Disclose.Tv …. I WON

I conducted an experiment on a forum over the past week or so.
I joined a forum hoping to post some of my thoughts of late, that I have come to realize are not welcome in the WESTern mindset.

It was not long before my research (that challenges the low brow American sheeple behaviors to rise up from the dead) helped to flush out, just those sheeple MOBsters, I wanted to identify.

Soon I realized why not play a game with these folks who clearly see my swastika/sator square insights a threat to all their illusions.

Their ignorance of the world at large, of all that was not part of low brow yank CULTure was not welcome.
That soon became clear to this seeker of the truth.

Clearly they did not want to discuss anything I brought to their forum, because all those who came to do battle, clearly had hidden agendas up their sleeves, never disclosing their ‘beliefs’, of course.

I was clearly at a disadvantage, they could see my not so hidden agenda very clearly was out to slay theirs.

There main intent was to slay the fella who made them feel uncomfortable, the fella who so easily managed to bring out the worst in sheeple behavior.

Yup I soon realized why not raise the stakes, why not try to see how difficult it would be to incite the MOB?
How difficult would  it be to *activate* the IGNORANT mass of humanity by pushing the buttons that the masters use, to unite the MOB?

Thank you Disclose.Tv for helping me with fine tuning the formula, you folks have no idea how you have helped my with my ground breaking thesis.

This was only a *test* to see if the sheeple could still be *activated*.

Important to know how to *activate* IGNORANCE with TRUTH, what the steps are!!

At the end of the day the MOB could only slay me by banning me….which is the modern equivalent of burning the witch who dare talk back to the judeao-christian  inquisitors waving around their crucifixes, threatened by the presence of the 12,000 year old swastika.


I challenged each of those members who came to dis me to explain or dis my work re: the SATOR SQUARE

not one could slay this penetrating TRUTH.

The SATOR SQUARE appears to be an algorithm that discusses how we evolve, an algorithm that the String Theorists are just realizing, this is my claim.

Anyway for an entire week the MOB discussed me, IGNORING the SATOR SQUARE I brought to share.

My rough notes for merging the SATOR SQUARE follow this post.
The work speaks for itself, but of course the IGNORANT MOB saw and heard nothing.




here is what is written on the inside of the gold ring I chose to carry up and throw into mount doom and gloom


…the AHA! 

the following is an UPDATE as of Nov. 24/2012
Information that I was not aware of when debating my position at Discount TV back in the summer of 2010.
In fact this new evidence can NOT be disputed.
How the swastika penetrates and effects us on all levels of life…

Helping to eventually build a bridge between the present and the past will help us decide our future.
The Nano Super Hero i.e. the SwaStika is showing how its efficiency can benefit humanity, how it is also a diplomat of mother nature good or bad, seeming indifferent to our needs but ready to be utilized at the same time…beneficient.
All technologies do posess a double edge.  Thermodynamics and entropy makes that declaration.
The swastika is no different, its arms can slice and dice and if reversed can open up and embrace and gather up too, the rotation being determined by the frequency of light used and where it is directed, i.e. to the inside of the elbow or on the outer arm.
Simple cosmic switch used on all levels of scaling I imagine.
I also imagine this is simple design will open doors for all of humanity.
…ONE day

1/ NANO World APPLICATIONS for the SWASTIKA – the true blue AVATAR


3/ Sator Square – Twistor String Theory – Penrose & Witten & Wedekind

4/ ‘IN THIS SIGN CONQUER’ the Great Pyramid and the Sacred Cut by Tons Brunés leads us to Nikola Tesla and the Philosopher’s Stone


2 thoughts on “Disclose.Tv …. I WON

  1. SATOR SQUARE solved by ShakeSpeare
    rotas = 17+14+19+1+18=69
    opera = 14+15+5+17+1=52
    tenet = 19+5+13+5+19=61
    arepo = 1+17+5+15+14=52
    sator = 18+1+19+14+17=69
    Total = 303 for the SATOR SQUARE


    This gives for AEON = 1+5+14+13= 33 = BACON (Francis)
    Yes again Francis Bacon (is Shakespeare)

    2 times pater + 2 times noster + n = 2 x 57 + 2 x 73 + 13 = 273 (Hiram Abiff)

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