INVERSE Law of SquareHEADS and Swastikas in REVERSE

shokwav wrote:
and Raph….people have been swiping and twisting symbolism for nearly 6000 years. Screaming foul at every turn isn’t going to make it better.

true…like statistics.
“figures can lie…and liars figure.”

but do give me credit.
I seem to be one of the FEW of the wandering EWE, some are black (like me), most are white. The black one has lost his way and simply wants to help unravel the sordid twisted tale of human suffering.

There still exist others who are continuing to twist the sheeple minds with more hocus pocus called 11 dimensional string theory.
who among you really understands it…?
This is just the brand *new* improved temple priest dogma.

The ‘creationist temple priest’ represents only one side of the coin.
But he shall be replaced with the ‘scientific temple priest’…same ole’ BS really, just a new language expressing the same truths, in an ambiguous language that nobody truly understands.

Even the experts and scholars can’t agree on all the finer points of ANY cosmological theory.
Is the SUN nuclear powered or electrical as many EXPERTS now suggest?
Sound familiar?

I am doing the herd of EWE a favor by pushing the swastika button in ways few know how.
I am willing to commit myself to a most unpopular idea, that gets poo-pooed by the ignorant ALL the time.
Not my problem.
‘Ignorant’ is NOT a slight in any way.
Just a fact of life.
Ignorance only suggests you are OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT…you have entered an unknown territory or sphere of knowledge.
Shall we share must read lists?
Here is a partial list of mine: … 7695#57695

Ignorance explains these manipulations:
It is not me making big budget films with two of the top grossing male STARS.
Tom Cruise (Valkyrie) Brad Pitt (Inglorius Bastards)

Not many male STARS can trump those two eh?
It is NOT me that keeps stirring the pot of division in the END of DAZE.
Is it?

I am just reporting on what I have been given the privilege to see, what actually Holy-wood promotes.
How archetypal CURRENT events (the present) meshes with archetypal history (the past).

I just had a profound thought.
I believe I have made a breakthrough in how to explain my passion.
Please continue to read…I have NEVER expressed the complexity with such simplicity before.

Imagine a ‘table top’ 500 piece puzzle that the family gathers round to solve.
Easy enough to do.
But try to imagine a puzzle that does not have just a length and a width.
It has has layers of depth?

please note the 3 x 3 grid.

Above is a graphic of the Inverse Square Law that LIGHT must adhere too.

Here is a nice analogy of what I am attempting to accomplish.
Most of the sheeple that dis my efforts, only want to acknowledge that 3 x 3 grid, the 9 pieces to the puzzle…they only want to solve the L X W puzzle and play games like Xs and Os. :wink:
But the image above clearly shows that I am seeking the source.
I am trying to see beyond the FLAT GRID…pulling back the veils…trying to find an archetypal TRUTH that must exist.
The image clearly shows that the 3 x 3 grid (9) can be morphed into a 2 x 2 grid (4) and further reduced to ONE solitary monotheistic square from which ALL grids emanate.

Like the image above shows, my thesis has merit.
The 3 x 3 grid of 9 squares can in FACT be reduced to ONE square, marked ‘A’, and past that ‘A’ we eventually reach the ‘S’.
YES it is clear to me that I evidently seek the BLUE LIGHT and an S.

Evidently the sheeple are content to play Xs and Os in the flat world of 3 x 3 or is it 4 x4, maybe 5 x 5?
The layers it would appear are infinite.
But a 2 x 2 magic square does NOT exist within a mathematical consciousness.
So the magic must begin with the magic of the mythical 3 x 3 Lo Shu magic square as recorded by Chinese ‘cosmology’.

LIGHT…obviously FAR FAR FAR away from the source….and continuing to move away from the BLUE LIGHT and the S…continuing to expand…just a chip off the shoulder…each of us a fractal of the whole.

In other words can I reduce that 3 x 3 square we see in the above image to ONE symbol instead of NINE?

The universal law of inverse square is a law that LIGHT adheres too.
Did I find a symbol that fulfills ALL of the above?
The next grid shows the propagation of a transverse spherical wave, which is associated with LIGHT.
Please locate the 3 x 3 grid in the center of this next grid.


So can you see the twisting in the center that resembles a SWASTIKA?
Can that light wave twist in two directions, like the SWASTIKA?

The SWASTIKA is that anicent symbol that we can reduce much of the BS and mumbo jumbo to.
Past … present and guaranteed in the future this symbol has a role to play in our evolution.
The fact it shares properties with DNA, the further expose its intrinsic value, should not be allowed to be marginalized by bleats of ignorance.
Can’t bury this symbol…though THEY try to veil it with really big FIBS.

The Playboy article re: 2012 really sucked, the more I think about it.

This thread is about 2012, which is analogous to a calender.
A calender composed by a culture we know little of (the Maya) …because the Vatican destroyed nearly everything.
Only 3 1/2 books/codices, nearly 4, of their self-recorded history remains.
Then the author of the Playboy drivel disses the Maya priest/astronomer/astrologer and instead starts quoting Christian bible thumpers who promote the 3/4 Gs of survival?

Calenders are about TIME that the Vatican took possession of in 1582 AD.
Time we are told moves clockwise and forward.
The physicist however suggests that time’s arrow (entropy) can in fact be breached.
TIME can be coaxed to move in reverse and go counter-clockwise.
Please note that the NAZI adopted version that HOLYwood has a fascination for, the arms are bent to the right, but it actually moves counter-clockwise. :wink:
1934 marked a REVERSAL of fortunes.
What happened in 1934?
ADD 78 archetypal years as depicted by the 78 cards of the TAROT.
1934 + 78 = 2012

So clearly the INVERSE LAW can be read in two directions…similar to how we read.
Can we understand more of the INVERSE Law by REVERSING the process?
Instead of becoming just another piece of the infinite puzzle, can we instead seek the source, represented by the ‘S’ in that image above?

The INVERSE LAW can be applied to musical notes/FREQUENCIES too by the way.
Maybe this is why many great thinkers concluded the universe is musical in its nature.
How much proof do the sheeple and seegullibles need eh?

Ever hear the Beatles composition Revolution No. 9 played in REVERSE? :lol:

Long ago, almost in another life time it seems, I went to visit Mozart’s grave.
I could hear some bizarre sounds emanating from his tomb.
The custodian of the tomb acknowledged the unusual ‘noise’.
I asked him the source of the sound?
He said it was coming from Mozart himself, he was de-composing:lol:

KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


22 thoughts on “INVERSE Law of SquareHEADS and Swastikas in REVERSE

  1. strange enough!:) I live not too far from (and other synchronicities…)
    and this the last poem I wrote:

    |giovedì 13 agosto 2009 3.06|


    Virgo 33 nella casa del pane, bianca.
    Una stella croccante, parlava lingue straniere:
    “Pierre d’angle” e un nome, ci prese la lirica
    al cantar del giorno: la matematica sui muri, i vetri, la strada,
    oh! Amore, guardami gemella nello specchio del tempo,
    vedi? Asciutte le lacrime come l’acqua del cielo,
    incanto maestro senza luna né sole,
    astrale mare illumina amore.

    *) namaste

  2. I don’t know if you know. Hebrew/QBL: 15 not possible Yod-He because they are the letters in the name Yah, so to sum up 15 we have to write tet Vav – 9+6.
    Maths is not an opinion:*) hoho hahaha:)))

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