How to feed 5000 people using 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

This idea called GHREES was hatched in 1947.

Below we see a summary of what they term the;

Ancient Hellenic Unified Sciences

OF course I want you to focus on what appear to be a sequence of numbers that I have highlighted in yellow.

5I5I5I 5I52I2 I2I2I2

The significance of the numbers 5I5I, 5I52I2, I2I2, along with the Clockwise Snake, Stable Snake, and Anti-clockwise Snake will become very apparent as we investigate the Blue Worm.


Measoamerican U-shaped element (redrawn after Zelia Nuttall, The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations, Vol.II, Peabody Museum, Cambridge, MA., 1901, Fig. 31, p 536)

In dealing with a symbol of birth (the womb or uterus from which these tribes sprang), reference may be made to the womb as a U-shaped element. In the image above, a child rests naturally in the U-shaped womb of its mother.

This is the basic design seen in Mesoamerican “birth” and “portal” (entrance “into” and exit “our of”) iconography, with variations of the motif retaining the U-shape.

Page 16 in The Codex Nuttall shows a woman in the process of giving birth to a child; and to the left are many U-shaped elements designating cave portals within a mountain (Fig. 2) >>

2_5 Pre-columbian design motif of Ancient Mexico
Flat stamp representing the Sun

Do you see the numbers/glyphs that resemble a 2 5?

…do you see the letters/numbers Z/2 and S/5 in the above image on the left?
Do you see the BLUE WORM?

Do you see the BLUE WORM?

Have a look below I found 6 pages listed in a book called Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico by Jorge Enciso.
(these are in fact pre-columbian stamps and seals)

FIRST thing you need to do…is lay out the picnic blanket!

2  5  2

5  2  5

Take a look at the image on the left.
Can you see the repeating pattern 2 – 5 – 2  in the north (top) and the 5 – 2 – 5 (bottom)?
What if we substitute Z for a 2 and the S for a 5 …. resulting in ZeuS maybe or a MoSeS if we twist the story around … leading to JeSuS, PerSeuS who founded TarSuS where St. Paul was from. Paul who would join forces with Peter and together they would try to sell us on the idea of a Holy Spirit referred to as the SS.

Gnostic symbol for the Holy Spirit

Which would later all come together as a narrative involving St. Peter and St. Paul known in fact as the SS = Holy Spirit = SpirituS SanctuS?
I need to cut if short, I  could go on all day with the SS connections, but I think the herd of you get the idea?

Want to know where those images came from….the plot thickens!
Sacred Swastika Sources

And if you do not see the obvious connections I have made thus far I can only recommend you do one of four things.

  1. get your seegullible eyes checked out.
  2. put down your literal narrative and Wake The F-ck up if you want to go UP!
  3. sign up for Day Care classes and find your inner chILdrEn who have lost their YAH-way….
  4. stop reading your head is about to feel the 432 hertz/hurts frequency.

2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread

In China, the theory of five elements coexisted early with the theory of two forces:


The familiar diagram of Yin and Yang, the , the “Great Ultimate” [Wade-Giles T’ai-chi] diagram, shows the opposites flowing into each other. The diagram also illustrates, with interior dots, the idea that each force contains the seed of the other, so that they do not merely replace each other but actually become each other.

Rodin’s VBM 396 and the Yin Yang

2 Forces that appear as two fish chasing each other’s tail or is it tale?


Take a look at the images above.

We know the image on the right as St. Peter’s Square containing an ellipse‘.

Take a moment and quickly have a look at the other ‘temples’ that share a similar geometric design.

…and scroll down that page, comparing the ‘shape’ of the images to see how St. Peter’s Square matches a most comprehensible blueprint with many other ‘sacred temples’.



Also keep in mind the Church of the Multiplication that we see below, is upside down relative to the image of St. Peter’s that I have also provided.

Do you see it?

It is important that you do.
This is easier than recognizing those ‘structures and faces‘ on Mars that folks seem to be enamored with.
And we know the associations that I will be pointing out to be real, not imagined on the far away red planet.
Here on earth the structures that I am directing you to are accessible and can be verified. There is no need to spend billions of dollars sending cameras to Mars to see what is in plain view here on Earth.

TRUTH is everywhere.
We are in a sea of TRUTH.
But we are drowning.

[Image: _DSC5082.jpg]

Church of the Multiplication

note: the wreath is in the same postion as the BLACK DOOR in St. Peter’s Square where Popes are ceremoniously buried.

The Church of Multiplication on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the miracle/riddle re: Jesus feeding the multitudes (5000) using only 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread, or was it 5 Loaves of Bread and 2 Fish?

So does there exist a connection between the Church of the Multiplication and VBM?
How does the symbol below help to explain or illustrate how an ‘archetypal’ Jesus might feed the multitudes in the church of multiplication on the shores of Galilee.

I prefer to spell Galilee using certain upper case fonts. gal-ILE-e.

You will come to understand why I have assigned the numbers I37 to the priests who were given the responsibility to ‘guard the secrets’ of the Ark of the covenant.

LEvI rotated 180 degrees becomes I^37

Alpha a.k.a. 1/137 or ‘137  is central to the message arriving at the speed of light. The geometric phosphene patterns that are forwarded through TIME, SPACE, not unlike how genetic material is passed on. This is accomplished it is suspected by a variety of GENES, MEMES, TEMES and PHOsphENES.

What is the phosphene connection?

Phosphene geometry could be the geometric language of the cosmos.


Did you know that the Dogon of Mali West Africa, whose CULTure can be traced back thousands of years use the word SENE for SEED?
Did you know that the very 1st Pharaoh who happen to have unified the 2 Egypts NORTH and SOUTH Egypt was MENES which is SENEM reversed.

But it all makes sense.


[Image: church_jerusalem.jpg]

 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread

The answer to this enigmatic riddle is best explained using Marko Rodin Vortex Based Mathematics if you do not believe in miracles.

above image found on page 45

Note the 12 swastikas on the spine/trunk of this tree, which represents the world axis.
I once said the swastika made the world go round…evidently you need 12 of them!

But did you notice the 2 is on the left pillar and the 5 is on the right pillar?

2 I 5

At this point I want to suggest 3 pillars exist, take a look inside the Kaaba in Mecca for confirmation, or the Tree of Life used in the QaBaLaH.
(I will discuss the TRINITY of pillars in another blog)

Till then shall we continue and take a look and see how Marko Rodin uses the 2 and 5 in his VBM?

Vortex Based Mathematics 

Follow along as the amazing properties of this symbol unveil themselves to you. Put your pencil on number 1 and without picking up your pencil, move your pencil in a straight line to number 2, then 4, then across the center to 8. Notice that you are doubling. So next should be 16 and it is, but 1+6=7. So move your pencil to 7. Then 16 doubled is 32, but 3+2=5. So move your pencil to 5. Then 32 doubled is 64 and 6+4=10 and 1+0=1. And you’re back to 1. So move the pencil across the center and back up to 1. The significance of the Mayan calender is that 64 is one complete cycle of infinity. Then it begins again with 64 doubled is 128 and 1+2+8=11, then 1+1=2. And so on. You will never get off this track as you keep doubling. Notice the infinity symbol has formed underneath your pencil, creating an ever-repeating pattern of 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5. Amazingly, this number sequence stays intact as you half numbers as well. Start again at the 1 but this time go backwards on the infinity symbol. Half of 1 is .5, so move your pencil to the 5. Then half of .5 is .25, and 2+5=7. So move your pencil to the 7. And half of .25 is .125 and 1+2+5=8. So move to the 8. Next half of .125 is .0625 and 0+6+2+5=13 and 1+3=4. So go across to the 4. And half of .0625 is .03125 and 0+3+1+2+5=11 and 1+1=2. So move to the 2. Forever staying on the route of 1,2,4,8,7,5 even backwards.

DOUBLING circuit or the 2

HALVING circuit or the 5


As you replace the decimal numbers with their power (for example 0.5=10, .25=100, 0.125=1,000) you will see that the powers line up horizontally.
Further explanations found here:

25 and 52 and 1

Video #40
Just a few comments re: Rodin’s work.
What I happen to notice about the patterns…that exist in a fractal self similar environment based on scaling..

Marko Rodin and I arrived in a similar spot and understanding by first following our intuition.
This is great news, because therefore not everybody needs to understand VBM in order to arrive alive on the other side.

Then again the esoteric path can be just as baffling as VBM.
Here are a few moments in the video I would like to discuss with Marko.

2:25 into the video he says … “that is the last half of the equation, which is 51

2:55 he refers to the following …

“the 2 and 5 refer back to the

9 = 1251 = ABHA
9 = 2151 = BAHA



Marko citing the Baha’i Faith refers to ABHA as the great name of god.

“When he was introduced to the Baha’i Faith he immediately became a believer. Literally days later Marko decided to take The Most Great Name of Bahaullah (prophet of the Bahai Faith) which is ABHA, and convert it into numbers.”

From 2:51 onwards in the video we get an explanation of the unapproachable most great name of god. 

So it appears we have an anomaly in that the Great Name of God is 1251 but the unapproachable Most Great Name of God is 2151?

I need to ponder that and give ole’ Marko another long overdue PHOne call.

This link suggests why something is askew….scroll down the page till you find the Greek frets;


image on left: Diagram of the electric field of a light wave (blue), linear-polarized along a plane (purple line), and consisting of two orthogonal, in-phase components (red and green waves)
do you see the letters/numbers Z/2 and S/5 in the above image?

Applications of linear polarization

A research group at the MIT Media Lab has reported the use of polarization field synthesis to create a dynamic light field display. The prototype display is composed of multiple LCD layers, each acting as polarization rotators, enclosed by a pair of crossed linear polarizers. A Four-dimensional light-field can be emitted by algorithmically determining the optimal rotations to be applied at each layer of the display.

@ 4:04 Infinity’s Epicenter

2 and 5

note the arrow pointing downward toward two squares and below it we read:

2 and 5 are the only numbers which are attached to the number 1

…we see two ellipticals with the phrase:

 “the gears must mesh”

NOW to summerize Marko Rodin’s cosmic blender that he associates with the numbers 2 and 5.

2 is the doubling circuit
2 fish

5 is the halving circuit
5 loaves of bread

Take a loaf of bread and cut it in half, cut it in half again, and again, and again, and again, an infinity number of slices. Math-e-magicians living in a blackboard jungle would suggest one loaf of bread could feed 5000 people forever….a nice trick worked out on a blackboard, that does not really amount to much in the real world.

Really what we have here is an ancient expression defining infinity and a variation on one of Zeno’s paradoxes.

Achilles and the Tortoise

In a race, the quickest runner can never overtake the slowest, since the pursuer must first reach the point whence the pursued started, so that the slower must always hold a lead.
Aristotle, Physics VI:9, 239b15

In the paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, Achilles is in a footrace with the tortoise. Achilles allows the tortoise a head start of 100 metres. If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed (one very fast and one very slow), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 metres, bringing him to the tortoise’s starting point. During this time, the tortoise has run a much shorter distance, say, 10 metres. It will then take Achilles some further time to run that distance, by which time the tortoise will have advanced farther; and then more time still to reach this third point, while the tortoise moves ahead. Thus, whenever Achilles reaches somewhere the tortoise has been, he still has farther to go. Therefore, because there are an infinite number of points Achilles must reach where the tortoise has already been, he can never overtake the tortoise.

And of course, because we can always find correlations between math and music…the loaf of bread which is an appropriate explanation or definition for the inverse square law which is applicable to all waveforms.

And this idea also has applies to full notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, etc. which theoretically would continue on to infinity also.

Now WHAT IF you had a string connecting the Earth and the Moon and you plucked it, how quickly would that vibration be felt on the Moon?
How long would it take to arrive?
Would the vibration be felt immediately?
Would it get there faster than the speed of light?
What if we were ‘connected’ by some kind of ‘invisible string’ to other celestial bodies?

So is there any other evidence that the 25 and 52 play a role in how the world is defined using numbers/symbols/images that transcend words alone?

The following image below is called the Sri Yantra. It is the MOST revered mandala used in Buddhism.
Do you see the 25 positioned in the south and 52 in the north?

Do you see those numbers?

YA and 25

fig. 513  YA is called the HOLY AX

Holy AX, recall that Marko Rodin refers to the number 25 as the cosmic blender.

Note: similar ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
note the ideograms that resemble the numbers 5 and 2.

Still need more proof?
How about we check out those secretive Knights Templar who it is rumored found THE SECRET buried under Solomon’s TempLE and were later tried as heretics because it was rumored they worshiped BaPHOmet?

Can you understand now why the Cross Potent was adopted by the Knights Templar?


137-96 Maya/Freemason Code KEY to Holy Grail/DNA

Jerusalem Cross also called the Cross Potent

Here are two versions of the Cross Potent according to this Heraldry site.

Can you see the POTENTial of this cross based on some simple IDEAs?
I can.

Read on.

Does this have something to do with our heathen pagan ancestors who needed to be saved by the righteous waving crucifixes?

The final tally in the Americas was that about 60+ million heathens were never ever converted to Christianity.
Why was it necessary for the Church to either convert them or rub them out?

OBVIOUSLY because they COMPREHENDED NATURE and COPIED IT is my suggestion.

After all they were pagans, so what laws of nature had they stumbled upon as keen observers of nature?
This is obviously why the pentagram (which contains phi) along with the swastika, have been dissed for a long long time now.
It helps to explain why the Fibonacci sequence was not ‘recovered’ until about 13th century and brought back to Europe from Persia.

And today many of the nano technologies are embracing and exploiting the pagan swastika to enhance and make more efficient nature. All of this suggests I AM FULL on, because I was FOOL enough to follow this 12,000+ year old symbol to its source.

I am either a FOOL or a GENIUS.
I AM both.
I am the FOOL who has been guided by his Jinn, his inner Genie, his Genius.


Wen Zhang – PhD Thesis, September 2006

2 5 and Nano Technology

Swastika ‘Light Mills’

In the image below do you see the ALEPH shadow cast by the Swastika light mill?

Are all of the above coincidences or simply a DeSIGN of the Times?

If it was a design
Tesla would say
Are you familiar with
Three, six, and the nine?

369 or 396

And considering Marko found his ‘god’ first, and the ABHA torus later, using the numbers 396 to help him conceptualize the VBM torus would it be surprising to suggest we can connect the ‘Gate of God’ to the swastika and the numbers 396 that I found?

Of course not.
Actually the question was rhetorical.

Apply Pythagorean reduction to the Ilu or God of Nine, God of Fifteen, and the God of Twelve.
i.e. to a single digit

09 = 9
12 = 3
15 = 6         

It all belongs to the same design.
IF you believe that we are unified in ways we have yet to comprehend, then there are NO coincidences.

In a world unified ALL coincidences DEFAULT to EVIDENCE of a design yet to be understood fully….remember we are in the dark most of the time.

Einstein was in the dark about dark matter and dark energy which in fact comprises about 95% of our universe.
The www experts a.k.a. the Western World Wankers who see themselves as expert tossed out 95% of our DNA calling it JUNK!

How do we define the FALL of MAN?
– Ignorance is SS bliSS?
– Well paid and well fed egos patting themselves on the back forgetting golden rules like NATURE is efficient, NATURE abhors a vacuum, and refusing to go back to the well that the ancients derived their inspirations from?

Maybe it is time we took the advice of Viktor Schauberger;

“Comprehend and Copy Nature”

“Stay thirsty my friends”