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Maybe they’re not mysteries anymore… just locked away, last century.

A great question.

4 serpents S=W=Z=M

Sight. Sound. Vision. Vortex. Waves. Zzzleep. Music/harmonics. Magnetism. What else? Masons as the keepers of the knowledge?

NOW take a simple plain square cross.
On this cross I want you to place Sorth and Nouth.
And now place Eest and Wast on the same map.

Did that exercise teach you anything?

Here is another puzzle now that you are armed with SSS serpentine wisdom…

How does satan = cadeusus?

You might need to learn about molas and the Kuna YAla tribe of Panama who have a swastika on their flag.

The Kuna revolution began on February 25, 1925 when an armed group attacked the Panamanian police stationed on the islands of Tupile and Ukupseni. The police had been involved in the violent suppression of Kuna cultural practices and had been abusing the populations of various communities. The revolution was led by Nele Kantule.

Nele Kantule Iguibilikinya was a famous chief and medicine man of the Kuna indigenous tribe of Panama and Colombia.
The flag of Kuna Yala was adopted in 1925, and is based on a swastika design, an ancient symbol in Kuna culture.

25 and 52 are part of the NUMERICAL design, evidence left by the geometer creator alchemist, which forms a huge part of the swastika serpentine frequency that I am tuning into.

25 and 52 AFTER reflections and rotations become the SS Holy Spirit:

And YA = Ja and maybe Jah?

Ja…ja…ja vay or some might utter while at the vailing vall, YAHVeH

Because if I was a meSSenger of meSSages, which were composed of ORAL traditions, composed of song and dance which included SOUNDs, what kind of meSSages would Hermes, Mercury, and Thoth all leave behind.
SongS of Solomon?
The hymns of the Rig Vedas?

YA is a SOUND that just might get around the world…
So what does a YA Buddhist/Chinese symbol look like?

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

POLARITY between BLUE and RED is the name of the game in the place called heaven and hell that meet in the middle plane…the middle EARTH.
Where the SKY touches the EARTH…
Don’t folks know this is a battle for middle earth?

But most interesting…at the bottom of the LONGEVITY character I see brush strokes that resemble a 5 and a 4.
And that is significant when discussing harmonic crossovers that occur between 5 and 4 >>> at 4.5

I know a fella who has such a musical theory, based on the Pythagorean Lambdoma, which is yet another ancient concept that we can trace to the swastika and Nepal.
And that fella is not me.
Actually he and mi have had fighting words in the past, sparring on the www, when diScuSSing our theories.
And Lui (a musician) who has this own musical theory that meshes with my archetypal theSiS, never did acknowledge that he ‘found’ me and my shadow I call mi, on a forum/ thread I had started that was diScuSSing ASYMMETRY.

The forum we loistered about was  discussing hidden secrets, the ancient mysteries and Freemason symbolism.
But Lui wanted to discuss his theory his theory based on SYMMETRY.
But that is plasma under the bridge.
What did the Egyptians, the Freemasons and the Vatican ALL VEIL, that the EAST does NOT?
The SWASTIKA is the answer
…show me a serpent ‘S’ in Egypt and I will show you a ‘waveform’.

A Rolling Stone gathers no moSS?
Get yer YA-YAs out?
It is all the same LIGHT and SOUND programming, since the beginning of time.
We humans just love to re-invent the wheel.

The Rolling Stones and Bill Gates wanted to Start Mi UP, again back in 1995? using that subtle, sublime hidden BUTTON called the SWASTIKA?

This will/should blow you away and continue to help solidify my claim.
Here is yet another puzzle…this one is best.
It is actually part of the Gutenberg Project:

Go to the link above.
Find puzzle 142.



The lady members of the Wilkinson family had made a simple patchwork quilt, as a small Christmas present, all composed of square pieces of the same size, as shown in the illustration. It only lacked the four corner pieces to make it complete. Somebody pointed out to them that if you unpicked the Greek cross in the middle and then cut the stitches along the dark joins, the four pieces all of the same size and shape would fit together and form a square. This the reader knows, from the solution in Fig. 39, is quite easily done. But George Wilkinson suddenly suggested to them this poser. He said, “Instead of picking out the cross entire, and forming the square from four equal pieces, can you cut out a square entire and four equal pieces that will form a perfect Greek cross?” The puzzle is, of course, now quite easy.

And the solution to this puzzle, suggests Grandma is a NAZI who uses a PC and Windows?
Now compare the solution to the quilting puzzle below with the WINDOWs images above…can you find it?

the solution to the puzzle…

Highslide JS
I rest my case for now.
Or should I say, I shall take a rest for now.
The battle for TRUTH is eternal.

Swastika is the KEY to Universal Movement
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

‘DreaMTeam 2012’ … an OPEN LETTER to Acharya S.

Here is a cut and paste from another site….obviously my thoughts are being condensed rather nicely.
This gets good for those who have followed along thus far with my rants and raves.
Who is Acharya S.?
Much of her research was used in the controversial film Zeitgeist.

Dear Acharya S.

This thread began as a response to “jeffphansen77” on another thread.
I then found it an opportunity to say what I have been wanting to say for sometime now.
The text and images I provide are a pre-requisite for understanding the proposal I have laid out for you in this ‘Open Letter’.
As I did suggest on another thread, I feel we can take this ‘conspiracy’ to yet another level…where everybody plays a role in the eventual solution to our woes.

jeffphansen77 wrote:
I’m not sure why the Pope would want to bring Galileo up in a public speech though.Should be a sore subject.Since nothing he says isn’t calculated and well thought out,we may be able to infer that the Church is gradually acknowledging and adopting an official stance toward the astrotheological issues…

I know why the Pope spews the papel poo he does…
Do you know what a revealer is Jeff?
I feel I do, they reveal.

But there is no point in me sharing ALL I FEEL, what I KNOW, because most people DO NOT have a clue what I am yakking about.
Ever since that day, I have not been the same. Some of the revealers end up on street corners handing out pamphlets, some are measured for a dinner jacket and placed in a padded cell and given a room for life, rarely with a view.

But I am different than most have ventured to the other side and come back with a clear meSSage…I am finding that voice AND confidence needed to help communicate a UNITY that resembles a clarity, ultimately a TRUTH….these images, my sight is ALL the evidence I need to convince myself, that I am one of the lucky ones…I seem to have found my purpose in life…to pull back the veils of self-serving BAD behaviors, and help expose the TRUTH.
I have been spared the humility of the street corner nutjob, and these people who we often see standing on the street corners I do want the sheeple and seegullibles to understand, are I believe the Rosetta Souls, windows to the other side when opened are dark and full of all we fear.

However can we go back to that fateful day that changed my life. The DMT bolt/jolt I received from the mothership, lead to a 3 year abduction by aliens. During my incarceration we did several ‘flybys’ of sacred temples, both old and new.
I jest of course…I only concocted such a brief narrative about aliens to demonstrate a fact…ancient temples seen from the air, some have been proposed as resembling landing strips meant for aliens to land on is pure HYPE and BUNK. imho
Let me share with you some pictures that I was allowed to take on my journey to the center of me, a place to where only an alien could possibly act as guide.
My shadow.

AGE of piSceS means that Aliens are another RED HERRING along with the mutt-of-metaphor called jeSuS. He was a public relations camPAIN that lasted 2000 years. In the future Flying saucers flown by little brother and BIG SiSter will control the herd for another 2000+ years with a new tool to incite fear and inflict PAIN and suffering.

Jesus and Aliens are veils that evil always needs to resurrect or erect, a place from which they can hide behind and obfuscate the TRUTH with LIES, and even BIGGER LIES that help to twist a way to LIVE, into an EVIL to be feared and destroyed, killed and BURIED.
Critical thinking always considers the rumor that the Victorious script the HIS-Story.

Aliens are being set up as the LIE that will replace Jesus.
The MOTIVE for all the bullshit soon becomes clear.

jeffphansen77 wrote:
As to the swastika,I believe the Jainists still use it as a major symbol of theirs.It pops right out on their Wiki entry.I think the Nazis grabbed it up out of some hazy notion of a connection between themselves and the original Aryans who were at the root of Indian and Persian cultures.I’d love to see more astrotheological connections within the Indian religions.I’m just now getting into the Rig Veda and sizing that whole tradition up.

Jeff I can see you have been trained well to rebleat what the Jedi-suit masters have suggested is the origin of the swastiKA, a symbol that has been posited in the western consciousness as EVIL, the opposite of LIVE?

Do please stop repeating the dispensed BULLSHIT in regards to the the origin of this OLDEST of ALL MIGRATORY SYMBOLS…a symbol that was exported (worn as a protective amulet) and linked to most of the sacred sites of the world.

Go to this site….the intrepid searchers of the elusive truth have asked that very question, what is the origin of the swastika?
WE have made many brilliant connections on that forum…30+ pages of good research…
http://forums.abrahadabra.com/showthrea … el&page=30

The swastiKA is/was a symbol that meant ‘GOOD LUCK” for thousands of years….
Now shall we compare the PRE-LITERATE PRE-HISTORIC swastiKA to the Christian CRUCIFIX that was also exported to the four corners of the globe?
What does the CRUCIFIX mean?

Now a critical mind would ask … what kind of entity would displace the MOST revered symbol on EARTH meaning GOOD LUCK, with one that means DEATH?

SANTA on trial would say… the devil SATAN (who resides inside of me) made me do it.
Where does Santa spend his summers these daze?
In Sumer, Babylon, or maybe the VatiKAn?

TarZion and Jain eh?
Nice couple…nice archetype…the inner wild man meets mother mary…and she helps give birth to the champ who was raised by chimps…
TarZion is the diamond in the rough…takes time to turn carbon/coal into a diamond…and a little alchemy.

I would appreciate if you read what I have researched about the swastika which is the KEY to Universal Movement. A term referring to a symbol found on the tablets found in the Valley of Mexico…predating the Aztec.
38 blogs making divine connections about this ancient symbol:

But back to the flight I took with the Aliens in their SpaceShip…Here is what I saw when flying over St. Peter’s Square.
Recognize it?


What does that shape mean dude?
Read on because what I present is a REAL gift for those who can see what I am in fact presenting and suggesting…it is most profound.
It supports Acharya’s position BUT takes the ‘conspiracy’ to the next level of ‘Critical Thinking’.

Swastika City 3600 yrs old found in Russia

ArKAim Site

But who here can read ruSSian?
Which temple/idea came first?
It is obvious which culture expreSSed/translated a belief into architecture.
And another took the same archetypes and created ARKitecture and ARKetypes?

ArKAim or the VatiKAn, which was first out of the gate?
Here is a ruSSian site I will definitely need to revisit.

BUT WAIT, the Buddhists in Tibet DO in fact have the same symbol.
And it has great meaning…it is called the Universe of the Lamas.


Universe of the Lamas (on the left) and the holier than thou spiritual copycats found in a place called St. Peter’s Square?
The Universe of the Lamas and the Vatican is a god-damn good fit, eh?
At this time please note the two pillars in the Lama Mandala…

Well let’s see what the crucifix waving Judeao/Christians found in the New World?
What the VatiKAn found was more proof of an underlying unity … so why did they destroy the Meso/Indian America cultures…
See if you can find the VatiKAn / ArKAim / Universe of the Lamas, in these next photos?


The KIVA started appearing in the American southwest around 500 A.D.
The KIVA evolved from domestic PIT houses…which are in fact the oldest known living structures in North America.
So who copied who?

Why did the VatiKAn destroy with criminal intent a way of life, that seemed to embrace UNITY?

The answer is in the question graSShopper.
There is a UNITY that exists, that THEY want to control…
To run a household or an illusion requires ‘power’, a source.
Power and Glory Inkorporated.
…what color INK do they use?
BLACK is seen as negative….but not when using INK.
RED is associated with positive electrical energy…but when it comes to the green stuff called money, RED is seen as negative…

VatiKAn = ArKAim = Universe of the Lamas = Kiva
Ok thus far my evidence has clouded or put into question the source of the NAZIs inspiration for the adoption of the swastiKA.
Without a doubt the picture has just been clouded over BY removing the veil.
TRUTH has that effect.

BUT Hitler was a Christian Roman Catholic.
This is a fact that we do NOT see advertised often in the mainstream media, in the west.
Can you imagine if Hitler had been a Muslim…how the media would spin that today?

But what happens when we compare all of the above to another symbol found in Peru?
A symbol I photographed in a ROMAN CATHOLIC MONASTERY, the building of which commenced in 1580?
Is 1580 + 432 = 2012 a coincidence?
We know that 432 is associated with the Yugas and the SUN.

I toured this monastery in Feb. 2006. It had been closed for nearly 400 years, reopening in 1970. I took a trip back in TIME that day. And here is the image I photographed…


And it is the symbol that can be used as the Rosetta KEY to help unlock ALL the symbols above.

It fits into St. Peter Square.
It contains the 4/5 colors of Alchemy, the same colors are used in the Indian Medicine Wheel, again the colors can be found in a 12th map of Jerusalem and a reference to the Knights Templars (heraldry), these are the same 4/5 colors used by ancient Rome (heraldry), and the colors used by the NAZIs (heraldry) and the colors used in the VatiKAn.


It has the two pillars which are GREEN, which match up nicely with the two TREES in the Lama Universe.
It contains the Venus Transit cycle.
It matches CARD X of the Tarot.
It is the KEY…the Rosetta Fractal and I am its interface.

The name of the monastery in Peru is Santa Catalina.
And I do love the sound of where I found that mandala…Santa (Satan) KAtalina.

I call this mandala the Santa KAtalina Mandala…it is a fractal.
It is THE Rosetta Fractal, this is fact I know/feel.

I have an idea.
I want to present to you DreamMTeam 2012
I would love to assemble for a Round Table conference a unique group of individuals, each bringing to this Emerald Round Table a gift of sight.

Here is the short list which can certainly be amen-did.**
**I know there are several souls here on Forum 2012 that wish to earnestly bee on Team Truth.

>>First and foremost I believe we need to invite the Rosetta Souls, the savants/fellas like Daniel Tammat, Kim Peek AND the goddess Temple Grandin.

>>also the experts like Acharya S., Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Bauvel, Schloch, and of course we need Hancock’s signature too!

>>the counsel of the wolf, the quantum gurus Fred Alan Wolff and SS Wave Theory expert Milo Wolff, the indigenous shamans from Siberia, Peru and the Australia Aborigine who speak of Dreamtime are VERY necessary to help solve this RIDDLE of ALL the AGES…I have gotten so close, would be nice to share in the glory. I really do want to.
I know I belong on this team…my given/surnames suggests I do.
Counsel of the Wolf and Child of the Forest…
And the fact I was awarded a firefighter badge with the four numbers 1258, which is a formula for Phi and phi, embedded as code on CARD X of the Tarot, is a tremendous clue I belong to this group of diverse truth seekers in search of a universal dream.

The culmination of the DreamMTeam’s intent would be the elusive ‘The Theory of Everything’.

The Age of Aquarius is associated with the Evangelist Matthew who is associated with Science, the element AIR not WATER.
Something is in the AIR, I feel it.

There is another fella I believe that needs to share in this glory, and maybe he is the fella who will get it…the Nobel Prize.
It seems to have been written that way.
Not unlike the many ‘birds of prey’ in ancient symbolism we see perched on the bodies of men, this is who Stephen IS, he is Hawk King…the he IS the culmination of 2000+ years of LEFT brained thinking and tinkering…BOUND to a chair, a throne in fact…maybe he needed to be bound to help him focus…miracles take strange paths.

Stephen will get his glory… DreamMTeam 2012 can in fact help him get it….
Stephen Hawking…I see in him an archetype.
Is he to be the anointed one?

Is Stephen Hawking, who is the man bound to METAL (his wheelchair)…in the Age of Iron, to be the one to replace the man bound to a WOODen Cross, Jesus, who had replaced/resembled the mythical Prometheus who had been bound to a ROCK for an eternity, because he stole fire, and he had shared the gift of this theft with man, thus helping to illuminate and enlighten humanity.
All three are messengers of light, Prometheus, Jesus and Stephen…the Hawk King whose time will come…if I can help it.

And yes the analogies do not end there…both Jesus and Prometheus bled from their sides…
Funny how the ancients knew that the LIVER could regenerate itself…and associated a purification process…with the LIVER.


Funny how we see the Knights Templar WHITE Knight D impaling the side of the BLACK Knight…which is associated with the same colors we find on the Roman Catholic Mandala that I photographed in Peru.
These are BTW, the 4/5 colors associated with both the Indian Medicine Wheel and Medieval Alchemy.

Stephen would understand the analogy of taking a rib and the implying of creating an asymmetrical universe.
DNA is the oldest crystal/life form on earth.

It is a crystal.
It is unchanged in 4 billion years.
It is chiral.
It is asymmetric.
It has a story to tell.

The swastika is ALL of the above.
And the ewe bleat … BUT it is NOT a crystal.

To which I reply the swastika is in fact a divine gem.
It is the process by which carbon is turned into a diamond and a diamond is turned back into graphite…in other words Romeo, you do not need to spend 10% of your salary to buy Jewliet a diamond, a precious hard substance that has often been mined and dug up and taken from the earth…there is another way to show your sweetie you love her…write some poetry using 100% of your heart and mind using a pencil.
Because yesterday’s HARDened diamonds are today’s SOFTened graphite that has worked its way to the surface and yielded its bounty willingly.


The swastika is what you would find if you found the ARK and managed to sneak a peek at its contents, with Kim Peek alongside for the ride.

Here I present/gift to you THE secret of the ARK/Holy Grail etc:
First you see NOTHING and then you see/feel EVERYTHING

An echo, a condensed wisdom, a truth from the ancient ORAL traditions, handed down by the sha/man OR the she/he mystic?

WHY all the ca ca about KA?
It would be folly to ignore the role of ‘SOUNDS’ that were embedded into the writing, forming THE narrative…when we transitioned FROM a pre-literate consciousneSS.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/0 … magnetism/

Welcome to my world called seek unity and the realization that the you inside ewe will find unity in all both of u seek.
You can use LSD or the 4 Evangelists or go searching for a lucky 4 leaf clover in a land filled with fairies and little green men.
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/1 … af-clover/

Acharya S. please do consider this a unique opportunity to bring together the fringe, once burned at the stake, or incarcerated, people that live outside the box…who live on the outside but are looking inward.

Here is an opportunity to merge both hemispheres of the mind…in ways yet to be imagined.
And I do want to be part of Team Truth.
But I do NOT want the BIG Nobel Prize … I seek the noble one.



p.s. Was I given the ‘handle’ Thor on this forum because I carry a hammer or is it due to the fact I was a recipient of a dose of supercharged DMT?

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

137-96 Hopi LAST SUPPER served on Samarra Ware

UPDATE October 26, 2013

Iraq: Dawn of Civilization (20,000 BC – 4,

Let me just share a few numbers with you about the plate above.
The 3 outside concentric circles each contain 70 squares, a mixture of 35 red squares and 35 white Xs.
Thus there are a total of 70 x 3 = 210 squares
105 of each kind red and white.
To recap the above sequence so it becomes recognizable.

210 = 3 x 7

The next concentric circle as we travel inward is empty.
The next two concentric circles contain 48 red and white squares in each (24 red squares +24 white Xs)
Thus we have a total of;

48 x 2 = 96

And finally we get to the rosette in the center.
It has 32 petals with 32 spaces between  the petals.
Thus the rosette has 64 component parts.


* *** End of UPDATE *******

suz wrote:

All written history begins ca. 3000 BC.
Foundations of cities began then.
Families of mankind began then. Geneologies date back to it.
A 10,000 BC (or earlier) flood wreaks havoc with geneologies.
There is no record of a 10,000 BC flood in ANY of the literature.

Mind if I join in?

Suz are you forgetting about Plato’s discussion of Atlantis?
He places it’s destruction at about 9500-10,000 BC.

My theory is that Plato and his story about an Atlantis needed to become a myth so Noah and the Ark could become ‘THE’ narrative of the day.
Both Atlantis and Noah could not co-exist, could they?
And in around 4900 BC during pre-dynastic Egypt we find these two plates in Samarra, Iraq.

Note the Maltese Cross…4900 BC

Samarra Iraq 5000 BC

Note the Swastika in the cente, the spot usually reserved for ‘gods’.

You know how I love the asymmetrical chiral swastika right?
You know how I love to compare the asymmetrical chiral swastika to our Left and Right chiral asymmetric hands, right?

Chiral ‘hand stencils’ perhaps?
How archetypal of human thought were these stencils/art?
Red and Black representing ‘polarities’…?
I realize there were not many dyes to chose from…but it is obvious a distinction was made between the two hands.
Today we still use red to represent positive and black to represent negative.

Del wrote:

It’s been a while since I read my 2012 books, but I keep thinking that the Atlantis theory from the Flem-Aths is something important to look at here. The date around 8-10,000 BC. This somewhat fits in with the end of the third Mayan cycle.

Where were the stencils found Del?
Cueva delas Manos Argentina

Not far from the tip of South America.
Did you catch the date of these hand stencils…11000 BC to 7500 BC?

Note the land bridge that seems to exist between the tip of South America and the Antarctica.

Argentina is just a hop, skip and a jump from island to island till you get to Antarctica.
I also believe the Flem-Aths are correct in where they place Atlantis…and Antarctica is certainly a candidate for a potential Atlantis/Eden of the future once the shift occurs.

Suz you said:

“10,000 BC (or earlier) flood wreaks havoc with geneologies”

Now we can’t have anomalies screwing with the narrative that suggests a chosen tribe of people exists, eh?

So what happens when I connect the Lo Shu (I Ching) to the 12000+ year old swastika, also to an Arabian alchemist, and 4 Royal Persian Stars?
HIS-story is only a narrative not to be taken literally…IMHO.

Archetypes that existed long before Jesus suggest he is simply an attempt to blend both the Sun (Christmas / Winter Solstice) and the Moon (Passover / Easter / Muslim New Year) into ONE deity.
Why are all the main players in the Bible, kinda sketchy, and little or no proof at all of their REAL existence can be found.
The Bible often (too often for my liking) being the only source for many of its silly claims?

Suz the Bible (IMHO) is a narrative like many many many others, a masterpiece … but it is not the real McCoy, it certainly does not stand alone.
It is a synthesis, a refinement, but still it is what it is, an attempt to invent a once-size-fits all theology.
What do we do with the Buddha?
Relegate him to second class citizen?

Jesus does not work as a person or as the Son of God.
But I can see Jesus in fact representing both the MOON and also the feminine sacred.
And I can see the MOON playing a role come 2012…without a doubt.
Thus is Jesus the mythical messiah…or a Moonie?

Want me to see if I can find an ancient Jesus depicted/hung/crucified on an ancient swastika?

I agree with Joseph Campbell, the Torah, the Koran and the Bible are ALL ‘war mythologies’.
Does anybody need proof that Joseph Campbell was full on in his assertions?
So why do I feel the need to go on and on about marginalizing the self-serving bible babel?
For the reasons noted above and because it is in fact a literal self serving interpretation that has divided people, not united them.

Let me continue with the above post.

So in the above photo taken from google I have tagged the location of Cueva delas Manos, Argentina with a blue dot (in the top left of the image), here is where those ‘hand stencils’ were found, made around the same time of Plato’s Atlantis…
And we can plainly see how the tip of South America is connected quite intimately with the a series of islands, a range of mountains beneath the surface….

…again notice the sublime poetry of the narrative that transcends time and space…the allegory of Plato’s cave…the mind observing the shadows…the consciousness directed by diffuse light, most of the light and heat provided for by fire.
The flames casting eerily lit shadows, the snap, crackle and pop of the animals residing within the living flame in stark contrast to the light cast by the sun.
So how would an asymmetrical brain try to express itself in an asymmetrical* diverse universe?
Use your chiral asymmetric hands.
*the universe was declared asymmetrical by the particle physicist in 1957.
6 months before I was born into this imperfect world.
The expert wankers spoiled my birth-day party.
Now I want to spoil theirs, the experts that is…they need to be reborn with a new vision.
Use more of their asymmetrical brains…

Stop being dominated by the PatriARK that resides in the Left hemisphere of the mind, barking out orders, getting everyone to participate in a global goose-step…
Hopi Elders and Maya Elders have agreed their ‘creation cosmology and prophecies’ are one and the same.
According to Drunvalo.
April 2009 there will be a meeting of these elders in Sedona, Arizona.

The second thing I want to mention…the Hopi/Anasazi/Maya/? speak of migrating from the south. Because the ‘door’ in the north was frozen and blocked.
Now think about the C.S. Lewis tale of Narnia and the White Witch, and the return of Aslan, which is in FACT accompanied by a THAW…read the headlines recently?
Anyway what does the ART suggest will happen next in LIFE, eh?
“Our Father who ART in heaven”, so maybe we should ask the father who maketh ART in heaven?

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Maya in Yucatan also states the the Mayan ancestors originated in seven womb-caves or ravines, left Tulan Pa Civan and crossed the sea on stones placed in a row-similar to the stepping stones by which the Hopi crossed the sea.
Book of the Hopis 
-Frank Waters

Not a coincidence there is much much much interest down under these days.
Ever heard of Lake Vostok?
It promises to be…the next Garden of Eden, a pristine environment under 2-4 kms of ice.
Isolated from man and his dirty deeds and hydrocarbon illusions.

Greenland, once a green land, will also reveal many secrets, as the ice shelves melt.
The gig is up for the Vatican and the Judeao/Christian self-serving blah blah baa baa.

Why do the herds of sheeple get fed PRIMARILY this ‘view or perspective’ of the world.
Are they fooling and thule-ing around with our asymmetrical brains?
I feel that those who scripted the narrative called the Bible are doing just that.

There is much at stake.
We were once told to head west young man, there lay your fortunes, El Dorado which became El Doritos.
People consuming chips when we should be thinking about what it means to be chips off the ole’ block.
Or a chip off the ole’ cube?

Which brings us back to how this thread started.

Above image and text is from Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters page. 95

Obviously a Time Capsule.
Why would they place a statue with its right arm broken off … face down into a sealed crypt, a crypt shaped like a cube … Was it a KA‘bah cube like in Mecca?
Look at the dimensions…

The word for respect in Hopi is KA.
China means spirit.
Thus the Hopi word Kachina means ‘respect spirit’
And swasti means good luck in Sanskrit.

And the Hopi also have the swastiKA as part of their ‘CREATION’ mythology/cosmology.

Many of the RIGHT handed / LEFT brain folks on this forum know what I am hinting at.
I talk about it ALL the time.
Why are the weapons placed usually into the right hand?
Why is the right hand associated with the male generative energies?
How did the handshake start?
To show your opponent you concealed no weapon … you extended your hand.

How does a chiral asymmetric right hand connect with an asymmetric brain…helping to define and create life and death in an asymmetric universe?

FACT is folks … a magician, black or white, needs his hands to perform a sleight of hand.
No hands no magic…?
But hey there is always tv and radio to perform the magic ‘at a distance’.

I think the Hopi know something about the LEFT Brain we may still find out…I wonder what the ‘left brain’ defects are?
The ‘right brain defects’ are known and documented (people bleat them out to mi all the time, I am becoming paranoid that I might be a schizoid… ) what about the mainstream of LEFT brained thinkers and tinkerers.
What don’t the LEFT brained sheeple people bring to the Emerald Table to share?

I have yet to share with you, Pepe le Pew…the Hopi mascot, a skunk who leads us back to the NAZI alchemists and the fella I call the Puppet Master, he who likes to spread the Demon Seed…the evil residing in the Vatican.
Well it is time to change direction…time to head north and south folks….



p.s. so who will be in Sedona in 2009?

A hopi, a skipper, and a quantum leap over a Maya Mary-Ann and Ginger will allow you to see that these land masses appear to be mirror images of each other…see it gilligan?
(by the vay even Mr and Mrs Owl do)

And jeSuS was of course the human temple that walked and then sailed over the waters, using the SS Minnow which had been converted to a Tri-maran, which was an abbreviation of Try mary-ann, many sailors and salesmen did of course, which thus began the age of pisces, because with a little tack you can come fool circle again and manage to be reborn.


Q: why did jeSuS sail to the 4 corners of the globe as many claim?
A: he was the first ever white door-to-black door encyclopedia sails-man.


Which comes first in this dance between creation, perspiration, and inspiration?
Or respectively blood, sweat and tears?

A paradox created without a doubt… because “God does play dice”, in paradise, however they are a loaded pair-of-dice.
The Grand Alchemist/gambler couldn’t play craps with only one die.
You need two die to play the game of creation called ‘live or let die’ where 007 is the most common agent used, the number that appears most often…is that a secret?

5000 BC plate … I have joined some of the dots…of the asymmetrical mind that made that plate.

Beside the plate found in Iraq is a swastiKA found in the valley of Mexico.
It was part of a collection ‘lost in transit’, called the Niven Tablets…this symbol has an interesting name.
It was known to the Mesoamericans as the KEY to Universal Movement.
A symbol the adventurer known as James Churchward recovered, his ‘thinking outside of the cubical box’ had connected this symbol to the mythical continent of Mu.

And of course we would find this symbol connected to Babylon INK. which later changed its name to Vatican INC. after the black ink the dinks used had dried over the red blood spilled, a lifeblood that was used to help create profits for the false prophets … and their lord in fact sits at the apex in the Emerald City.
All roads, including the spiraling yellow brick roads lead back to Rome…

And these spiraling images are found in the OLDEST ruins considered part of Europe…on the isle of Malta.
If you were wondering if the isle of Malta is connected to the Maltese Cross, the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Templer and the VatiKAn endorsed Cruelsades that employed tribes of fighting Monks or should I say chimps who thought themselves spiritual champs, globetrotting about, dispensing holier than thou thoughts, were they in fact spiritual monks or fallen monkeys?

Using WAR to spread the word called LOVE suggests the following.
Alexander the Great was a chimp not a champ…as were all the fighting Monks holding spiritual keys who followed Alex the not so great.

This link shows how those 4 spirals above may be connected to the lines of force…of a cubical magnet.


Black images above are various swastikas used by various CULTures.
Red images below are various Templar and Crusade Crosses.

Yes they are ALL connected…part of the narrative that is either unfolding or coming together.
Which is it?
What direction are we spiraling, which direction does the helix rotate?
Which path are we currently on?
Left handed or Right handed?
Is the spiral moving INward or OUTward?
Are there two spirals moving in opposite directions, connecting by rungs that use only 4 letters, sometimes 5 to exchange and embed codes?
What would a helix or spiral have to do with DNA and RNA and universal movements and our evolution?

A mirror image (which is asymmetrical) actually implies we step into the mirror…or out of it.
You do not use the x or y axis, when viewing into a mirror, you are traveling along the zzzzzzzzzzee axis.
Eh Alice, would not Zion be found there?

IF… and that is a really really really big IF, if there was a LAST SUPPER folks…betcha dinner was served on a plate like this…known as Samarra Ware.



p.s. I just love rewriting HIS-story into a more palatable history using the svastiKA.
Without a doubt this symbol is The KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT.

Explains why THEY would want to bury it with lies, manipulating our collective unconsciousness into an evil, that commit crimes against humanity, consciously, without bleating an eye.

That would be my definition of evil.
Take a divine symbol and turn it against humanity.
Or at least try to.
Can’t be done though.
Not with mi around.

Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

2012 Magic and Abra-KA-dabra

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The only thing which has struck as being similar or near to the whole area is the tonal of Abrahadabra repeated with the correct frequency.

Another itch tells me that it is geometrical in structure somehow. But I have no knowledge of this area yet so I cannot come to anything with this.

Anyone heard about anything like this?

want me to scratch your itch?

Oral traditions are the basis for how we communicate…still.
SOUNDS (and light) have been proved to alter DNA…as we speak.
(sound and light show we are in)

The archetypal voce magica, magical word. Many claim it to be of Jewish origin reading its as a kind of fractured Aramaic, ab’ra k’dabra, meaning “I will create according to the word.” This is very plausible, assuming the Aramaic syntax has undergone corruption. It is also plausible that is of non-Jewish origin.
Rabbi Geoffrey Daniels

I like the sound and spelling of abra KA dabra.
How many KA can you name?
My favorite is known as the good luck-KA or the swastiKA.

What is your favorite geometric shape?

KA Ba in Egypt … pyramids
KA‘bah in MecCA … black cube
MerKAba …take me flying…Yawe-hoo in a star of david
KA balah or CAbala … the rectangular temple within, the Ark, Solomon’s Temple

VatiCAn … the black rectangular door in elliptical St. Peter’s Square?
Whether you live in a CAstle, a CAnyon or the VatiCAn … KA or CA means something.

And the perplexing thing about the development of language and mathematics is that these were primarily developed in the LEFT hemisphere of the mind.
Supported by the fact we are a predominate RIGHT handed humanity.
But the experts do NOT know which came first…another chicken and egg paradox.

Can I offer that a morphing Electro-magnetic field is responsible…it ‘fluxs’ back and forth causing a change from LEFT to RIGHT handedness from one epoch to the next … separated by ‘cataclysms’, of course.
This right >>> left >>> right >>> left cycle brings eventually …. balance.

The first thing you should know is that if you divide any two consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (8/5) it will approach a number called Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Mean or the Divine Proportion…

Divine eh?
And not unlike the Divine Proportion or the Golden Mean if plotted on an x y grid, the wave or sine curve attempts to merge with the x-axis … it is the merging of the wave/intersection with the x-axis that represents the balance point, a ZERO balance point, a thermodynamic balance point.

ULM Germany

Hmm, aum, how high is the Ulm spire Albert?
528 feet.

And what would LOVE and HATE and ANGER and JOY have to do with 2012 and reaching a spiritual turnaround, a balance point?
And thermodynamics and the range and rage of emotion are connected to the PHIyre/fire within us and ultimately fire and heat help direct the speed of Time’s Arrow and thus the geneSiS of linear TIME.

Knowledge of cataclysms became recorded by the myth masters, as a prophecy to come, i.e. the revelation by Ezekiel in Revelations.
Easy to be a prophet if you know the cycles (Precession of the Equinoxes and the Transit of Venus = 2012)…the temple priests / myth masters are still playing their games with humanity.
KNOWLEDGE has always been POWER, always will be.
We are still in the dark ages…but the heavens are opening.
translation: UV radiation is upon us…UV radiation is GREAT for global baptisms.
UV radiation is perfect for ridding water of bacteria and virus and parasites.
The surface of the earth and the human body share the same ratio of water to solid.
Just a coincidence eh, what would the water guru Masaru Emoto suggest?

But the internet and a morphing electro-magnetic field will change the influence we have been under.
Bees, global warming and global dimming happening paradoxically at the same time are evidence of this.
But do not worry we will be…
Resurrected by the galactic butterfly…

Because life is like that.

The balance point of rest we are approaching could best be described using the following analogy.
This image shows how to induce a state of ‘ZERO POINT gravity’.

And these ZERO POINT experiments are being conducted ALL the time.
The Zero Points are portals or gates.

I will let the deceased mystic Itzhak Bentov continue.

Imagine those points of rest as being any of the following…the Plane in the above image, an individual who is told to count to 10 and cool off or the Earth on its orbit or perhaps the Sun on its orbit…
Any of the above?
All of the above?

Zero-point Energy and 2012 is maybe just like what Itzhak and me propose…
IMHO…A point of rest could have something to with a rapture and 2012.