“…CodeX4E the prequel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception”

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This blog you about to read could be the seed for a great IDEA.
It could actually serve as pre-quel to BOTH the Da Vinci Code and Inception.


The pre-quel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception

MaybEE turned into an E-book or better yet a documentary, an exposé?
Anybody interested?
Let me know.
I have so much research/evidence that supports all I present in the synopsis below.
This is merely tip of my iceberg that is melting.
The blood sweat and tears coming your way.
Help you refill your half empty glaSSeS with MaNa.
Or is it WaZa?
Maybe it is WaWa?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula

Hopefully by the end of this post, you might start to get a feel for the 4 Evangelists and what they represent on an archetypal level that extends from the microcosm to the macrocosm.
Being expressed as MEMEs and TEMEs, imitations of ideas.
Motor neurons have proved that humans learn by monkey see, monkey do.
That is kind of what MEMEs and TEMEs as replicators are helping to fulfill.

But my research indicates that MEMEs and TEMEs serve a higher purpose.
They represent a galactic safety NET, something put into place to help us rEMEMbEr first and then perhaps imitate, as current researchers into the field suggest.
Or maybe imitation helps us rEMEMbEr too?
Art and Life swapping roles?
i.e. the Creative and the Receptive
If I created a perpetual motion machine universe…I would put some ART and LIFE into the formula at the same time.

By the end of this post, I hope you see the 4 Evangelists as simply the 4E.
Or better still, the 4E represent a primal MEME

A primal MEME that actually has left much much evidence of its existence.
The MEME starts with an E and goes through 4 rotations.
E >> m >> 3 >> W

Did you read the above text?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Sator/Rotas Magic Square


So in the word itself, in the structure of the word MEME we in fact have embedded the 4E
E can be an M or a W or a 3.
Indicating either 4 x 90 degree rotations of a wheel OR simply the 4 positions as the 4 FIXED signs of the wheel.

Does Card X depicted as the WheEL of Fortune constitute a Treasure Map?

I have highlighted the EL in wheEL only to draw your attention to a pattern I noticed when recovering a former way of seeing the world using palindromes and acronyms that involve not only letters but also numbers.
Numbers precede the ‘letter’ in the development of the human mind.
And that is why all of the Secret Societies, the SS, have a divine reverence for gee golly wiz:


Do the Freemasons and Ezekiel share some of the same ideas about ‘creation and destruction’?

The Beginning of Masonry dated 1916. I highly recommend you download this file. Here are 4 sites that offer it for FREE:


The 4 Fixed signs of the zodiac are associated to the most important 4 dates on the calendar.
The two solstices and two equinoxes.
And it is EzekIEL who makes the associations between man, beast, number, space and time.

Man 11 Aquarius, Bull 2 Taurus, Lion 5 Leo, Eagle 8 Scorpio

And what is the special significance of 2 and 5 in the south, or is that the north?
And what a profound connection we have here between 2 Fish/5 Loaves of Bread with  Marko Rodin and his Vortex Based Math based on the form and structure of the Enneagram, that actually helps to explain this miracle attributed to Jesus rather nicely.

How Jesus using Marko Rodin vortex based math was able to feed 5000, using only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread:




Those 4E glyphs become clear on the MNEME plate from 5000 BCE.
And yes by coincidence the word MNEME is in fact associated with MEMory. (Greek of course)
So both the MNEME plate AND at the core of the TENET Cross we have those five letters nicely represented.


Or a Z surrounded by 4E
u zee zat, ja?

In the center of both the plate and the Sator Square we have the N or is it a Z, surrounded by 4E or MEW3.

Essentially what both the Sator Square and the MNEME plate probably were…MNEMoNics…tools to help trigger the MEMorEE.
The letters appearing as the necks of the birds are distinct, undeniable.

And we then simply have the 4E take their place on the 5×5 magic square of Mars, associated with the Knights Templar and with treasures of Solomon, and then we can make magic happen?

Can we use this square and make the inquiry…
IF E = m on what side of the equation do we place the c^2?

Can we then use the Sator Square and travel back in TIME, (has SPACE changed much?) and place all of the Sator Square wisdom square onto this plate from 5000 BCE?

Can take the Sator Square/Rotas/Wheel and place it over a 4 AGES ABC MODEL that has 3 concentric circles and a center we could call N or Z?
YES, I will be doing just that.

So finally we have a conversation of a higher ORDER happening on this thread…found here >>
Even though CHAOS will soon makes its presence known…as it did BEFORE I even had a chance to post, this kind of crap was again waiting for me….and I am the one being banned till Oct. 12th, the attacks upon my person, by the IGNORANT MOB are relentless?
i.e. pages of crap found here as proof >>> http://www.disclose.tv/forum/post361905.html#p361905

CaveMaN Trolls with rocks in their heads or other folks just driving by, taking pot shots at the pot head, the MMMaN, the Myrhh-ijuanaMysticMaN.

SS carries many profound meanings.
Holy Spirit, St Peter and St Paul and of course the Nazi SS.

And in the middle ages, the Holy Spirit was associated with the color green.

ZeitGeist or TimeGhost, the Holy Spirit, the SS, who shall we discuss?

Again a reminder is due when discussing religion or science, the swastika of all symbols seems to represent SPACE, TIME and MOTION best.
It seems to be the interface I can use to connect all beliefs and even geometric structure BIG and small.

NaSSim Haramein autocad images from HIS presentations

Evolution >>> <<< Involution is a match for both Nassim Haramein and Marko Rodin’s VBM speculations and theories.


Sa’ah Naaghái Boy and Bik’eh Hózhó Girl

Sa’ah Naaghái Boy and Bik’eh Hózhó Girl represent the underlying bipolar symmetry
of the universe. Sa’ah Naaghái is the inner form of Bik’eh Hózhó, which is
the outer form of Sa’ah Naaghái. Sa’ah Naaghái is the static dimension of the
universe, while Bik’eh Hózhó is the active dimension. Sa’ah Naaghái is the
thought of the universe, while Bik’eh Hózhó is its speech or voice (Wyman
1970:398). Sa’ah Naaghái is male; Bik’eh Hózhó is female. The dynamic, fertile,
and omnipotent union of these two dimensions of the universe is what produces
hózhó (Witherspoon 1977:16-46).

The above Navajo cosmology resembles Nassim Haramein’s gravity IN and radiation OUT theory.
nothing new here
just new lingo
a new game of bingo
a new set of players have sat themselves down.

Is it time we asked why they/we keep rewriting the same ole scripts over and over again?

And when you place the two opposite rotating swastikas over each other (cw vs ccw), what becomes clear is the cross in the center and in the corners the four squares that overlap.

(I will promise you so many more)

Molecular Solomon’s Knot: Self-Organization Leads To Intertwined Molecular Rings:

>>>> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/12/061215122349.htm

This simple archetypal  blueprint is the seed pattern for constructing a  labyrinth, and will also see the associations to Shield/Solomon’s Knot, the Greek Cross defined as labyrinth center), the fylot/SwaStika, the Yin Yang, and the Nine Dot pattern that we can connect to the ultimate treasure reputed to have been found in the temple of King Solomon by the Knight’s Templar, the 5×5 Magic Square attributed to Mars, the multi-directional palindrome known as the Rotas/Sator Square.

The significance of the number 9 in numerology is central.
Note the 9 dots form the TENET Cross.

Reading from the edge inward is the word TEN, and if read out from the center we have the word NET.
The word TENET is a palindrome, the same word can be read from both directions, left to right or right to left.

So it appears my awakening which is in large part connected to Peru and the swastikahas lead me back to the ‘G’eometry inscribed within the Great Pyramid of Giza.

And most importantly to the structure and form of our languages. This is primarily about the exchange of data and information using inPHO like PHOtons and PHOsphenes on levels invisible to the naked eye but still detectable to us on levels still not understood.

The SWASTIKA could also be the catalyst used to create an E event, an E-MOTIONal UPrising?
Could happen?

JAH WAY because YHVH is on the vay?
Most folks are fixated on proving Jesus a hoax, when really these 4 sAIN’Ts who never ever came marching in as scripted, are in fact actually even more exposed then Jesus himself, in what they essentially represent as part of the celestial/terrestrial narrative taking place above and below?

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Donation of Constantine

Why is the Donation of Constantine so important?
It reveals the PATTERN that I can show is at the heART of all sacred knots.
Celtic, Solomon’s, Mystic, Endless knots, Alhambra, Navajo textiles…east and west we find this sacred PATTERN.
A must read Arrow http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=199636#p199636

We find the same E pattern on this Chaldean Zodiac Key
Which becomes KEY in understanding the Greek Zodiac Cross.
The Chaldean represents the OLD testament and the Greek Cross represents the New testament.

CC Zain and Papus provided these two KEYs
go this link…interesting hypothesis put forth re: perpetual motion and asymmetrical designs:

NOW take a look at the KEY on the left we see that the stem of the KEY belongs to MAN, and the 3 tEEth of the kEE belong to the Lion Eagle Bull, or the numbers 528, very close to the gematria value for KEY which is 528.

And 528 hertz some folks claim heals DNA and it is associated with the color pale green in fact.
I do like the connection.

NOW take a look at the kEE on the right, follow the stem of the kEE up until you see what?
WOW MOM do you see it?
NOW you do, the 3 letters that spell NWO, if rotated about, and your MiNd rotates the three glyphs automatically without your awareness.

You WON, NOW you see the 3 letters MNO where the stem meets the circle, three letters that spell NWO

NOW it appears all the KEYS I keep finding are intimately associated with each other, and clearly the 4 Evangelists/4 Beasts/4 Living Creatures are all intimately involved.

The story of Jesus’ foundation in fact rests on what the 4 Evangelists bring forth and all they spew as all the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them god, the official ‘gospel’ that cannot be challenged?
Are these divine gospels part of the scripted ‘GOdSPELS’?
Always keep in MiNd that magicians love to keep us MEsMEriZEd with tricks and illusions supported by SOUND distractions…

Most of what is known about Jesus, the miracle worker, is mostly based on a clever advertising camPAIN, mostly designed to increase market share, and of course the manufacturers of such a narrative would follow as closely as they could the celestial/mathematical storyline that they had interpreted, after tens of thousands of years of ORAL knowledge/wisdom being passed on, all based on naked eye observations of the cosmos.

note: aliens are never ever necessary to help define a rational history that is being VEILeD, however as the RUSE starts to unravel, aliens and UFOs will serve a purpose, without a doubt….I can hardly wait for the holographic air show to arrive in support of man-made UFOs….interesting to note that 1947 gave birth to a Zionist Israel, the Rosicrucian Roswell incident and the Holy-wood Hologram soon to be unVEILeD on a sheeple/SEEgullible public…
But first desperation and fear need to be nurtured before our MASTERs can start pointing fingers at the ALIEN invasion that is on the horizon….the Vatican today supports UFOs?

ALL ACCOUNTS of Jesus we know came long after his death.
Not one EYEWITNESS account of the event, WRITTEN AT THAT TIME, re: his crucifixion, exists.
Again the entire passion play was written AFTER ALL EVENTS as depicted.

All New Testament BIBLE BABBLE is in fact ALL hearsay evidence gathered by St. Paul, which ironically was later used centuries later to burn witches claiming they, the witches were the heretics guilty of heresy?
Bit of a zinger eh?
I smell a Rat or two in the Vatican.
Maybe even a tutu wearing Benedict Arnold or two, too? :help:

Nothing written about Jesus while he lived, no sketches, nothing, just what both the Bible and HIS-story records … ALL of which got scripted in AFTERWARDS.
We all know the Jesuits REWROTE new world history AFTER destroying the OFFICIAL scripts.
We all know the great libraries of Alexandria and Constantinople were razed…
So WHO among you can PROVE that our history as dispensed, was not rewritten (how many times), just like the Jesuits did for the New World inhabitants?
HIS-story is a fucking sham, it is a shame that the best part of the story is in fact vEILed with dEvIL nonsense taken literally in a figurative world best navigated in conjunction with celestial ‘G’eometry.

That is the point where a line curves or bends…the ups and downs, the meandering river we all zig zag, in getting from point A to B.
Nobody if gets straight to the point.

What happened to the thousands of years of un-recorded HER-story?

And it is clear that the official party line, the official HIS-story as recorded, regarding the 4 Evangelists, is just as sketchy as Jesus himself.
And Noah and the Ark and all that other LITERALLY interpretated nonsense that came before the boy wonder himself … geeshhhhhhh

Nazca Monkey
note the 4 fingers on the RIGHT HAND (your left) and 5 fingers opposite to your RIGHT, the monkey’s LEFT HAND.
Imagine you stand before a MIRROR ya chimps. Laughing

TREE of LIFE and KA and MAGNETISM found in the Nazca Lines

The entire New Testament essentially rests on these 4 Gospels that were added to 5 books of the Pentateuch.
Idea 4 + 5 is part of the geometry, it is a clue, pick it up ya chimp, learning the ropes about strings and knots, soon you will be champ.
Did the chimps reading this at least click on that link above? Laughing

BACK to those very important 4 FIXED directions whether they be terrestrial or celestial.

Celtic Brooch or Fibula and the Slavic ‘Hands of God’ symbol

The Hands of God (Polish: ręce boga) is a pre-Christian symbol in Slavic mythology. For Slavs, the cross was associated with fire and life, but generally with the sun and the balance of the Universe. In a majority of primary and original cultures, it was believed to provide luck. The symbol itself consists of a large central cross. Present variations include the Swarzyca Swarog and sun Swarozyc.

Inner Fire?
Outer Life?
4 Evangelists?
2 Solstices + 2 Equinoxes?
Solar symbol associated w/ Precession of the Equinoxes?

from The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects: Gammadion, a short-armed swastika, taking its name from the fact that it is composed of four Greek gammas. It was one of the most widely distributed sacred signs…Gammadions appeared on coins…Christians copied it and used it liberally on tombs and catacombs. Like its relative the swastika, the gammadion probably presented the solstices and equinoxes, or the four directions, four elements, and four divine guardians of the world.

So please reread what Irenaeus says about the 4 directions in that text….it really is important.

The most important thing when selecting a sacred site…is determining what?
The center of what?

Unless you have some kind of reference point or points to go by.
Are you lost?

edgarrothstein wrote:
I understand you, lowsix. But…The philosophy , the MO, of the perpetuum mobile, however we call it, is exponential growth.There’s no stoppage, or turning back.

Actually Ed there could well be a ‘turning back’ the universal model that I can show you indicates ‘REVERSALS‘ are part of the equation.
Can I show you how the Celtic Fibula / Slavic Hands of God is connected to the 4 AGES Model I present?
Connecting it to the ‘movement of the zodiac and PRECESSION’ is incredibly rEMEdial folks.

3 good blogs there re: rEMEdial Precession
Idea ‘Greek ASTRO-logers and NAZIs had King Solomon in a Knot’

Image on the left below is a Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way
And our own Milky Way structure shows the same Model indicating a REVERSAL.

That plate from Samarra Iraq also indicates the same Model with a REVERSAL on the outer edge.
As the last paragraph of that text above that accompanies that image reads.
i.e. a center, 3 concentric circles, with a REVERSAL in the 3rd shell, valance.

Arrow But when in fact you start to shop this Model around, you soon realize it can apply to so many varied belief structures.


Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/tibetan-and-navajo-cosmology-fit-the-universal-model/
Above images explained plus more examples of this cultural MODEL that can be found in a Hans Jenny (of Cymatics fame) video about RESONANCE.
must watch Idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY6z2hLgYuY&feature=channel_page
This video actually matches beautifully with the Navajo and Tibetan MODELs.

p.s folks ALL of my blogs can in fact/should be UPDATED.
you have no idea of the treasures still to come….

great find recently
ABC MODEL used in how genes in flowers pass on transcription factors FITS TOO!!!
And the understanding we already posses about how the transcription factors or information flows in the ABC Model illustrates how the MEMEs and TEMEs information FLOWS between the LEVELS, would be my archetypal guess at this point.

When folks realize the book called Genesis is really more about a gENE-thE-sis then the pieces will really start to fall in place.
Until we learn to fine tune our DNA we will not evolve?

Now did you know that DNA looks like LSD? Surprised

How LSD connects the 4 Evangelists to DNA:
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/category/lsd-dmt-flywheel-4-evangelists-solomons-knot-4-leaf-clover-coral-castle/
Arrow https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/12/02/4-royal-stars-4-evangelists-lsd-and-dmt-and-shamans/
And who else but a space cadet like Timothy Leary could else provide a most poetic** link between perceived reality and the inner world.

First two images are archaic and modern representations of the 3×3 Lo Shu magic Square.
Compare to the next image of the cross section of DNA.

DNA Double-Helix cross-section
Can we compare DNA to the 4 AGES MODEL?
NOTE the X in DNA
In the image on the right how did I get that image of the swastika to appear, along with the LSD/4 Leaf Clover/quatrefoil?
WOW Arrow http://2012forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=143748#p143748

Have I illustrated temples are in fact representations of our DNA that can be entered?
YES I have.
and here:

MNEME plate



great comment by the poster ‘Duffy’ at the bottom of this blog:
https://kachina2012.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/swastika-plate-5000-bc-is-a-model-of-the-milky-way/ Laughing
KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-Albert Einstein

4 thoughts on ““…CodeX4E the prequel to the Da Vinci Code and Inception”

  1. Achiles:


    Coptic Cross:

    Presbyterian Cross:

    Serbian coat of arms, modern:

    Jerusalem Cross aka Crusader’s Cross:


  2. ROTAS

    The first christians were not from the Roman Empire but from east of it; Parthia, Scythia, Georgia…
    Cross of God’s name TEN as it found in our own alphabet (now IS-TEN in Hungarian, Ten-gri in Türkish).
    POOR & SAAR are the remaining letters, wherea s “por” means dust (earth+air) and “sár” means mud (earth+water).
    So the name of God TEN can be associated with fire and pregnancy (tűz in Hungarian, and tíz=10, just like the cross as a “Roman” number). The words sár & por can be assotiated with wealty (fertile) and poor (peasant) people as well, and the “fire of God” is over all of them. The Hungarian words from sky and burning (fire) are the same: ég. Interestingly the opposite, Ge, Gaia is the Greek(?) word for Mother Earth. ENE or Enéh is our old word in our legends for Mother (of a Nation). The lingustic root NT or TN is widely found in God’s names e.g. ATEN (or Aton), SAINT… QED.

    • source of image:

      This image of the Sator Square isolates the SARA and the POOR from the TENET cross.

      Also note how the E N E is also separate from the 4-T.
      In essence take a closer look, and what we see is an 1-N surrounded by 4-E.

      Why is that significant?

      >> http://at37.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/twistor-string-theory-penrose-witten/

      In the image below can you see an N surrounded by 4-E that have eac been rotated by 90 degrees?
      And please keep in mind there could be approx. 5000 years separating the Sator Square and this clay bowl.
      How closely matched are the Sator Square and the clay bowl and modern string theory dealing with non-locality?

      And I love this Alpha and Omega coincidence.
      Note in the Sator Square there are 4-Alpha and 4-Omega.
      Note on the clay bowl in the same positions we find 8 fish swimming counter-clockwise or widdershins.
      Who is associated with both the Alpha and the Omega, Fish and the number 144?


      144 or nine letters are used to form the TENET cross.

      Interesting to note also that if you are moving out from the center using a centrifugal force the word NET is spelled in all 4 cardinal directions.
      A NET has been cast.

      However if you move from the perimeter toward the center via the centripetal forces note that the word TEN encountered.


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