Zeitgeist vs. Stepto who is not thinking outside of the X-Box

NAZI symbol beside the Neolithic Slavic  HANDS OF GOD symbol that is pre-CHRISTIAN.

Is Bill Gates  the next wannabe fascist GOD who would love to force his vision onto the world, at any cost, to the rest of humanity?
What kind of friendly fire should we expect from the Gates-keeper?

Can we trust Bill’s ego not to overcharge humanity for his $ervice$?

Microsoft employee Stephen Tolouse
a.k.a. ‘Stepto’

Who is this IGNORANT human who has been put in charge of the ‘kiddies’ ?
Who is this IGNORANT human who gets to decide what kind of symbols or imagery the kiddies can use to identify themselves with in the cyber world?

Stephen Tolouse and his weapon of choice;

 X-Box 360


XBOX promotion used to brand the minds of the kiddies
next to the brand used by the Nazis to  alter the minds and hearts of we the sheeple.

UPDATE September 11, 2019

Below we see the html regarding two missing images that should be placed in that space above…computers make the idea of ‘rendering’ or ‘editing’ the official story that manipulates the hearts and minds of humanity … easy.

Microsoft Steve Tolouse since deceased IMAGES dead links

end of UPDATE

Tolouse has been busy banning a whole swath of players putting up the Nazi symbol, and has been inundated with people arguing that it should be treated with the same “religious” freedom as the Star of David or the Christian cross.

“No educated human on the planet would honestly believe all those symbols are equal”, Stephen Tolouse says.

Hey Stephen shall we begin with your education?
Laughing Laughing Laughing

Some may see it as a bit extreme, while others will find it justified. But everyone should know Microsoft is very strict with its Xbox Live censorship, so no one should be surprised.

Then please explain to me Stepto, why does Microsoft have ‘swastika architecture’ embedded in their LOGOS?

What other logos or promotions am I speaking of, other than the obvious exploitations by Micro$oft of this 12,000 year old symbol that the Western CULTures fear and want to distance themselves from….?

The lady members of the Wilkinson family had made a simple patchwork quilt, as a small Christmas present, all composed of square pieces of the same size, as shown in the illustration. It only lacked the four corner pieces to make it complete. Somebody pointed out to them that if you unpicked the Greek cross in the middle and then cut the stitches along the dark joins, the four pieces all of the same size and shape would fit together and form a square.

This the reader knows, from the solution in Fig. 39, is quite easily done. But George Wilkinson suddenly suggested to them this poser. He said, “Instead of picking out the cross entire, and forming the square from four equal pieces, can you cut out a square entire and four equal pieces that will form a perfect Greek cross?” The puzzle is, of course, now quite easy.

How does that ‘silk patchwork’ puzzle above lead us from the swastika to the Microsoft logos below?


Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/2012-get-yer-ya-yas-out/

Here is a letter I sent off to Stepto (Stephen T.) today explaining my position, why I feel he is an ignorant human who should NOT be in charge of the ‘kiddies’ who form the backbone of Microsoft’s virtual reality, their profits, and the future of humanity.

hello Stephen

I want to let you know about the book I am writing.
It shows the profound links between the swastika and the underlying foundation of our reality expressed by archetypes, memes, ideas, that eventually become the FORM…etc.
Know what I mean?
Would Plato?

It illustrates rather profoundly that when you read alternative literature, what you find out is that ALL western secret societies** have a reverence for the swastika, and often alongside it, or instead of the swastika…we see the Maltese cross being used extensively.
Place the two swastikas (CW/CCW) over each other and you have a symmetrical cross, a cross resembling/similar to the maltese or the cross potent used by the various fighting Monks, i.e. Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, Knights of Malta …. etc.
All CULTures have versions of these crosses.
** including the Freemasons, Rosicrucian, United Nations, Teutonic Knights, Vatican, etc.
Banks veil the swastika in their logos.

What separates my work from the rest Stephen is that I went looking for the common denominators linking the pieces of the puzzle, that have stood the TEST of TIME.
Laws of nature would be such a common denominator.

I use the work of Marija Gimbutas, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Richard Dawkins, Susan Blackmore, Ed Witten, Marko Rodin, Nassim Haraein, the Celts, the I Ching, and a host of others to help illustrate
how the ‘swastika’ links them all together (many sciences) into one nice little cohesive unit, called the big picture.

And then we shop these symbols around the religions.

And then I pose the riddle.
There are only TWO symbols in the entire world of symbols that come in two versions, each version of each symbol denoting a LEFT vs. RIGHT movement.
What are they?

The answer would be the SPIRAL and the SWASTIKA.

Think of each of these two symbols as being expressed as TWINS.
Both of these symbols are among the oldest ones on archeological record.
Both express either an involution (gravity/inward) or evolution (radiation/outward).

And of these two symbols, ONE of them is 12,000+ years old and it fulfills the first criteria.
The swastikas can be thought of as twins, representing the Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise motion of the ‘wheel’.
And one of the oldest, primal Roman Gods is the two headed Janus.

Now lo and behold this CW/CCW motion is also referred to as ‘handedness’ , or left vs. right SPIN, and this is the same language the quantum physicist uses in figuring out the ‘pairs’ or TWINS of elementary particles defined by their spin or polarity.

Here is what my book can do and will show in addition to what I just shared with you.

Now I can easily point out TWO PROFOUND anomalies that both science and religion cannot explain regarding two ‘primal’ numbers 137 and 55.
Have you read A. I. Miller’s book called 137, published in 2009?
Get it if you ever hope to keep up with me and the ‘recoveries’ being made in quantum mechanics.

It is essentially about the relationship between Jung and Wolfgang Pauli.
This number 137 is actually posited between the physicist and the mystic, a number neither can explain.
But I can?

And then I use the work of scholars to show how the number 55 is the link between the Holy Spirit, the I Ching, the Black Kaa’ba Stone in Mecca, Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid and the atomic structure of DNA.

And then the best part Stephen is I can show how various Microsoft logos have swastika architecture EMBEDDED in the geometry.

Actually if you do a search on my word blog you might find the thread.

Dude your anti-swastika position is based on a propaganda campaign to keep you ignorant of the symbol.
You are not thinking outside of the ‘X’ box.


by the way
do a search of who I am.
you only need be given two words to rEMEMbEr me by.

‘swastika raphael’

And when you realize the profound associations between the artist, the archangel, and the author Raphael, guess what Stephen?
You must conclude that in fact ‘everything has already been written’.
How and where?

Russians studying the syntax structure of junk DNA would say, language is the prime mover, and it is in the gibberish.
In the code.

Have a nice day Stephen.
You and your special kind of judeao/christian ignorance in fact, has a best before date that is about to expire.

Stephen the X-box geek is ignorant about history?
Does Stephen know it all?

Remember Stephen it was in FACT the judeao/christians who comprised the spiritual backbone of Nazi Germany, it was they who were activated by the madman Hitler, it was the desperate, defeated, German raised as a judeao/christian who actually put on the NAZI uniforms, did the goose-step around the pagan maypole and then went out and rounded up the Jews.
What kind of history did you study Stephen?

The contrived nonsense called HIS-story?

And now some little western punk called Stepto wants to marginalize this ancient symbol, its source unknown?
In a quantum world where the observer affects the observation dude, that is plain fucking stupid.



p.s. This info is being made available to the folks at TZM too.
The Zeitgeist Movement and ?

Okay okay I admit I sounded kind of crazy.
(the above comment about my state of MiNd was made Feb. 10, 2014)


Mr. Stepto, here is a question you can take right to the top of the human food chain, to the cyber-god, the fella who wants to own it all, his name of course would be ‘Bill’,  the fella in charge of the ‘Gates’?

In the eternal battle for our heARTS and MiNds, what role does herr Gates play Stepto?

Get back to me ‘punk‘.
Make my day ‘Stepto’
Show me you are capable of learning something new?
And tell Bill Gates his vision of the future is about to be altered on the altar we call the Earth.
For the better….but not quite the vision he had in his MiNd’s eye!

Idea …the ZeitgeiSt is back in the building.

Zeit = time
geiSt = spirit

What symbol represents the wheel, rotation, motion, and   T I M E ?
What symbol is referred to as the ‘hidden cross of Christ’ by secret societies who have UN Charter?

The 3 Crosses of Christ 

WHAT IF the ZeitgeiSt is represented best by the ZwaStika, which is also associated with the SS, with the Holy Spirit, and the TIME-SPIRIT?

WHAT IF we do in fact trace the swastika back to its source, the same source the physicists/mystics who study the birth of the universe, are in quest of?

‘Inception’ the SEED pattern and the Swastika

What do the ZeitgeiSt and Zachery Sitchen have in common?

clue: both involve the ‘crossover’ called Nibiru.

But Z. Sitchen was wrong wrong wrong about Nibiru being a rogue planet.

Marko Rodin might suggest the ZS = 25
2 5 is a numerical concept connected to the Baha’i faith god called ABHA (1251), that Marko has developed leading to claims of a high efficiency electro-magnetic coil/torus, that many folks claim has the potential to produce FREE ENERGY in the future.



9 thoughts on “Zeitgeist vs. Stepto who is not thinking outside of the X-Box

  1. While you’re talking about the potential to produce the free energy and MR and Bahá’í, i’d just like to share my thoughts about the latter and the simultaneous asymmetry i posted a while ago on a certain forum :
    It’s (Bahá’í) a sort of cool religion of 19th century Persia origin, which propagates oneness of the mankind on spiritual level. They basically transcend the differences between major religions, claiming that religious essence came from a pantheon (or set) of godly messengers from the different religions which, respectively, created their own religions in accordance to the timespace. This includes Mohammad, as well as Jesus and Buddha and the rest of usual suspects :

    Their nine-pointed star, the Bahá’í star represents that doctrine, plus that the top (1st) point of the star is, naturally, the Bahá’í star, which symbolises the Beginning and the End. Last, but not the least, the position of the Bahá’í star means that Bahá’í learned and continued the prophecies from the scriptures of all other religions.

    It is very important to notice that exponential moment. We’ll need that for later.

    Mankind, thus, evolves constantly and exponentially.
    Which, by the way, is a great concept. Even for me as an Infidel.

    Bahá’í has more than 5 million followers, in more than 150 countries around the world.

    Before i go on, why am i telling you this?

    Marko Rodin, Nassim Haramein, Randy Powell, they are all followers of Bahá’í Faith. I’m not claiming that they sucked out their knowledge from Bahá’í Faith.

    Rather i’m claiming that without understanding of the Cumulative exponence and extended exponence concept, they couldn’t comprehend what they’re talking about. They simply had to have it, otherwise they would be fakers.

    Let me complicate a bit more

    What is Cumulative exponence and extended exponence? It is an old linguistic but/and philosophic concept, which represents the simultaneous asymmetry.

    There’s a great explanation of simultaneous asymmetry in a theatrical sense, that i just stumbled upon :

    This article focuses on the interplay between actors and audience members, an important aspect in the current discourse of advanced theatre practitioners and scholars that is part and parcel of children’s theatre’s genuine understanding of itself. It also discusses the simultaneous asymmetry of interaction between actors and audience in theatre. Is the collective creativity between artists and children only a theoretical construct or a requirement? What participatory opportunities does theatre actually offer its audience members? The article addresses a fundamental difficulty in the participatory idea: Does lack of focus on the part of audience members constitute expression; is it part of collective creativity because in such cases the asymmetry of interaction in the theatre is breaking down? Or is it an indication of a failure of collective creativity because those present do not relate to one another sufficiently?

    ( http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a911762730~db=all~jumptype=rss )

    Of course it is part of collective creativity.

    This is how Cumulative exponence and extended exponence concept becomes the concept of the Unity.

    And the concept of the Unity is teh base of Bahá’í Faith, as well as (IMO) the concept of the Universe.

    • Now what was my point…

      The deviated idea of the Unity is Gates’ trademark.
      His egocentristical idea is really a reversed exponence, ordered to return the matter (in his case, the money) to the originator (in his case, himself).
      But, he’s either playing with fire, or is unaware of the fact that the ungood matter also tends to return to its originator.
      Which,subsequently, makes his prospect rather grim, if you ask me…

  2. The numbers and codes; to build a device? Is the device a weapon?

    Or is it something for defense? Sound / Light can leverage (is) energy. The universe shifts from Red back to Blue. Rydberg matter?

    I left you a private message on another forum asking for your help- perhaps you didn’t see it? I thought that you might get many messages and thus no longer check?

  3. Salutations biorobots! Because you’re enthusiastic about history, I’d like to discuss with you the fact that it had been found that I Ching (Book of Changes) along with Chinese classic text Dao De Jing (by Lao-tzu) are commentaries to Shan Hai Jing. Researchers discovered that the well known da Vinci was right in his assumptions — human beings are bio-machines. Every person gets a program at birth. These programs are documented in Shan Hai Ching or The Collection of Mountains and Seas.


    • Fine Tatyana lets discuss history, HER-story, and HIS-story.
      First thing you NEED to know about Jesus in the west and Lao-tzu in the east is that they know the SS Simple Secret.

      IF you want to create a religion or a following of beLIEvers you must FIRST create a mystery.

      The Collection of Mountains and Seas is just another of those unresolved mysteries.
      Jesus is another contrived LIE, a mystery designed to keep the sheeple guessing and off balance.
      Name ONE religion/beLIEf, including science that does not have a mystery to be solved?
      And I see yet another mystery being scripted for the sheeple who want to be people to embrace >>> the aLIEn.
      Sorry but science suggests we are NOT binary blots. We are NOT comprised of 1s and 0s.
      Even though many sheeple I know are in fact zeros looking to be number ONE.

      So do you want or need proof we are vastly different than machines?
      Go here:

      The link I gave you suggests humans are NOT computers.
      I like to think I AM a god.
      How dare EWE suggest otherwise just because your level of intelligence has hit the wall.


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