‘11258’ Godel’s PINECONE SpaceTime confirms the UNIVERSAL 4 Ages Model

Visualization of the Gödel universe – IOPscience
Quotable Swastika Quotes – Movement – Space – Time – God

Is GRAVITY a pushing or pulling force?
My vortex guru Vincent Wee Foo suggests it could be a pushing force!

Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on the geometric push-in gravity


“I agree with you Graham that gravity is NOT a pull event.”
– James A. Graber (aka Jag of TOEQuest Forum) with twenty-five years into vortex research, 14th Nov 2008.

“I must in the full recognition of the fine work he does give thanks to Vincent Wee-Foo, for his platform of ponder for explanation of gravity being a push in effect.”
– Graham Burnett

Now let  Kurt Godel and me take you on a tour of why the Vatican has a pine cone garden…there are small reasons (pineal) and there are much bigger reasons.
What does the  cone represent on the MACRO scale? 

Of the many different kinds of trees whose wood qualities caused them to be called cedars, the Lebanese is the original. It is Cedrus, Latinized from the ancient Greek kedros, and grows not only in Lebanon but in Turkey and adjacent countries; it is the Biblical cedar. Deodar and Atlas cedars are its close kindred. These illustrious trees are not easily identified, because the three species are often very similar looking.
Entering the forest gate, Gilgamesh dreams that a mountain fell on him, but he was saved by a beautiful light. Then Enkidu has an ominous dream of a rainstorm. When Gilgamesh chops down a cedar with the ax, Humbaba hears the sound. Knowing the monster, Enkidu is afraid; but Gilgamesh encourages him. Calling on Shamash, Gilgamesh fells seven cedars, and each time Humbaba roars louder. When the two heroes reach Humbaba, he pleads with Gilgamesh for mercy, offering to serve him. Gilgamesh is moved, but Enkidu convinces him to kill the monster; so they cut off his head.

Nice passage.

The cedar, the ax, … sound.

Then four thousand years later the Freemason George Washington cuts down a cherry tree :lol:  and much noise is made about the event, the SOUND of a new nation being born is recorded, for the blah blah baa baa posterity of the self-serving HIS-story books…

Down here, the Pope, the Freemasons and other secret societies, still secretly revere / love the swastika (= ax) by the way. :wink:

95% of us know very little about the sun, the moon, and the heavenly cycles that help dictate the REAL terms down here…or do we play a role in the outcome?
We have allowed ourselves to be placed at the mercy of mother nature and big brother. 

Beirut-based developer envisions a 3.3-square-kilometer, artificial island shaped like a cedar tree as a major attraction off Lebanon’s coast.

Snow Falling on Cedars?
Next step?
How does the concept of the cone come into play when discuSSing Kabbalah/Phreemason Quantum Physics?

Let me show you…
Err actually Godel, the thinker/tinkerer will take you on a tour of Godel SpaceTime, of course ole’ Raphael will tag along to point out the OBVIOUS again. :wink:

The image is in Japanese but this article is in English.

http://www1.kcn.ne.jp/~h-uchii/spacetim … oedel.html

But what I really really really like about Godel’s Cone Universe is that is matches up again, with the 4 AGES MODEL of the UNIVERSE, that I have been shopping around in these End of Daze…

It provides a perfect match with so many other archetypal models that we can find embedded, everywhere because truth is truth, and truth can be found everywhere.

Swastika Plate 5000 BC is a Model of the Milky Way

As I contend…I do not need to find, invent, discover anything new under the sun and the moon. It is and always be laid out plain and clear for those who seek the truth.
Power and Glory confuses the real iSSues that befuddle with an intent to obfuscate the TRUTH.

Imagine that your galaxy was once at p of the Figure 4.
Now you are at q.
In order to visit p again,

(1) you first accelerate and aim at the outside of the critical circle.

Then,(2) when you passed the critical circle, you go downward for a while, enough below the original hypersurface at p.

Next,(3) you aim at the critical circle (below p, of course), and if you passed it, you aim at p, from the past region of p.

Thus you came back to your past, by going, everywhere, to your future!
This makes defining the cosmological time (common to all particles of matter) impossible.



Of course it was the CODE 112358 that lead me to the 4 AGES MODEL which PREDICTS, CONFIRMS and ACKNOWLEDGES both GODEL’s and Vincent Wee Foo’s idea of SpaceTimeMotion.

There is absolutely nothing NEW under the SUN and the MOON, only the SPIN the SpinMasters put on it…
Only way to solve the puzzle (for the indivdual) is to feel the truth.
Our reality based on and filled with RGB television and Radio wave manipulations is a toxic soup of contrived manipulations.


Again I present another coincidence, the giant Pine Cone positioned, centered, we are given a cross section of the cosmic egg that has 3 LEVELS? :lol:
And Plato’s Atlantis was envisioned in much the same way.
As was the occultist Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle :twisted: Was it laid out in the same way?
YES exactly.

Is Atlantis the destination…and the embedded archetype is the carrot that leads us to the promised land?
Promised or promiSSed?
No wonder Jesus rode an aSS.
Who writes this stuff?
Not me.
I just point out the OBVIOUS.
TRUTH is TRUTH and I found a good chunk of it.
A cosmic fractal chip off the ole’ block head I need to share with all of ewe, the missing corner of the stone that I continue to polish for its final presentation…


KEY 528=Swastika=ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


16 thoughts on “‘11258’ Godel’s PINECONE SpaceTime confirms the UNIVERSAL 4 Ages Model

  1. Sir Raph,
    I hope you have been well. I think I may have stumbled upon the path. I was driving myself crazy, never getting any peace trying to find peace, recently I’d “given up” again… Was looking at some piano tuning information when I found a guy named Drew Hempel… The way he explained some stuff, it finally clicked… I got some helpful materials (book, dvd, and an audio meditation- obviously not required but they help me personally)… Listen… Breathe… I can’t believe that’s it. That’s all… It’s… No words. Anyway- I came back here and then all the sudden ravaged through about 3 of your old posts that I never “got” completely and it all. Explosions that make me excited, and go “DUHHHH”, and I’m sure there’s more to come.

    Thanks again,


    P.S. Hope to “see” you outside of time, some time- perhaps… err.

    • hey jer,

      that is what happens…you stumble and bumble through life…and then realize you are actually on a defined path?

      I have heard that name mentioned before…re: Drew Hempel.
      Maybe you could provide a link for others and me?

      See you in lalala land


      • Raph,

        Sure thing sir, here is what I believe is his college thesis:

        I would recommend Googling his name as well- The thing that really helped me the most was some of his random posts I found out on the web- struck me as odd because I’ve never heard of anyone speak of things the way he did; Some things very taboo. Hell, some of it I couldn’t even understand- his writing style is very… Interesting- I can relate a lot. I didn’t have reservations about trying out what he was saying because the basics were so simple that… well again I couldn’t believe it. Anyway, he reminded me of you in the aspect that he was getting banned everywhere.

        I hope the Garden is going well. I had some fresh grapes from CA (where I’m from) last night. The sticker said they’re shipped within 24 hours- Dunno if that’s true but they sure taste close to what I remembered.

        Take it easy,


  2. Hi Raph,

    Hope you’ve been well. I try to catch up w/ you now and then. Came across an interesting site and thought you must check it out.

    “Hypertime is an interesting idea. It might even be correct, and it explains an awful lot. This paper is very different from the rest. It shows quite unambiguously that whether it is true or not, it is certainly the universe that Jesus (and other mystics) all thought they were living in. It does it by providing an explicit, physical interpretation of all 114 Logia in the earliest known Christian source document, called the “Gospel of Thomas”. Note that in hypertime, complex structures self-create by seeding themselves with copies of their own future state. There is also a thermodynamic explaination available of course, although sometimes these explainations get very implausible. That’s the difference between so-called body and so-called spirit.”

    That was BEFORE I dropped in and read your post including the Gospel of Thomas. Interesting synch. Here’s a link, hope it’s interesting.


    Hugs to you,

    • hello MG,

      ditto, hope spacetime has treated you well.

      this following quote was taken from the link you offered, it confirms/acknowledges the journey I am on, that you have been witness to.

      Then things got very Indiana Jones. I discovered that mystical or religious records from several traditions all contain unambiguous discussion of the same logical and physical concepts. It seems that many other people have seen this picture at different times and places. Since they couldn’t directly communicate the picture to others because of the brain chemistry and logic problems defined here, they all contributed to creating a situation where it could be communicated. These people thought big. They used their understanding of the situation to make adjustments and create work oriented cultures that study science! Humanity would still be stuck in a social and cognitive tornado, but it would be gathering clues like crazy and eventually the penny would have to drop.

      The penny that dropped?


      ciao for now MG.

    • RED Cone Hats in Perpignan?
      Klu Klux Klan uses WHITE Cone Hats…

      Witches use the BLACK Cone Hats

      ….and and and it is the ‘Jew’ that is associated with GOLD/Yellow Cone Hats, GOLD rings and the GOLD Star of David…

      Black >> White >> Gold and Red are the 4 colors of alchemy that represent transmutation.


  3. Hi Raphael,
    Have you seen this http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2009/06/04/witch-bottle.html ? The flower decoration looks like an open pine cone to me or the view from the top of one looking down? Rotate the picture (pg2-click the picture) and things start looking pretty interesting.. comparing this pic. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XBvFfrA1jjU/SC_K9S0KhCI/AAAAAAAAAY8/x-sHvG6Owrc/s400/amanita,+satellite+of+st+peter.jpg to witches jar. What
    do you say? What are the contents in St. Peters square? hmmm…

    I love your site! Thank you for putting this info. out here on the WWW, it’s so totally fascinating!

    • thanks for the info re: witches jar …

      …there are no coincidences, only the poetry of design that needs to be recognized and appreciated.


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