‘KEY 528’ and the narrative called ‘112?58’

What is the connection between the AEGIS and the SWASTIKA and the numbers 11258

This thread will be continually updated with the evidence I accumulate…re: those numbers and the role they play in helping to script the scriptures.

And what is the specific reference in Homer, lliad, at the end of the quote?

15: 218

Not convinced that gaining an understanding of those numbers is part of the KEY to unlocking a more revealing narrative…leading to a truth, obfuscated through time and dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

So…the SWASTIKA plays a huge role in the really BIG SECRET?
What else are we to conclude?

Okay I can sense some doubting Thomas’.
Can I find the a similar reference, similar to the Christian gospels to a deity AND to those numbers 11258 in the Koran?
Remember that the swastika was long ago, revered and referenced as Jehovah too.

Would Allah = Jehovah?

Now where do we see the numbers 11258 in the above text?
Again in the ‘reference’.

1 Kings 10: 18-20

Okay I am prepared for your observations…where is the number 5?

Ahhh but can you hear me ROAR?
Lions have always been seen as Kings and royal and regal and the sphinx was probably a LION at one time.

So guess what, LEO is a lyin’ kingly patriarch Lion, number 5 on yer astrological wheel of mis-fortunes.
1 Kings 10: 18-20 = 151182
otta love the poetree that has been embedded in ALL the scriptures.

Just like the diet industry…they peddle the same fooking advice ad nauseum.
The masters who rotate the wheel of fortunes control our destiny at the moment.

More proof needed that these numbers form part of the narrative?

Ptolemy V Epiphanes: king of the Ptolemaic Empire, ruled from 205 to 180.

More profound swastika connections to concepts that suggest a beginning/end.
More swastika = god stuff…

red highlights re: ‘concepts of 3’
72 x 3 = 216

REVELATION 21:6 and hence the evolution and involution of the cycle of manifestation?
Sounds far too familiar.
More clues?

So it has become obvious that the biblical references themselves hold clues to the paSSage.




4 thoughts on “‘KEY 528’ and the narrative called ‘112?58’

  1. I have been running into your research for sometime now and everything keeps resonating… since I was a small child I’ve been fascinated/fixated on drawing swirls/spirals and the number 5 and multiples of 5…I am also hyper intuitive and see symbols and signs everywhere… that no one else can see!

    being raised christian I was never allowed to explore what this meant, because the answer was always, nothing… ignore it. I’ve toyed with discovering it’s meanings, but I’m compelled to do more than that these days…

    I’ve been what people call “awake” for 15 years… and your kind of work is the only thing that makes “good sense” in a world congested with deception.

    thank you for your dedication and if it matters, you are helping me find the truth.

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