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Maybe they’re not mysteries anymore… just locked away, last century.

A great question.

4 serpents S=W=Z=M

Sight. Sound. Vision. Vortex. Waves. Zzzleep. Music/harmonics. Magnetism. What else? Masons as the keepers of the knowledge?

NOW take a simple plain square cross.
On this cross I want you to place Sorth and Nouth.
And now place Eest and Wast on the same map.

Did that exercise teach you anything?

Here is another puzzle now that you are armed with SSS serpentine wisdom…

How does satan = cadeusus?

You might need to learn about molas and the Kuna YAla tribe of Panama who have a swastika on their flag.

The Kuna revolution began on February 25, 1925 when an armed group attacked the Panamanian police stationed on the islands of Tupile and Ukupseni. The police had been involved in the violent suppression of Kuna cultural practices and had been abusing the populations of various communities. The revolution was led by Nele Kantule.

Nele Kantule Iguibilikinya was a famous chief and medicine man of the Kuna indigenous tribe of Panama and Colombia.
The flag of Kuna Yala was adopted in 1925, and is based on a swastika design, an ancient symbol in Kuna culture.

25 and 52 are part of the NUMERICAL design, evidence left by the geometer creator alchemist, which forms a huge part of the swastika serpentine frequency that I am tuning into.

25 and 52 AFTER reflections and rotations become the SS Holy Spirit:

And YA = Ja and maybe Jah?

Ja…ja…ja vay or some might utter while at the vailing vall, YAHVeH

Because if I was a meSSenger of meSSages, which were composed of ORAL traditions, composed of song and dance which included SOUNDs, what kind of meSSages would Hermes, Mercury, and Thoth all leave behind.
SongS of Solomon?
The hymns of the Rig Vedas?

YA is a SOUND that just might get around the world…
So what does a YA Buddhist/Chinese symbol look like?

YA = fig. 513 and it also is called the HOLY AX and the same ‘characters’ are again found in fig. 525 which means LONGEVITY.
The characters that resemble the numerals 5 and 2.

POLARITY between BLUE and RED is the name of the game in the place called heaven and hell that meet in the middle plane…the middle EARTH.
Where the SKY touches the EARTH…
Don’t folks know this is a battle for middle earth?

But most interesting…at the bottom of the LONGEVITY character I see brush strokes that resemble a 5 and a 4.
And that is significant when discussing harmonic crossovers that occur between 5 and 4 >>> at 4.5

I know a fella who has such a musical theory, based on the Pythagorean Lambdoma, which is yet another ancient concept that we can trace to the swastika and Nepal.
And that fella is not me.
Actually he and mi have had fighting words in the past, sparring on the www, when diScuSSing our theories.
And Lui (a musician) who has this own musical theory that meshes with my archetypal theSiS, never did acknowledge that he ‘found’ me and my shadow I call mi, on a forum/ thread I had started that was diScuSSing ASYMMETRY.

The forum we loistered about was  discussing hidden secrets, the ancient mysteries and Freemason symbolism.
But Lui wanted to discuss his theory his theory based on SYMMETRY.
But that is plasma under the bridge.
What did the Egyptians, the Freemasons and the Vatican ALL VEIL, that the EAST does NOT?
The SWASTIKA is the answer
…show me a serpent ‘S’ in Egypt and I will show you a ‘waveform’.

A Rolling Stone gathers no moSS?
Get yer YA-YAs out?
It is all the same LIGHT and SOUND programming, since the beginning of time.
We humans just love to re-invent the wheel.

The Rolling Stones and Bill Gates wanted to Start Mi UP, again back in 1995? using that subtle, sublime hidden BUTTON called the SWASTIKA?

This will/should blow you away and continue to help solidify my claim.
Here is yet another puzzle…this one is best.
It is actually part of the Gutenberg Project:

Go to the link above.
Find puzzle 142.



The lady members of the Wilkinson family had made a simple patchwork quilt, as a small Christmas present, all composed of square pieces of the same size, as shown in the illustration. It only lacked the four corner pieces to make it complete. Somebody pointed out to them that if you unpicked the Greek cross in the middle and then cut the stitches along the dark joins, the four pieces all of the same size and shape would fit together and form a square. This the reader knows, from the solution in Fig. 39, is quite easily done. But George Wilkinson suddenly suggested to them this poser. He said, “Instead of picking out the cross entire, and forming the square from four equal pieces, can you cut out a square entire and four equal pieces that will form a perfect Greek cross?” The puzzle is, of course, now quite easy.

And the solution to this puzzle, suggests Grandma is a NAZI who uses a PC and Windows?
Now compare the solution to the quilting puzzle below with the WINDOWs images above…can you find it?

the solution to the puzzle…

Highslide JS
I rest my case for now.
Or should I say, I shall take a rest for now.
The battle for TRUTH is eternal.

Swastika is the KEY to Universal Movement
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

4 thoughts on “2012 ‘GET YER YA-YA’S OUT!’

  1. Hi Ralph,

    Take a look at what I just took a picture of.. this basket,

    it was sitting

    on my stairs and as I was staring at it I noticed the numbers :)!

    I googled over the internet for any images that look similar

    in design (perhaps asian/arabic?) but didn’t find anything exact,

    like your image above. I did look look up the sequence of

    numbers 52 25 52 25 though ;), I found this



    /View?r=12:52255196-52255225.. Chromosome bands?! lol

    ps You don’t have to post this.. (I’m not sure if the pictures will post)


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