ASYMMETRY a most auspicious ‘Theory of Everything’

Moving right along with my noble thoughts, yet to be acknowledged.
A few already do feel I am headed in the right direction by focusing on the left.
To others I appear to be going round and round in circles, I only appear confused.
I want to present an auspicious unified theory based on ASYMMETRY.
A theory that is actually based on ‘good luck’….and as we shall see in this thread, I really have tapped into something quite divine.
To define asymmetry is simple.
Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry.

In 2001 a NOBEL prize was awarded in economics based on ASYMMETRY.
The most NOBEL committee finally admitting that the BUSINESS world is crooked, rigged, it is not a level playing field, most interactions are based on ‘asymmetric information’ being passed from one party to the next.
Bottom line: One party is always better informed than the other party.
The scales of balance are tipped, favoring or having a preference.
Ah the significance of weighing a feather?
Maybe my thoughts will be enough to tickle the fickle soul.
By the way, it is a seegullible feather I tease and tickle the herd with.

In 2008 a NOBLE prize was awarded in physics based on ASYMMETRY.

B-factories confirm matter-antimatter asymmetry; leads to 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics
The theory of Kobayashi and Maskawa was quite bold. In order to explain the surprising experimental observation of a phenomenon called CP violation, they proposed an elegant theory in which CP violation arose naturally.
CP violation was essentially further conclusive proof that “the system seems to default to asymmetry”.
Exactly what I have been saying all along in a slightly different language, but essentially the same thing, my world and the world of science will soon collide.
Asymmetry and symmetry, the ancients were obviously aware of both and had actually embedded the geometries into their talismans, amulets, temples, symbolism. Heraldry is defined by dexter (right) vs. sinister (left). On television the sinister Dexter is a serial killer.

It does in fact seem that the NOBEL committee is catching UP with my archetypal noble conclusions based partially on the interests of the nobility,
Conclusions arrived at by primarily doing an end run around etched in stone science and religious dogma.
Suggesting that I am walking living proof that we can in FACT use archetypal clues to get to the head of the class.
Well ahead of those armed with a slide rule OR a calculator. All I needed was to find some uncommon sense, count to 20, and the ability to locate my intuition switch using something called ‘intent’.
So it appears that after 4+ years of studying archetypes armed with a grade 12 education and a few life experiences and most importantly good honest intent as guide, last year I proposed a theory similar to what the NOBEL winners in physics did, albeit in a different language called poeTREE.
The Buddha found truth in yet another language while sitting under the Bodhi Tree.

But I am not a Buddha, I am in fact a nobody, but even a nobody if armed with noble intentions can manage to surpass the NOBEL fellas and their nobel but NOT always noble aspirations.

Here is where the EXPERTs are headed. … milky-way/
This link above suggests where the experts should look for the Universal Movements, to help them make predictions regarding microcosmic electrons and the macrocosmic 25,812 year cycle referred to as the Great Year.

Science helped obfuscate this ancient fixation.
Fixation? All megalithic structures seem to be monitoring this cycle.
200 years after Plato died they changed the name of the Platonic Year or Great Year to Precession of the Equinoxes.
Another BIG LIE perpetrated on the herd by the ancient temple priest/scientists (then and now still joined at the hip), a LIE easily manifested by those who ultimately script the HIS-story books.

The Bible comes to mind.
HIS-story got a rewrite in 325 AD.
This is a fact.

It is important to realize that I am still only one small microcosmic step ahead of the particle physicist. We are standing on either end of the Planck scale.
Scales are tipping in my favor.

Could one small step for one man lead to a quantum leap for mankind?
The rest of course will be up to mankind to respond to what I have indeed uncovered using ARKetypal tools to excavate biblical ruins called ARKs and gothic ARCHes.
What I have indeed uncovered is SIMPLE as I knew it must be.

I have always felt that behind the complexity was a simplicity.
Because part of my intent, was to find a truth so basic, so true that any child entering this domain would easily come to understand this UNIVERSAL MODEL that transcends SPACE, TIME and MOTION.

The Universal Model is based on asymmetry which is a breakdown of symmetry.
Identified in 1956, announced to the WORLD in 1957.
And two days before I was born, the worldwide scientific community made a pact.
The International Geophysical Year or IGY was an international scientific effort that lasted from July 1, 1957 >>> December 31, 1958.So here is I present an example of how ASYMMETRY is reflected in one of the ORAL traditions, that was meant to be taken figuratively, poetically but never never literally.
EDEN and the CIRCLE are considered both PERFECT because of the inherent SYMMETRY.
Adam the PERFECT man sacrificed one of his ribs from one side of his body…thus he instantly became asymmetrical, through this action.
Remember the patriARKs wrote this archetypal narrative to withstand the test of time and space.
And not long after Adam’s sacrifrice and Eve’s temptations, the original odd and evencouple, a pair of imperfect asymmetrical human beings, left the world of symmetry called Eden and entered our realm of ASYMMETRY called the illusion of asymmetrical matter.Now imagine if two women had been substituted for tony randall and jack klugman, the show’s title would need to be changed to the ‘The Even Couple’  
Why is that?
Men are gODD numbers.
Women are EVEn numbers.There is a MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE that can be found on each and every level of manifestation…from microcosmic asymmetrical anti-matter and matter to the macrocosmic asymmetrical magnetic heliosphere and a model of the asymmetrical Milky Way (a spinning spiral galaxy), and I must believe that this pattern, the ebb and flow of asymmetrical evolution/creation is maintained right to the very edges of infinity itself.

And SO it has become clear what my purpose is.
It is the purpose of the ELDERs I have come to realize to AWAKEN this archetypal imprinting within the new adept/initiates entering this domain/realm, a domain Joseph Campbell referred to as “the field of pairs and opposites”.

Simple … it is a game of leap frog.
Simple … one generation leaping over the next, taking quantum leaps, but being discrete about it.
Simple … NOT climbing ladders and stepping on each other’s toes … racing for the top.

This is indeed how the ORAL Traditions executed and carried on the traditions from one generation to the next, using poetry and parable.
Vague meanings that penetrate.

The archetypes embrace us and we continue TODAY to identify with the same archetypes that our ancestors did, evidence of these assertions can be found in the caves from 10,000+ years ago…our ancestors displayed using their Left and Right Hands…polarity.
LEFT hands are primarily female and BLACK ochre or NEGATIVE polarity in electricity.
RIGHT hands are primarily male and are RED ochre or POSITIVE polarity in electricity.
So 10,000+ years ago, our ancestors who spent much time in caves, in the darkness, activated their archetypal brains, to help them survive.
In the darkneSS of a cave, the mind develops differently.
Of course FIRE was the seed of ALL technologies to follow, and FIRE helped man leave the darkness of the caves, to help us explore more of what was outside the cave.
Technology is the gas pedal, entropy is the gas tank or ‘time’s arrow’.
When the gas tank is empty … if we are not on level ground … we will either head downhill facing either forwards or backwards….

Who has heard of the fable called SiSyphus?

Sisyphus was a king punished in Tartarus by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and to repeat this throughout eternity.Today, Sisyphean can be used as an adjective meaning that an activity is unending and/or repetitive. It could also be used to refer to tasks that are pointless and unrewarding.

Sounds very very much like the motion of a pendulum…doesn’t it?

The Pentagram / Golden Ratio / Fibonacci series / Phi, ALL of these are of course evidence of what I say to be true…connected to GRAVITY.

Always look for the subtle poetic expreSSions of “our father who heART in heaven.”
Creation uses the language of POETRY when weaving together a tapestry we can all fly on…


Here is yet another connection I found to ASYMMETRY and where we are indeed headed.
The DARTengine.
I predict big things for the DART engine. I would invest in this design.
Its design is ASYMMETRICAL. … ons?t=anon

WHAT IF the Asymmetrical DART engine is similar to the engine design that drives the perpetual COSMIC engine?
What if?

Coincidentally it also looks very very similar to the enigmatic/mysterious/perplexing Coral Castle FLYWHEEL.
A cosmic engine driven by asymmetrical LSD?
BTW Timothy Leary is tapping me on the shoulder.
“well done” is the feeling I get from the other side… … af-clover/ … ls-vision/
I have another feeling, we are sniffing about in the right direction, using our chiral asymmetric NOSES?
More poetry and no wonder a dog is man’s best friend…our sense of smell has an asymmetrical preference, it isn’t perfect.

When do you think the NOBEL experts will clue in to the work here?
I do see an application for what we have uncovered here….
It is about time the internal combustion engine design changed, among other INTERNAL machinations that we have created for ourselves, based on believing our world was symmetrical.
It is NOT…thus anything before 1957 needs to be ‘re investigated’.
Especially Michelson and Morley’s ‘outdated’ experiments conducted in 1887 declaring the aether suspect and the vacuum a fact.

1887 was the year faulty science…rewritten in 1957, made a mistake and eliminated the luminiferous aether that had existed alongside the atom for over 2000+ years, as a viable theory.

Why do we continue to call SPACE a vacuum, yet it is filled with all kinds of energetic particles, plasma, anti-matter, scaler potentials, we are just beginning to ‘see’.
So the vacuum exists BUT now the particle physicist/mathematician wants to fill this vacuum with stuff called DARK matter and DARK energy?
It must be remembered that quantum science was created in the late 1800s early 1900s not in a laboratory but on a blackboard jungle,
And 95% of the Universe is made up of this dark stuff that Einstein did not know about.
What is the dark stuff really called?

Now what was I saying about the importance of our asymmetrical L/R HANDS working in conjunction with our asymmetrical BRAIN within an asymmetrical Universe?
What could those important connections be?

“Comprehend nature and copy it” said the naturalist/forester/inventor Viktor Schauberger.

Many people would be shocked to learn what ancient symbol is in fact THE best symbol to use to represent our asymmetrical universe.

The realization of what the KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT actually is will jolt more than a few out of their slumber.
For others…a 10000 watt light bulb will be illuminated after reading this next link. … hand-path/

And around the same time I authored the above (on my birthday July 3rd), another inspired out of the box thinker, the man behind the Binary Research Center, wrote this about the heliosphere.


Asymmetrical Shape of Heliosphere Raises Questions
By Walter Cruttenden, July 7, 2008 … ger2.shtml

Deeper and deeper I go.



KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

RODIN COIL the fingerprint of GOD the Alchemist

Mezin Ukraine 10,000 BC swastika

Nice find…how far back can we continue to trace this divine ASYMMETRIC symbol?

Maybe it is time we sent a team of svastika worshipers overseas to act in defense of Ernst Zundel?

Ernst Zundel was correct in questioning the status quo …a conspiracy exists…

I have a great idea to let the mythical THEY know, that we know, what THEY don’t want us to know, our actions will without a doubt declare we know.

The idea is very simple.

Imagine thousands and thousands and thousands of sheeple who desperately want to become the people, herds who have now heard, march en masse toward the UNITED NATIONS HQ.

Also the Mi5 HQ should also be demonstrated in front of too, and the House of Windsor, to indicate the winds of change are upon us.
And the VATICAN, without a doubt, needs to be stormed.
Time to storm the baastille.

So imagine not thousands, but imagine MILLIONS of people now wearing T-shirts with a swastika on it.

It would of course be the dreaded NAZI swastika…placed over a symbol that belongs to THEY, it is the symbol THEY have chosen.

And this symbol represents the mythical THEY best.
THEY represent those soulless individuals in pursuit of the Power and the Glory represented by $, at any cost.
Please note, we as unaware people play a role, participating unconsciously, in a game THEY have contrived/scripted, thus we are part of THEY too!!

But do not be dismayed, that means we are are connected and I want to show you how connected everything is on a very fundamental level.
The vortex mathematician Marko Rodin plays a huge role here…

Think about the advantage that ‘home field’ gives us…because everyone sitting on the rim of the torus, i.e. in the seats of the stadium, is feeding their energy toward the playing field or the center of the torus.

Ra Ra Ra
SiS Boom go the Baa

Basic design for any stadium.
The Rodin Coil shows how this relationship between the rim of the torus and the center of the coil creates ‘energy’.
Leading to a home field advantage.

It also brings us to the paradox of the which comes first, magnetism or electricity?
They both seem to ‘feed’ off each other, and that design above, encourages it.

on your St. Mark
get ready (to count the hours HORUS)

important to remember that one horus of light = ish = 15 degrees of longitude at the equator traveled in one horus/hours, and this helps with the narrative too…

light = ish (Egyptian)

iSiS = ish ish

thus iSiS = light light
why two ‘waves’ of light oSiriS?

oSiriS: because electro-magnetic waves travel as two waves that flit like the wings of a galactic butterfly…one wing causes a wave to travel a transverse direction and the other wave, travels a longitudinal direction, DNA behaves in a similar fashion because our DNA in fact emits a very faint electro-magnetic field.

Macro – micro is the acid test of truth…does it penetrate on all levels?

Let’s go to the Vatican for such a test, I am feeling a bit testy.
THEY, the owners of Vatican Stadium, seem to have home field advantage these days.
Why is that?

Some are equating the Rodin Coil with the fingerprint of God.
Could it be?
I believe yes it is.
And I can place God’s fingerprint right into the heart of St. Peter’s Square.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

But but but, so because Stonehenge and my Peruvian mandala that has lead me back to Eden share a similar design, I do want to know where those 2 wires go?

So St. Peter’s Basilica is essentially a sine wave generator?
What role does the BLACK door have**as the energy flows?
Would this have anything to do with the Solfeggio frequencies and 2012?

(**shhh door to moon)

And then on cue….the millions of people indicate to THEY, that WE have decided to take control….of our consciousness….we are waking up….to the truth.

How do we show them, demonstrate to them, that we understand that the world / universe is actually veiled asymmetrically?
How do we show THEY, we understand the game THEY are playing?

In order to do that…I will need to use the language that uses archetype.


It gets much much much better, because god left his fingerprint on our asymmetrical brains.

So how does the archetype language of alchemy connect this symbol adopted by the ‘Money Lenders’ to the Nazi’s and ultimately back to the Vatican?

I want to show how ‘THEY’ use this ancient divine symbol, the swastika, quite effectively to manipulate the ‘herds’.
It suggests their reasons for attaching this missing link to a heinous crime (WWII holycaust), was with an intent to marginalize its importance within the human psyche.

In the above image we can clearly see the outline of a swastika and Saint Brigids Cross…
And it looks similar to the Aztec swastika we see below…(less the last two bends in the arms…which represents a common G scroll, a scroll that we see on many artifacts)

Can we make profound connections using the 4 archetypal colors that represent both the 4 stages of alchemy and coincidentally the 4 races of mankind as depicted on an Indian Medicine Wheel?

Far too easy, note the stages and colors of the images above.
I am surprised that I seemed to be the first to notice.
How all archetypal roads lead back to Rome.
Even the Indian Medicine Wheel found its way back.

So if we start with the adopted symbol of the Money Lenders…wait one more comparison…who purchased Bear Sterns for a song?
Bear Sterns thus poured what remained of its resources into JPMorganChase.
I believe this economic narrative to be a part of a bigger unfolding celestial narrative.

The assets of Bear Sterns pouring into the larger JPChase, is similar to the dance that exists between the two stars that like to dip, the two dippers, the Big Macro dipper and the Small micro dipper referred to as Bears, the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear.

They appear to pour into each other as they rotate about the pole star…separated by Draco the Dragon.

Based on celestial alchemy, what follows below is a recipe that a NAZI money lending Alchemist might use.

Alchemy Stage 1 The Blackening

I have added 4 black lines forming a square in the center.

Alchemy Stage 2 The Whitening
I have added 4 whites lines and soon it will become apparent that alchemy is about a spiritual transmutation and is without a doubt being used to assist in making gold/money.

Alchemy Stage 3 The Yellowing/Reddening
stage requires that as NAZIs you would need to collect the 3rd ingredient for the alchemy soup, and THE JEW is the 3rd ingredient, and then you would place a Gold Star of David onto the JEW’s LEFT side (because the left side/right brain is connected to the MOON, the Jewish matriarch), to be shipped away and do not PASSOVER the gas ovens.

Stage 3 is just not apparent as an esoteric conspiracy involving spiritual / monetary alchemy.

At this point note how the NAZI adopted swastika represents 3 stages of alchemy and the Jewish race represents one stage or ingredient of what appears to be a process….

Alchemy Stage 4 The Yellowing
stage complete.

And if you chose to move onto Alchemy Stage 5 the process is simple enough, complete the cross, weave or knot…and place then creation onto an Emerald Table or a Mesa Verde.
This sacred symbol is known to Jews as Solomon’s Knot, but it is found everywhere in the world.
Because it is an archetype that represents and transcends time, space, motion.

So what is the significance of connecting this geometric form to ALL of the above?
It is very very very significant because you can solve or formulate Euclidean proposition #47 … Pythagoras most famous theorem involving the right angle triangle can be solved by starting St. Brigid’s cross and an Aztec swastika?



to be continued…

137-96 Hopi LAST SUPPER served on Samarra Ware

UPDATE October 26, 2013

Iraq: Dawn of Civilization (20,000 BC – 4,

Let me just share a few numbers with you about the plate above.
The 3 outside concentric circles each contain 70 squares, a mixture of 35 red squares and 35 white Xs.
Thus there are a total of 70 x 3 = 210 squares
105 of each kind red and white.
To recap the above sequence so it becomes recognizable.

210 = 3 x 7

The next concentric circle as we travel inward is empty.
The next two concentric circles contain 48 red and white squares in each (24 red squares +24 white Xs)
Thus we have a total of;

48 x 2 = 96

And finally we get to the rosette in the center.
It has 32 petals with 32 spaces between  the petals.
Thus the rosette has 64 component parts.


* *** End of UPDATE *******

suz wrote:

All written history begins ca. 3000 BC.
Foundations of cities began then.
Families of mankind began then. Geneologies date back to it.
A 10,000 BC (or earlier) flood wreaks havoc with geneologies.
There is no record of a 10,000 BC flood in ANY of the literature.

Mind if I join in?

Suz are you forgetting about Plato’s discussion of Atlantis?
He places it’s destruction at about 9500-10,000 BC.

My theory is that Plato and his story about an Atlantis needed to become a myth so Noah and the Ark could become ‘THE’ narrative of the day.
Both Atlantis and Noah could not co-exist, could they?
And in around 4900 BC during pre-dynastic Egypt we find these two plates in Samarra, Iraq.

Note the Maltese Cross…4900 BC

Samarra Iraq 5000 BC

Note the Swastika in the cente, the spot usually reserved for ‘gods’.

You know how I love the asymmetrical chiral swastika right?
You know how I love to compare the asymmetrical chiral swastika to our Left and Right chiral asymmetric hands, right?

Chiral ‘hand stencils’ perhaps?
How archetypal of human thought were these stencils/art?
Red and Black representing ‘polarities’…?
I realize there were not many dyes to chose from…but it is obvious a distinction was made between the two hands.
Today we still use red to represent positive and black to represent negative.

Del wrote:

It’s been a while since I read my 2012 books, but I keep thinking that the Atlantis theory from the Flem-Aths is something important to look at here. The date around 8-10,000 BC. This somewhat fits in with the end of the third Mayan cycle.

Where were the stencils found Del?
Cueva delas Manos Argentina

Not far from the tip of South America.
Did you catch the date of these hand stencils…11000 BC to 7500 BC?

Note the land bridge that seems to exist between the tip of South America and the Antarctica.

Argentina is just a hop, skip and a jump from island to island till you get to Antarctica.
I also believe the Flem-Aths are correct in where they place Atlantis…and Antarctica is certainly a candidate for a potential Atlantis/Eden of the future once the shift occurs.

Suz you said:

“10,000 BC (or earlier) flood wreaks havoc with geneologies”

Now we can’t have anomalies screwing with the narrative that suggests a chosen tribe of people exists, eh?

So what happens when I connect the Lo Shu (I Ching) to the 12000+ year old swastika, also to an Arabian alchemist, and 4 Royal Persian Stars?
HIS-story is only a narrative not to be taken literally…IMHO.

Archetypes that existed long before Jesus suggest he is simply an attempt to blend both the Sun (Christmas / Winter Solstice) and the Moon (Passover / Easter / Muslim New Year) into ONE deity.
Why are all the main players in the Bible, kinda sketchy, and little or no proof at all of their REAL existence can be found.
The Bible often (too often for my liking) being the only source for many of its silly claims?

Suz the Bible (IMHO) is a narrative like many many many others, a masterpiece … but it is not the real McCoy, it certainly does not stand alone.
It is a synthesis, a refinement, but still it is what it is, an attempt to invent a once-size-fits all theology.
What do we do with the Buddha?
Relegate him to second class citizen?

Jesus does not work as a person or as the Son of God.
But I can see Jesus in fact representing both the MOON and also the feminine sacred.
And I can see the MOON playing a role come 2012…without a doubt.
Thus is Jesus the mythical messiah…or a Moonie?

Want me to see if I can find an ancient Jesus depicted/hung/crucified on an ancient swastika?

I agree with Joseph Campbell, the Torah, the Koran and the Bible are ALL ‘war mythologies’.
Does anybody need proof that Joseph Campbell was full on in his assertions?
So why do I feel the need to go on and on about marginalizing the self-serving bible babel?
For the reasons noted above and because it is in fact a literal self serving interpretation that has divided people, not united them.

Let me continue with the above post.

So in the above photo taken from google I have tagged the location of Cueva delas Manos, Argentina with a blue dot (in the top left of the image), here is where those ‘hand stencils’ were found, made around the same time of Plato’s Atlantis…
And we can plainly see how the tip of South America is connected quite intimately with the a series of islands, a range of mountains beneath the surface….

…again notice the sublime poetry of the narrative that transcends time and space…the allegory of Plato’s cave…the mind observing the shadows…the consciousness directed by diffuse light, most of the light and heat provided for by fire.
The flames casting eerily lit shadows, the snap, crackle and pop of the animals residing within the living flame in stark contrast to the light cast by the sun.
So how would an asymmetrical brain try to express itself in an asymmetrical* diverse universe?
Use your chiral asymmetric hands.
*the universe was declared asymmetrical by the particle physicist in 1957.
6 months before I was born into this imperfect world.
The expert wankers spoiled my birth-day party.
Now I want to spoil theirs, the experts that is…they need to be reborn with a new vision.
Use more of their asymmetrical brains…

Stop being dominated by the PatriARK that resides in the Left hemisphere of the mind, barking out orders, getting everyone to participate in a global goose-step…
Hopi Elders and Maya Elders have agreed their ‘creation cosmology and prophecies’ are one and the same.
According to Drunvalo.
April 2009 there will be a meeting of these elders in Sedona, Arizona.

The second thing I want to mention…the Hopi/Anasazi/Maya/? speak of migrating from the south. Because the ‘door’ in the north was frozen and blocked.
Now think about the C.S. Lewis tale of Narnia and the White Witch, and the return of Aslan, which is in FACT accompanied by a THAW…read the headlines recently?
Anyway what does the ART suggest will happen next in LIFE, eh?
“Our Father who ART in heaven”, so maybe we should ask the father who maketh ART in heaven?

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Quiche Maya in Yucatan also states the the Mayan ancestors originated in seven womb-caves or ravines, left Tulan Pa Civan and crossed the sea on stones placed in a row-similar to the stepping stones by which the Hopi crossed the sea.
Book of the Hopis 
-Frank Waters

Not a coincidence there is much much much interest down under these days.
Ever heard of Lake Vostok?
It promises to be…the next Garden of Eden, a pristine environment under 2-4 kms of ice.
Isolated from man and his dirty deeds and hydrocarbon illusions.

Greenland, once a green land, will also reveal many secrets, as the ice shelves melt.
The gig is up for the Vatican and the Judeao/Christian self-serving blah blah baa baa.

Why do the herds of sheeple get fed PRIMARILY this ‘view or perspective’ of the world.
Are they fooling and thule-ing around with our asymmetrical brains?
I feel that those who scripted the narrative called the Bible are doing just that.

There is much at stake.
We were once told to head west young man, there lay your fortunes, El Dorado which became El Doritos.
People consuming chips when we should be thinking about what it means to be chips off the ole’ block.
Or a chip off the ole’ cube?

Which brings us back to how this thread started.

Above image and text is from Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters page. 95

Obviously a Time Capsule.
Why would they place a statue with its right arm broken off … face down into a sealed crypt, a crypt shaped like a cube … Was it a KA‘bah cube like in Mecca?
Look at the dimensions…

The word for respect in Hopi is KA.
China means spirit.
Thus the Hopi word Kachina means ‘respect spirit’
And swasti means good luck in Sanskrit.

And the Hopi also have the swastiKA as part of their ‘CREATION’ mythology/cosmology.

Many of the RIGHT handed / LEFT brain folks on this forum know what I am hinting at.
I talk about it ALL the time.
Why are the weapons placed usually into the right hand?
Why is the right hand associated with the male generative energies?
How did the handshake start?
To show your opponent you concealed no weapon … you extended your hand.

How does a chiral asymmetric right hand connect with an asymmetric brain…helping to define and create life and death in an asymmetric universe?

FACT is folks … a magician, black or white, needs his hands to perform a sleight of hand.
No hands no magic…?
But hey there is always tv and radio to perform the magic ‘at a distance’.

I think the Hopi know something about the LEFT Brain we may still find out…I wonder what the ‘left brain’ defects are?
The ‘right brain defects’ are known and documented (people bleat them out to mi all the time, I am becoming paranoid that I might be a schizoid… ) what about the mainstream of LEFT brained thinkers and tinkerers.
What don’t the LEFT brained sheeple people bring to the Emerald Table to share?

I have yet to share with you, Pepe le Pew…the Hopi mascot, a skunk who leads us back to the NAZI alchemists and the fella I call the Puppet Master, he who likes to spread the Demon Seed…the evil residing in the Vatican.
Well it is time to change direction…time to head north and south folks….



p.s. so who will be in Sedona in 2009?

A hopi, a skipper, and a quantum leap over a Maya Mary-Ann and Ginger will allow you to see that these land masses appear to be mirror images of each other…see it gilligan?
(by the vay even Mr and Mrs Owl do)

And jeSuS was of course the human temple that walked and then sailed over the waters, using the SS Minnow which had been converted to a Tri-maran, which was an abbreviation of Try mary-ann, many sailors and salesmen did of course, which thus began the age of pisces, because with a little tack you can come fool circle again and manage to be reborn.


Q: why did jeSuS sail to the 4 corners of the globe as many claim?
A: he was the first ever white door-to-black door encyclopedia sails-man.


Which comes first in this dance between creation, perspiration, and inspiration?
Or respectively blood, sweat and tears?

A paradox created without a doubt… because “God does play dice”, in paradise, however they are a loaded pair-of-dice.
The Grand Alchemist/gambler couldn’t play craps with only one die.
You need two die to play the game of creation called ‘live or let die’ where 007 is the most common agent used, the number that appears most often…is that a secret?

5000 BC plate … I have joined some of the dots…of the asymmetrical mind that made that plate.

Beside the plate found in Iraq is a swastiKA found in the valley of Mexico.
It was part of a collection ‘lost in transit’, called the Niven Tablets…this symbol has an interesting name.
It was known to the Mesoamericans as the KEY to Universal Movement.
A symbol the adventurer known as James Churchward recovered, his ‘thinking outside of the cubical box’ had connected this symbol to the mythical continent of Mu.

And of course we would find this symbol connected to Babylon INK. which later changed its name to Vatican INC. after the black ink the dinks used had dried over the red blood spilled, a lifeblood that was used to help create profits for the false prophets … and their lord in fact sits at the apex in the Emerald City.
All roads, including the spiraling yellow brick roads lead back to Rome…

And these spiraling images are found in the OLDEST ruins considered part of Europe…on the isle of Malta.
If you were wondering if the isle of Malta is connected to the Maltese Cross, the Teutonic Knights, the Knights Templer and the VatiKAn endorsed Cruelsades that employed tribes of fighting Monks or should I say chimps who thought themselves spiritual champs, globetrotting about, dispensing holier than thou thoughts, were they in fact spiritual monks or fallen monkeys?

Using WAR to spread the word called LOVE suggests the following.
Alexander the Great was a chimp not a champ…as were all the fighting Monks holding spiritual keys who followed Alex the not so great.

This link shows how those 4 spirals above may be connected to the lines of force…of a cubical magnet.

Black images above are various swastikas used by various CULTures.
Red images below are various Templar and Crusade Crosses.

Yes they are ALL connected…part of the narrative that is either unfolding or coming together.
Which is it?
What direction are we spiraling, which direction does the helix rotate?
Which path are we currently on?
Left handed or Right handed?
Is the spiral moving INward or OUTward?
Are there two spirals moving in opposite directions, connecting by rungs that use only 4 letters, sometimes 5 to exchange and embed codes?
What would a helix or spiral have to do with DNA and RNA and universal movements and our evolution?

A mirror image (which is asymmetrical) actually implies we step into the mirror…or out of it.
You do not use the x or y axis, when viewing into a mirror, you are traveling along the zzzzzzzzzzee axis.
Eh Alice, would not Zion be found there?

IF… and that is a really really really big IF, if there was a LAST SUPPER folks…betcha dinner was served on a plate like this…known as Samarra Ware.



p.s. I just love rewriting HIS-story into a more palatable history using the svastiKA.
Without a doubt this symbol is The KEY to UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT.

Explains why THEY would want to bury it with lies, manipulating our collective unconsciousness into an evil, that commit crimes against humanity, consciously, without bleating an eye.

That would be my definition of evil.
Take a divine symbol and turn it against humanity.
Or at least try to.
Can’t be done though.
Not with mi around.

Universal asymmetry=swastiKA=spin

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Hopi sealed crypt reveals clue to the dEMoN SEEd

Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters
page. 95

Hopi sealed crypt reveals clue to the dEMoN SEEd …

Why would they place a statue with its right arm broken off … face down into a sealed crypt, a crypt shaped like a cube … Was it a KA’bah cube like in Mecca?
Look at the dimensions.

12x12x12 = 1728

The word for respect in the Hopi language is KA.

And if we dare to investigate what KA meant to the Egyptians it becomes clear that we need to shovel the caca surrounding the KA and polish off what we find.


And the Hopi also have the swastiKA as part of their creation mythology/cosmology.
As do the Jain Buddhists.

Have you ever asked yourself why are the weapons placed usually into the right hand?
Why is the right hand associated with the male generative energies?
How did the handshake start?

To show your opponent you concealed no weapon … you extended your right hand.
That is why you would train one tribe to fight with their left perhaps?

How does a chiral asymmetric right hand connect with an asymmetric brain … together mind/body/soul helping to define and create life and death in an asymmetric universe, sowing seeds to be reaped for those still to come?


I think the Hopi know something about the LEFT Brain we may still find out…I wonder what the ‘left brain’ defects are?
The ‘right brain defects’ are known and documented…what about the mainstream of LEFT brained thinkers and tinkerers.

What DON’T the LEFT brained bring to the Emerald Table?
How does a 90% right handed/left brain dominated CULTure detract from a unified paradise?

NOBEL PRIZES – The Importance of Asymmetry and How Einstein Made Asymmetry, the AEther, the Atma and the Swastika Disappear



I have yet to show ewe how Pepe le Pew the Hopi mascot, a monk incognito as a skunk who leads us to the NAZIs, the Nazi-rties, and clues to how magnetism works in connection to the Ley, Lei lines.


Book of the Hopi: Frank Waters: 9780140045277: Books

“Left Hand Path=Universal Asymmetry=Right Hand Path”

4 vs. 5 fingers

UPDATE November 13, 2015

4 vs. 5
This observation that I made years ago, capturing my imagination which proceeded to run wild, regarding the asymmetry between the left and right hands, I find interesting.
It is revealed by yet another coincidence that seems to have found me.

According to legend, Widukind experienced a vision that led to his conversion. Disguised as a beggar, he was spying on Charlemagne’s troop camp during Easter. He witnessed a priest performing a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the priest was holding a beautiful child during the consecration. To his astonishment, people would receive communion and the priest would give the same child to each person. Widukind was dumbfounded by this scenario and went to beg outside, following the end of the mass. One of the emperor’s servants recognized Widukind behind his disguise –
due to an odd formation of one of his fingers
– and Widukind was captured.

UPDATE October 8, 2015

My goal is to explain the sense in which the Standard Model is “chiral” and what that means. In order to do this, we’ll first learn about a related idea, helicity, which is related to a particle’s spin. We’ll then use this as an intuitive step to understanding the more abstract notion of chirality, and then see how masses affect chiral theories and what this all has to do with the Higgs.

The above link is yet another approach to help explain how our two hands can be compared to two opposed swastikas.

~ end of UPDATE ~

Ka two outstretched arms
Associated with the idea of a double
It was also linked to the kneecap

The Ka (k3) was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body. The Egyptians believed that Khnum created the bodies of children on a potter’s wheel and inserted them into their mothers’ bodies. Depending on the region, Egyptians believed that Heket or Meskhenet was the creator of each person’s Ka, breathing it into them at the instant of their birth as the part of their soul that made them be alive. This resembles the concept of spirit in other religions.The Egyptians also believed that the ka was sustained through food and drink. For this reason food and drink offerings were presented to the dead, although it was the kau (k3w) within the offerings that was consumed, not the physical aspect. The ka was often represented in Egyptian iconography as a second image of the king, leading earlier works to attempt to translate ka as double.

Catal Huyuk 7 and 12 hands

Handprints found in Catal Huyuk

Moreover, the net like pattern of weaving between these rows of seven and twelve hands at Catal Huyuk is itself a traditional symbol for the connections between the heavenly bodies. If a similar design appeared in first millennium Mesopotamia, there would be no question of its zodiacal connotations.

IF discussing quantum mechanical spin KA would be UPUP

As opposed to the ‘un-natural quantum state’ of UP DOWN

UPDATE  June  24/2013

@ 5:34

“Why is it that the simple UP * DOWN and DOWN * UP are not the natural states of the two … (?) … that is really where the whole fundamental issue lies, UP * DOWN and DOWN * UP are not the natural states … “

The above video can be found here:

UPDATE  November 1/2012

I came across this video recently.
It illustrates what this blog was addressing 4+ years ago when I originally wrote it.
Take a look at the motion being indicated by Dr. Tadashi Tokieda chiral asymmetric hands.
In order to continue with this blog, it is a perquisite you watch this video starting @1:00 right until the end.

@1:15 the experiment starts….

Dr. Tadashi Tokieda has got my attention with WOW statements like:

“…this behavior which is called chiral behavior, chirality meaning left and right handedness distinguished depending on spin is very very novel and its never been looked at before elsewhere and people haven’t really understood why this has been happening…”

“…now it turns out every million years or so, on the average, on the rough average, the magnetic field flips over NORTH and SOUTH are exchanged, people have no idea how this happens…”

“…on the other hand we do have a fairly good idea of what the basic mathematical model of whats causing the magnetic field is that’s the convection of the hot stuff of the earth which is carrying charged particles and whose  convection whose spin is producing the magnetic field and producing the NORTH and SOUTH poles. So we understand that mathematical model, it turns out that the mathematical model that emerges from the study of rattlebacks but it emerges naturally is extremely analogous to the model of the convection current on the inside of the earth…”

“Now we understand how turtles or rattlebacks reverse nobody as yet understands how the magnetic field reverses thats extremely tantalizing and thats a very novel and fresh approach to the whole program”

Now as a compliment and confirmation to all of the above what follows below is what I wrote back on July 3, 2008….and of course I did not plan it at the time…but hey July 3/2008 = 731 or 137 depending on your POV.

And that is a personal AHA because the numbers 137 (along with 69) today in 2012 form the core of my evolving theory, back in 2008  I had other ideas guiding ME…but here I AM back where I started.

But but butt as the reader will see I have never strayed far from my original epiphany…
The core of my work collides beautifully with the passions of Dr. Tadashi Tokieda and all that he was implying at the end of that video.

Here is a bit of what I mean:

scroll down to swastika nano application …  #17 Device for Processing Molecular Clusters of a Liquid to NANO-scale
….to see how the convection currents he spoke of can be used on all levels of scaling.


And this Polynesian Meddo stick chart reminds me of the Celt Rattleback.
But that is another aha best saved for another day.

UPDATE  April 1, 2013

Haptography: Digitizing our sense of touch – Katherine Kuchenbecker explains TOUCH technology


Here is what I wrote back in July 2008…about ASYMMETRY, and our brains, and our hands which is the TOUCH mediator to the material world.

Today is my birthday but I have a gift for all of you.

A summation of some pretty crazy ideas that have plagued me.
What follows is a brief summary of the path I have been on these past 4 enlightening illuminating years filled with much luck and lux.
Consider those 4 years hangin’ 10 and surfin’ the www equal to the 40 years needed to be spent wandering in the desert long ago.
Is a fella (moi) who was nicknamed ‘Wonderhands’ in high school the fella with the key to unlocking some of secrets regarding the left hand and right hand path?

Asymmetry is KEY.

The Greater Bear and the Lesser Bear 4000 years ago.
Both Bears are constellations of seven stars, and both are circumpolar.

Greater and Lesser Bears today.

The Symbolic Pole

Pythagoras in his Golden Sayings calls the two Bears the hands of Rhea.
Well the two hands of Rhea over the past 4000 years appear to be opening up like a flower.

Perhaps a golden flower?

When discussing left vs right handedness, here are a few things you SHOULD know about asymmetry and chirality, because IMHO here IS the source of Left Hand vs Right Hand path philosophy.

ALL biological life is chiral.
What is chiral?Your Left and Right hands are chirally asymmetric…so is carbon.
DNA, carbohydrates, crystals, amino acids…essentially the building blocks of life are chirally asymmetric.
In other words this discussion about a left hand path even existing would NOT even be taking place if chiral asymmetry did NOT exist.

We possess an asymmetrical brain and asymmetrical hearts, and they together are dictating to us how to function within our asymmetrical bodies and using our asymmetrical hands and feet journey through life creating and dancing, trying to find balance…trying to achieve, striving for perfection and achieving perfect symmetry>
The best analogy would be a cube evolving to a perfect sphere.
All matter/energy is also trying to achieve a thermodynamic balance within a symmetrical universe that has been veiled to us, concealed by asymmetry….
Look toward the future past the imperfections now…there lay a symmetry.

Asymmetry is a breakdown of symmetry or a violation of parity.

Asymmetry was first noted in beta decay involving the Nuclear Weak force.
The nuclear weak force is the only force of the 4 forces that violates parity/symmetry.
And this was announced two years after Albert Einstein died.
Einstein was working with a flawed standard model of physics…and they still have never really come up with a new one…standards do keep changing.

Asymmetry is what has caused the ‘fall of mankind’, (IMHO), the apparent degradation of the material world…herein we find the prophecy of the 4 ages from gold to iron through the decay of asymmetric thermodynamic time and apparently the accompanying spiritual decadence that seems to accompany the material decay.
Entropy, which dictates ‘Time’s Arrow’ as linear and moving forward to the future, is based on probabilities and is also asymmetrical.
TIME in a thermodynamic universe is asymmetrical…
Suggesting…to evolve to symmetry…involves leaving TIME behind.

Asymmetry is the tool to help unlock the secrets held here.
Do you see the KEY and LOCK?
Asymmetry is a key and a lock.

By using the ancient metaphysical science called alchemy I was able to penetrate the archetypal symbolism embedded in St. Peter’s Square.
Alchemy is the art of analogy and using the archetypal language of symbols a truth is revealed.
What did Herr Jung, who gave us the terms archetype, synchronicity and the collective unconscious, say about alchemy

And as an alchemist you possess the tools to reconcile science and religion.
An alchemist becomes mediator between the esoteric and exoteric realms.
This formula expresses the relationship.
Creation = Alchemy = Evolution

The universe as Terence McKenna has noted is presented to us as a narrative.
I agree. Oh yeah…alchemy and archetypal language helps the initiate understand the interconnectedness of the universe…join the dots between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic.
The Grand Architect is an alchemist. And the Grand Architect does the ‘Great Work’, and this Great Work takes a Great Year to complete. And the Great Year was known to the ancients also as the Platonic Year or Precession of the Equinoxes.
On every level there exists alchemy. Each of us is an alchemist capable of altering their own DNA.
Hallelujah and HalleBerry

And through an interpretation of the archetypes (which became the religious ARKetypes) we can eavesdrop in on the narrative. And the narrative is ALL about Precession of the Equinoxes and its implications for 2012.

What can be learned when following BOTH the right hand and left hand path, through history?

Here is a quick synopsis of my 4 chapter book that is slowly manifesting itself…it will be a best seller (because its time to be revealed has come) …it ties the big to the small, it connects the Macrocosmic (visible to the naked eye) Universe to the Microcosmic Quantum (invisible to the naked eye).
Fellas like the alchemist Sir Isaac Newton embraced the same inherent philosophy, as all ancient philosophers did…going back to Pythagoras and Plato.
I am in the process of accomplishing something even Sir Isaac did not accomplish though he tried.
The Reconciliation of Science and Religion.
But please note, these accomplishments are only an addendum, I stand on his shoulders and others because I came after…fellas like Sir Isaac did his job…he and others left the alchemy clues to follow…knowing others would follow in their footsteps…as an alchemist YOU know that…
I love the number 4, so I guess there should be 4 main chapters.

Chapter 1 – Science and Math
I use science to show how a certain process permeates ALL levels of existence and life, biology, chemical, and physics…including light and electro-magnetism.
Physicists claim the Universe that we interact with is asymmetrical, something announced in Jan. 1957.
In this chapter I can provide endless resources proving the universe is asymmetrical on ALL levels, it is apparent in all of the building blocks of life, on all levels from the microscopic neutrinos, quarks and DNA to macroscopic spinning galaxies….

As Dr. Jill Taylor brings to the stage beautifully, a simple fact, the brain is in fact asymmetrical.

The human body and our LEFT and RIGHT hands are CHIRALLY ASYMMETRICAL…here we are presented with a chicken and egg paradox.
Which came first…the experts are divided on this issue, which means they don’t know…but are still getting paid.
They don’t know if it was the predominant right handedness that lead to the development of speech or if it was the LEFT BRAIN where language evolved that forced us into becoming 90% right handed….I feel I have the answer….electromagnetism displays asymmetry and the flipping of the electro-magnetic field (which coincidently surrounds us) is the cause…
(further eye-popping truth to absorb….I feel this is what 2012 is ALL about, an electro-magnetic field…like the wings of a galactic butterfly affect what happens here)

Chapter 2 – Symbols and Archetypes
Are you seeing a pattern yet?
What is the common denominator that links all of my chapters….showing there does in fact exist a matter/energy relationship between everything big/macro/visible and small/micro/invisible?

Obviously the common denominators in life are ASYMMETRY and CHIRALITY.
Western scripted HIStory records Louis Pasteur with the discovery of chirality…but yet another lie scripted by the victorious who emerged from the dark ages…700 years, YES 700 years before Pasteur there was an Arabic / Persian / Muslim alchemist who already knew about chirality (this coincides with a truth…Christians where deterred by the Vatican from using science/astronomy/astrology in assisting a search for god)…
But then I continue to trace ancient knowledge even further back in time.
TIME is asymmetrical.

Chapter 2 is the chapter I have been working on tirelessly on these threads and where I expect most of the derision to emanate from.
I have been synthesizing my ideas, bouncing them off the herds of sheeple people and the flocks of seegullibles on various forums, slowly I have become more acutely aware of a veiled unity, and while the herd of ewe continue to graze, showing no interest in playing with me a simple game, called join the dots, through space and time…using a symbol that represents not only SPACETIME but…also something else that is vital that needs to be worked into any potential theory of everything…MOTION.

The ancient asymmetric symbol I have become enamored with is in fact a SPACE-TIME-MOTION symbol, found the world over…how cool is that?

So here is all we need to know at this time and it is necessary to acknowledge we are NOT balanced.
We are in fact unbalanced asymmetric life forms using our asymmetric brains to direct our asymmetric L/R hands to create / recreate a theoretical Garden of Eden.
I can show how (but not now), how the archetype of Atlantis exists in the collective unconscious.
The collective unconscious I believe to be ‘filled with archetypes‘…archetypes are mini blueprints recognizable on each level, knowledge of which can be extracted and applied using the art of analogy to other fields of inquiry.
A process (macrocosm = microcosm) by which you, the initiate become smarter faster.

And why does the creation/evolution go from symmetry representing perfection to asymmetry implying a ‘breakdown’…
Asymmetry is the reason we have 1001 uses for duct tape.

Our father who ART in heaven….I must ponder are we all creative ARTists?
Do ARTists access archetypes?
Do advertising execs know about the underlying archetypes or buttons that get pushed, at a distance?
Does religion recognize the universal ARKetypes?
Ever been in a temple, kiva, church or synagogue?
Oy vey, talk about being surrounded by ‘graven images of idolatry’.

So Chapter 2 is the chapter where the sheeple people will jump up and down till red white and blue in the face because I tie everything together using the most powerful symbol available to humanity.

It is of course a CHIRALLY ASYMMETRIC symbol.
A symbol that is in fact the missing link, to help explain the missing links.
This powerful asymmetric symbol links the past to the present and can be used to control the future…

The ancient Mesoamericans called it The KEY of  Universal Movement.

read the text

It is important to understand that the ancient Mesopotamians called it Bab-Ilu or the Gate of God which was directly associated to the Swastika.

Update March 1, 2012

And the word BaB-iLu coincidently contains the same consonants as BiBLe and the Tower of BaBeL.
(a discussion of vowels vs. consonants is a far too lengthy for this blog entry today)


Clearly we can see  a direct connection between the BaB-iLu and the geometry of the Great Pyramid.
Here is a great example of how ignorant we are of the obvious.
How many of us know that the GP is an 8-sided geometric marvel, a real super hero of architecture?

8-sided Great Pyramid info:


This link will illustrate for you the importance of the 8-sided geometry to the creation:

*end of March 2012 update*

This profound esoteric connection reveals that without a doubt, a self-serving HIS-story has been scripted and is in fact a MESO of lies and propaganda.
The swastika I offer can also be linked to the Tarot (origins unknown?) and the Tarot can be further traced back to Mesoamerica before Columbus and Cortez showed up, waving the crucifix…

And as my recent update complete with links has shown, both the swastika and maltese cross become integral to the architecture of the GP!

And connected to my spiritual journey is the mandala that I photographed in a Peruvian monastery back in 2006.
I believe now that this mandala to be a 21st century Rosetta Stone….actually now, because we have entered the Age of Science/Aquarius/Gospel of Matthew, I view my discovery as a fractal…this mandala is a moment in asymmetric time, frozen, representing both Light and Sound.
Both light and sound are remnants of our beginnings that a few still refer to as the big bang, even providing us with pictures of the event using the cosmic background radiation.


Teutonic Knights Heraldry 1914


Clockwise and counterclockwise are the KEYs of Universal Movement

Quite simply all polarities + and – are determined by rotation or spin.


Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala

I present to you the Santa Catalina Rosetta Fractal Mandala … this idea is the source of the Nazi adopted swastika, I added the Nazi swastika to show the fit, however it was photographed in 2006  in a Peruvian Catholic Monastery, and it was clearly dated to a much earlier time.

Note the claim is that the NAZIs got this symbol from Tibet.
And both do resemble the archetypal cousin/symbol/mandala found in Tibet, shown below.

However the color scheme used by the NAZIs, the monastery match those of Rome and their pagan heraldry.

Universe of the Lamas – Buddhist

Here is where a certain denomination, the funnyandmentalists will take offense when I contend that the Vatican was a silent partner in the WWII holocaust.
The Vatican today endorses the patriarchal right hand path.
Which brings us to Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 – Religion/Myth

It is found again on Card X of the Tarot…Card X = Wheel of Fortune.
That card above with the astrological signs noted 2,5,8, and 11, is referencing a cycle…the same cycle that Stonehenge, Medicine Wheels and the pyramids were tracking
The Indian Medicine Wheel, the stages of Alchemy and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all share the same color symbolism as the mandala I found in that Peruvian Monastery.
Here in this chapter I show how the swastika was found represented in all cultures, by all religions, especially in old testament Judaism, which coincidently worships the Moon.
The work has been done…by countless scholars.
I simply join the dots using the archetypes which can be seen as overheard transparencies displaying cultural mandalas that can be placed over each other…and just like a fractal when you shine a little light through it…viola.
Illumination and enlightenment…the interconnected picture is revealed.
Differences are removed.

Chapter 4 – The Alchemic Marriage

Is the NEW IMPROVED chapter we all get to write together based on a new awareness of what really makes us tick and sick based on handedness.

My blog is filled with material for this book.
Here is an example, based on the fact our economies are asymmetrical too!
A Nobel Prize was awarded to the economists for their efforts.

But this blog below is definitely one of my favorites.

It shows how the ancient Swastika, Solomon’s Knot and the Greek Zodiacal Cross are ALL referencing the same thing. Which brings us back to the secret THEY are trying to obfuscate and keep veiled.

Precession of the Equinoxes
and 2012
2012 is the wake up call.

Here is an example of how most of the collective consciousness has been dumbed down, with intent, sadly…
Q: what does the moon orbit and how long does it take?
A: the earth, about 29 days.

Q: what does the earth orbit and how long does it take?
A: the sun and it takes about 365 days.

Q: what does the sun orbit and how long does it take?
A: duh duh duh is the average response out on the street.

How ‘long’ is easy … 25920 years is the length of the Great Year or Platonic Year.
But what does the sun orbit?
Does it orbit the galactic center with or without the aid of a binary companion?
Stars having binary companions are the norm.

i.e. as we approach 2012 there is an apparent awakening manifesting and it is obviously connected with the ‘movement’ of our Sun Sol, who I believe has a Sol-mate (binary companion), and I believe it is connected to the crop circles.

The crop circles displaying sacred geometry are without a doubt ‘messages’ from a higher / lower frequency?
Messages that can only be conveyed to us in this way.
Were you expecting an e-mail or a note pasted on the fridge from ?
Wait there is another way to send a message so everyone gets it.
Alter the weather, and the light we receive…specifically go to UV.

So even though THEY put stuff in our water…some of us are still waking up because there seems to be something in the air.

Buzz buzz buzz…did I mention Bees are chirally selective/aware?
True…they only take sugars of a certain twist…of a certain chiral asymmetry.
Bees and birds and other creatures are sensitive to what is in the air.
What is in the air?

Aquarius symbol

And what is in the air is what is represented by this archetypal symbol.
Aquarius is the water-bearer BUT it is an AIR sign not water so what is being poured out of the jug held by the water bearer?
Electro-magnetic waves travel through the AIR.
And the AIR is not a void or a vacuum…it is an ocean of ethereal waves of scalar potentials.

Above is a sketch of the wings of the Galactic Butterfly , the 2 electromagnetic waves that will usher in the change and below is the accompanying Mayan symbol called the Galactic Butterfly.

Mayan Galactic Butterfly symbol which contains the Inca Chakana symbol.
In Minoan cultures the butterfly was associated with the double labrys.

Lorentz Attractor

And the mathematical equation that gave rise to the Lorentz Attractor, that lent its name to the ‘butterfly effect’ is actually based on chiral asymmetry.

2012 is the return of the Galactic Butterfly…a morphing EM field helps explain both Global Warming and Global Dimming and the disappearing chiral asymmetric aware BEES.

Hope you enjoyed my gift.
Truth is a gift that transcends asymmetrical time and will always be resurrected.