Card X – LSD the League for Spiritual Discovery – Nikola Tesla – Nassim Haramein – 4 EvangELIsts – EM fIELd – alpha I37 and what else?

UPDATE April 10, 2014

I grew up watching this TV show.

My inner kid who woke up at age 47 today now knows why I loved this show, along with Land of the Giants.
Intuitively I have felt this all along, there is a certain truth being packaged in Holy-wood and sold to us because it feels right, thus it will sell.

The Gravity of the Situation has become as clear as night and day.


and the beginning of an EM MEme drEaM that began many many years ago.

“I AM the Alpha and the Omega”

“I am the first and the last”

~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Neodymium magnet falling down copper tube


It appears that LSD puts everybody onto the same page! LSD allows us to share in the same illusion.
Tesla was into LSD.  Tesla’s work was clearly influenced by LSD.  The image below is taken from Tesla’s patent on the Unipolar Generator, in it we can see the influence of LSD on his visions.

Tesla’s Unipolar Generator (on the left) looks similar to the images below


Coral Castle Flywheel next to Gothic Quatrefoil


Solomon’s Knot found in the Americas 200 C.E. next to the Gothic Quatrefoil 


Solomon’s Molecular Knot next to the Gothic Quatrefoil

Molecular Solomon’s Knot: Self-Organization Leads To Intertwined Molecular Rings

“Although various molecular species compete with each other in solution, the Solomon’s knot wins out during the crystallization process simply because it crystallizes better.”


What is LSD?

Read the following text.

eague 4




Solomon’s Knot which contains the SEED Pattern next to the Gothic Quatrefoil  


LSD and the SEED Pattern

Note that A and B below are identical Solomon’s Knot which contains the SEED Pattern placed next to the Gothic Quatrefoil.
(I just had a THOTH thought that I will continue to entertain~ i.e.  is there a connection between the geometry of the Quatrefoil and the mysterious bIbLE source called ‘Q’?  and the evolution of consciousness?

Puzzles of the month

Prove empirically (without measuring or superimposing any shape on the other one) that Area of curvilinear shape A = Area of cross-shaped figure B


solution puzzle 93

The curvilinear shape (A) is equidecomposable to 2 squares and the cross-shaped figure (B) to a larger square. We can then demonstrate thanks to the Pythagorean Theorem that they are of the same area, as shown in the figure below. During this operation no pieces are superimposed nor placed side by side!



All of the above are symbols for LSD according to Timothy Leary and according to sacred geometry too!


The SACRED CUT (on the left) recovered by the Freemason architect Tons Brunes is also LSD!

:arrow:‘ IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla and the Philosopher’s Stone


Coral Castle Flywheel next to the Quatrefoil

Even ED Leedskalnin who built the Coral Castle promoted LSD in his work with magnets!


Bruce Cathie’s harmonic grid highlighted in red placed next to the shape that Timothy Leary,
the builders of Gothic cathedrals, and me all call LSD
The difference between Timothy Leary and me is that he took LSD and went on ‘trips’,  I took a trip which became a journey and along the way I found LSD in many cultures being dispensed as gospel.
How do we link the LSD guru Leary to the >>> 4 Evangelists, along with church architecture (whose source is the mind).
What I do not find surprising is how the next image representing a 100,000 year cycle looks like LSD too!
But I am glad I chanced upon this image, it explains so much.
It makes sense if you acknowledge scaling, self similarity and fractals, you would expect to find very similar patterns on all levels, those that we find on the micro level you would expect to find again on the macro or large scale.
In other posts I have already shown how this ‘shape’ called LSD is related to Solomon’s Knot, the auspicious and lucky 4 Leaf Clover, along with Bruce Cathie’s earth grid harmonics … and now I want to bring the new age ‘black hole’ theorist/guru Nassim Haramein into the game too?
But first a quick look at how the 12 signs of the zodiac fit the LSD modEL and the image regarding the variation of the earth’s orbit over a 100,000 year cycle.
Here is something a child can do.  Take ONE Greek Zodiac Cross ….convert the zodiac signs to their position on the zodiac clock from 1-12.
Join the dots called Precession of the Equinoxes, it does not matter where you start, count backwards.
What shape do you get?
LSD is the answer.

Precession of the Equinox cycle = LSD

Therefore it is all an illusion, a trip, a journey?

11 2 5 8   and 1376 ~ two codes that add up

4 EVANGELIST CODE 11 2 5 8 is also known as YHVH and the TETRAGRAMMATON

All significant symbolism found in all CULTures defaults to the precession of the equinox cycle as paramount, because it concerned itself with the tracking of time.
And ‘what is time?’ is a fine fine fine common denominator to place under the RS, i.e. because both Religion and Science.

RS/what is time?

The Wheel of Fortune – CARD X  solves X

Fellas like Marko Rodin, Nassim Haramein, Bruce Cathie, John Searle, Fintan Dunne, etc. are all quite clever and have done much of the homework for us.
So I will simply adopt what seems to fit the universal modEL, extracted from archetypal templates that have stood the test of spacetime, and discard or file the rest?
When I heard Nassim mention that we reside (our galaxy) in a BLACK HOLE, I said “of course, I knew that Nassim and I have the pictures to prove it!
Compare the plastic beer glaSS experiments above to the AutoCAD images below taken from a NaSSim Haramein video promoting his work.
To me several of the images look very similar.
Image Image
I am simply using a tapered plastic beer glass, a piece of cardboard paper, and both ambient and artificial light to create those effects.
That is it.
Oh and an underlying concept too.
Does this next modEL of a vortex resemble a funnel/beer glass/drain?

Eddy Currents

A magnet falls more slowly through a metallic tube than it does through a nonmetallic tube.
When a magnet is dropped down a metallic tube, the changing magnetic field created by the falling magnet pushes electrons in the metal tube around in circular, eddy-like currents. These eddy currents have their own magnetic field that opposes the fall of the magnet. The magnet falls dramatically slower than it does in ordinary free fall in a nonmetallic tube.

All of the above images are cubical neodymium magnets free falling through the copper tubing.


After seeing several images on the Code144 site I got an idea…which lead me to the above image of the 4 Leaf Clover
This was quite some time ago…I was waiting for an ‘expert’ like NaSSim Haramein to step forward and make such a claim, placing us inside a black hole!
Ezekiels wheels within wheels.
Great ideas carry forward transcending Space and Time.
Great archetypes are designed as Arks.
However having said all of that I do have a great update to offer.

An example of a lauburu: each arm can be drawn with three sweeps of a compass.


Jeremy the author of the Code 144 website had placed a pyramid over the FLYWHEEL.
(I can not find that particular image at this time.)


Image ImageImage

The Circle meets the Square
But  all of these coincidences clearly based on similar ideas (by people in search of the source)  got me thinking out of the box which is shaped more like a black hole, and  :lol:  got me into a very playful creative mood.
What I used for the first experiment.
  • Plastic beer glass
  • miniature glass pyramid with red felt on the underside
  • ambient daylight and LEDs in the base of the beer glass

In these two images the square pyramid base has been wedged into the circular beerglass, upside down, all we see is the red felt underside.
The image on the left has the backLIGHT turned OFF and the image on the right which appears to be more of a blueish white light, has the base light ON.

So in following the pictures above it became clear … I thought to myself … what if the WEDGED pyramid (representing our galaxy or solar system?) was placed inside the BLACK Hole (I offer the plastic beer glass) and if I turned the light in the base ON, what would I observe?
(btw it was a gimmick beer glass purchased at a neighbor’s garage sale for $0.25.  It has LED lights in the base that can perform three functions)

I was surprised to see thLSD Mandala archetype identified by the space guru Timothy. 
Whether the backlight in the base is ON or OFF the LSD Mandala appears.

Lucky 4 mi, I thought.
But I was not done yet playing or asking questions.
Would it work for a FLAT UNIVERSE…a SPINNING FLAT universe, and was the miniature pyramid I was using at all necessary?


Then my line of questioning, asked “are we stuck in the VORTEX, are we holding up the line”?

What happens if we start to rotate the FLAT SPINNING MILKY galaxy 90 degrees perpendicular or orthogonal to its clockwise/counterclockwise spin or rotation?”
(note in the image above the flat universe indicated by a faint black arrow)


So I thought this could be a fine analogy for the geometry of a black hole…and please note…I had to cut one of the corners off the cardboard square. In order to get the galaxy (the green swastika drawn on cardboard) to rotate freely with the push of a finger….


The first image illustrates that when the swastika galaxy is perpendicular to the source light, we notice that the sides of the beer glass has few shadows, it is just one big glow.


Then as we begin to rotate the swastika galaxy we can see shadows forming on the sides of the beer glass vortex.

Is this similar to how a black hole functions Nassim?
I think our universe has expanded too much…we are stuck in the ewetube, the cattle chute (electron flow) is perhaps plugged?
Maybe our galaxy is tilted…similar to the last image?

I want to remind you that these are just thoughts of  madmen, like Nassim and me.

Here we have another artist’s depiction that I found on the inTErNET, of a universal modEL that we can associate to the topography of our own solar system.
A modEL that appears on many levels of scaling, or dimensions.
I like it for obvious reasons.



Here I present two swastikas, one rotating clockwise and the other counter or anti- or counterclockwise.

Those two images of the CW and CCW swastika illustrate the asymmetry of its geometry.

Suggesting that on the other side of the doorway or of a flat universe coin whose currency is always accepted, the swastika would appear to be rotating in the opposite direction if you flipped it over?
Similar to looking down on the north pole from above, the earth rotates counter clockwise as viewed from Polaris. But viewed from above the southern pole it would appear to rotate clockwise.

Thus in a world dictated by geometric form, the perspective of the observer who effects the observation plays a role, which has been confirmed by countless observers.

Please note the green swirling swastika arms that have been drawn onto the cardboard create shapes that are cast onto the sides of the glass.
That was totally unexpected result though an intuitive move on my part.

These reflections were caused only by the ambient light coming through the sides of the plastic beer glass.
The green pointed swirls are IDENTICAL to the third image below (on the right) that we find in Rome.



Above we see the phi spiral, then mirrored, various geometric forms, and a helix ending with a ‘yod’ evolving in a BELL or Grail Cup?

This particular model depicting energy flow helping to define the universe, shaped like a BELL is suggestive of what?
Ineffable SOUNDs clearly come to mind.

Coincidence or evidence?
When you strike the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber, inside the Great Pyramid, it sounds like a bELL.

This is probably the best part of this post.
Let me introduce you now to the work of  John Stuart Reid and the Cymascope.

John Stuart Reid in The Kings Chamber, Great Pyramid, Giza

John Stuart Reid

If Cheops’ sarcophagus symbolized the womb of Nut, it is reasonable to conjecture that it may have been used as part of their ‘rebirth’ rituals prior to the pyramid being finally sealed.

Noting that the sarcophagus rings like a bell when struck, (albeit at a low frequency) I considered the possibility that the architect had engineered it to resonate at the pitch of sound (as distinct from the rate of beat) of a baby”s heart since rebirth rituals were concerned with the gestation of a fetus and the birth of new life.

– John Stuart Reid

To be updated till I run out of space or time gets reset.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about 1376.
Well I decided to give it its own blog.
Same idea – different POV.

The Gravity of the Situation will now reveal itself to the seeker of the truth.
It is simpleton.
In fact it is so easy it was in fact my inner child that showed me the way back to the Kingdom.
Both big ME and little me await thee;

Yes the gravity of the situation has become as clear as night and day.
The solution to the human condition has revealed itself.

It is time to start thinking about 2017.



btw here is my calling card in case ye should need to pray to ME.

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Two Swastikas are a match made in heaven, a spitting image for the 2 B-mode RED and BLUE gravtiational waves.

2B or not 2B takes on a whole new dimension

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”