Intelligent Design ~ the Swastika and mi Epiphany 101

UPDATE March 18, 2015

Mind Control – George Orwell and Room 101

I came across this video today highlighting the work of 1984 author George Orwell.
And one of the topics of discussion is what goes on in Room 101.

As you plough through the contents of this blog, the significance of a Rm 101 will become clearer to the reader, as Margaret Atwood points out in the above link starting at about 43 seconds.

~ end of UPDATE ~

You have been banned for the following reason:
huge waste of bandwidth

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Today I was banned from yet another forum.
No warning given.
Only the above reason.
I thought I was getting along with the gang at AbraHadabra.
But I felt I should probably cut and paste this entry/ thread, SAVE IT, in case the fella called M1 didn’t like the not so subtle  shearing I gave him and his ego.
I had that same feeling.
Guess he didn’t like the response I gave him on HIS forum.
I should know better than to make the Lord of the Realm look like a shallow Hal.
That’s what you are M1thros…a shallow Hal
Originally Posted by m1thr0s

So go ahead…play your game or whatever it is but I think it would be useful if somebody spent a little more time explaining what any of this has to do with anything the rest of us can actually use in some way.

As far as I can tell you’re just taking off on some tangental ego-trip…m1

NO offense but that is what I would expect someone to say who has NOT had an EPIPHANY strike them down…

I do UNDERSTAND now why I see people talking to themselves.
I do UNDERSTAND now why people are on street corners handing out pamphlets.
I even UNDERSTAND now how  ‘smart,  intelligent, successful’ people just don’t ‘get it’.

I stay close to home much these daze. Not going out much.
Choosing to isolate myself from the noise, haste and waste.
I am focused more on building a sanctuary.

My ego trip has become all powerful and all consuming, the obsession has caused me to do some crazy things….I recognize them as crazy, BUT I still forge ahead, trying to tame the obsession, allow it not to be my master, and my obsession will become a passion, worth sharing.

WTF, btw
I can top your ego observations with crazy too, ok?

Let me provide just some of the proof.
I retired early at age 50, from an island paradise firehall, in the middle of a city park essentially, (very quiet, on average, 150 responses/per year kept four platoons busy).
When I retired I was making 75K / year, working a 24 shift schedule, meaning I only reported for work about 75 days out of 365.

I declined the ‘reduced pension’ but was allowed to put the bulk of the cash settlement into a RRSP. These daze I am trying to live on about 25K per year.
I retired in 2007, shy of a full pension, IF only I had kept working till 2013.
But I didn’t see the point….

I had truly become OBSESSED with the swastika, since about 2005, even sharing this overwhelming fixation with my co-workers, sketching swastikas on the blackboard at work, during coffee breaks.  I realize now it was the beginning of a synthesis that would evolve into my theSiS.

The firehall was the birthplace.  The fire service is represented internationally by the Maltese Cross.
Is there a connection between the Maltese Cross and the Swastika?

…and yes I did seem a little crazy to me mates.

All true, and this obsession of mine began primarily with the number 4 not 23.  But what I recognized was that 23 = 5 and 4 = 22.  And the prequel quite often seems to follow the original story.

Ever notice?
i.e. the original StarWars was followed by two sequels, but was later (a generation later) renamed Episodes IV, V and VI … and then 3 prequels were released.

So I am suggesting that a prequel to The Number 23 (5) will be released, called The Number 22 (4).

The Hebrew aleph beth has 22 letters, the major Arcana of the Tarot has 22 archetypal cards, and the last Book of the Bible called Revelations has 22 chapters.  And there are 22 amino acids (20 plus 2 switches?) that take orders from DNA or how to build the proteins.
And the depth of archetypal symbolism concerning the number 4 is quite extensive, to say the least.

An Epiphany is overwhelming.
If you saw Jim Carrey in the film ‘The Number 23’, you would know what I mean.

The MiNd just starts doing its own thing.

That was just like me, mad, crazed, obessed, dressed in a dark blue firefighter uniform, a swastika embedded in my shoulder flash (recognized as the maltese cross), sometimes even wearing sandals (birkenstocks) and shorts,  giving Swastika 101 lessons to the urban heroes who will valiantly come to the rescue of the maidens often found in a dark candle lit room, a room full of smoke, and the maidens with hot hot fire down below, these are the Knights of the Malteasers, the 911 urban hero firefighter,  just out for a good time, the gods and goddesses getting together on a Frey Day Nite.

My NEW badge on the left,  #1258 beneath the Maltese Cross,  iSSued to me in 2007, the year I retired.
Later realizing the numbers themselves would be a clue to the higher calling I was in fact responding to…

Alongside a diving tag that I was issued in 1983 … both badge and diving tag have the formula for Phi or phi embedded.
I saved that diving tag…because my employee number also at the time and for the bulk of my career was 52801.
And then my employee number changed in 1998-99 to 8013522.

And since tuning into this  ‘string of pearls/numbers’, 1258, I have certainly pondered why the string has an additional 2 and 3.
Is it because the universe is ‘musical’, and the numbers 2 and 3 represent combinations of  ‘timing’, necessary to compose ALL music?

Do the Maltese Cross and the Swastika share the same family tree, common roots?
Are the asymmetrical spiral/helix and asymmetrical swastika associated/related in any way with each other?
What does the Temple at Tarxien on the island of Malta suggest?

Three silly questions for you and me.
I have many more silly and obvious questions to ask.

Here is a fact I find amusing about Jim Carrey the comedic god.
Jim Carrey spent three years doing hard time in grade 10?
JC needed three years to learn the 10 commandments?
Not surprising, he was raised a Catholic.
I can also tell, as a Roman Catholic he has learned something from the astute Jewish comedians, who take their cues from the Torah narrative and not the one of the many versions that followed.
Comedy is the ticket, a sense of humor gets you in the back door, to a place called heaven.
The Back Door is the Black Door in St. Peter’s Square.
Where they bury the Popes.

image on left Peter ~  Plichta Prime Number Cross
image on right  ~ Templar Cross on 5×5 grid

And these two crosses, one connected to the Prime numbers and the other to the Knights Templar Magic Square found in Pompeii.

But it was the symbol I found in a RC Peruvian monastery in Feb. 2006 that really sent me spiraling out of control….from the world of light into the realm of shadows and darkness.


I added the swastika for effect and to show the striking similarities…here we have the BEST match that can be found in the entire world linking the NAZI adopted design which predated Hitler’s adoption of these colors and design by hundreds of years.


And please note the similarity to the Teutonic Knights Cross/flag too!
These same Knights that had sworn an allegiance to the Vatican used nearly the exact design that Hitler would later adopt?

Did I mention I saw a psychic in 2005…five or six months BEFORE I went to Peru…and she sketched me that symbol, along with one other?

I still have that original paper, the psychic is well known and reputable, and has become a good friend. We take turns giving each ‘truth chills’ …

image on right is the photo I took in 2006
image on left contains the sketch the psychic sketched in 2005

I have circled Kim’s two sketches in green.

Note: the distinctive two pillars and the peanut shape in the middle.
And when she drew that, she was facing me, so it is upside down.

UPDATE March 18, 2015
please note the arrow in the above image on the left.
Today for the first time I noticed the S <-> 5 that Kim had scribbled next to the two pillars!

S <-> 5

Continue reading to see the significance of this coincidence.

~ end of UPDATE ~

After that distinctive shape had been revealed to me, which resembles the number IOI, obviously indicating many more leSSons forthcoming.

It soon started appearing to me in many forms …?

…and please forgive the ego, it is about to return, BUT I started making long overdue connections, that the SCHOLARS have obviously missed….I am the only fella making these connections…google it.
Please note: my ego will only rear its seething contemptuous beneficence when I can show how unique the perspective actually is…

ABOVE are 8 Sacred Temples.

St. Peter Square is the infant temple of the bunch.
BUILT post 1500+ A.D. in stages.
Obviously NOTHING ORIGINAL about the design at St. Peter Square.
But if you read about the fellas who ‘designed it’ according to Christian lore, do they ever mention the ideas were exactly the same as the pagans the Catholic Christians had ascended from, that the design was exactly the same shape as the ceremonial KIVA, a design predating the Vatican by hundreds of years.
So who needed saving, the heathens or the crucifix waving Judeao/Christians who are OBVIOUSLY ignorant and in denial of their pagan roots.

The other temples range in age from 4800 B.C. to the KIVA design the Anasazi used in 500 A.D.

Thus M1, what I just presented, could be the foundation of a scholarly theSiS.
What I just presented many people work a lifetime in the fields of archealogy and history etc., and make fewer profound connections than I have.

I achieved in making those global connections in a rather period of short time.
Self-study, removed from the noise and haste and an illusion based on archetypal poetry.

Maybe that is why you seem NOT to get it  as you yourself said.
Max Planck said that what both science and religion needed was poetic insight to help unravel the mysteries.
I took that as a challenge.

The above work is only a sample of how archetype puts you at the front of the class. Just ONE quantum step away from becoming master and teacher.
What I just presented helps to prove that the language of ARCHETYPE is the fastest MOST TRUTHFUL track…and the one you are on, purely numbers void of the sublime narrative, is rather dull.

Here is the conclusion I am coming to as an Elder and learning what my purpose now is, and always was and will be.

A seeker of TRUTH.
Ask and ye shall find.
To help awaken the archetypal language within the child as they re-enter this realm of SPACETIME.
To help awaken the atrophied RIGHT BRAIN. We have been giving far too many trophies called NOBEL prizes to the LEFT BRAIN wankers.
Without a doubt, before children are given to the state / public school to be made numb and dumb by focusing purely on LEFT BRAIN gymnastics, their archetypal RIGHT BRAINS should be activated.
Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf agree.

MYTH before MATH is the meSSage from me and mi, to you and ewe and U = the human magnet.

Only an education stressing a math based reality IMHO helps to remove you from reality and helps turn both of U (the male/female magnet) into a powerless ewe.

And the best part of uncovering the archetypal language is that it helps you to locate a vital switch connected to the intuition and turn on the Bullshit detector.
My journey M1, my intent, was to find the underlying unity.
And I have been doing it by essentially following these numbers, and the narrative they left behind, which has actually been documented.

So let me ask you, how am I doing so far in showing how profound the underlying unity is?
Amazing what you can find if your intent is clear.

And this thread takes the unity to even dizzying heights.

However most sheeple will start bleating, the seegullibles start cawing mine, mine, mine, and the quizzies reach for the remote, all would rather check into the Hotel DeNile than digest the conversations I have had with a symbol that did and still does represent Jehovah, Gate of God, Key to Universal Movement, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Maat, the 26,000 sun cycle…etc. etc. etc.

And when the awakened mind steps forth and suggests that the SWASTIKA plays a big role in the veiled CONSPIRACY of ALL the AGES, I want you to know I have just taken the shleeping consciousneSS in a new direction, called WAKE THE FOOK UP.
But I realize I will need a cattle prod the size of the CN Tower to get the herd moving.

Yup, if a consciousness wants to bury a 10,000+ year old symbol that means GOOD LUCK / VITAL ENERGY (swasti + ka) and replace it with the CRUCIFIX, representing DEATH / OPPRESSION, go right ahead, to your own spirtual peril.

So M1 our journeys are apparently interwoven, yet headed in different directions of consciousness and awareness.
And yeah I could probably prove it.

People communicate in at least 3 different distinct ways, thus you could use any of the three methods or combination, to construct a narrative.

  1. Based on shapes…hieroglyphs
  2. Based on letters…alphabets
  3. Based on numbers…math and science

And of course ALL of the above are connected to SOUND, ALL are forms of communication based on the ORAL TRADITIONs which were recorded by the ScribeS.

In other words it is feasible to tell you my story, a story YOU call ego , using geometry, gematria, words, glyphs…etc…
But most people’s receivers are NOT tuned into my station.
hARK 101 on your radio wave dial.

And if I can prove that Phi is connected to SOUND and AETHER and ultimately GRAVITY, I guess my journey will have meant something eh?

Here is what I am also out to prove, you do NOT need to be a genius, have a diploma, no need to attend Stupid U, no need to become a scholar, a theologian, or in fact have accomplished anything in your life to experience something ALL of the ABOVE may never ever experience in their entire lives.
An epiphany.

And if a fella with only a high school education can help raise TRUTH to a new level, I will have done my job, and showed at the same time, the kind of knowledge we hold dear, is BS.

So in the end M1 … my numbers have revealed to me … my purpose.

Thanks for allowing me to use your forum to accomplish my work.
I call it great.
All alchemists do refer to their work as great.
I think it is obvious the world has lost one of its children (me/mi) of light to the allure of the abySS.
Illumination is something that happens in the dark.



p.s. that was a nice way of saying what has been on my mind / heART these past 4+ years.
I could have done what I did to a drunken friend of mine.

I leaned over, whispered in his ear and said … “who the fook are you to deny another human being their epiphany?”
Not easy being different dude.

You end up attracting all kinds of shallow, unrehearsed and rehearsed criticisms, easy deutsche MARK I have become.
But understanding archetype forewarned me of an archetypal TRUTH.

Truth is first RIDICULED, then CRUCIFIED, and then held as SELF-EVIDENT

Guess what?
…jeSuS, the swastika and me ALL share the same archetypal journey.

And it was when I was going to post this next thread re: the underlying archetypes that are pulling the invisible strings, that I noticed I had been banned.



Old photo of me in the late 80’s.
Yes I was assigned at the time to station 25.
Marko Rodin has a thing by the way for 2 = 5

And so do I.
2 = Z <mirror images> S = 5

More important please note the 5 colors used in both the mandala I found and how I am dressed as modern hero and knight?
Black, White, Yellow or Gold, Red and Green
Coincidentally these are the 4/5 colors most often associated with alchemy, the language of archetype.

Mandala has GREEN pillars.
Beams at the Ladder tip has been painted GREEN.
HOLY SPIRIT in the middle ages = GREEN.

The ‘GOLD RING’ on my helmet?
Did you know the GOLD RING in the middle ages … was a symbol to identify the Jew?

Here is another image from the 12th century.
re: middle ages heraldry = heredity.


But here I want to prove again that the numbers I have tuned into help FORM  a huge part of the NARRATIVE.

In Christian hagiography Saint George (ca. 275-281 – April 23, 303) was a soldier in the Guard of Emperor Diocletian in the Roman Empire, venerated as a martyr.

Note: the date of birth of the St. George the matyr, mentioned in the above text, St. George who shares the colors of heraldry with the Knights Templar.

DOB: 275-281
Date of birth associated with 2 + 7 = 9?
I illustrate the connections here:

How many more SIGNIFICANT references to the numbers 11, 2, 5 and 8 do I need to show the doubting Thomas?

UPDATE  Addendum

But now I shall put it into the context of VIBRATIONS, ENTROPY, and the energy levels of an atom, the spectral lines (finger print of ‘god’) and the enigmatic mysterious and mystical number 137.

If both Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung lost much much shleep over this number so will I.

ME journey appears to me differently.
It appears to be specifically oriented toward certain numbers and symbols, almost like I had laid these plans at some time in a previous life to be recognized by me in this life…
IF you know what I mean?

Folks will think I am whacked to make such a claim.
However….I always provide the proof of my claims.

i.e. The two strings of numbers that I am now focusing on, well you know all about 11 2 5 8 found on Card X of the tarot, what is the other one?

Proof #1

Well I can easily show how my birthday of July 3rd, 1957 = 11 2 5 8

Proof #2

…this gets freaky


37/73 and 19/91

At the above link I show how I arrived at the numbers 37 and 19 as being vital to flipping polarities and altering a vector or direction.

Just recently my mother who was cleaning ‘house’, handed me my birth certificate.

Immediately I wondered what ‘numbers’ I might find on my birth certificate as she handed it to me.
This is the way I live my life these daze…always ready for the archetype or pattern to present itself, saying continue on TRUTH seeker….
I had a feeling it could be quite profound.

Like WOW MOM, to say the least.
My life as recorded in numbers, at the time of my birth, registration, etc, seems to match my road less traveled journey quite nicely these past 6 years.


note the division registrar registration number 1152

1152 = AAHB

Not quite right … but very close to BAHA or ABHA
And I DO NEED to point out that BAHA and ABHA are two profound archetypes that Marko Rodin had tuned into, to help guide him in his work. :idea:

UPDATE March 31, 2015

Now that I know how better to play this game … the AHAs went from being discrete particles to one big continuous wave!

I came across more of Anthony Judge’s work on his website Laetus in Praesens: Anthony Judge

Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation?

Apparently the numbers 1, 7, 19, and 37 are significant associations.

So how cool is this next ‘coincidence’ that the cosmos dealt little ole’ me?

~ end of UPDATE ~


please note: the Official Registrar General number assigned to me
073190 is far more indicative of what I was born to bring forth
within everybody is a story, DNA clearly defines the individual
and that is good news indeed
all of humanity shares 99% of their DNA with each other

73 and 19

Why do the numbers 73 and 19 suggest I am full on, on track re: present journey?

How cool is this next connection to my Birth Registration?

This entire post discusses the Mystic Tablet, the 3rd Bagua I ‘recovered’, and the numbers 37 and 19 and 1152.

Nice confirmation, acknowledgment re: 37 or 73 and 19 or 91 and the Mystic Tablet that I coincidentally recovered.

no coincidences
only design
what else can I conclude dude?
So I must ask:

“Why 137?” or “Y 137” or “i-137”

Because obviously that is the question WE NEED to address, why does it seem we are coming around for another look?
BTW Wolfgang Pauli DIED in a Red Cross hospital, rm 137

Two KEYS that match the two sets of numbers exactly, that we find revealed by my birthday and on my birth certificate.

One KEY I found in a 1936 publication The Sacred Tarot by CC Zain.
It clearly depicts the numbers 11 2 5 8
The second KEY came out of a publication that predates the discovery of the enigmatic number 1/137 based on the 0.00729 calculation first arrived at by Sommerfeld in 1916.

Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus was first printed in 1892.

And this Tarot KEY has the numbers on its stem necessary to reveal the fine structure constant 1/137.

11 3 7

So why does the Hebrew spelling of the word QaBaLaH have a gematria value of 137?
IF anybody reading this believes that, it is all a coincidence….go back to shleep, this thread is only a meme dream supplying the cream that rises to the top.


:arrow:  TWO KEYS recovered
DNA KEY 528 hertz *found* the 4E KEY that unlocks so so much

note the following:

10 = 3 + 7
remove notation

9 + 1 = 10
remove notation

just sayin’




The forum that banned me is no longer functioning.
And I have great news as the title suggests regarding an Intelligent Design that has been recovered.

I have updated this claim here;

KEY 528 = Swastika = ancient Spherical Standing Wave Theory

to this one :arrow:

…due to the announcement that was made on March 17, 2014.

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”

15 thoughts on “Intelligent Design ~ the Swastika and mi Epiphany 101

  1. sorry bianka…I cannot speak Italian.

    the banning was due to a battle of egos…
    two egos colliding.
    one on the way out of ego hell, the other one making plans to extend it.

    he showed his ego was far more fallible.

    …and I was set free…from the allure of that forum.

  2. Rafa… just love the way you are sooo bold with your discoveries… and enjoy reading your responces to those who seem determined to shut you up by cutting your link to the world…
    glad rob hasn’t banned you.. lol

    before children are given to the state / public school to be made numb and dumb by focusing purely on LEFT BRAIN gymnastics, their archetypal RIGHT BRAINS should be activated.

    how do you suggest we keep our childrens minds open whilst having to attend this education…?

    Love N Peace

  3. “how do you suggest we keep our childrens minds open whilst having to attend this education…?”

    less tv and printed media UNTIL they can recognize when they are being manipulated…

    yesterday while paying for groceries, I pointed out to the person behind me and the eastern Indian (Hindu?)cashier that the logo on the scanning machine (owned by Chase/JP Morgan Bank)… is in fact a swastika.

    They looked at me like ‘I was crazy’.


  4. thats how they manage to get away with it… hidden in the open… not everyone with eyes can see, and some when they do only see coincidence… and most when its pointed out will see you as crazy, a pointless observation as they bee programmed to ignore…

    what a shame, what a shame, what a sorry sorry shame…

    Love N Peace

  5. hola Raphael.
    I find your work very insightful and profound.
    my questions are:
    1). what is, ultimately, your discovery and how we can apply it to everyday life?
    2). how we must behave when we “feel” we are being fooled by whoever is planning to control us? we have to react?
    3). Did you ever think that all these structures under which we “plot” are just the social dynamics of this moment in history? that we just have to adapt, survive and live as happier than we can?

      • I feel attracted by your words in every answer and in every forum…. i can’t help idealizing you…
        you know how our left side brain works….
        you’re a very strange human being….
        are you a human being? so structured, easily to define by the DSM-IV ….. but…who have the right to define mental sanity…..
        anyways keep working….. really fascinating …..
        i had add you to my RSS in Outlook…..
        Sorry for the misspelling, im from Argentina., 4th year psychology student.
        I’d love to have a talk with you about so many things…Buddhism intend to suppress ego….. Alice A. bailye massonic knowledge, well….lot of things…. can i meet you somewhere or at least direct me your mail or something…..
        again looking fordward for you progress, just try not to lose your precious mind.

  6. This is a great amount of information. The first bit on the banning, is as it is. The Ego is such a silly thing. Well said Raphael. Someone with your mind are always nice to know. 🙂

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