“…MNEME MEME Memory Disc the Sator Square and String Theory”




M E W 3


The letters MEME are the necks of the birds.

M E W 3


M E M E and memetics?
…add the center N

M N E M E (greek word for memory)

Greek memory device mnemonic.

I am continuing to show the associations that cannot be denied.

IF MEMEs and TEMEs are real, then this is REAL evidence we have connecting the SATOR SQUARE to STRING THEORY and the idea of MEMEs and TEMEs.

The next image shows the associations between the MNEME plate about, dated 5000 BCE, and the SATOR SQUARE found in Pompeii.


And finally here are more of my rough notes.
Showing how we can make some profound associations between the 7000 year old handcrafted (no potters wheel) clay MEME plate, the SATOR SQUARE found in Pompeii, and the modern theories re: string theory and MEMEs. :flop:


I was going to post this great news yesterday, however I took one look at the date, and knew it would be fitting if I waited one more day to post this great recovery from the collective ‘mem’ ory bank, accessible 24/7/365.24

Please take note of today’s date.
Aug. 15, 2010
08 15 2010
OR (discard the zero placeholders and rearrange)
and an interesting numerical sequence/PATTERN is revealed.


11 2 5 8

CARD X of the Tarot helped me solve ALL of the above.
CARD X contains ‘THE’ Code.
The FIB that helps unVEIL the LIES.
1, 1, 2, 5, 8, *plus the masonic cipher *3

CARD X = FIBONACCI 1, 1, 2, *3, 5, 8
How the FIBS are woven into the text:

:flop: http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic … 71b91cb238


it was important I get those notes posted today. :idea:

*UPDATE 22/08/2010*

a reminder to self
Image on left is from Samarra Iraq, 5000 BC, image on the right was referred to as the ‘Key to Universal Movement’ by the ancestors of the Aztec.

11258 plus 69 = KEYSTONE = Royal Arch


selah V


14 thoughts on ““…MNEME MEME Memory Disc the Sator Square and String Theory”

  1. Hello Raph…

    love this meme = memory… rings a Bell… ;o)

    hope ur summer has been better than ours… the uk has forgotton its august… I’ve stopped by to say thanks for ur book list, which you posted on the forum some time ago… I have recently gotton my hands on some of those, and ‘wow’, love the stuff… some more insights from ‘Ben’ and the ‘cosmic serpent’ n ‘book of the hopi’, among others, I’ve been spoilt for choice…
    take care Rafa and bee Good… :o)
    Love n Peace

    • hello eyez

      glad you are enjoying those books.

      The inspiration, the perspiration, the imagination, can you imagine, often in a book is the summation of a life’s work, so why not open our minds to the mind meld which is mind blend of genes therapy, thought therapy and MEMEs.
      Yes it is true we can find “info” in genes being passed on from generation to generation, but that seems slow if you compare how MEMEs can alter the landscape, in ONE generation.
      In ONE generation the ALL and powerful wizard of the MEMEs, the 12,000 year old swastika MEME that has shaken my archetypal foundations to the very core.
      It is the wheel, THE WHEEL, I shall forever claims that keeps getting reinvented by the replicator/s at each and every level.
      Yes, the MEME called the KEY to Universal Movement, the Swastika Hooked Cross if my memory serves me correctly is not to be dismissed with post WWII propaganda, that clearly recognized what I am suggesting in the here and now.
      IF in Latin the word for TEXT means WEAVE, can I suggest that our history being woven in the here and now would require a ‘hooked’ crochet tool to assist with the cosmic strings, or threads that form the WEAVE.

      So are we WEAVING a toque, a cap for Santa or in fact is it a capE for Satan?
      lol lol lol

      Time for folks to put their ‘thinking caps on’, another example of a ‘MEME’, and it forms part of the MEME ‘dreamTEME’, thinking caps are toupees, which are also a WEAVE used to VEIL, what is considered a flaw.

      Is the yarmulke also considered a MEME, window dreSSing for a ‘thinking cap’.
      And some mushroom ‘caps’ ingested will aSSiSt in*activating* the MEME center, is something we need not debate.
      Ayahusaca induced shamans helped recover the MEMEs, which is apparent in the archetypal language left us.
      Who offers more insight in one visit?
      Where you own mind becomes judge, jury and tour guide all at once, whether you like it or not?
      Ayahuasca or the Ayatollah?

      Some folks claim “info” is transferred between people using ‘MEMEs.
      So why not rise up with their kundalini insights, read their books, catching a free ride, standing on their shoulders, soon after arriving.

      A book after all is a MEME too.
      So is this blog.
      And I guess I am part of the MEME dreamTEME as this discussion suggests?
      What I realize I did to myself at age 47, was put a MEME gun to my head, I suffered an archetypal self-inflicted head wound, once recovered I had *activated* my MEME center.

      Often this kind of info is found in books in a local garage sale.
      Sometimes for the price of two bits, for the price of 25 cents.

      and 2 5 is a MEME too.
      Marko Rodin calls 25 the cosmic blender.
      2 for doubling the circuit or e-wheel, 5 represents halving the elliptical wheel.
      both the 2 and the 5 can be traced back to the N as we know, along with the Z and S.
      (all are more than vague references to both snakes and waveforms)

      In the center of the MEME plate 5000 BCE we see what appears to be an ‘N’ laid over it MIRROR image.

      forming a swastika.
      thus can we conclude that Marko Rodin’s cosmic blender 2 5 does in merge with the ever present revolving swirly twirly swastika, an apparent wheel of fortunes.
      Hitler gave this wheel a spin, but lost.

      The swastika is still here after all these 12,000 *good luck* years, still here after 2000 years of Christian self-inflicted tears, and still here after 65 years of NAZI judeao-christian fears.

      After all these years, tears, and fears, doesn’t the MEME truth begin to seep through when we rEMEMber that Mary got pregnant with baby jeSuS, because god had whispered sweet nothings in her EAR?

      The main reason that VEILs must be used to distract folks from some obvious MEME seepage through SpaceTime, is that we cannot hide the effects of NATURE, and the swastika/s is in fact a fine diplomat for so many forces of nature.
      Thus the only way to convert pagans, and away from their nature gods, was to VEIL nature with a narrative that was consistent with gods who were able to defy nature.
      And along came jeSuS, a powerful idea, MEME that has been passed on for many generations, jeSuS was the man who also performed miracles that defied the apparent laws of nature.

      thanks for the opportunity to rant.

      want to see the updated list?
      with the disclaimer*

      “we do not need more to explain more”
      -Murray Gell-Mann


  2. :o)
    luv your rants Raph…

    a change in one generation… sounds like what we need, n whats going on… acceptance and willingness to ‘go with the flow’, allows us to stay connected to the changes in our ‘electro~magnectic’ field, facilitated by the ‘swirly~twirly~swastika’, the ever~present symbol of (e)Motion n Life…

    would love an updated list… mi ‘meme’ thanks You…

    Love n Peace

  3. SATOR SQUARE solved by ShakeSpeare
    rotas = 17+14+19+1+18=69
    opera = 14+15+5+17+1=52
    tenet = 19+5+13+5+19=61
    arepo = 1+17+5+15+14=52
    sator = 18+1+19+14+17=69
    Total = 303 for the SATOR SQUARE


    This gives for AEON = 1+5+14+13= 33 = BACON (Francis)
    Yes again Francis Bacon (is Shakespeare)

    2 times pater + 2 times noster + n = 2 x 57 + 2 x 73 + 13 = 273 (Hiram Abiff)

  4. Hey Raphael,

    Hope u r doing ok. I left you a meSSage @ 2012 forum a while back. seems you don’t post there anymore. do u know of a private think tank that we can discuss ED Witten.

    all the best

    • hello mo

      the moTree?
      you planting moSeeds again?
      using moleeds?

      love your recent rants on icky Icke

      and riseball’s latest rant was something I would love to have written myself.

      too funny
      shall we give it another go on this forum mo?
      Look who is on this forum….all the usual SuSpectS, including Marko Rodin.

      Now if we could get Ed Witten, Nassim Haramein, Milo Wolff to join in the conversation, along with a few RIGHT brained savants like the Prime number savant Daniel Tammet, to join in the mix….NOW that is what I would call a think tank, representing ALL the voices emanating from the asymmetrical bicameral mind.


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