequencies.
But I got carried away, drawn into the quagmire of my own archetypal journey.
It is becoming increasingly hard to not want to not participate in this ‘experiment’, 24/7.
What experiment?
The archetypal journey…man know thyself in proportion, building my own ARK-E-typal ARK, understanding my own life is very similar to the trajectory of a rocket ship, or maybe a shooting star, leaving a path behind resembling the ARCHetypal ARCH or ARC or ARK.

Please note that the tiling/brickwork in both images, (above the Vatican, and below from a Freemason Grand Lodge), is circular and radiates from the center in a series of concentric circles.
Store that info for a moment and continue reading.

This image was taken from the ‘Grand Lodge Tour’.
Good tour … rife with esoteric ‘pagan’ sacred ‘G’ symbolism of course.

Look up under the staircase. Here you see the Seal of the Grand Lodge, the Great Seal of Pennsylvania and representation of the four cardinal virtues — Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice.”

Look up under the staircase?
I do believe this statement to be a clue…to the mysteries.
An important symbol such as this one, is never placed in a temple/lodge in a random location.
This is the greatest mystery ‘whodunit’ I have ever been involved in, clues are strewn about everywhere, I swear.
The search for truth using archetypes that transcend Space and Time, I feel is the only way to crack the case guys and gals.

And this next image was known to be associated with the 4 Evangelists…

And LSD!!

God damn, I knew the PhreeMasons were getting high on LSD too!
Everybody seems to be doin’ the same spiritual drug…but calling it by some other name.

And again I present the LUCKY LSD FLYWHEEL at the Coral Castle.

For those readers who are perplexed why I refer to these symbols as LSD, this blog should help explain.

But for those of you familiar with the quatrefoil/LSD/DMT/Solomon’s Knot move on….it gets more interesting.

Here is a little of the magic I uncovered today in St. Peter’s Ellipse (not a Square really)
oz…here is a great site…regarding the Wind Rose, a site I found when looking for images of the square/ellipse.

And at this link above, I am sure we will find many clues to solving this riddle of all the ages in our own way…BRIDGING left with the right brain is the ONLY way to solve this riddle of ALL the Ages is the feeling I keep getting.

But the path is incredibly clear to me…my path has been clearly marked with the numbers 2, 5, 8, 11 OR 1258 or simply 528. (solfeggio 528 hertz of course, heals DNA, so goes the rumor, in green because 528 hertz is a ‘green’ frequency)

The Solfeggio Scale and note names;
1. UT…396 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree) 2. RE…417 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
3. MI…528 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree) 4. FA…639 Hz (Center Pillar of the Tree) 5. SOL..741 Hz (Left Pillar of the Tree)
6. LA…852 Hz (Right Pillar of the Tree)

I posted the above because of the references to the PILLARS.

3 Pillars

The Wind Rose that surrounds the obelisk in St Peter’s Square is a diagram that uses the compass points to show the different wind directions. Each of these sixteen elliptical white marble markers is labeled with the compass point and the name of the wind from that direction.

Does the number 16 come up as a significant part of the Coral Castle FLYWHEEL architecture?
Yes it does.

Please note the pavement AND at each position on the Wind Rose we have an image of the emanating wind.

Though the ‘wind rose’ (Italian: rosa dei venti) has been around since ancient times, but these markers were added to the Square around 1852 when Pius IX added the four seven-branched candelabra with fountains, and the traffic-free circle inside the 68 short granite posts.

Please note that these changes were made in 1852 and the Tarot deck where I get this next image was made after 1852.

1258 my fire department badge number perhaps?

The (47) four seven-branched candelabra/menorah is another of those archetypal facts worth taking note of at this time.

Now is a good to remind the readers how the card below can really help solve ‘X’ or maybe even find what is buried under the ‘X’.
Yes those numbers appear to be linked to the 4 Evangelists and 4 specific astrological houses and the Persian 4 Royal Stars.

When I see those numbers 2, 5, 8, 11 that keep coming up in my intuitively lead research/journey, I get tingles, goose bumps, waves after wave of undulating truth chills…

And it feels so damn good
If some of you wonder where that relentless, head down, ‘bull in a china shop paSSion’ emanates from, please do believe me, when I suggest it is simply the result of ‘feeling the truth’, whenever I think, feel or utter truthful words these daze, I get those chills, zzzzt, nothing I can’t handel AND here is the best part, I can now manufacture these waves, almost at will … and I envision a day when with every step I take, truth will emanate.
Typing btw, counts too, sending out vibes on the www.

How do I tie the Phreemason Seal of the Grand Lodge to the Vatican and Precession of the Equinoxes and those 4 numbers?
It is definitely a doorway to a much deeper understanding.

We are taking part in a rather unique narrative.
So let me present some of that 2, 5, 8, 11 magic yet again.
This is so sweet.

The first post I made on this forum, was this one.
And what was the topic about essentially?

The Universe is asymmetric.
Our Brains are divided and are in fact asymmetric.
And our LEFT and RIGHT hands are asymmetric and chiral.
And our DNA is also asymmetric and chiral.
AND there is in fact an asymmetrical ancient symbol that embraces all of the concepts above, asymmetric and chiral.
Those 4/5 points are summations of that thread.

Now the poetry that has been recorded, for mi to find evidently, and sometimes, it feels as though I myself left the clues for me to find at a later date. Imagine entering a maze or labryinth on a quest and feeling it necessary to leave a path to follow back out to where you began your journey, in case you do need to escape.
When fighting a fire, the firefighter always knows that the fire hose itself was his way back out, his ‘lifeline’, when dealing with zero visibility and a toxic environment and a critical situation involving a low air supply.

These numbers and other archetypal concepts I have been proposing in many of my threads, the entire narrative I am still uncovering, has been assisted / aided by following 4 numbers around Space and Time.
The clues I am to identify have numbers marked right on them 2, 5, 8 and 11 OR variations there of…
How much easier could it get solving this riddle?

This famous image of Michelangelo, in the SiStine Chapel, is about making ‘contact’, ‘being touched by god’, it is essentially a narrative focusing on HANDS.

Please note that it is the RIGHT HAND of God that is associated with the ‘Creation of Man’, nearly touching the LEFT HAND of Adam.

Is this why? … physics uses what is known as the ‘Right Hand Rules’ when discussing the x, y and z axis?

And Wolfgang Pauli exclaimed “God is a weak left hander”?

So what is the connection between my journey, the image called ‘Creation of Man’ and the numbers acting as a guide for me called ‘2, 5, 8, 11’?

only click on this link if you want to be freaked out.
http://books.google.ca/books?id=Pj3LLlkQOdsC&pg=PA111&lpg=PA111&dq=creati on+of+man+1508-12&source=bl&ots=crhcjbcCBE&sig=Tg3-chytSWNGcDdQywHGSi6Cnzw&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result& resnum=6&ct=result
(you may need to cut and paste the address into your browser, do not know why it does not link )

If anybody caught some chills when they saw, what I saw, at that link, let me know.
Ezekiel is connected to those numbers too?

Of course he is.
Takes one madman across the eternal waters, to understand another madman.
This madness that has overwhelmed me, is a badge of honor 1258 that I proudly wear…yes my actual badge number upon retirement in July 31, 2007, was 1258.
Actually the date of my retirement, those numbers also have a rather unique relationship to each other.
07/31/2007 OR 73127
In those numbers above, which can be read in either direction I see the numbers 37, 13, 72, 27, and 137.

Isn’t it ironic that I, as a firefighter, living in the Iron age, toiling at an occupation, internationally represented by the Maltese or Iron Cross was bleSSed with this archetypal vision AFTER watching the WTC drama unfold on Sept. 11, 2001?
Isn’t it ironic?

Yes, the irony seems apparent, it is part of the narrative that I must confess, I now realize has already been written, an implied fate.
Has it already been written that a ‘firefighter’ will play a role in the upcoming shift, where we move from one paradigm to the next?
What if?

The Maltese cross is in fact the international symbol of the firefighter.
In case some of you did not know.

Quite the hole I find myself lost in but I have brought some KEYs along.

Now I hope you find that fascinating what I wrote….because now I ask you to take a quantum leap called trust based on WTF.
I will post a picture later of the GOLD KEY I found that may help us unlock the north gate, or is it the back door we seek, or are they one and the same?

I noticed just the other day that my backdoor ‘gold’ key has the numbers …
12526 inscribed.
1258 …

Believe it or not, readers, I seriously take that as a clue.
Do you trust mi and the musical numerical path I am on, trying to find the one?

Wondering what numbers are on the Silver KEY, which is my front door key?
Those numbers would indicate how I entered this temple assigned #43.
The numbers on the front door key are E47855?

E … Temple of Apollo/DelPhi is associated with the letter E and Phi.

47 … My ‘energy = god’ epiphany occurred when I was 47 years of age in 2004.

8 pointed star of Inana/Ishtar/Astarte/VENUS is central to the theme. Also 47 + 8 = 55.

55 or SS or the fact I will be 55 in 2012. I could write a book about the numbers 55 which look far too much like the letters SS. 55 is in fact the number of the jersey I wore, on the only team ever to win the gold…the championship.
I played mainly two positions, SS (shortstop) and the hot corner at 3B.

All of the Vatican Coat of Arms, for ALL the popes, since St. Peter, have had a GOLD and SILVER KEY emblazoned.
(to my knowledge)
Coincidentally, of course, on the British Coat of Arms, we note the SUN is the LION and the UNICORN is the MOON and the magical horse has been CHAINED or harnessed…does the EARTH get its horse power from the MOON?
Is the MOON a vital part of the engine, does the MOON help supply the horsepower?
(note the spiral horn that the magical unicorn has been bleSSed with)
But to create the horsepower requires a fuel?
The SUN?

My personal house/temple where I reside, #43, (how many triangles in the Sri Yantra?) as I mentioned has a GOLD KEY for the back door, and coincidentally the front door is a SILVER KEY.
SUN is the Gold Key and Silver Key is the MOON.

Those are the types of clues I often follow on my archetypal journey, by becoming more conscious of my immediate surroundings and the props I have employed in this staged play.
Not science…but it works, and when science learns to become PART of the narrative, and NOT THE narrative, it makes for a far more interesting story.
Crazy eh?
Who cares, the series of numbers 1, 1, 2, ?, 5, 8 seem to be guiding me in the right direction.
Any resemblance to the Fibonacci series is to be expected at this point.

Thus another clue presents itself for me to ponder?
What does the missing 3 in the above seriesindicate?



p.s. MANY more KEY 528 posts.

LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=KEY 528=Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

‘DreaMTeam 2012’ … an OPEN LETTER to Acharya S.

Here is a cut and paste from another site….obviously my thoughts are being condensed rather nicely.
This gets good for those who have followed along thus far with my rants and raves.
Who is Acharya S.?
Much of her research was used in the controversial film Zeitgeist.

Dear Acharya S.

This thread began as a response to “jeffphansen77” on another thread.
I then found it an opportunity to say what I have been wanting to say for sometime now.
The text and images I provide are a pre-requisite for understanding the proposal I have laid out for you in this ‘Open Letter’.
As I did suggest on another thread, I feel we can take this ‘conspiracy’ to yet another level…where everybody plays a role in the eventual solution to our woes.

jeffphansen77 wrote:
I’m not sure why the Pope would want to bring Galileo up in a public speech though.Should be a sore subject.Since nothing he says isn’t calculated and well thought out,we may be able to infer that the Church is gradually acknowledging and adopting an official stance toward the astrotheological issues…

I know why the Pope spews the papel poo he does…
Do you know what a revealer is Jeff?
I feel I do, they reveal.

But there is no point in me sharing ALL I FEEL, what I KNOW, because most people DO NOT have a clue what I am yakking about.
Ever since that day, I have not been the same. Some of the revealers end up on street corners handing out pamphlets, some are measured for a dinner jacket and placed in a padded cell and given a room for life, rarely with a view.

But I am different than most have ventured to the other side and come back with a clear meSSage…I am finding that voice AND confidence needed to help communicate a UNITY that resembles a clarity, ultimately a TRUTH….these images, my sight is ALL the evidence I need to convince myself, that I am one of the lucky ones…I seem to have found my purpose in life…to pull back the veils of self-serving BAD behaviors, and help expose the TRUTH.
I have been spared the humility of the street corner nutjob, and these people who we often see standing on the street corners I do want the sheeple and seegullibles to understand, are I believe the Rosetta Souls, windows to the other side when opened are dark and full of all we fear.

However can we go back to that fateful day that changed my life. The DMT bolt/jolt I received from the mothership, lead to a 3 year abduction by aliens. During my incarceration we did several ‘flybys’ of sacred temples, both old and new.
I jest of course…I only concocted such a brief narrative about aliens to demonstrate a fact…ancient temples seen from the air, some have been proposed as resembling landing strips meant for aliens to land on is pure HYPE and BUNK. imho
Let me share with you some pictures that I was allowed to take on my journey to the center of me, a place to where only an alien could possibly act as guide.
My shadow.

AGE of piSceS means that Aliens are another RED HERRING along with the mutt-of-metaphor called jeSuS. He was a public relations camPAIN that lasted 2000 years. In the future Flying saucers flown by little brother and BIG SiSter will control the herd for another 2000+ years with a new tool to incite fear and inflict PAIN and suffering.

Jesus and Aliens are veils that evil always needs to resurrect or erect, a place from which they can hide behind and obfuscate the TRUTH with LIES, and even BIGGER LIES that help to twist a way to LIVE, into an EVIL to be feared and destroyed, killed and BURIED.
Critical thinking always considers the rumor that the Victorious script the HIS-Story.

Aliens are being set up as the LIE that will replace Jesus.
The MOTIVE for all the bullshit soon becomes clear.

jeffphansen77 wrote:
As to the swastika,I believe the Jainists still use it as a major symbol of theirs.It pops right out on their Wiki entry.I think the Nazis grabbed it up out of some hazy notion of a connection between themselves and the original Aryans who were at the root of Indian and Persian cultures.I’d love to see more astrotheological connections within the Indian religions.I’m just now getting into the Rig Veda and sizing that whole tradition up.

Jeff I can see you have been trained well to rebleat what the Jedi-suit masters have suggested is the origin of the swastiKA, a symbol that has been posited in the western consciousness as EVIL, the opposite of LIVE?

Do please stop repeating the dispensed BULLSHIT in regards to the the origin of this OLDEST of ALL MIGRATORY SYMBOLS…a symbol that was exported (worn as a protective amulet) and linked to most of the sacred sites of the world.

Go to this site….the intrepid searchers of the elusive truth have asked that very question, what is the origin of the swastika?
WE have made many brilliant connections on that forum…30+ pages of good research…
http://forums.abrahadabra.com/showthrea … el&page=30

The swastiKA is/was a symbol that meant ‘GOOD LUCK” for thousands of years….
Now shall we compare the PRE-LITERATE PRE-HISTORIC swastiKA to the Christian CRUCIFIX that was also exported to the four corners of the globe?
What does the CRUCIFIX mean?

Now a critical mind would ask … what kind of entity would displace the MOST revered symbol on EARTH meaning GOOD LUCK, with one that means DEATH?

SANTA on trial would say… the devil SATAN (who resides inside of me) made me do it.
Where does Santa spend his summers these daze?
In Sumer, Babylon, or maybe the VatiKAn?

TarZion and Jain eh?
Nice couple…nice archetype…the inner wild man meets mother mary…and she helps give birth to the champ who was raised by chimps…
TarZion is the diamond in the rough…takes time to turn carbon/coal into a diamond…and a little alchemy.

I would appreciate if you read what I have researched about the swastika which is the KEY to Universal Movement. A term referring to a symbol found on the tablets found in the Valley of Mexico…predating the Aztec.
38 blogs making divine connections about this ancient symbol:

But back to the flight I took with the Aliens in their SpaceShip…Here is what I saw when flying over St. Peter’s Square.
Recognize it?


What does that shape mean dude?
Read on because what I present is a REAL gift for those who can see what I am in fact presenting and suggesting…it is most profound.
It supports Acharya’s position BUT takes the ‘conspiracy’ to the next level of ‘Critical Thinking’.

Swastika City 3600 yrs old found in Russia

ArKAim Site

But who here can read ruSSian?
Which temple/idea came first?
It is obvious which culture expreSSed/translated a belief into architecture.
And another took the same archetypes and created ARKitecture and ARKetypes?

ArKAim or the VatiKAn, which was first out of the gate?
Here is a ruSSian site I will definitely need to revisit.

BUT WAIT, the Buddhists in Tibet DO in fact have the same symbol.
And it has great meaning…it is called the Universe of the Lamas.


Universe of the Lamas (on the left) and the holier than thou spiritual copycats found in a place called St. Peter’s Square?
The Universe of the Lamas and the Vatican is a god-damn good fit, eh?
At this time please note the two pillars in the Lama Mandala…

Well let’s see what the crucifix waving Judeao/Christians found in the New World?
What the VatiKAn found was more proof of an underlying unity … so why did they destroy the Meso/Indian America cultures…
See if you can find the VatiKAn / ArKAim / Universe of the Lamas, in these next photos?


The KIVA started appearing in the American southwest around 500 A.D.
The KIVA evolved from domestic PIT houses…which are in fact the oldest known living structures in North America.
So who copied who?

Why did the VatiKAn destroy with criminal intent a way of life, that seemed to embrace UNITY?

The answer is in the question graSShopper.
There is a UNITY that exists, that THEY want to control…
To run a household or an illusion requires ‘power’, a source.
Power and Glory Inkorporated.
…what color INK do they use?
BLACK is seen as negative….but not when using INK.
RED is associated with positive electrical energy…but when it comes to the green stuff called money, RED is seen as negative…

VatiKAn = ArKAim = Universe of the Lamas = Kiva
Ok thus far my evidence has clouded or put into question the source of the NAZIs inspiration for the adoption of the swastiKA.
Without a doubt the picture has just been clouded over BY removing the veil.
TRUTH has that effect.

BUT Hitler was a Christian Roman Catholic.
This is a fact that we do NOT see advertised often in the mainstream media, in the west.
Can you imagine if Hitler had been a Muslim…how the media would spin that today?

But what happens when we compare all of the above to another symbol found in Peru?
A symbol I photographed in a ROMAN CATHOLIC MONASTERY, the building of which commenced in 1580?
Is 1580 + 432 = 2012 a coincidence?
We know that 432 is associated with the Yugas and the SUN.

I toured this monastery in Feb. 2006. It had been closed for nearly 400 years, reopening in 1970. I took a trip back in TIME that day. And here is the image I photographed…


And it is the symbol that can be used as the Rosetta KEY to help unlock ALL the symbols above.

It fits into St. Peter Square.
It contains the 4/5 colors of Alchemy, the same colors are used in the Indian Medicine Wheel, again the colors can be found in a 12th map of Jerusalem and a reference to the Knights Templars (heraldry), these are the same 4/5 colors used by ancient Rome (heraldry), and the colors used by the NAZIs (heraldry) and the colors used in the VatiKAn.


It has the two pillars which are GREEN, which match up nicely with the two TREES in the Lama Universe.
It contains the Venus Transit cycle.
It matches CARD X of the Tarot.
It is the KEY…the Rosetta Fractal and I am its interface.

The name of the monastery in Peru is Santa Catalina.
And I do love the sound of where I found that mandala…Santa (Satan) KAtalina.

I call this mandala the Santa KAtalina Mandala…it is a fractal.
It is THE Rosetta Fractal, this is fact I know/feel.

I have an idea.
I want to present to you DreamMTeam 2012
I would love to assemble for a Round Table conference a unique group of individuals, each bringing to this Emerald Round Table a gift of sight.

Here is the short list which can certainly be amen-did.**
**I know there are several souls here on Forum 2012 that wish to earnestly bee on Team Truth.

>>First and foremost I believe we need to invite the Rosetta Souls, the savants/fellas like Daniel Tammat, Kim Peek AND the goddess Temple Grandin.

>>also the experts like Acharya S., Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Bauvel, Schloch, and of course we need Hancock’s signature too!

>>the counsel of the wolf, the quantum gurus Fred Alan Wolff and SS Wave Theory expert Milo Wolff, the indigenous shamans from Siberia, Peru and the Australia Aborigine who speak of Dreamtime are VERY necessary to help solve this RIDDLE of ALL the AGES…I have gotten so close, would be nice to share in the glory. I really do want to.
I know I belong on this team…my given/surnames suggests I do.
Counsel of the Wolf and Child of the Forest…
And the fact I was awarded a firefighter badge with the four numbers 1258, which is a formula for Phi and phi, embedded as code on CARD X of the Tarot, is a tremendous clue I belong to this group of diverse truth seekers in search of a universal dream.

The culmination of the DreamMTeam’s intent would be the elusive ‘The Theory of Everything’.

The Age of Aquarius is associated with the Evangelist Matthew who is associated with Science, the element AIR not WATER.
Something is in the AIR, I feel it.

There is another fella I believe that needs to share in this glory, and maybe he is the fella who will get it…the Nobel Prize.
It seems to have been written that way.
Not unlike the many ‘birds of prey’ in ancient symbolism we see perched on the bodies of men, this is who Stephen IS, he is Hawk King…the he IS the culmination of 2000+ years of LEFT brained thinking and tinkering…BOUND to a chair, a throne in fact…maybe he needed to be bound to help him focus…miracles take strange paths.

Stephen will get his glory… DreamMTeam 2012 can in fact help him get it….
Stephen Hawking…I see in him an archetype.
Is he to be the anointed one?

Is Stephen Hawking, who is the man bound to METAL (his wheelchair)…in the Age of Iron, to be the one to replace the man bound to a WOODen Cross, Jesus, who had replaced/resembled the mythical Prometheus who had been bound to a ROCK for an eternity, because he stole fire, and he had shared the gift of this theft with man, thus helping to illuminate and enlighten humanity.
All three are messengers of light, Prometheus, Jesus and Stephen…the Hawk King whose time will come…if I can help it.

And yes the analogies do not end there…both Jesus and Prometheus bled from their sides…
Funny how the ancients knew that the LIVER could regenerate itself…and associated a purification process…with the LIVER.


Funny how we see the Knights Templar WHITE Knight D impaling the side of the BLACK Knight…which is associated with the same colors we find on the Roman Catholic Mandala that I photographed in Peru.
These are BTW, the 4/5 colors associated with both the Indian Medicine Wheel and Medieval Alchemy.

Stephen would understand the analogy of taking a rib and the implying of creating an asymmetrical universe.
DNA is the oldest crystal/life form on earth.

It is a crystal.
It is unchanged in 4 billion years.
It is chiral.
It is asymmetric.
It has a story to tell.

The swastika is ALL of the above.
And the ewe bleat … BUT it is NOT a crystal.

To which I reply the swastika is in fact a divine gem.
It is the process by which carbon is turned into a diamond and a diamond is turned back into graphite…in other words Romeo, you do not need to spend 10% of your salary to buy Jewliet a diamond, a precious hard substance that has often been mined and dug up and taken from the earth…there is another way to show your sweetie you love her…write some poetry using 100% of your heart and mind using a pencil.
Because yesterday’s HARDened diamonds are today’s SOFTened graphite that has worked its way to the surface and yielded its bounty willingly.


The swastika is what you would find if you found the ARK and managed to sneak a peek at its contents, with Kim Peek alongside for the ride.

Here I present/gift to you THE secret of the ARK/Holy Grail etc:
First you see NOTHING and then you see/feel EVERYTHING

An echo, a condensed wisdom, a truth from the ancient ORAL traditions, handed down by the sha/man OR the she/he mystic?

WHY all the ca ca about KA?
It would be folly to ignore the role of ‘SOUNDS’ that were embedded into the writing, forming THE narrative…when we transitioned FROM a pre-literate consciousneSS.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 … magnetism/

Welcome to my world called seek unity and the realization that the you inside ewe will find unity in all both of u seek.
You can use LSD or the 4 Evangelists or go searching for a lucky 4 leaf clover in a land filled with fairies and little green men.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … af-clover/

Acharya S. please do consider this a unique opportunity to bring together the fringe, once burned at the stake, or incarcerated, people that live outside the box…who live on the outside but are looking inward.

Here is an opportunity to merge both hemispheres of the mind…in ways yet to be imagined.
And I do want to be part of Team Truth.
But I do NOT want the BIG Nobel Prize … I seek the noble one.



p.s. Was I given the ‘handle’ Thor on this forum because I carry a hammer or is it due to the fact I was a recipient of a dose of supercharged DMT?

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

LSD = DMT = FLYWHEEL = 4 Evangelists = Solomon’s Knot = 4 Leaf Clover = Coral Castle


Postby Raphael on Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:50 am

This is a cut and paste from my wordblog, part of a response to a Freemason logde I loiter about.It might be helpful to watch this video on DMT or the ‘spirit molecule’ first.



I feel this is one of the better posts I have authored,  it really helps connect many vital ideas, assisting the mind’s eye in bringing back into focus something necessary.
re: a shrinking global village needs an update to its collective big picture.
Allow me to share what the archetyapal ARK-e-ologist has retrieved using a new set of tools.

I believe this is not the Discovery Channel.
Our search for the past clues would suggest this is a salvation operation.
Yes you have tuned into the Salvation Station.

Your father was your leader. Your father’s father was his leader.
We are clearly the followers and NOT the leaders. What wisdom do we lack?
Is enlightenment about learning new tricks or remembering old ones?
My enlightenment I now realize, sadly a bit late for my kids, includes what I was supposed to teach or awaken in my children…however they were sacrificed on the altar I call who am I?
But I can hardly wait to play the role of the elder, wise ole’ grandpa…
How much of what grandpa wants to share with you today is preserved does not really matter…because all elders’ know that truth always resurrects itself.

I have salvaged much much more from the abySS of me since receiving that ‘bolt of DMT’ about 4 years ago.
Here is a sample.
What would architecture have to do with embedding ‘secrets’ in its walls and foundations?

Shall we take a tour around a Freemason Lodge and compare it the Coral Castle…this is a fascinating find ….


Am I allowed to share these secrets fellas with the non-initiated?
The general public knows…about these connections…I am proof, therefore it would seem silly if the Blue Lodge membership did not know.

While watching the Code 144 / Secrets of the Universe videos pay real close attention to the shape of the FLYWHEEL.
You will get a really good look of the distinct shape of the FLYWHEEL.

Secrets of the Universe parts 2-6:


FLYWHEEL on Page 3 Slide 263.

Embed that/this image of the FLYWHEEL into your right brain imagery…

Then read these two blogs.

The links I make are more than coincidental…you begin to see an archetypal narrative unfold.
That shape of the FLYWHEEL which looks like a 4 leaf clover, found in gothic churches, Timothy Leary actually called LSD, or the League for Spiritual Discovery and associated it with the 4 Evangelists.
So the apparent magic behind the FLYWHEEL = LSD = 4 Evangelists?


Apparently YES.
The narrative is thus exposed.
What the conspiracy is really about.
Everybody claims they have found the secret.
Well let me share with you what I have found.
I can use CARD X of the Tarot and the Greek/Chaldean Zodiacal Cross to explain a narrative, where I have found a pattern, and I feel I can show how this archetypal model of the universe , can predict not only where an electron will be on the microcosmic level, but most importantly while they chase what they can’t see, this model can also be used for larger spinning objects, like our SUN.


Above quatrefoil / LSD is the outline or STENCIL of SOLOMON’s KNOT … which is easily shown to be connected to ALL kinds of symbolism on many levels.
This is a powerful symbol/archetype because LSD passes the acid test.
What is the acid test that a critical mind using archetypal tools defaults too?
It must have profound meaning in ALL levels that exist between both the MACROCOSM and the microcosm.

The conspiracy THEY hide is the cycle that has been termed Precession of the Equinoxes…ALL else are mostly red herrings that their archetypal Jesus feeds to the masses of sheeple and see-gullibles.
For sure for sure…in a nutshell.
Precession of the Equinox cycle = Flywheel = Solomon’s Knot = LSD

And here is where the Shaman says come flying with me…
LSD is a synthetic man-made version of DMT
DMT is PRODUCED in the PINEAL gland…
Darkness, like spending time in Plato’s Cave activates the production of DMT in your PINEAL gland.
This explains why the Aborigines see ‘Dreamtime’ as reality, and what a Euro-Vision reality imposed on them as just more ‘alpha/aleph/fehu/bullschiesse or bull poop.

I do spend much time in the cave these days with Plato, and the dancing shadows cast upon the walls, and the echos…activating what exactly?
What is my experiment called detachment, isolation yielding?
The Cosmic Background is an echo…that yields three important clues to our past.
What does this echo suggest to a critical mind?
Aum :confused: read this:

Here are more graven images worth a thousand words…ever notice the multitudes and beatitudes, the many graven imagery inside ANY temple?
HERE is a must watch this/these videos about the SAVANT mind.

These shapes activate the archetypal mind as the SAVANTs Daniel Tammat / Temple Grandin have shown…
These SAVANTS are the Rosetta Souls that are the KEYS to helping us bridge the LEFT with the RIGHT hemispheres of the mind, a division that manifests as many divisions in the material world…as polarity often expressed as masculine/positive/light vs. feminine/negative/dark.
But of course there is one word to describe all of the above, and they hand out Nobel Prizes to people who recognize this fact…

Enjoy fellas…and gals looking to unmask men’s secrets, that may have logged in incognito, enjoy what I have written.
Hope I didn’t break any rules.

And of course CHiram Abiff plays a central role in helping me build my temple of beliefs…
I never Tyre of his advice… D

So if you want to use your mind to open doors to other realms that both the shaman and priest say exist, and some of the quantum physicists concur…there are apparently many many paths…some appear faster than others.


LSD anyone?
The ewe get to fill in the blank?;)
The fact it looks like the frame of a MIRROR is just coincidental…



p.s. oh I almost forgot to mention the obvious…would such a FLYWHEEL mechanism be beneath the pyramid at Giza? ;)
And another what if but not so obvious…
re: the Platonic Solid Octahedron

What if the Great Pyramid is similar to an iceberg and there is much more, hidden, veiled beneath the surface, what kind of complex lay beneath the Giza plateau?

What if it is not a pyramid but in fact an octahedron?
How original is that?
What if?

4 ROYAL STARS 4 Evangelists LSD and DMT and Shamans

junglelord wrote:
Thats funny
Laughing Laughing Laughing

Good One.
I did not know.
So there you go, Valhalla, I am coming!

Sound creates Vision. DMT.

What is voiced is not seen by all but is visible to some.
On DMT, Terrance called it speaking Vision, as the Balls of Light taught him and encouraged him. The common experience on DMT when first getting across to the Parallel Universe. The Spheres of Light, that create via singing, and they ecourage you to do it, do it, DO IT.

Your words are real structures in the aether. Yeshua was right.
What you say is a big deal. Because it causes Visions of reality in the Aether. This will effect Matter.

For those of you just tuning into this thread and wondering how junglelord and me made a leap from LSD to DMT … read on.

Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

And I want to introduce a very important archetypal shape that exists deep within the subconscious and we can find it in deep space too.
The quatrefoil


And the quatrefoil above, which is found in sacred geometry, temples, gothic churches, can be filled with many other structures/shapes or concepts…but this shape (a lucky four leaf clover), and its origins, and what it implies on many different levels or dimensions is worthy of further investigation.

And the quantum space cadet…herr Doctor T. Leary had his own ideas. Idea

So too much LSD, resulted in an epiphany.
Timothy Leary believed LSD was worthy of being represented by an ancient sacred symbol.

L eague for
S piritual
D iscovery

Thus we have some strange connections to acknowledge when comparing the different languages people use to express what can’t be expressed…
DMT = LSD = Four Evangelists = 4 Gospels

And the Persian astrologers had connected these 4 Evangelists to four specific stars…that they called the 4 Royal Stars.
This thread shows how the Quatrefoil = 25,812 year TIME elapse in regards to the Precession of the Equinoxes…

What is the link between ALL of the above?
How is the Macrocosmic cycle of the Sun (25,812 years) connected to what is happening down here …

It is the PINEAL gland…we all have one…and it produces DMT.

LSD is essentially synthetic DMT

What is the ROLE of the PINEAL gland?
Good question.
Is it a transmitter / receiver?
What connection did Jeremy Narby (an anthropologist apologist) who wrote The Cosmic Serpent make between myth and science?

…well I just happened to have written something about the ‘connections’ that Narby observed, that the mainstream of consciousness fails to ‘acknowledge’.

And of course we would expect that the sacred Solomon’s Knot to be a nice fit with the quatrefoil.
It fits perfectly inside the shape/outline of the quatrefoil.
Well that is what I would expect to find.

If you want to ‘dissect’ how the sacred quatrefoil manifests from nothing…
Yes I am implying that something from nothing does in fact occur.
And the symbol that best connects…nothing to something…is in fact the swastika.

As this ‘Philosopher’s Stone in Ireland depicts.
It contains several important archetypal shapes found the world over.
Used in both ancient and modern scientific notation…I need to point that out…how we still seem to use the same ‘notations’, glyphs, ideograms, symbols…
This next blog shows how the above Philosopher’s Stone is connected to an ARKetypal Theory of Everything.

Yes I have just connected the concept of the 4 leaf clover to Solomon’s Knot and the quatrefoil and the swastika.

If I take LSD or DMT what are my chances of seeing green men and fluorescent serpents?
However do I see green Leprechauns or green Aliens?
Thus the shape of what we see can be manipulated by a hidden hand?
Yes of course…this brings us back to the silent role sound plays and what is the SOUND of ONE HAND CLAPPING?
Another paradox in the land of chicken and egg paradoxes.

I do know however that the frequency 528 hertz falls within the color GREEN on the Electro-magnetic Spectrum, and a GREEN vision might be connected to the ancient EMERALD Tablets.

We seem to have evolved from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Christian spiritual gallows…did I say evolved, I should have declared, descended from…?Which is a more truthful observation of the events till this point transpired?
Are we the leaders or the followers?

In conclusion:
We seem to agree junglelord.
Our VISIONS (mind/heart projections) are connected to the AETHER which effects the MATTER we inhabit.

Is it all in the eye of the beholders of a vision = collective imagination = AETHER = helps create MATTER
Can we alter reality just by meditating thoughts and producing thought waves that are somehow connected to controlling the spin of the quantum waves that become bigger and bigger and bigger?

Is this the lever we need to manifest to move the world Archimedes?

A lever long enough to reach the smallest spinning wave within each of us? To ALTAR its direction by altering our behaviors?
Thus each individual contributes to help change the collective future?

please read the disclaimer: All of the above sounds hunky dory until it comes time to decide on a direction that satisfies everybody?

And it reveals why a conspiracy would even exist at all.
What direction does a organism that displays a bilateral symmetry take?

One of the advantages of bilateral symmetry is that there is a preference for direction.

And we both know that the only directions available in a flat world are CW and CCW?

So what the Christian dogma and spreading of their self-serving theological poo suggests to me … is a forced feeding of a certain belief … the direction has been already decided on, for the microcosmic us, and the macrocosmic US, by higher powers.

Are some of our lives already not comparable to the egg-laying chickens confined to small cages, having had their beaks broken off (silenced), and being fed genetically modified feed from birth till death?

Those cages are primitive energy extraction machines, a blend of nature and man, a collaboration of intent.

Egg laying cages are i-pods, they are McMachines, the heart of which is chicken.
Wasn’t supposed to be this way … Twisted Evil

And it becomes obvious upon further explorations that if our DNA represents our past…and it has been suggested by science that we CAN in fact ALTAR/alter our DNA during our lifetimes…

…this provides for a profound revelation … it means we CAN alter the past by using ALTARS.

Are the ALTARS a universal archetype or MUST they be based on a Judeao/Christian ARKetypal narrative?


“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein