‘11258’ INDUS Valley Joseph Campbell

The following images are from Joseph Campbell‘s book The Inner Reaches of Outer Space.
Can I find the Code 11258 found on CARD X of the Tarot in chapter 4, called Threshold Fiqures?

This gets interesting.
A discussion the 4 Evangelists, led by ME guide and guru JC.

Joseph Campbell

Please read the text above.
They claim the script on the reverse side is of an ‘undeciphered script.’
Well it was until now.
Below we see similar looking ‘serpents’.

On the manual of a book written by Ed Leedskalnin, the fella who built the Coral Castle.

And the numbers 11258 appearing in blue on CARD X, are a direct reference to the 4 Evangelists who represent 4 specific constellations that held the cardinal positions around 3000 BC.

Do I need to remind you again of their universal appeal, i.e. the Four Evangelists?

Or is it the ‘4 Evangelists’, the 4 Tetramorphs, the Tetragrammaton, and the Persian 4 Royal Stars, to name a few of the other incarnations or incantations?

CHARTRES Cathedral

In the above image we see Jesus Christ sitting INSIDE the Vesica Piscis and NOTABLY surrounded by the 4 Evangelists/Tetramorphs/Beasts.
Do you see the Maltese cross inside the nimbus/halo behind the head of Jesus?
Remember the Gothic Cathedrals were constructed/inspired/guided by the Freemason.

Somebody drop Jon Depew a note and tell him the archetypes suggest he has the polarities indicted WRONG, though I would be willing to discuss the limited options…and possibilities.
The colored nodes IMHO should be colored in such a way that RED should face RED and BLUE should face BLUE.
Implying a magnetic Law of Repulsion as opposed to the Law of Attraction that we see indicated.

And this video clearly/eloquently attempts to explain why the Law of Attraction falls short of revealing any secrets…
The first 5 minutes is very interesting, the next 5 minutes gets into why  ‘Satan’ is a necessary subplot, and by then you should be hooked on the presentation.

Above I completed the TWO CIRCLEs (one green and one gray) that form the vesica pisces on the seal.

And both BLACK dots represent the centers of each circle…

25.11 = vesica piscis = 8
(8 can be a 2 and 5 combined or a Z + S)

Well that is how I interpret that damaged SEAL from the Indus Valley.
Hey maybe we should ask Z Sitchen or E. von Danikin?

At this point I want to remind everybody that the ‘vortex math genius/guru’ Marko Rodin believes 2=5.
I would like to add that Z looks like 2 and a 5 looks like an S.

And in early language development all of the above where confused with each other.
Along with the N = Z = 2 = 5 = S.
Those five letters are special IMHO, and we could add a sixth found in Eastern European scripts, the reverse ‘N’.
There is another glyph or shape that is associated with Apollo’s Temple at Delphi.

The letter E, we see the letter E can be a M, W or a 3.
And they look like waveforms.

But discussing RUNEs and how/what the eyes let in to be interpreted (phosphenes) and how the BRAIN interprets shall be left for another thread.
All you need to appreciate is that we do NOT see with our eyes.

Please do note that the above Templar Cross was formed by spelling the word AEON four times.


That could be why the letter N is in the center of the 5×5 Knights Templar Magic Square, a palindrome.

Still not convinced that those numbers/letters are a valuable clue/the Philosopher’s Stone in a numerical CODE, left on CARD X of the Tarot?

Well for further confirmation I will need to quote J.C.

Joseph Campbell.
This is taken from the last page of chapter 4, page 92 of The Inner Reaches of Outer Space.

It perhaps is merely coincidental that whereas the basal starting date of the Mayan ceremonial calendar is 3113 BC, in India the beginning of the present “Great Cycle” … is supposed to have occurred on February 18, 3102 BC.

Shall we take a closer look at those numbers when the Indian calendar started?

START DATE according to Joseph Campbell

Feb. 18/3102 BC = 0, 1, 1, 2, 5, 8

Feb. 18/3102 BC OR 218/3102 OR 0112(2+3)8 OR please do note, what we have is the Fibonacci series starting from 0 – zero.
And do remember the Indians along with the Maya were the first ones to use ‘0‘.

0, 1, 1, 2, 5, 8.

YES what we have here is the CARD X Code 11258.

And yes some of you will suggest the 3 is in fact missing from both the TAROT CARD X and from the START DATE in India.

The reason the 3 is missing is quite is easily explained.
The 22 Cards of the Tarot (major arcana) matches the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and matches the 22 Chapters in Revelations.

3 = Gimel

And Gimel is the only letter NOT used in the 72 names of God in the Kabbalah.
And each name has 3 letters.

Thus 72 x 3 = 216

And as it turns out the 216 string of numbers is actually Phi (the Golden Spiral) embedded into a mystical concept called the Shempahorash.

And the formula for Phi is found on CARD X of the TAROT.
The numbers 1 2 5 and 8 (the phi symbol)
Those numbers ARE the formula for Phi.

And  1258 coincidentally was my former badge number, and I was born at 5:28 am.

Yup, what else can I conclude, I was issued a badge to help build a bridge, deliver an archetypal message about universal asymmetry, embedded within the mythical/religious scriptures, however announced to the scientific world the year I was born in 1957.

2012 = 1957 + 55 years  to help build a bridge with the aSSiSStance of the Holy Spirit.

message found in the Runes … 55 = SS = ZZ= 22 = 1+9+5+7

I mean what else can I conclude?




and then I found this?

4 Leaf Clover=LSD=DMT=FLYWHEEL=4 Evangelists=KEY 528=ASYMMETRY=swastiKA=SPIN
“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


6 thoughts on “‘11258’ INDUS Valley Joseph Campbell


    Average of all above words = 330 / 5 = 66

    Again the key to 528 (8 x 66)

      • Hi, I’m the author of the work cited above. “Please do note that the above Templar Cross was formed by spelling the word AEON four times.” This is a really cool observation. I do think my solution is correct, perhaps the old version with the N helped invoke the Aeon of Horus. I have developed a great theory of the aeons but have not published it yet. Type in “Wizardiaoan issuu” for more of my writings, they’re on issuu.com, and I’ll be adding the aeon material eventually.

      • Walt which work are you claiming as yours?
        Please be specific…

        Interesting read so far re: Nv Freemasonry
        But it is a repetition of the same old information rehashed by you…that is okay.
        But what does it all ‘reduce’ to?
        It appears that the IT (information technology of the cosmos) gives us the free will to interpret the same gene-MEme-drEaMs that collectively creates the MEme-thEME pARKS capable of transforming or evolving our DNA.

        To tell ya truth I would have called Nv >>> NW and then rotated the N into a Z, leaving us with N=Z and v=W


        Dude NOBODY, I mean NOBODY is in possession of the narrative I offer you now, the one I have recovered that should speak volumes to you IF your initiation was as complete as mine.
        Walt whatever claims you have to the Sator Square, they are inconsequential to the bigger picture outlined here:


        Thus we can now discuss the Story of W and the Z, thereby linking THOTH thoughts from 5000 BCE to modern alchemy called the CERN Particle Accelerator.

        And note the W and Z takes us on a quest for the Higgs fIELd >>> i.e. the gravity mystery.



        AHA it did not take long for ME to see where WE connect Walt.
        While I continue to digest your IDEAS looking for the common denominators, have a look here, I bet ya find something your Masters do not even know.
        What does your intuition suggest to your logic about the ’37’ connections we have made?

        Get back to ME.

      • Walt you need to read my work on the Rotas Square before you publish your Sator Square musings.
        Yes the RS came before the SS.
        Have you considered why the SS is part of western ‘consciousness’ and not RS?
        And WHY ‘we the sheeple’ are enticed by a story of Knights, a quest for the Grail, and a date with god… etc.

        Walt I had a look at all three booklets you have at Issuu.com.
        I do have comments and criticisms to make.
        Want to hear them?
        Here are just a few of them, I could write a book.

        First of all your Nv Seal is NOT identical to the Great Seal on the $1 – ONE dollar bill.
        Proportions are skewed dude. You fucked with them so your ‘N’ would fit.
        That is a fail.

        Walt you love to share your journey with your readers, let me bore you for a moment.
        My awakening occurred in my 47th year which I quickly noted was a ‘meme reminder’ about the very important Euclid proposition #47! which is of course KEY to what a builder NEEDS to know before he can go and start building shit called tempLEs and shopping malls and modern Towers of babEL.
        Follow ME?

        Walt note in the above Chinese solution that predates Pythagoras (maybe) isolates the 3×3 and 4×4 magic squares.
        SATURN is 3×3 and Jupiter is 4×4

        3D vs 4 Dimensions is a common gene-MEme-drEaM-thEME that we find on the $1 bill too!

        Walter MISSED the obvious on the ONE dollar bill.
        ‘WE THE SHEEPLE’ always do.

        DUDE the base of the pyramid on the $1 bill clearly suggests 4 sides to the base.
        PhDUH Walter the top pyramid with the ALL-sEEing EyE is a tetrahedron, i.e. the pyramid floating above the base has 3 sides.
        Shall we MOOve on Walt with your SSS leSSonS?

        How to get across the SS abySS recognized in abySSian CULTures…
        Yup the two pyramids on the $1 bill, one with 3 sides and one with 4 sides are separated by an aby$$ and ya got to pay the ferryman to get across DAATH/DEATH?

        SSS = 555 feet Washington Monument
        tallest obELIsk in the whole wide world – www

        SSS = battle cry of catholics = Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!
        Or in the east we have Shakti Shakti Shakti

        Getting the POINT Walt?
        Feel ME cattle prod?

        Euclid Proposition #47 is in fact a discussion about the Pythagorean Theorem!
        i.e. a^2 + b^2 = c^2

        a = 3 = oSiRiS
        b = 4 = iSiS
        c = 5 = HoRuS

        Hey hey what if the H signifies jeSuS HoRuS cHRiSt?
        WHY not other folks have proved they were constructed using the same genes and MEmes, found in our EM drEaMs creating our thEME pARKs.
        EM is ME backwards participating in the Electro-Magnetic fIELd whose strength relative to the other 3 forces is 1/137.

        At this link you will find MEme bits and bytes, the archetypes that transcend TIME and SPACE and MOTION:

        And Walt you will find bits and pieces of the same MEme-drEaM symbol you have on the title page of ALIII:474774

        Did ya know that your ‘stick man symbol with an E head’ shares the same MEme ideas as Robert Fludd’s ‘weather glass'(a primitive thermoMEter) symbolizing the metaphysical reality of light and dark, the separation of the macro and micro, as above, so below…
        You can place them over each other…interesting to note that YOUR symbol is the top/bottom reverse of Fludds’.

        So Walt if I were you (and I AM) I would not publish quite yet…you really should learn what I AM has put on the EMErald Buffet TabLE for all to share in and digest.
        The simplicity is only realized IF you can merge science and religion.
        It is in the unity that ONE sees simplicity.

        You need to create a mystery to create a rELIgion.
        I AM not interested in creating mystery nor a NEW Nv rELIgion that is obviously lacking some valuable info about how the inPHO, the data, the quantum packets of LIGHT (PHOtons) and SOUND (PHOnons) get from command central (god?) to ‘The Inner Reaches of Outer Space‘ written by JC.

        That is a good book by JC.
        JC is Joseph Campbell

        And to spread the inPHO to the four directions NEWS you need a PHO language introduced by PHOenicians.
        Follow ME Walt?

        ewe should 😉

        Because you spoke of 3 LInEs that it takes to ‘SQUARE a CIRCLE’
        Ending up with a ‘+‘ inside of a ‘O

        Well dude that is why I call my theory the ‘ox‘ or hug kiss theory…similar to your 3 LInE idea but you need to rotate your idea by 45 degrees…introduce swirly twirly vortex based mathematics MOTION to your SPACE and TIME idea.

        ox suggests we can place an ‘x’ inside a circle and then rotate it by 45 degrees.
        But then how do you hold it?
        Give it a handle.
        What do you have now?

        A navigation tool that works in any dimension…?

        Crichton E. Miller knows, he has a patent on the IDEA!



  2. sator = satyr = sexual drives
    a repo = repossess
    tenet = a prinicple belief held to be true
    opera = works of music (sounds)
    rotas = a roster or rotation

    2012 the roster changes?
    Do all the roosters become chickens?

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