‘11258’ = 17 = ASYMMETRY = 9 + 8 = Palm of Victory

yes the POTENTIAL chaos of 2012?

A fork in the road?
WAR and or PEACE?

Behind the complexity is a simplicity.
Understood using the numbers 0-9.

What if, shall we pretend, invoke the wisdom of the Emerald tablets, i.e. heaven above = heaven below, thus what if our SUN (macrocosm) behaves very similar to an electron or it its anti-particle, the positron (microcosm)?
The only difference between the electron and the positron is the direction they rotate or spin.
Shall we keep it simple please?
Have you heard of the KISS principle?
Well I have a kiSS theory based on a simple fact that defines the two directions available to an electron suggests we start out in a flat world.

Right Milo?
So let us track the SUN/electron/positron on its path….


This Cross is a GREAT teaching aid.
Chaldean is very similar, with TWO distinct anomalies that I am currently studying, trying to understand why the TWO differences exist.
It is without a doubt a clue to how the Chaldean system based correlating to the OLD Testyment bible babel differs from the newer improved Greek versions.

BOTH OLD and NEW versions used GEMATRIA when embedding information.
An ancient simple code that the modern binary bi-polar life form fails to appreciate.

Please note the numbers 11, 2, 5, 8 are on the 2nd Valance/Ring/Orbit.

And the SUN/electron/positron is currently in Pisces #12 moving into Aquarius in the #11 position?
Precessing means to go backwards.
We see that in the image above.
12 is Pisces dropping DOWN a VALANCE, RING, ORBIT or stAGE toward Aquarius (11) and then after the Age of Aquarius we will move into the Age of Capricorn #10.
It is very simple, I feel.

Suggesting anybody could have used similar mnemonics as the Tarot, as a teaching aids…like the gypsys and alchemists.

So then…
What happens when an electron moves closer to the centre?

Does it lose energy or gain energy?
Does it release ‘LIGHT’ as it gets closer to the center?

LIGHT leaving the earth?

As it is in the Macrocosm so it is in the Microcosm.
That MODEL above is what I have synthesized into the 4 AGES MODEL.

It meshes with Milo Wolfe and his Standing Wave Theory?
It meshes with the I-Ching?
It meshes with both Tibetan and Navajo cosmologies?
It is universal in its scope.

You can track everything big and small with this MODEL.
Even belief systems…they also flow, btw.
Predict speed and location at the same time of an electron?
Ah so maybe we start to see the benefit of understanding the patterns, how the rivers flow, where do they go?

What is obvious to me, is that the gift I bring to the Emerald Table is lost on even ‘smart people’.
Kids who have not been made ‘numb and dumb’ … see the relationships using only the numbers 0-9 clearly.
Recently I had a great chat with a 11 year old, who is familiar with the archetypes, that he recognizes from the LOTR trilogy and other fantasy games he embraces…
He was very receptive to how the numbers and archetypes transcend SpaceTime….

Sorry but it can be proved sooooo easily most adults, even scientists are fooking ‘blind’ to the archetypal narrative, I have stumbled and bumbled upon and am trying to share.
The universe is a game and it wants us to play along.

I am at the stAGE in my life that if a child says they have chats with a make believe friend, maybe a benevolent ghost, I will believe them.
But if an adult suggests they saw a UFO being flown with green men hidden inside, who want to do us all harm, sorry but really now, who is the fool?

AS Elders, we have the responsibility to help the child who arrives with an archetypal imprinting to exploit this wisdom….
But that is not what we do.
I do understand why children should NEED to weave a rug or two using their own two hands, I now understand why our children must be exploited using the archetypal exercises!!
The art of the weave (the 3 Norns) transcends SpaceTime.

The system has been directed to make people stupid, this has been done with an intent, that is obvious how and why the system has been set up.
We veil the powerful symbols, they are used against us as a form of subversive silent warfare…
Advertising supports me when I say symbol illiterate people are made into dumb and numb sheeple, easily lead astray.
With an intent apparently, the system favors to do business a certain way.

Science says that humans are bi-lateral asymmetrical life forms.
That means we have a preference for ONE direction >>

Now if you were the god Janus, which way would you go?
Is Janus a symbol for symmetry or asymmetry?

Which tree in the Garden of Eden would you find that coin of Janus hanging from?
The asymmeTree or the symmeTree?
Now is a good time to go back and read this post re: the Palm tree.
Once called the Tree of Life?
 Can we discuss the universal concept of twins found in all myth without discussing asymmetry, symmetry or polarity or TIME?

Is TIME asymmetric or symmetric?
Is TIME, the calendar, a big deal?
Oops I forgot this is blog discussing the time clock, CARD X of the Tarot.

2008 NOBEL prize awarded for proving ASYMMETRY is the default mechanism we default to on planet EARTH.
Hmm, apparently I am one of the few to suggest TRUTH of what WAS embedded into the archetypal symbols/scripts/narratives is being revealed to us RIGHT NOW in the HERE and NOW, and I OBVIOUSLY am one of the few looking at it from my unique perspective. (that’s all it is, I have a peephole)

The PAST PRESENT and FUTURE are colliding.
Sounds enlightening, does it not.

A ZERO GRAVITY moment…when all the shit floats to the top?

Many mainstream forums do NOT appreciate the CROSS I have had to bear. My struggle starts to resemble an archetypal tale of pursuing an honor lost.
The SWASTIKA and me have been opposed everywhere we go.
And I find that sooo funny.

In the Christian catacombs the swastika was used to mark Jesus as ‘the POWER of the WORLD’.

Clearly this is a sign of the underlying TRUTH that religion and science have conspired to ignorantly and arrogantly PASSOVER.
What the TRUE CROSS is.

Please note the evolution of the ‘Apple’ inspired computer.

RECTANGULAR BOX >> squarish BOX >> OBLONG/EGG/Boxy thing >>
and the latest version of the APPLE is a FLAT SCREEN.

NO MORE roundish boxes attached?

“Please do Tell William” about how your arrow sliced the apple in half along its horizontal plane, thereby exposing the 5 SEEDS inside, arranged to form a 5-pointed morning Star of Venus…

(try it with any apple)

And when Sir Isaac Newton saw this divine arrangement of 5 seeds, after William shot the arrow off his head…he had an idea.

By the way … the Transit of Venus cycle … maps out a pentagram in the heavens …
And it takes 121.5 years plus or minus a factor of 8 years.

My favorite numbers again?


So why would the VENUS Transit cycle be found on the TAROT?

The Venus Transit Cycle is confirmed MAYA knowledge/wisdom found on the DRESDEN Codex.
And the Dresden Codex is only ONE of 4 remaining MAYA codices?
Certainly the reason I sometimes  refer to the numbers 11258 as Codex4.


Maybe what I am helping to untangle is truly profound?
I know it is…
One day the fella who started out as the archetypal babe Moses in a reed basket, floating beside Krishna on the banyan leaf, who then woke up to a couple of misguided 7th day adventurists who took their child the sponge diver, on a bizarre archetypal manifestation of truth through 7 levels….one day we will arrive, we ALL get back to the center spot. Eventually.

The center spot?

Easy to find, follow the signs as you travel back along the spiraling yellow brick road.

Templar SEAL … two riders riding as ONE?


Clay bowl from SAMARA IRAQ 5000 BC.

Thus 5000 years before the Son of God walked the earth and over water, we have a depiction of birds and fish illustrating a swirling motion…?

3) Jesus said: If those who lead you say to you:

See, the kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will go before you; if they say to you: It is in the sea, then the fish will go before you.

But the kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you.

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father.

But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.

AND I am told that PROOF exists of WHO the SUN GOD WAS?

Too obvious, I am laughing so hard, just like Gaia I will split my side and give birth to another immaculate godly creature just like myself.
Come on folks, forget the propaganda camPAIN called JeSuS … he is merely a highly developed idea/concept representing something else.
But what does he represent, it is not Mithra, or Apollo, or the Buddha or whoever…because something else predated them too!!

Can we talk about ‘my GOD’, that existed at least 5000 YEARS before the MUTT of metaphor was promoted, a very slick advertising campaign indeed?
What do you get when you take the Holy Spirit symbol called the SS, divide it, take one S and lay it over another S?


THE CENTER SPOT …. climb the mountain or descend into the abySS.
ALL…ah is still in the center.

shhh and the 13 spot is center of a circle based on 12 hours and 5 is the center of a square with 4 corners.
And the 5 pointed pentagram star is evil and occultist?
But yet we can find embedded within its architecture everything related to Phi and everything golden?
And some folks want us to believe both are bad?
Along with the swastika?

Who would that be?
Want to go on a tour of the Vatican, i.e. St. Peter’s Square (the FATHER church?) and San Giovanni Laterano, which is in fact the MOTHER CHURCH of ALL ROMAN CATHOLIC Christendom, and it sits at the APEX of the RC CHURCH EMPIRE …and….we can watch…some celestial intercourse?

MA and PA Kettle Alchemy claSSes using VORTEX energy?

Would the movements at the north pole of Saturn (upper image) OR storms on Jupiter have any bearing on how things shape up in the solar system?

Shall we let go look at the swastikas in the MA and PA churches?
Follow the crucifix around the world and through history, through SpaceTime?
Is the evidence obvious?
Profound evidence that helps illustrate how the narrative has been recorded and preserved?

Why do folks sheepishly shy aware from Raphael and his ancient CROSS that means GOOD LUCK and VITAL ENERGY?
A CROSS that in fact helps to reconcile SCIENCE and RELIGION?
I just don’t get it.

Actually I do understand.
I understand prophecy and what must happen.





>>> The OX TOE

4 Leaf Clover = LSD = DMT = FLYWHEEL = 4 Evangelists = KEY 528 = ASYMMETRY = swastiKA = SPIN

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


5 thoughts on “‘11258’ = 17 = ASYMMETRY = 9 + 8 = Palm of Victory

  1. I’m just curious here…
    Do you know what KRYON is?
    I strongly, strongly, strongly urge you to tune in.
    The shift is upon us

    • yes the shift is upon us danny

      and that website you suggest the sheeple check out, will prosper nicely in the coming shift?

      I also love those ‘end of the world’ websites that have copyrighted their info….

      too funny
      too pathetic

      very slick website…
      but please Danny no more KYRON advertisements.


  2. Interesting things here!
    Wrote this poem after i read your article:

    Life is a circle,
    The ordinary people,
    We people
    Caught in this realm of illusion,
    Turn round and wonder,
    Just like a fish in the sea..

    Be interesting to have your view on some things.


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