SSS – Cosmic meSSengerS = Thrice Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus! = Great! Great! Great!

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Does the saying The Sun, the Moon & the Stars have it backwards? Or do we need to consider all three, and any cult (Sun, Moon or Stars) demanding solitary fealty is in the way of the truth?
When you really really really get into studying the symbolism (24/7/365) you realize the following…as you pointed out…there is more to consider than just the SUN and the MOON.
And please note…I used the 4/5 colors of alchemy, which are represented as stages.
I did not chose this order…those that came before me did.
BLACK = STELLAR mythology
the first human thoughts were embedded into a STELLAR mythology that revolved around the POLE stars….the mythology revolved around the POLE stars because it appeared to be the center that did not move.

WHITE = LUNAR mythology
the second evolution was indeed the LUNAR cults.
So the symbolism from this epoch will show both STELLAR and LUNAR symbolism.
the third evolution was in worshiping the MOON and the SUN.
Each evolution assimilating the symbolism before it, and adding some new thoughts to the archetypal symbolism.
RED = SOLAR mythology
the fourth evolution has been to a western consciousness that supports primarily a worldview that concerns itself with a ‘SOLAR’ future.
We seem to worship ALL forms of FIRE.

FIRE was the gift of Prometheus and the seed of ALL forms of technology to follow.
So what might be the 5th evolution I ponder?
What will the quinteSSence be, the 5th element, we do we go from here?
From STELLAR to a LUNAR to a LUNAR/SOLAR to a SOLAR mythology, followed by ?
What is left to worship, shall it be a GREEN REVOLUTION?
Electricity and Magnetism and Gravity are still real mysteries….
But the mysteries can all be addressed using a plasma/aether cosmology model and a TRINITY of serpents?

3 threads of fate… the 3 NORNS are an example…they were BLACK, WHITE and RED.
3 serpentine strings that vibrate with certain frequencies.
(what kind of string theory ignores the universal concert taking place, the SOUND and the LIGHT show?)
A modern string theory was really a serpentine one to the ancients….I offer here a simple THRICE GREATEST theoy.
The same archetypal meSSages that can be found scattered about the world.
The same ARCHetypal meSSage that helped build the ARKs.
GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! attributed to THOTH, became the Roman Catholic/Latin equivalent …
But what happened to the fourth ‘S’?
A 4th ‘wave’ or ‘ingredient’ that I sense plays a role?Maybe as Hopi prophecy suggests we must wait for the GREAT White Brother, the last GREAT White Hope to return with the missing corner piece to their prophecy tablet to make the world GREAT and GOLDEN once more…Ever hear of the Hopi prophecy regarding the Pahana?
Maybe David Icke thinks he sees the 4th SERPENT…or maybe I AM the one, NEO?
Serpentine illusions helps explain the connections between ayahuasca and the DMT that our pineal gland produces, rain forest shamans and urban shamans like Icke, who bring forth their visions and meSSages from the ‘other side’.

David ICKE is ignorant about how science XYZ connects to all of the above.
That is his main weakness and why his brain defaults to the evil serpents…this is part of his religious hangover.

The ROD or STAFF that became a snake could even be the Spear of Destiny that pierced the side of Christ?
Is St. Longinus a ROD, a Serpent, the Spear of Destiny OR the LONGITUDINAL N/S axis?
The phallus, the obelisk, the shaft is what humanity gets fucked with,  is this the  spear of destiny, the longitudinal axis which helps create polarities N/S?
Do you think the ‘fictitious phone exchange 555 that Holy-wood’ uses all the time in film is a coincidence?
It is not a coincidence to the way your BRAIN takes in info.
And remember, to survive as carbon life forms, we MUST take from our environment to survive.SSS = 555 = go back to shleep ZZZ, ewe can use room 222.NoNoNo you say to these associations >>>  S = Z = 2 = 5 = N?

the modern quantum wankers today are investigating something the ancients were well aware of …VORTEX energy and magnetism and an electric universe... the ancients and moderns developed different languages of expression to arrive at the same fundmental TRUTHs.

TRUTHs that are similar to LAWs, that can be adhered to OR broken.
What do all humans do with RULEs, regardless of intellect?
We either create them, adhere to them, or break them.

We live in an xyz world and the rotations and reflections of NO can be twisted in an illusion called OZ.

All the flock needs are some wizards, witches and a hurricane with vortex energy that swirls and twirls, able to lift you UP to the heavens to help begin the illusion.

Why is the Pope wearing Dorothy’s Ruby Red SlipperS?
Does Dorothy know how to get home without them?
The solution to humanities woes are in our ruby red slippers folks.
So why is the Pope wearing RED SlipperS?

…..statement of his desire to demonstrate continuity with the symbols and history of the church.…oryId=89732516
THEY want to stay with tradition?
Would this be the same kind of tradition that can be best understood by merging ALL beliefs, using ‘associations’ and ‘analogy’,  by accepting that there must exist a foundation of unity somewhere, witneSSed, found within the  common archetypal denominators that speak the same TRUTH?
And ALL proposed string theories must be capable of producing some SOUNDs?
Equivalently, the smallness of Planck’s constant reflects the fact that everyday objects and systems are made of a large number of particles. To take one example, green light of a wavelength of 555 nanometres (approximately the wavelength to which human eyes are most sensitive) has a frequency of 540 THz (540×1012 Hz). Each photon has an energy E of hν = 3.58×10−19 J. That is a very small energy in terms of everyday experience, but then everyday experience doesn’t deal with individual photons any more than it deals with individual atoms or molecules. An amount of light that is compatible with everyday experience is the energy of one mole of photons; its energy can be calculated by multiplying the photon energy by the Avogadro constant, NA ≈ 6.022×1023 mol−1. The result is that green light of wavelength 555 nm has an energy of 216 kJ/mol, a typical energy of everyday life.

I am probably the only researcher on the internet currently investigating the following associations regarding SSS.
A simple search using google would confirm such a declaration or claim by mi.

The Pahana has a meSSage for humanity?…white-brother/

I have heard a rumor that the return of the Hopi ‘Pahana’ , who could be an archetypal equivalent to JeSuS is associated with a RED Hat…but in an upside down/reversed world…a RED Hat would become?

Swastika is the KEY to Universal Movement
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


12 thoughts on “SSS – Cosmic meSSengerS = Thrice Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus! = Great! Great! Great!

  1. Sifu….er….Uncle Ralph (we were still speaking in code right?)
    Check out the following website and “follow the rabbit hole until you personally as my Sifu are loltipmp or lol tipmp or laughing out loud ’till you piss your pants all over ugly speculators with little real opinion that is credible the likes of “EWE Sheeple Raphael silly kids tricks are for rabbit holes namaste bro ya win that title fight…? that is what I really wanted to see after all :..( ”

    Email me if you “get the joke with the appropriate Taoist sense of humor and sporting fair play”
    Love ya Uncle Sifu Ralph…thanks for the lesssssszzzonzzzzzzzz!!!!
    Your (and perhaps others too?) Devil’s Advocate:
    Namaste from the ugly opinions of an online “role player”
    Who has (thus far at least) attempted to illustrate to the world the real value of humor and compassion for the species of Planet Earth….
    Chuang TZU
    a.k.a Beelzepub at

  2. Hi Raphael.
    It seems the (right?) brain is working a lot these days.
    I have been thinking a lot too, and looked for more in other directions. I don’t know why, but since I have been reading you, I feel I can play a very small part. I wish I could “help” by giving links to other things you haven’t talked about yet. Maybe you already know it, maybe it’s been a guide to you as well, this I don’t know.
    But I’m sure that if you haven’t read George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (or Gourdjieff, as you might find it too), you might want to read about him, and especially read what he had to say. I would personally highly recommend his book “Belzebub’s Tales to His Grandson”.
    It’s kind of hard to get everything at once (he himself said that it required reading it three times to get the most of it), but the information is there.
    I realised yesterday for instance that his “kundabuffer” might be related to Kundalini….
    But anyway, please read it and let’s talk about it. I would like to have other people’s opinion on it.

    Keep going, we’re a few followers here wanting more. 😉
    All the best.

    • there is a definite link between Gurdijeff’s work, the enneagram and the work of Marko Rodin who quotes the Ba’hai faith as part inspiration for his work.


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