E=Mc^2 … merged with MNEME ‘the MEME MEMorE’ plate!

NME blade was made in the Rhine basin of Germany in late 12th or early 13th century


The main inscription reads: N[omine] M[atris] N[ostri] S[alva]t[ORis] Et[eRni] D[omini] S[alvatoRis] E[teRni], with an additional one on the same side of the blade saying C[hRis]t[us] Ih[esus] C[hRis]t[us]. This means:’In the name of the mother of our saviour eternal, eternal Lord and Saviour. Christ Jesus Christ.’

The inscription on the reverse side is harder to read, but the first word  ‘NOMENE’ – clearly seen –  helps reconstruct the rest as ‘N[omine] O[mnipotentis]. M[ateR]. E[teRni] N[omin]e’, which means ‘In the name of the Almighty. The Mother of God. In the name of Eternal’.

~ end of UPDATE November 26, 2015 ~

hey hey hey
I woke up this morning with a chill
that means I caught something last night

Here it is, but first a reminder, a visit to some earlier ideas I had, that seem to be fulfilling themselves.
It certainly seems my MEMorE has been *activated*.

Memory is associated with the Greek word MNEME.
Coincidentally the center of the MNEME plate below has an N or is it a Z (or one of each?) at the center?

And we can also see how the necks of the birds, starting at eleven o’clock  and moving clockwise resemble uncannily the M, 3, W and E
And now I must remind the reader of the connection between Apollo, the oracles, and the Temple of Delphi.


‘E’ at Delphi and 1_4_7_10

….the glyph ‘E’ makes a cameo at the Temple of Delphi?

‘M’ Theory = ‘E’ found @ Temple of Apollo @ DelPhi

And it is more a clue than a coincidence that the Temple of Delphi was associated with a glyph that resembles an ‘E’.
But hey ‘rotations’ suggest that an ‘E’ theory thousands of years ago would evolve into today’s current ‘M’ theory.
How poetically geometric.

Are the ancients talking to us through this MNEME plate and the Sator/Rotas Square?
Can we interpret this plate using xyz and w?
Can this plate which can in fact be rotated or turned over be used to represent 3+ dimensions?
Can  we pretend this plate is a MIRROR and perhaps a MNEMoNic that a CULTure immersed in the ORAL Traditions must use as a tool to help them rEMEMbEr?

Can we hang this MIRROR on the Cosmic Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as well in our bathroom, and learn from it?

Now that I have prepared you for what is to follow, what to expect.
Here is the chill I woke up with.

I do HOPE  you catch something.
Actually I have FAITH that you will.


E = M

I know it will only be a matter of time
till I prove myself right

mostly to a chorus of boos too it seems
but I do hear the whispers

E = M

we can actually put the c^2 on either side of this equation.
and if we divide that plate up into 4 quadrants, as the plate does indicate, an offset, asymmetrical cross, indicated by the tails of the birds.

Shall we continue to play around?

…and deep deep deep down in ME BEing I have a fEEling, a good one.
Einstein’s equation was not only brilliant, but most folks do not realize what made it brilliant.

its simplicity…
well to simplify the process even more…
IF we are to follow TRUTH to a simple source…

I am making the observation, and I will prove it, I KNOW I will, because this message is arriving like all the rest have….accompanied by :pray: ‘TRUTH’ chills.

Now for a mystic, astrologer and even a physicist, these are folks who study ‘patterns’ that MUST exist and be observable, manifestations at this level are mere distortions of an underlying foundational truth that makes the whole thing work.

And the payoff is simple too.

Tuning into your intuition, and FEELing what TRUTH fEEls like…is enough already.
Other experiences begin to ring hollow?

folks like ME and WE …. DO NOT NEED MORE TO EXPLAIN MORE … to ourselves, but it certainly seems many folks want it that way.

LET MgM (Murray gell-Mann) explain about the beauty to be found in physics.

What I like about that video is MgM explains how in 1957 (the year I was born) he put forth a paper that was OPPOSED, in disagreement with 7 experiments.
However to him, the beauty of his theory suggested his TRUTH would prevail and it did.

This theory I offer is so simple, it truly is…and because of its simplicity, and its ability to connect many formerly unconnected dots, there is an inherent elegence to it. :flop:

It is simple, it connects everything, and as I continue to claim the MODEL I have uncovered brings it all together.

E = M

what to do with c^2?

I will be serving the THEORY of EVERYTHING on Samarra Ware dated 5000 BCE.
Same dinner ware the Last Supper used?

and a reminder
the SWASTIKA has been my tour guide since 10,000 BCE.

beauty and ElEgEncE
shhh the EL-E-gENcE is in the language….and I know where it is hiding.

betcha. :flop:

And here is another claim
HOT off the prEss

when we finally get to figure out our JUNK DNA, which seems to contain many REPETITIVE sequences, GIBBERISH, taken out to the curbside, by the LEFT Brain and the Right Hand.

WE and ME will be able to decipher the Voynich Manuscript. :flop:

Why would I say or suggest that?
Well one very good claim made is that Roger Bacon was the author

He was also incarcerated for 10 years.

Any idea what locking up a great mind does?
I can only guess.

If the last 3 years is any indication, 3 years where I have kept to a minimum my exposure to the outside mundane world, trying to walk, talk, and think like an Egyptian, a Pythagorean Pythias geometer, a Hindu, a Lo Shu magic square-head, and of course I must adopt a Jew yarmulke and a Christian hat even, blending as many beliefs and rolling it ALL into one.
And that ONE would be ME, who else?
Time to light up that spliff that be ME, like a Christmas trEE on the 3rd of July, and getting high.

But seriously incarcerate a mind like Roger Bacon’s for 10 years?
Any idea what that would do to a mind like Roger Bacons’?
By locking him up, you FREE his mind?

I want to suggest that Roger Bacon definitely went over to the dark side, and came back, and wrote a bunch of shit down, and the Voynich Manuscript, full of gibberish it seems, is evidence that the author of the Voynich Manuscript tapped into JUNK DNA….

the language of the creator?

You will see. :flop:


Selfish genes >> MEMEs >> TEMEs >> Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

selfish genes?

ME a name I call myself!

*WoW WoW WoW update to the OP already*
yes I do edit posts, I try to improve thEM.

Before I go on to discuss the three Replicators termed the selfish gene followed by the MEMEs and then the third replicator, the TEMEs, a most important, a possible (probably in addition too) definition of the 12,000 year old swastika was recovered today in this book.

Idea from pages 97-98 of that book we find some gems.

“As a fire symbol it is thought to have originated from the Vedic fire-sticks, known as arani, which were rubbed together to kindle the flame for the sacred homa fire.”

But that is NOT the definition I am excited about, even though we now have an association between the sacred fire sticks and the Greek myth about Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it as a gift to humanity.
Maybe Prometheus stole the arani from the Vedic priests or the Chinese?

Here is what I find exciting re: swastika, SOUND, the WORD or the LOGOs and the numbers 3 7.

“Another theory ascribes this symbol to the interlocking of the syllables of the root sv-asti, written in the characters of an early alphabet devised by the Buddhist emperor Ashoka (circa 273 BCE – 232 BCE), to form the monogram of a swastika.”

So where does the ‘3 7’ appear?
MO will appreciate this.
We find evidence in the ‘script’ that was recorded as history.

273 BCE = 12 = 3
232 BCE = 7

Is this a coincidence?
Hardly folks.
MOre about ’37’ here:
Be sure to watch the clip of Bill Maher from his film ‘Religulous’ found at that link.

Don’t cheapen the journey is what I want to suggest, by suggesting coincidences are not part of the inherent design.

okay I want to present MO evidence, that we can find embedded in the scripts, recorded as history, CODES and ciphers.

Here is a primary cause for all I spew and claim to be TRUE…a treasure map I have tried in vain to share on the internet.

I present the TREASURE MAP, that helped me recover ‘X’.

Counterclockwise from 11
11, 2, 5, 8
Clockwise from the 11
11, 8, 5, 2

Now I want to remind MO of when the EARLY HEAVEN or Fu Xi took place, the start date…. 2852 or or or 11852 on Card X of the Tarot rotating Clockwise…

In Xiantian Bagua, also known as Fu Xi (2852 – 2737 BCE) Bagua, the Heaven is in the higher part and the Earth is in the lower part.

The embedded CODEs are loud and clear and indisputable.
The numbers correspond to the FOUR FIXED signs of the zodiac.
11, 2, 5, and 8

…add the MASONIC cipher #3 and you end up with nature’s golden spiral.
11, 2, 5, 8 becomes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

MOre and MOre and MOre Fibonacci evidence embedded in everything that is science and religion.

CARD X of the Tarot is a MEME – an evolving NOT static developing MNEMoNic.
I can prove the TAROT evolves, has always evolved, and is not static.
I AM that proof.
Walking talking proof.
I personally took it to greater heights by bringing forth some damn interesting connections, between the past, present and future to come.
By using it to help merge the Sator Square to String Theory…

By finding the CODE embedded in the MEME, waiting to be revealed.
Is a claim that I can actually prove today.

So I just presented some MOre great evidence…how much MOre evidence do folks need MO?
Do we need MOre to explain MOre or have we already recovered enough?
Murry Gell-Mann also asks the same question.

Murray Gell-Mann on beauty and truth in physics.


Shall we go on now to the MEMEs and TEMEs and the selfish gene, as revealed by Richard Dawkins?

To get a real feel for what this thread is offering…please watch the following TED TV presentations.

Susan Blackmore: Memes and “temes”

Dan Dennett on dangerous memes

Is Do – Re – Mi a powerful MEME?

Let’s start at the very beginning?
Please do watch this great video, spontaneous combustion in a train station?
Note the pattern on the dance floor?

ME a name I call myself!

Then read this thread, to help pry loose a particular MEME message I would like to share….
We are in a cat and mouse game of leapfrog, where ART and LIFE really do take cues from each other, taking turns in leading the ‘charge’ of the ‘light brigade’.

SOUND is the KEY to harmony?
WHAT if humanity found a KEY that helped unlock a gate, a KEY fashioned out of our vocal cords, a KEY we could all fashion together, ONCE, just ONCE we found ourselves on the same page, but just for a moment?
What kind of magic would happen?

Fucking around with primarily LIGHT, distracted by how fast it can go, etc, has only resulted in a handful of folks spending 10+ billion dollars on CERN.
Only to realize that the elusive graviton, the force carrier for gravity is ‘musical’ which brings us back to SOUND.
OM do ya think?

Should WE and ME be conCERNed about CERN?
CERN is NOT the HARMONIOUS TRICK that 6 billion folks can participate in.
I can think of a better one, that puts us all on the same page, reading one note at a time.
MATH is the universal language many folks claim?
So is MUSIC folks, and most folks would rather sing and dance than do math in a train station with strangers or in a dance club.

‘M’ Theory collides with ‘M’ Theory 7000 years later?

Left Brain merges with Right Brain?

MNEME Clay Plate, Samarra Iraq 5000 BCE

This link shows how the 2000+ Sator Square appears to be the OS between the 7000 year old plate and modern string theory.

Staying on the topic of the MEMES, the MNEME plate and the letter M for a moment, and what I believe to be a pattern I have detected regarding the M = 3 = W = E

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
1963 movie (star studded cast)
Hey Tesla, please note the 963

The Plot of the Film

In this film, a dying gangster (Jimmy Durante), tells 7 folks about $350,000 buried in the (fictitious) Santa Rosita State Park, near the Mexican border, buried/hidden under a mysterious “big W”


Cool Cool buried under the ‘big W’?

And the big W happens to be made up of 4 Palm Trees of Life?
Yes in ancient times the palm tree in some parts of the world was equated with the Tree of Life.

Of course Marko Rodin’s Ennegram, the Freemason compass and square and the VW logo are all coincidences, again?

Well, more coincidences, the image on the left I photographed in the Santa Catalina Monastery in Peru, and I affectionately termed it the Rosetta Fractal…based on the Rosetta Stone and it is what sparked my swastika journey leading me eventually to the SS, the Sator Square and Super Symmetry String Theory.

And this SS treasure was dug up by a fella whose last name begins with a W, and he wants to take his ideas straight to the top, to a fella by the name of E Witten?

And let us not forget Marko Rodin, Milo Wolff and a fella called Mo, all of whom still have something to add?

Oh my it gets even better.

In the cropped poster image on the left, note how the folks are reaching for the GOLD, Mo’ Money Mo is what they covet.
And YES note the BLACK DOOR (gateway) where they bury the Popes in St. Peter’s Square, it is positioned where the BLACK bag of $$$ just happens to be?
The je$u$ $alvator is what we are being sold in the here and now…apparently.

je$u$ $alvator which is connected to IHS…

“…the IHC and IHS Conspiracy and You” part II

I guess because my journey has been about TRUTH, seeking the spiritual gold that lay hidden within, I have been tuning into the obvious, and this process of tuning in has been accelerating during these, the end of the daze.

Coincidentally I wrote the following on 5/3/2008 (those numbers again!!)



all religions are seeking MARKET SHARE, and are IN FACT are altering the DNA of their flocks, inside the ALTARS that have been constructed.


Do we need MOre evidence linking all of the above to DNA and genes, MEMEs and TEMEs?
How about linking the inherent architecture in St. Peter’s Square to our DNA, which I must conclude is the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, each of us has in their possession, since conception.

Take a look at some of the trivia for this film, Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?
Is it loaded with MEMEs and TEMEs?

One more coincidence.
The film ends with a slapstick routine involving an Aerial Firetruck.

I have one more image to show ya.
This seals it Mo.

The Rosetta Fractal, next to a picture of me on Aerial 25, reaching for the top?


NOTE: all the main colors are represented.
>> and the two GREEN Pillars and the GREEN paint on the tips of the aerial ladder.
And of course I have a gold ring around my HELLmet protecting my head Frodo, shall I toss it into Mount Doom and gloom?

And Mo need I mention the numbers 2 5 over my LEFT shoulder, must have been that SS voice I was hearing?

Imagine all those years as aerial man I had the SS, the holy spirit, looking after me? 



oh I forgot to mention the obvious…
the three double ‘u’ that make up the w.w.w. is a MEME too. Laughing
Arrow http://www.disclose.tv/forum/post338195.html#p338195

On this post I discussed how JE + SUS is an interesting old world Neo-lithic formula to represent the concept of ‘jesus’.

SOUND, language, and our early utterances are more clues to how we got our start and ended up with bibles.
These coincidences are not freaks of nature, it is obvious that after 5000 years, that some form of ‘religion’ is indeed part of our INNER nature trying to express itself.
Once you seek out the common denominators, (representing a common ground) between the many various beliefs, the coincidences start to accumulate.
Concluding with the conclusion, there are no coincidences, it is design.

:flop: Words and the Way We See Things

Why did I pick up this book?
Why did it immediately resonate with me?
How did it talk to me?
Why did I buy it?

Look at the cover.

HORSE = the WAVE, explains the connection to Poseidon?
PIG = the PEARL, throw no pearls before the swine?
SHELL = the WOMAN, when I think of shells I am reminded of whorls?

But it was the PLOUGH = the SHIP that caught my attention first and foremost.
Mainly because of the association that the PLOUGH/SHIP or ARK could potentially have relative to the interpretation of the palindrome comprised of letters forming the Sator/Rotas Square.

Because I can easily show profound connections between the CELTIC culture and the WEAVE which is at the heART of ALL WEAVES, or TEXT, I must admit this interpretation of the word AREPO = PLOUGH is best. :flop:
The ONE word that many folks agree, that appears NOT to fit the other words in the palindrome is AREPO.

The word arepo is enigmatic, appearing nowhere else in Latin literature. Most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or most likely a name invented specifically for this sentence. Jerome Carcopino thought that it came from a Celtic, specifically Gaulish, word for plough.

And the profound associations I found in the book The Book of Babel, supports the Ship/Ark MEME?

occam’s razor suggests that the CHURCH embedded much of the pagan symbolism into the WORDY narrative….LANGUAGE carries its own narrative.

And a WEAVER would needed a HOOKED CROSS when crocheting the matrix?

But what other gems regarding the evolution of how we communicate, how we see and HEAR, are in this book?

How would a SOUND become a LETTER?
I have claimed that the Sator Square can be transposed to the MNEME plate found in Iraq circa 5000 BCE.

What happens if we reverse engineer the letters M and N in the word MNEME, which we trace to the Greek root word for memory?
What happens if we try to understand the magic square puzzles by adding a ‘SOUND’ component to our investigations?

As Max Planck said to Einstein, matter and energy both default to ‘vibration’ OR frequency.
All aspects of NATURE can in fact be converted to SOUND or LIGHT frequencies.

So what is the potential root/source of the M and N that we see on this plate?

And as you read these defining moments, also keep in mind that I will also connect the 3 levels found on this plate to Milo Wolff’s STANDING WAVE theory (re:electron).

Remember all the pieces must fit and be complimentary/associate to each other while we do our inquiries.

M which would represent the M, E, W and 3 we find positioned in the four fixed directions, on this plate below.
And on the Sator Square the M is represented by the 4 x E, I must conclude.
Back to this book Words and the Way We See Things…

The Letter M

‘If we watch from below people walking up-hill and speaking together, the nasals m and n are heard longest.’

Professor Helmholtz, quoted by Max Muller.


Very very cool, ascending the Mount, going up-hill is thus linked to SOUND, and the letters M and N, both letters clearly displaying much signifance re: Sator Square and Super String Theory too.

M = E, W and 3
4 permutations through x, y, z, by rotation or reflection.

N = Z, 2, 5 and S
5 permutations through x, y, z.

But what does the book say about the letter ‘N’ that sits at the very heart, in the center of the Sator Square.
And the center is always reserved for something special.
Note in the Sator Square there is only ONE letter ‘N’.

The Letter N

The possibly watery origins of the letter N seem to be reinforced by the Hebrew N, nun, a fish.

N is said to be the image of a wiggling eel.

Light on disturbed water ‘dazzles’, or ‘zig zags’, words in which it has been suggested that the ‘Z’s are tiny letter-pictures.

Idea Ruskin wrote of the ‘hieroglyphic use of the zigzag, for water, by the Egyptians’.
Turn the ‘Z’ through ninety degrees :flop: and the result is an ‘N’, the zig zag line, according to Hensleigh Wedgwood in 1866, which represents the wavy surface of water and which is used as the symbol for Aquarius** among the signs of the zodiac.

An eel or maybe a water snake that carries a ‘charge’?

And I want to mention that though Aquarius is often connected to water, called the water-bearer, it is an AIR sign.
An anomaly that suggests air waves and water waves share many commonalities?

So I love that book for obvious reasons, it helps explain how the language we share in, is a reflection of the underlying unity, expressions of unity that go well beyond words chosen to express what we see of the poetic/artistic underpinnings of creation.

i.e. pictures of vistas we take, never live up to the experience of being there, catching a glimpse of the unknown, for the same reason suffers from the lack of words to express the feelings of what you saw or experienced, if you happen to go to the other side and return with a story to tell.

You had to be there.