2012 and the main significance of places like Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS

This is a cut and paste from the Marko Rodin thread that needs to be shared elsewhere because of its unifying message, that will piss many folks off.
TRUTH is like that?
“it thus presumes that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or any other significant temple or reference to one, was its anticipation of our own observations  and calculations.”
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Thanks this did help, it looks very similar to the inverse square law, the relationship of the distances.
Inverse square square coupled with in phase and out of phase realities?
Laws which all waves that create (Brahma), destroy (Siva) or maintain (Vishnu) must adhere too?All waves in relationships with other waves are in-phase, out-of-phase, or between phases.
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Is Ramon Llull not thought of as the father of pre-tarot (Doctor Illuminatus). I don’t know much about tarot but it’s interesting indeed. 
LET me plant a few more SEEDs of doubt Thomas.
Generally I try to stay out of debates/forums with Yahoo tarot folks UNLESS they have this book to reference….and a bit of time to do some decent research for themselves.

Because what if the scripted history we are being dispensed is kinda backwards and self serving?

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nakwach symbol

Here is an interesting article discussing the connections between HOPI and CATHOLIC ceremonies too.


Why do we find evidence of the nakwach symbol, a symbol of brotherhood, among Hopi and the Navajo tribes, maybe others, in the ole European Vinca culture too?

We find evidence of this on an interesting script which formed part of a geometric ‘language’.
A script that the ancestors of Pythagoras would have handed down to him in song and dance, part of the ORAL traditions, of passing on knowledge, circa 4500 BC to 10,000 BC.

A script that predates the script we find in the center of the Judeao-Christian universe that centers around Sumer/Mesopotamia/Egypt by at least 2000+ years!!

A script that Marija Gimbutas helped to recover.

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I know Flow will enjoy this link, it helps to connect the dots, by filling the mind full of stepping stone doubts.


Flow is wolf spelled backwards.
My ‘real’ first name has its roots in Radulf, its meaning is “counsel of the wolf”.

What if there was sea travel from the Americas eastward toward the rising sun, toward ‘god’?
Who were the ancestors of the Polynesian and the Melanesian?
Because they could have hit the shores of the Americas and continued overland, going EAST…never ever giving up, maybe that is why the Aztec had a prophecy where an ancestor would return from the east, mistaking H. Cortez as that ancestor?
In the west we have the Phoenicians as the flag bearers of open water navigation, big deal.

But why go EAST young man?
Because that is the Land of the Rising Sun.
Makes more sense that our primitive ancestors would pilgrimage TOWARD the sun, seen as a god, or would they run away towards the setting sun instead out of a curiosity to see what happens to the sun when it dips below the horizon?

Makes even more sense that many significant CULTures also believed the sun DIED in the WEST when it SET.
And SET is a dark chaotic deity in Egyptian myth.
So why is the saying “go WEST young man, go WEST” part of Christian pop culture too?  
Why did the Christians think they would find their fortunes in the Land of the SETting Son?
The Bearing Strait land bridge?
Maybe those folks were just trying to get back home?

But when studying the cosmic language of phosphenes you soon realize migrations are not a necessary pre-requisite for sharing in the same epiphanies based on geometry.
Sitting in a cave in darkness in the belly of the earth, being an astronaut in outer space both environments cannot escape the 15 geometric phosphene groups. There is no place to hide on earth or in space from phosphenes.

7 Mystical Seals – Phosphenes – Rock Art Symbols – Giordano Bruno – Hans Jenny – Cymatics – Ernest Chladni – Fibonacci

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Mattang – source unknown lost to a greater antiquity

Why does the Polynesian Mattang used for navigating the ocean look like a Maltese, Teutonic, Knights Templar cross?

Why do the Polynesians call the mattang an essential ‘survival tool’ bequeathed to them heralding back to a time unknown?
Would they use the Southern Cross (Crux) to guide them too?
If a Mu or Atlantis centered around Antarctica did in fact exist then it is clear that the ancestors of the Pacific peoples would have been in the thick of it, the destruction of an archaic civilization prior to recorded history.

Religion is a sham, science has become a scam, what makes you think a HIS-story written by the victors that trampled over the shaman is not a sham too?

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Meet a Navajo alchemist who merged his male/female into one chanting/weaving he/she devil called Hosten Klah.


Of course the self serving ignorance of the Judeao-Christian CULTure projecting their own nonsense onto other CULTures would see folks like Hosteen Klah as crazy, possessed, a heathen in desperate need of Jesus?

Did the Ameri-indian CULTures have Maltese crosses and swirling swastikas depicted as whirling logs within their psyches?

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The Navajo symbolism also shares in the Freemason CABLE TOW symbol we see in the bottom right hand corner…which we can also find among ole European Black Sea vicinity Neolithic Scripts too earlier than 4500+ BC.

But may I remind you, ewe, and u, the poetic signature is always apparent in the creation.
Wouldn’t it be?

How many of ‘we the sheeple’ that play Sudoko found in the daily newspapers realize this 9×9 grid is the equivalent grid in dimensions to the 9×9 magic square associated with the moon?

Then pose the question to Catholics or Christians who amuse themselves playing Sudoko every day to name all of the moon or lunar symbolism in their biblical narratives.
Most folks will have difficulty with that question.

Is there a connection between Easter and Passover?
Is there a connection between Passover, Judaism, and the moon?

Shall we dispense with nonsense about coincidences and speak of a DESIGN in place?
It is easy to do when observing PATTERNS that can be observed with naked eye speculations, just as easily as telescopic/microscopic speculations, like suggesting the jibberish in DNA was cast out and called JUNK?


PATTERNS, as mentioned there are 4 basic patterns that comprise all Celtic weaves woven into a text called The Book of Kells, there are 17 planar patterns found in the Alhambra (higgs boson represents 17), 14 crystalline patterns (stations of the cross?), 5 platonic solids named after Plato, confirmed to be only 5 by a computer program in the 90’s, just recently?

All of this is just more evidence being accumulated, PATTERNS that help illustrating that Christian behaviors and their PATTERNS, sometimes manifesting as crimes against humanity as documented over the centuries, goosestepping in time with bible babble, projecting FEARS and TEARS onto other CULTures, that itself was force fed as a gospel, to the four corners of the globe they trot, these crimes against humanity have still gone unpunished.

And in fact, in retrospect we in fact find that the righteous WHITE man has also taken possession of the Four Corners region in the New World, the WHITE man is today occupying  those lands formerly occupied by various RED man tribes.
The New World Order crusade that resulted in 60+ million dead turned out to be yet another twisted kinda of perverted method of creating ‘order thru chaos’ how archetypal.

I am reminded that Egypt was also represented by a similar archetypal ‘division’, having a WHITE Crown of Upper Egypt, and the RED Crown of Lower Egypt.
And the unification of the two crowns was heralded as a really big deal.
So the Egyptians were concerned with a north and south unification and the modern psyche is all bent out of shape over the split between the Occident (west) and the Orient (east).

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Ironically, in this age of IRON, where the IRON CROSS is thus revealed as a TRUTH CROSS, we find the 4 Corners region of the USA is the SPOT in the USA where all 4 states meet to form a crucifix, a Latin Cross.

I have always offered to take folks on a WHIRLWIND tour of Christian churches/temples, and then pointing out, that under most of these sacred sites, we will find the skeletons of pagans who were buried with the sacred geometry connected to the maltese cross, the spiral and the swastika.

These crimes against humanity have still gone unpunished.
Let me point out the obvious to the Judeao-Christians and the promotion of a narrative that can never be proved by making the dissenting CULTures disappear.
There is going to be a hell to pay for burying your heads in the sands of time, time and time again.
NEED I remind everybody that underneath NAZI uniforms were primarily Christians who had been *activated* by an old world narrative being carried forward, used to instill fear.

There is a twist to the end of a of twisted  literal self-serving narrative called the bible, that twisted a universal TRUTH to advance one CULTure at the expense of all others.
What if the enlightenment the Christians seek, is a taste of their own medicine they stole from the medicine man coming back at em’ full force, something called KArma?


(the reason for the above TOUGH LOVE sermon shall follow in the p.s.)

Originally Posted by theflowView Post
Butterfly prime number weave
The butterfly is associated with the psyche.
Originally Posted by theflow View Post
I know there is seemingly no point to some of my threads, but I’m trying to connect all the dots, and this forum is better at holding them then my brain is.
I disagree, there is a point.

As the above ‘butterfly’ connection illustrates we can continue to connect dots using VBM in conjunction with poetREE and heART.
So pARK your thoughts, it might be a SEED for somebody else.
In one of the two discussions I had with Marko R. he suggested to just write everything down.

Why should this thread dealing with VBM, which ‘connects’ to many PATTERNS be focused primarily on left brain common sense, why not add some right brain uncommon sense…and WEAVE a PATTERN of truth between the two…?


Also, did you note the PATTERNs worth noting, between the Vinca Script and the four PATTERNS that the Celtic Key Patterns default too?

So here is the main reason why I feel every now and then a SERMON should be dispensed about how the SWASTIKA profoundly connects to underlying TRUTH, and the coming paradigm shift, part of which VBM plays a part?

After Gerald Hawkin’s book Stonehenge Decoded (1966) was released full of claims like the following…

“There can be no doubt” Hawkins wrote, “the Stonehenge was an observatory: the impartial mathematics of probability and the celestial sphere are on my side. In form the monument is an ingenious computing machine”

And what were the ‘typical to be expected’ reactions from the IGNORANT scholars, who belong to the “I am dead to the metaphysical club”?

“Care has to be taken not to distort the people into copies :     of ourselves, turning medicine men, shamans or witch doctors into astronomer priests just because the latter fit more comfortably in our modern, technological minds”
-Aubrey Burl

Some scholars called it “condescending” to refer to Stonehenge as either an observatory (well we know some of the expert scholars were wrong back in ’66) or to refer to it as a computer because, and this is most important to realize …

“IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or any other significant temple or reference to one, was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS”

Having shared in all of the above, what I offer now becomes even more obvious?

The LOST Cross?
The TRUE Cross?
Is it becoming obvious, which cross explains the fundamentals of LIGHT, SOUND, MOTION and HEAT?
only one folks symbol fulfills the above criteria in reducing the universe down to its fundamentals.

The 8 pointed Maltese Cross composed of  two opposite rotating swastikas laid over each other.

In fact this symbol explains much more than Jesus actually (dare I say that?) the CW and CCW swastikas are more unifying on many levels now that we have penetrated into the recursive repetitive fractal and crystalline environments, and at the same time observing evidence of *good luck* quantum swastika activities lurking beneath the surface.
What if the  cosmic ‘G’ man is associated with the cosmic forces behind maintaining the vortex?  

If I am wrong and jesus/apollo/horus/dionysis/mithra/etc. in fact does make another appearance, I betcha the merKA-baa or chariot he arrives in looks very much like this one?

The following quote by Rene Schwaller de Lubicz suggests I AM on the right track, asking the right questions.

Is Apollo still pointing and suggesting the land of promise is to the WEST?

oy vey…are you sure you want to venture in that direction while running away from your own shadows?

There is nothing there but the shleeping giant called China, west of California.
Where you will find the world’s biggest Buddha buddy wanting to give you a great big hug and brand you with the symbol placed over his sacred heart.


selah V

* *** *******
Swastika is the KEY of Universal Movement, forming part of an ancient vortex theory, along with phi and pi and the Maltese cross.
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”
-A. Einstein

5 thoughts on “2012 and the main significance of places like Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS

  1. I was born white but I have many ties with the natives. loved every second and want more….

    I want more about ascension… is gold dust really possible and true?? ^i^ am here for it…

  2. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=/&gl=AR#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=EmvS22IBjvA

    Hi Raphael,

    Fintan gave you a date of 28/10/2011 instead of 2012 as THE date in another thread. I believe that date comes from Ian Lungold in the series of videos in the above link.

    My link to 11258 is a near fatal accident i was in in 2004, that happened on 25/1/2004 @ 3am (2×4=8). My DOB is 3/2/77 or 324 if you take out the 1 (using only 1-9) or 234 American style. I also have 666 in my social security number but I don’t think anything about that. I was more interested in the 423/432 when I read your thread on that subject.

    You have my complete attention with this blog, I think it’s amazing the
    connections that you have uncovered using archetypes. My only problem is that I find it a little hard to follow because I suffered a brain injury in the aforementioned accident. So far, the accident has been nothing but beneficial to my life – go figure!


    • hello Gary thanks for your ‘moral’ support.
      I was wondering if you could update the link you provided.
      It is a dead end.

      Your awakening/accident in 2004 concurs with when I got jolted/jilted by the cosmos too!!!
      And the year 2004 has significance in the Great Pyramid timeline according to Peter Lessemer.

      The material here is based on a book by Peter Lemesurier called the Great Pyramid Decoded, this was first published in 1977. The book shows how the internal passage system forms a precise 3D diagram that marks significant events and gives a time scale. Something significant is predicted for the year 2004 (+ or – 3) years.

      The Great Pyramid

      Interesting book…(I have it)
      It is filled with references linking the primitive inch, the number 5, 5×5, 5^2, with the ONE-who-is-to-come.

      It compliments my research to a ‘T’.
      5 is the number of ‘an’ and it represents the pentagon/pentagram to the ‘geometric right brain’.
      5×5 or 25 helps us connect the RS or Rotas Sator Square to the work of Marko Rodin, Ed Witten, Roger Penrose, and the Knights Templar finding King Solomon’s treasure….

      5^2 looks like 52.
      What if we see/interpret 25 as 2^5?

      What number do we end up with?

      So the diff between 2^5 and 5^2 = 7
      How magical! if you remove all notation … (ancient scripts also lack notation)

      “as above, so below”

      count the letters?

      as = 2
      above = 5
      so = 2
      below 5

      just sayin’


  3. this is sooooooooooo fascinating raphael i love you, lol.

    by the way, i am a pretty deep cancer… so is my dog, i think we have some work to do together, gonna proceed to read your entire blog now, lol.

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