KA and CHirality and CHiram Abiff the ARKitect

Mr Bridger wrote:
“Chiram of Boaz”? Well, at least he didn’t pick a name that was too Masonic 


I do spell Hiram as CHiram, something I picked up on from Manley P. Hall. 

Manly Palmer Hall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Could Manly P. Hall and me have 7 minutes of your precious time?
We want to tell you about what is ‘precious’, how to attain the Ring of the Lords.

The connection between CHiram and CHaldea (greek version) becomes evident.
When I offer the three other names it was known by.


KA and the swasti-KA

Now PLEASE watch this video … only 1:57 minutes long.

It discusses the McGURK effect…and the origin of the collective baa.

If you watch this video…I promise you/ewe you, that you will understand this blog with far more clarity, and your own hidden nature along with it.
The video is actually a pre-requisite to helping us understand why sheeple people default to the baa baa baa mechanism.

I have found a home, a pulpit from which to rant and rave, with great authority


My journey has been a unique one, aren’t they all?
WHY, what made my journey so unique?
I have been following the swastika like a shadow for about 4 years now and when everybody kept saying don’t go there, why stir up old wounds (holycausts and baa baa NAZI schieSSe), my reply was fook you, GET OUTTA my vay, I FEEL it is divine symbol, I FEEL IT!!!
So what do you want to know about the SWASTIKA?
Anybody, fire away.

My epiphany involves having daily conversations with the following archetypal deities OR divine concepts.
ALL of the following directly or indirectly represented by the ancient SWASTIKA.

1/ Swastika = the Gods representing time and entropy because TIME is ASYMMETRICAL, as is ENtropy referred to as ‘time’s arrow’.

2/ Swastika = the Gods of CREATION and DESTRUCTION … because these gods would use the mechanics associated with VORTEX energy.

“vortices posses a helicity (like DNA) and are correspondingly chiral.”

And this vortex movement is observed on ALL microscopic and macroscopic models…inside the nucleus of an atom…to the swirling galaxies.


3/ Also here is the SHORT list of other connections to the divine SWASTIKA:

Maat, Jehovah, the Gates of God, the KEY to Universal Movement, the Sun and the Moon, Sun/Moon equivalent to HATHA yoga, the messenJAHs like Mercury/Hermes/Thoth and of course I must mention the 5-pointed morning star/pentagram, which evolves to the evening 8-pointed star, i.e. both morning and evening stars are known as Venus.

Venus can be referred to as 5 to 8 or simply 528.

In other words you could joke and say that we traded in a 5 to 8  grind for a shorter work  day resembling 9 to 5.

My archetypal conversations with all of the above deities can be found here:


scroll down the right to see the various conversations that I have been having with my higher self…

NO it is NOT voices I hear or apparitions I actually see.
It is the feelings I hear after meditating on this symbol.
And when I say meditate…I mean this symbol is on my mind 24/7/365.

I retired at age 50 because I could NO longer accept where my occupation was going. They were intent on teaching this ole’ dog new tricks of the firefighter trade…
BUT I had reached a point in my life where I was starting to concern myself with learning what I already knew I knew, what I had forgotten.
I was more concerned with remembering and connecting with my lost mem, or the archetypal memories that we arrive with, an inner guide that helps us navigate through a concept called SpaceTimeMotion using the various E-motions to direct us…

So shall we try to define the ancient pre-literate pre-historic WORD based on the ORAL Traditions?
Would that be fair?

Most common, simplest definition presented on the www for ‘SwaSti’ = good luck
But what about the ka?
What about the ka?

Try to find a decent definition on the internet for swastiKA.
Difficult to find…but yet KA is a VERY significant SOUND/WORD in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Judaism >> KAbbalah >> CAbala >> mer KAba
Christianity >> vatiKAn >> merKAba
Islam >> KA‘bah stone at mecCA
Hopi have the KAchina dolls re: invisible forces

Those are just a few.

But we all know on this forum, that the western religions are based primarily on a blend of Egyptian/Zoroaster/Mesopotamian archetypal KA‘Bah KAbbalah baa baa blah blah?

So what value did the Egyptians place on the SOUND KA?

So according to what we have covered so far, in conclusion the swasti-ka means good luck/vital energy?

And it then becomes obvious that we replaced a 10,000 year old good luck/vital energy symbol connected to many deities, with a symbol that means oppression and death?
And if your mind., body and soul were reluctant to follow the roads back to Rome…they would be CRUCIFIED on the CRUCIFIX?
No wonder there will be a spiritual awakening.
I have a feeling I know why.

What if the dual aspects of jeSuS = dual aspects of SwaStika = plus and minus or as the particle physicist would call it a handedness or clockwise vs anti/counterclockwise?

Thus the anti-Christ could be just ONE of the two directions, that we could call anti-clockwise as opposed to clockwise.
(Any historical evidence of the SUN rising in the west? … YES)

Thus 2012 or any future event involving a visit by the scheduled archetypal meSSiah, is IMHO, just an indication that any change in direction, material or spiritual involves a reversal or flip re: poles/polarity…

By the way I have unveiled my purpose till I die.

What is my purpose exactly?
Simply: to help resurrect the SwaStika in the hearts and minds of all humanity as a good luck vital energy symbol, with the least amount of ruckaSS as poSSible.

But first Acharya S. needs to slay the mutt-of-metaphor called jeSuS…who was given birth in a geneSiS…a self-serving script with moSeS as public relations extraordinaire.
And all moSeS did was steal knowledge and wisdom from iSiS and oSiriS.
I can’t be SiruS?

YES of course.
Hold that image of SS surrounded by 7 doves up to a MIRROR.

What do your eyes see?

22/7 = Pi

Long ago as language was being recorded and scripted … S was confused with Z

And along with S = Z we also have 5 = 2
Ask the math vortex genius Marko Rodin about 5 and 2 or 2 and 5.
Those numbers he refers to as the ‘cosmic blender’.

Marko Rodin VBM 2 Fish and 5 Loaves of Bread and Jesus Mihi Omnia 157 and the BLUE WORM

ALSO we can see with our BRAINS and NOT our eyes when placed in total darkness.

The eyes/brain ‘generate’ Phosphenes >> Runes >> 55 = SS = ZZ = 22


S = sanctus
SS = sanctus spiritus = Holy Spirit
SSS = sanctus sanctus sanctus

Later the SS conspiracy widened by the efforts of the original two conspirators.
St. Peter and St. Paul…known as the SS or the Holy Spirit.

What if?

Pope overheard saying to Adolf:
“Adolf have your square-head teutonic Christian Knights of the square table, wear these red/white/black bands with S + S on your left arms. You and your cause will have the power and glory of the Holy Spirits St. Peter and St. Paul at your side…”

The rest THEY say (using sound bits and bytes, hARK can you hEAR the angels sing?) is HISStory.

How do you pronounce chiral?

What does it SOUND like, as I tug on my EAR?

The term chiral (pronounced /ˈkaɪrəl/) is used to describe an object that is non-superposable on its mirror image.Human hands are perhaps the most universally recognized example of chirality: The left hand is a non-superposable mirror image of the right hand; no matter how the two hands are oriented, it is impossible for all the major features of both hands to coincide. This difference in symmetry becomes obvious if someone attempts to shake the right hand of a person using his left hand, or if a left-handed glove is placed on a right hand. The term chirality is derived from the Greek word for hand, χειρ-(/cheir/).

Is it becoming clear that a poetic approach is best when trying to unravel the ancient mysteries, a sublime subtle paradoxical narrative?

A narrative where the distinction between letters and numbers gets fuzzy, but it can be accessed.
SCIENCE and  Math alone is a dead end.
RELIGION is just another dead end if taken too literally, not appreciating the creator’s poetic alchemy is kinda foolish.

The only way OUT of the labyrinth is if you merge the capacity of both LEFT (math) and RIGHT (myth) hemispheres of the ASYMMETRICAL BRAIN/consciousness trying to become ONE with god again.

And the SWASTIKA represents that process of something arising from nothing.
Like letting the genii outta of the bottle and making 3 wishes.
Coincidentally or by design.
The UNIVERSAL MODEL I have uncovered has a CENTER…and then humanity gets to make 3 wishes…with the 3rd wish…negating the other two…with the result that we find ourselves back in the CENTER again.
Thus after all is said and done…

Nothing will have changed.
The past and future collide.



p.s. here is a website that purports that the Dalai Lama and Hitler had the same vision…so this is the kind of bullshit we are up against.



8 thoughts on “KA and CHirality and CHiram Abiff the ARKitect

  1. Raf.. you should really check this guy rik clay out… his stuff is loaded in book form here…

    worth a look…

  2. Hey hey

    – AyahuasCA

    – Here in brazil there is a car named KA… it is by ford motors… the first version was a very unusual shape of car… kinda make some success.. not by the looks and more about because it was cheap..

    – the word in portughese for merriage is CAsamento… the union of 2 assymetrical parts…

  3. Hey Eyez,
    I was following the Clay stuff when it was real hot and had just went up on his blog- then it came off- he disappeared for a while- then all his stuff came back- and, finally I found out that he had committed suicide; very unfortunate if that’s the truth of the matter. Godspeed, Rik- wherever you are. I didn’t do comprehensive before/after to see what was changed- Though when you’re that far away from the “mainstream” you don’t really have to do anything to those guys to make them ‘seem crazy’- unless there is a real threat… Maybe maybe… Regardless- it’s one of those things people like me will never know until it happens- and it’s a little late then but at least being forewarned is comforting- I guess?…

    Anyway, I found it pretty interesting that (at the time) there was only one other “guy” that I found (through our masters@google) had any detailed info on what Rik was talking about, and he was Rik’s source, one of these… “Underground Lecture” types (I want to say Ian Crane? He covers some “usual Conspiracy stuff”). Kinda like this RC lady that Raph linked- Generally I just skim those sites, hoping to not waste too much time and/or find a good laugh…

    For instance, in Ms. Christina Rosetti’s case: She knows all this “secret” or at very least “un-status quo” knowledge about the Dali Lama, Oprah, and Barrack… But when it comes to September 11th, 2001 and I will quote her exactly: “We know who was at fault for
    those events: Osama bin Laden, Mohammed Atta, and the 19 hijackers.” I almost die laughing sometimes at how setup websites like RC’s appear to be. Even if it’s just a lapse of perception on their part- I still get a laugh out of it: Everybody makes mistakes.

    I’m just saying ALL this stuff is really dirty- and time consuming, I’m really discouraged to even take place in this “reality”. Good call though, asking Raph. =] I don’t know why I directed this at you, after reading your comment I started typing and now here’s this book of a comment. Oh well, Whatever… Nevermind!

    In conclusion I would like to note to all of you out there reading this, that we’re all probably better off thinking about how to change our daily lives* and expanding our perspective than we are to go on and on reading all this Edu-tainment that passes as “Super secret forbidden conspiracy knowledge that will set you free”.

    *steps off soap box*…
    Whoa, sorry there… I just want to stress the aspect of critically evaluating WHAT WE BUY and WHO WE BUY IT FROM. We ALL support the system- even those of us which don’t like it. To me that is way more of a challenge than finding some “forbidden TRUTH”…


    P.S. I know her initials would be CR, I put RC because anytime I see “Rose” combined with “Christ”… I just think Rosenkreutz… Just an observation, and no, I don’t know what that would “mean” even if she was one- I can’t even write a short post script, hmmmm… Later all.

  4. For instance, in Ms. Christina Rosetti’s case: She knows all this “secret” or at very least “un-status quo” knowledge about the Dali Lama, Oprah, and Barrack… But when it comes to September 11th, 2001 and I will quote her exactly: “We know who was at fault for
    those events: Osama bin Laden, Mohammed Atta, and the 19 hijackers.” I almost die laughing sometimes at how setup websites like RC’s appear to be. Even if it’s just a lapse of perception on their part- I still get a laugh out of it: Everybody makes mistakes.

    P.S. I know her initials would be CR, I put RC because anytime I see “Rose” combined with “Christ”… I just think Rosenkreutz… Just an observation, and no, I don’t know what that would “mean” even if she was one- I can’t even write a short post script, hmmmm… Later all.

    all well said Jer…nice connections to the CR handle.

    • thanks two thumbs up ….here is that article.

      Geomagnetic Polarity Reversal: A Theoretical Modus Operandi of Punctuated Equilibrium Evolution

      By Jay A. Yoder, Ph.D.
      Department of Biology, The Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL 62650

      Discontinuities in the fossil record provide the basis for the evolutionary theory of punctuated-equilibrium proposed by Eldredge and Gould (1972). Their theory suggests that the production of new species (as evidence of evolution) occurs by rapid bursts that are delineated by long periods (50,000 – 100,000 years in most cases) of stasis where no apparent changes take place. This contemporary theory of evolution, however, has not gained widespread acceptance and remains highly controversial (Futuyma 1986; Sober 1995). Clearly, to produce a significant evolutionary burst of this magnitude would require a most striking event leading to an abrupt change in gene frequency. Of the forces that are touted to alter gene frequency and drive evolution (inverse of Hardy-Weinberg Law assumptions; Griffiths 1996), none appear capable of generating such a dramatic alteration so quickly. Though genetic drift has been invoked to explain this anomaly, its impact, too, has been challenged (Futuyma 1986; Sober 1995). How evolution becomes ‘punctuated’ is puzzling.

      One possibility could involve magnetic (polarity) reversal, a relatively rapid change in the polarity of Earth’s geomagnetic field where the North Pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa (Jacobs 1984). This theoretical force of evolution operates on Ecke et al.’s (1995) newly-discovered relationship between chiral symmetry (= handedness) and the orientation of the magnetic field; spiral defect patterns displaying distinct handedness form observed in a chaotic flow of carbon dioxide in a Rayleigh-Benard convection broke symmetry when the rotation about the vertical axis (spiral analog of the magnetic field) was reversed. These investigators concluded that the winding direction of a spiral was analogous to a magnetic spin. That is, a right-handed magnetic spin generates a clockwise spiral and a left-handed magnetic spin reverses the spiral counterclockwise.

      With regard to DNA, a change in the orientation of the magnetic field would therefore translate into a left-handed (counterclockwise spiral) to right-hand (clockwise spiral) switch (Z-DNA to B-DNA that can now be transcribed) or the reverse (B-DNA to Z-DNA whose role may be involved with regulating expression of certain genes or in genetic recombination) (Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996). Such changes in handedness of DNA would lead to gene activation or deactivation (Lodish et al. 1995), differential gene expression, and a change in gene frequency that drives evolution. Most strikingly, as is well known to geologists, reversals in the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field occur every 10,000 – 100,000 years (Jacobs 1984) and thus, the pronounced bursts of speciation associated with punctuated-equilibrium evolution are reflected by abrupt changes in gene frequency as a result thereof.

      My theory operates on the following premises:

      1.) The DNA double-helix exists in both right-handed, clockwise spiral (B-DNA) and left-handed, counterclockwise spiral (Z-DNA, though only in short tracts) forms in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996);

      2.) Only B-DNA is transcribed, whereas Z-DNA is not (Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996);

      3.) A change in magnetic field orientation affects chirality or handedness; the winding direction of a spiral is analogous to a magnetic spin (Ecke et al. 1995);

      4.) Geomagnetic polarity reversals involve changes in the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field, where the North Pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa (Jacobs 1984);

      5.) Geomagnetic polarity reversals occur relatively rapidly (Jacobs 1984);

      6.) A polarity reversal occurs every 10,000 – 100,000 years (Jacobs 1984);

      and on the following assumptions:

      1.) A switch in the handedness of DNA (Z to B or the reverse) is responsible for the differential gene expression and hence, changes in gene frequency (Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is violated; evolution != 0) (Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996). Short Z-DNA tracts may play a role in the regulation of the expression of certain genes or in genetic recombination (Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996).

      2.) The direction of winding (handedness) of DNA is influenced by the orientation of the magnetic field, an assumption taken from Ecke et al.’s (1995) observations. Thus, an inversion of B-polarity causes a change in the winding direction.

      3.) Certain sequences of DNA are more labile (‘electromagnetically vulnerable’, thus more prone to reversal of spin) than others with regard to magnetism, otherwise, a magnetic reversal as described would lead to more dramatic changes in simply activating or deactivating genes. Massive species extinction may be expected if net Z-DNA switched to B-DNA, because the ‘blue print’ has been completely altered, not just modified. Thus, the entire genome does not reverse spin; a change from B-DNA to intranscribable Z-form would be lethal to all organisms.

      In accordance with this theory, variations in timing between ‘punctuated’ peaks of speciation can be accounted for by such natural phenomena as (Jacobs 1984; Butler 1992):

      1.) Short periods of constant geometric polarity, usually 10,000 years (polarity epochs = polarity interval; the time interval is called a magnetic epoch).

      Taken together, these considerations imply that the bursts of speciation associated with punctuated-equilibrium evolution derive from a simple handedness-switch from B-DNA to Z-DNA, or B to Z, in response to a relatively rapid reversal in the orientation in Earth’s magnetic field. For the first time, this reveals that Earth’s magnetic field is an important natural force of evolution.

      Additionaly Considerations

      Single-stranded DNA possessed by certain viruses, prokaryotes and protists is anticipated to react to magnetism in a like manner, because their DNA is probably twisted in some way due to the presence of chiral centers in nucleotides. Evolution would be expected to proceed slowly in organisms living in certain geographic ‘islands’ that are unaffected by shifts in magnetic field. Reversals in magnetic polarity as described may be more likely to produce a genesis instead of evolution; changing the ‘handedness’ of an organism’s DNA may be expected to be completely intranscribable in many species, and, thereby yield many ‘new’ species. The fossil record would thus show many of the extinct species shortly after the magnetic reversal. Reversal times may correlate directly with bursts of speciation; alternatively, they may be out of sync.

      As a final comment, proof that the magnetic field exerts an impact on gene expression has recently been demonstrated Rao and Henderson (1996) reported electromagnetic field sensitivity on regulation of the c-fos gene that encodes the Fos protein, an important nuclear transcription factor. Thus, there is a link between magnetic field and gene expression.

      Author’s note – The purpose of this article is to foster discussion, with the hope that it will lead to new research in this particular area.

      Literature Cited

      Butler RF. 1992. Paleomagnetism. Oxford; Blackwell Scientific Publications.
      Ecke RE, Hu Y, Mainieri R, and Ahlers G. 1995. Excitation of spirals and chiral symmetry breaking in Rayleigh Benard Convection. Science 269:1704-1707.
      Eldredge N, and Gould SJ. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: an alternative to phyletic gradualism. In TJM. Schopf (Ed.), Models in paleobiology San Francisco; Freeman, Cooper and Company pp. 82-115.
      Futuyma DJ. 1986. Evolutionary Biology. Sunderland; Sinaur.
      Griffiths AJF, Miller JH, Suzuki DT, Lewontin RC, and Gelbart WM. 1996. An introduction to Genetic Analysis. New York; WH. Freeman.
      Jacobs JA. 1994. Reversals of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Bristol; Adam Hilger.
      Lodish H, Baltimore D, Berk A, Zipursky SL, Matsudaira P, and Darnell J. 1995. Molecular Cell Biology. New York; WH. Freeman.
      Rao S, and Henderson AS. Regulation of c-fos is affected by electromagnetic fields. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 1996. 63:358-365.
      Sober E. Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Biology. 1995. Cambridge; The MIT Press.

      Here is a summary I found online…

      First, the Earth’s magnetic field may influence the dominant ‘handedness’ (or chirality) of DNA (basically which direction it spirals). B-DNA (right-handed DNA) is transcribed, while Z-DNA (left handed) is mostly unstable and it may be used for other processes. If a magnetic reversal were to occur, this might cause transcription of B-DNA to cease and Z-DNA transcription to take over (at least for certain electromagnetically sensitive genes). Thus, under such a scenario, biological creatures would undergo rapid mutations (or extinctions depending on the size and scope of the genetic changes). This is ultimately what the author believes causes the observed punctuated equilibrium in the fossil record.

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