DNA KEY 528 *found* the 4E KEY that unlocks so so much

This video demonstrating ‘nature’s spiral’ based on the Fibonacci numbers, is an expression of CARD X below.
What I mean to say is that the numbers we see on Card X are suggesting that the idea called Fibonacci are in some way associated with the 4 Evangelists and precession of the equinoxes.

CARD X of the Tarot with the Zodiacal/Fibonacci Code revealed partially, which we see  is 11 2 5 8

Please note the missing ‘3 , known as a cipher among the Freemason brethren, would be placed in the center.
Thus when the dots are joined between the numbers 1 1 2 3 5 8 the letter ‘W‘ is revealed.

Celtic Brooch

We can clearly see the 4E on the Celtic Brooch. Why the 4E, was this ‘unusual’?

Apparently not, it is the norm.

And most of the Celts artwork was comprised of four essential patterns, four particular ‘weaves’.

These four patterns are represented by the letters V, Z, W, and the ‘HOOK’ pattern.


What does the HOOK pattern look like?
Pick any one of those four angular spirals that we find on the oldest swastika that we have found dated to 10,000 BCE, from the Mezin Ukranine, and you will have a very good idea what a Celtic HOOK pattern is.
Still having problems visualizing what a HOOK looks like Captain?
This next image should help with the explanation…and also indicate the direction of my flow?


Take a look at image #4.
But on this chart do NOT ignore how profound ALL OF THE OTHER ASSOCIATIONS ARE TOO, each part of an evolution…
The HOOK pattern resembles an archaic form, representation of the forces of nature.

It is not hard to imagine that if we REVOLVE the W  it easily morphs into E or M or 3.
Along with, and  it is not hard to imagine the Z,  can easily be ROTATED  into an N.

Hook = Haken

And a Haken-Kreuz is in fact a swastika.
i.e. the Hooked-Cross

It is not difficult to find the swastika embedded in many of the Celt designs.
And perhaps the universe has a crochet tool that it uses to help weave the text?

4E on the Celtic Brooch.
Actually it comes down to perspective?

IF I was to place that brooch in the center of the Emerald Table, with the four races of man positioned around the table, each race would see a ‘different/altered’ representation of the same ‘3’ glyph depending on their position relative to the ‘4’ directions.

Arabic numerals will not  be invented for another 10,000 years.
All races would see four sticks or lines –  l l l l – that comprise a particular shape.

What shapes can you make with 4 sticks?
How does the geometer who lives in our brain assemble those four sticks/lines, and then communicate to the three other races what the individual sees, is the beginning of our woes.

Using four sticks we can build the E, M, W, and a square 3, these are obvious, along with four sided square itself.
And why are modern Hebrew letters designed with ‘squareness’ in MiNd?

Personally the Freemasons and me, like how the four sticks can become the compass and square,  XX too.

So how does the above Tarot CARD X help us open many doors,  3 doors/gates perhaps, or can we get past the fourth in the north?  if we take along these next two keys?

YES I believe we can.

The solfrege frequency 528 hertz is part of this design too, that will be revealed by its connection to Marko Rodin VBM and Nassim Haramein’s work too.
And Ed Witten.
At the end of the day, I try to place everybody on the same page.
It resembles the Sator Square.
Here is a peek of what I mean….for those who want to jump right in:

But do not get lost there yet, the above link takes you on a journey showing how we can merge the 2000 year old Sator Square, dated perhaps to the days of Delphi, (pronounced DelphEE), and the letter ‘E’, to modern string theory, and something called ‘M’ theory.

But I caution you, do not get sucked down that hole, yet.
I want to suggest your E-motions can get easily distracted.

Continue reading below.
I need to provide some basics regarding xyz and w first.

Initiates need to be taught how to walk and talk like an Egyptian again, first and foremost, left brain linear thinking alone will NOT get you through the zig zag course….that has a few curved balls built into it.

We need to find ways to rEMEMbEr!
Imagine and it was not that long ago we had no books or hard drives to store data and information.
How would you have encoded vital knowledge to be passed forward, in a way that seemed almost ‘natural’?


I take the letter E which was attributed to the Temple of Apollo @ Delphi, and I show you how I can take  the sacred ‘E
‘ at Delphi (del-fEE) , an ancient ‘E‘ theory, and with one 90 degree rotation representing 2000+ years, a passage of tiME, the E becomes an m or M.

Thus if we can merge E theory to M theory, does it suggest that we are on a treadmill not realizing we are reinventing the WhEEL, with the passage of zodiacal tiME?

In itself an illusion?

Can we find those  4 E vangelists on the 2 KEYS?

Is 11 2 5 8 on the KEYS?

Note that MAN #11 is the stem.


Note they are the three teeth on the key, also note and this gets rather interesting….that on the stem of that same KEY are the zodiac signs for the following.

3 …. Gemini
7 …. Libra
11 .. Aquarius

7 3 11

In those numbers, I see a formula that has confused the best of physicists.
And if you read  7311 from right to left, it is revealed.
At this point I only ask you play along and ‘pretend’ it is not a coincidence, but in fact will be later shown to have much significance.

All physicists have been confounded by the formula for what is called the fine structure constant….  1/137

The coincidences Laughing Laughing can only be explained as out of this world?

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli (April 25, 1900 – December 15, 1958) was an Austrian theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum physics. In 1945, after being nominated by Albert Einstein, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “decisive contribution through his discovery of a new law of Nature, the exclusion principle or Pauli principle,” involving spin theory, underpinning the structure of matter and the whole of chemistry.Pauli introduced the 2 × 2 Pauli matrices as a basis of spin operators, thus solving the nonrelativistic theory of spin. This work is sometimes said to have influenced Paul Dirac in his creation of the Dirac equation for the relativistic electron, though Dirac stated that he invented these same matrices himself independently at the time, without Pauli’s influence. Dirac invented similar but larger (4×4) spin matrices for use in his relativistic treatment of fermionic spin. In 1958, Pauli was awarded the Max Planck medal. In that same year, he fell ill with pancreatic cancer. When his last assistant, Charles Enz, visited him at the Rotkreuz hospital in Zürich, Pauli asked him: “Did you see the room number?” It was number 137 . Throughout his life, Pauli had been preoccupied with the question of why the fine structure constant, a dimensionless fundamental constant, has a value nearly equal to 1/137 Pauli died in that room on 15 December 1958.

1215 = ABAH

WOW that is rather amazing too.
First Rm 137 and the day of his death December 15 OR 1215.

1215  also intersects with Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Math.

1251 = ABHA

but this is more profound

2151 = BAHA

Thus the fact Wolfgang Pauli also had a strange effect named after him, “the Pauli Effect”, along with him dying in room 137, on the day of ABAH/BAHA suggests he was part god.

Do you see the numb3rs 1 2 5 1 1 2 5 1 in the above text/weave/fret pattern?

then you can move on:
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/swastika-yinyang-and-the-evolution-of-the-greek-key-fret-pattern/

Of course this is only the beginning.
want to know more?
I have gone so deep down the hole…I have a real good idea what is to be found.
I will enter the hole, emerge, and find Idea that on the other side I am now on top of a mountain.

NOW would bE a good tiME to plant a fEW sEEds.
using thrEE  letters

the N, the M and the E

Those are the KEYs you will need, along with the treasure map, CARD X.
(I am your guide … my code name is XX)


Are you ready to enter the world of the 3 Replicators?

What are the 3 Replicators?

1/ genes
2/ memes
3/ temes

First Richard Dawkins let the memory of pandora escape once again by making some profound conclusions through observing NATURE.

In his book the Selfish Gene, he resurrected a term called memes to show how humans evolved culturally through imitation, the passing on of ideas, represented by the term ‘memes.

Then another scientist/researcher open minded individual came along, Susan Blackmore, and she added yet another layer to the genes and memes called temes.

And it is this basic UNIVERSAL MODEL of the primal egg or the 0 plus 3 levels of replicators that we can default to time and again.

And when studying the patterns of how plants transcribe/pass on, or fail to pass on genetic information resulting in mutations etc., eventually resulted in an ABC Model being used today.

This basic model using those ABC … keys.

I’ve been writing a fair amount about early pattern formation in animals lately, so to do penance for my zoocentric bias, I thought I’d say a little bit about homeotic genes in plants. Homeotic genes are genes that, when mutated, can transform one body part into another—probably the best known example is antennapediain Drosophila, which turns the fly’s antenna into a leg.

What else can we learn from this 4 AGES/1234 ABC transcription MODEL by using those KEYs?

This next link illustrates how we can apply this knowledge to the bigger picture.
Are you ready to enter the black hole that is YOU?

rEMEMbEr thE sEEds N, the M and the E

rEMEMbEr that day in sEptEMbEr back in 2001

How does the ABC Model manage to build a bridge between letters and numb3rs?

1/ These three alphabets are closely related and have a common origin.
Their similarity is quite obvious when we compare the names of the first few letters.


  • Latin: A, Bee, Cee, Dee
  • Greek: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
  • Hebrew: Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet

This list shows a progressive loss of information. The Latin names are nothing but the Letters themselves, and the Greek names are merely Hellenized transliterations of the Hebrew. The names of the Hebrew Letters alone have true meaning, in the sense that they are based on common Hebrew words. In the list above, Aleph denotes an Ox, Bet a House, Gimel a Camel, and Dalet a Door.

2/ The 3 Pillars or the 3×4 cEL-PHOne KEYpad or the Breastplate of the High Priest which are all associated with the Book of RazIEL and the Book of Secrets given to Adam and Eve to find their way BACK to Eden.

I have an update as of April 9th/2011

Another coincidence showing how many ideas end up in the same ballpark.

This chart is taken off the Bible Wheel site:

Several things to be noted, the idea of A-B-C-D or 1-2-3-4 and the numbers mentioned.

27 – 37 – 73 – 137



And I would be lying to all of you if I said the Hands of God have nothing to do with the bluehole you are about to enter.
btw …  do not worry 12,000 years of Good Luck is with you.

Slavic HANDS of GOD

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

Albert Einstein

KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory


39 thoughts on “DNA KEY 528 *found* the 4E KEY that unlocks so so much

  1. The KEY of David (in Hebrew) = 528 = Maphte’ach = Baphomet
    Isaiah 22 verse 22 in the Bible provides the KEY of David.
    Key in Hebrew = 528 x 15 = 7920 (radius earth in miles)
    A square around the earth = 4 x 7920 = 31680 miles

    The KEY of David (in Greek) = 265 = Kleis
    Revelation 3 verse 7 in the Bible provides the KEY of David

    The first 9 digits of Pi are as follows: 3.14159265
    When we utilize Pythagorean gematria (Greek),
    314 = Magos (Wise Man or Magician) of Mercury/Hermes/Thoth
    159 = Megas (Great)
    265 = Kleis (Key)

    Returning this concept back to popular literature, it could be said
    that “Mercury/Hermes/Thoth” is the “Great Key”.

    Further, a circle drawn around a square with a perimeter of HELIOS (318), or Sun, will have a circumference of 353, or the numerical value in gematria of HERMES.
    Square Perimeter = 318 = Helios (Sun)
    Circle Circumfence = 353 = Hermes (Mercury)
    Square + Circle = Sun + Mercury = 318 + 353 = 671 = Paradise

    The KEY to SATOR and ROTAS = 671
    OPERA = AREPO = 256 and TENET = 660

    and the Lady of the path of Daleth (, Athor, 671). Of this Crowley writes, “This important number marks the identity of the Augoeides with the Way itself (“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”) and shows the Taro as a key; and that
    the Law itself is nothing else than this.”[10]

    The TAROT X Wheel

    DAATH is the 11th Sephiroth that sits on the pathway of GIMEL.
    671 = Daath = 11x(11²+1)/2

    671 = Adonai, the Holy Guardian Angel
    671 = Thora = the Law
    671 = Thora = the Gate
    671 = Rota = the Wheel (of Fortune)
    671 = Athor = the Lady of the path of Daleth

    671 (ROTAS) or (SATOR) That is the question.
    Rotate left or right?

  2. s-va-s-ti-ka means in Hungarian: horog-kereszt. Horog means “quarter note” / “doorhandle” (sound/note-stargate opener?) and kereszt means “cross” / “tree” (tree of life?). In case I look into the Vedic relations, “va” is 4 and “ka” is 1, “ti” means in Hungarian “you” and in Sumerian it means “life”. So svastika would be 4 quarter notes, and key to tree of life. How about that? I know someone, who was “upgraded” during night, woke up and see the double helix spiral entering the head like a stream full with codes and geometric forms, while few days later seen golden balls leaving his head, slowly spinning, and the surface was full of little left facing svastikas…

    • interesting comment dude

      upgraded during the night eh?

      I felt like I was ‘zapped’ one day from head to toe…
      and from that point on … the truth chills started arriving.


    • I am not sure where you found your meanings for the words Horog and Kereszt.
      The translations I found are HOOK = Horog and CROSS = Kereszt

      So HOOK-CROSS is the same a HAKEN-KREUZ or SWASTIKA

      I do like your definitions referencing SOUND.
      i.e. horog and the quarter note/doorhandle.

      Where did you find those associations?

      And the reference to spinning golden balls and LEFT-facing swastikas indicates a change of direction once awakened, what if?


  3. I have complied a diagram of my research on energy and have found some marvelous things. Notice the SWASTIKA in the center of the of the spiral.

    The above symbol is often associated with UFOs. Notice the eagle having one eye. The wings often were a symbol for flight, as well as the Goddess Isis. Similar to the One-Eyed Kings in a deck of cards.
    One eye also symbolized the third-eye, or the pineal gland, or the all-seeing eye, etc.
    Israel (land of Judaism) is a compound word of three Gods. The Egyptian (predecessors of Atlantis) Goddess Isis, Sumerian Gods Ra and his son El. Sumeria was found to be located in the Middle East, especially near Iraq. The legends of the Holy Bible parallel the legends of Sumeria at an uncanny level. The word holocaust is a yiddish word for sacrifice. Hitler was known for the Jewish Holocaust… or sacrifice.

    Equation for an energy vortext:
    Space-time (+) time-space (-)/ time-space (-) space-time (+)

    fear to love/love to fear (repeat) fear to love.

  4. Hello,
    I’ve been researching on astrology and trying to map all of human history and art before the 14th bak’t’un to the I Ching, the Tarot, the Kalevala, Sanskrit astrology, the DNA, etc..
    Take a look at my website, I guess you’ll find it interesting and we may work together on this.

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  6. Are you aware that KATE BUSH sings PI to 137 decimal places?
    And although she sings the first 78 digits correctly (Tarot pack?) she misses out the next 22 digits (Major Arcana?).
    Take a listen, and see how it might fit into your Sound-Light-Wave theory.

    Kate Bush Pi:
    23078164062862088214 *
    * There are some Backing Vocal repeats here.

    But can you recommend the best place to start to follow your theory? I see that the posts link back and forth to other posts, so which post will make it easy to navigate the blog and the argument best?
    Cheers, Pat.

    • interesting 137 and 78 connection
      thanks Pat

      so you want to get lost in my thoughts, and try to navigate my mind?
      good luck!!

      my blog is a diary of sorts.
      if you scroll down the right hand side to March 2007 and start with the first entries, you could work your way chronologically to the most recent posts.
      Or you could start where I am today and find your way back to the beginning.

      until I get around to sorting out the mess, what else can I say?

      “go, get lost”



  7. I saw a strange dream about number 137 in the winter of 2005.
    Later I asked about that number 137 from this forum:

    Ever since this number 137 appears to me daily.

    Year 2006 I saw strange serie of three premonition dreams.


    The color of first dream was red (punainen)
    The color of second dream was blue (sininen)
    The color of third dream was white ( valkoinen, pl. valkoiset)

    Now I found these sites and I wonder that key, because in that key there are all these colors I saw in my premonition dreams years ago. But there are also zodiac signs of my hole family, my mother is libra, my father was aquarius, my sister is gemini and I am bull.

  8. Hey I hope you still answer these forum posts. A very very interesting thing occurred to me. I actually “forgot” about this concept. Considering that the “AVERAGE” person only uses a small fraction of their brain, they develop into a half functional if that person, with laterialization in the left hemisphere. The physiological manifestation of this is perturbed growth, gait, skin, immune function, emotional intelligence, wisdom, etc etc…

    When a person eats food, I would imagine the “inactive parts” due to a dorment right hemisphere are calcified from stagnation of energy and nourishment from food which gets clogged and blocked up in the sub-optimal functioning body/nervous-system, etc…

    The can’t use their right hemisphere to consciously “scan” and acquire full sensitivity and perception of how energy works, moves. The are perceiving from an incomplete half charged/laterialized state. Hence death, imbalance, continual reactivity/ego/emotional subjectivity…There is constantly a failure to self-organize. The “unconscious” becomes conditioned by shadow of what the person fails to consciously exercise themselves.

    The “shadow” could contain everything from digestion, repressed material received from others with more “free will”/right brain activation, fragmented or poorly communicated parts of their own body/mind structure.

    It’s called yoga! first of all to re-establish full body/mind connection and communication, and re-activating hemisphere synchronizationd to allow the person full access to their “true self”

    A RIGID mind physiologically manifests as calcification, hardening of arteries, clogged colon and intestines, poor liver function, etc, etc…

    This has nothing to do with the persons personality, it’s the identity they have created through the limits they experience due to the way they use their body and mind. You would never hear a left-brain dominate person say this or accept this with a light heart! A light hearted flexible person is someone who has the right brain qualities of multitasking, creative intuiting, etc, etc…Enough said.

    The right brain also can think beyond “time” created restrictions/stressors felt by most people.

    • well I just joined your forum (do you have a name germ?)
      why did I join your forum?

      I saw that if I joined I would become the groups 31571 member or HEthen
      You do know HEthen is spelled heathen?

      …the numbers 1/137 and 5 are dear to my journey, very significant.

      my user name on your site is raphael37
      (raphael was taken)

      I also noticed your url is 173.1 blah blah

      I also noticed that your site is IGNORANT of 1/137 (the fine structure constant) which physicists claim determine our ‘reality’.
      I also noticed that your site does NOT dicuss the QaBaLaH which has a gematria value of 137.
      Are your bible babel readers and contributors (which I noticed you do have many) aware that Noah’s Ark was 137.16 meters long?

      Ya see the problem I have with modern bible babblers is their inability to compare SCIENCE to RELIGION, and inevitably I get into heated discussions with the ignorant wankers about what ‘just is’.

      ARE YOU WILLING TO PROTECT and give me sanctury or must I take on the MOB by myself like I always do?



      aka the 1/137 ‘alpha’ messenger

      • So where has everyone gone? Has this ship been abandoned? If you want to know the secret of the SWA-STI-KA then you want to know of the natural charge’s’ of a living, moving body’s’ energy as compared 2 either of its polar opposites. The key my friend is in the contemplation of three simultaneous motion’s’ of which our masculine/feminine sided brain can only comprehend two at one time. One inner motion traveling circular from east to west, as traveling men do, and an outer motion at a right angle to the first but in a clockwise direction creating both a spherical 3-D geometry for this Set. It takes a third eye to enviSion spinning of an outer ring which loops entering one direction, passes through and exits traveling in an opposite direction. That friction is the source and the difference between electromagnetic energy and conscience life.

        If you want to KNOW this for your yourself and to also solve other misinterpretations I see in your work, you will have to put in the classroom time on your own. If I just came right out and told you then it would be like me telling you the sum of any two numbers without you ever having learned to add. You would not then know the principle of subtraction. I can send you in the direction of which you are guaranteed to be hit with a ton of brick.

        A mnemonic device should help. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. “Oh Jesus Christ man!” you say. That is to do with the heavens and the Earth. Many other interpretations have been proffered by teacher and students as well. Many apply but the is not the purpose. It pertains to four cardinal directions. Not “the” four as in NEWS as in Left and Right and In and Out…or relief some Egyptian’s carved for lack of a method for precise duplication…at least as far as I can trace it over and back. Are things starting to shape up for you? There is an over and an under aspect; but lets get to the lessen. I want to be able to hear you palm your forehead when you realize why some start by taking the “first step here” like Egyptian hieroglyphs make so obvious with that damn left foot thing. Unraveling knowledge that you didn’t even know existed in visual art and throughout all of history including tomorrow will be yours but I am getting off TRACK. To get you started, I’ll let you buy a vowel for free. That would be a “O” and if it were in a string of letters, the “O” separates words or thoughts. Consider that only “O” and “X” (not tic tac toe) appear the same if you were to place four of the same letter on top if the initial, peeling one from left to right and placing it on the right of the stack. Then from right to left and placing it on the opposite side…or left of the stack, bottom over top and, well this is in vain if you can’t complete the cross. Its all “X’s” and “O’s”. That wasn’t so hard. So back to AS ABOVE …blah blah blah Don’t forget to use CAPITAL letters until you get to some of those aSSo, I mean asshole societies. So make yourself letter maps. My favorite is the “S” but Ill have to use a two to get myself out of here.

        2 S 2

        Thats the second letter in AS ABOVE but its sequence has no matter. Some are similar in ways and different in ways but that letter will always get you headed in the correct direction. Use your eyes…not your brain.


      • hey mister blogtrotter it appears that you brought moi the THE evidence that ME+me message is getting out to ‘we the sheeple’
        yes you are THE evidence coming back home

        you are on an OLD blog of mine, and trying to correct what exactly?
        trying to update my blog with your POV?
        how does that work exactly?
        till now your POV seems to be a copy cat version of ME+me?

        i.e. NOW to prove that you are THE evidence that ME+me swastika message is getting out to sheeple just like you sir, let me ADD to your blah blah blah regarding your swastika insights, it appears that ONE of us is copying the other?
        [I have two blogs, about 600 posts, and the swastika is featured in most of them]

        Thus I have the work recovered and available to share with anybody who asks … do you?

        the PROOF that the swastika is an INTELLIGENT DESIGN;

        you mentioned the IDEA of;

        “three simultaneous motions of which our masculine/feminine sided brain can only comprehend two at one time”.

        yes I agree and YOU are not the first to notice, neither am I, but at least I took notes, did YOU?

        Flinders Petrie took great notes, he put all of the THREES into categories for you and me;

        .. and wait you also tried to enlighten ME+me about 252, go no further …

        You are now making me laugh and I do appreciate that you came to ME+me TRUTH blog and acknowledged that I AM the ONE.

        It is easy to prove that I AM the ONE.
        Too easy.

        selah V



        There is an over and an under aspect; but lets get to the lessen

        Yes I agree these is an over and under aspect because it concerns a ‘weave’, a grid.
        Impress me and tell me why the weave used in the Shroud of Turin is a further clue to the blessed architecture of the swastika having great importance?

        good ‘swastika’ luck to ya

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