Buddhists awakening the inner child

swastika formed in a Navajo work of heART called the EARTHWAY

Bears, thought by the Navajo to possess healing powers, appear in each of the quadrants of the Earthway sand painting, part of a ritual intended to restore a woman to harmony with the world

Part one I suggested I would present evidence of how the Hans Jenny cymatics, Navajo/Tibetan sand art, and how the JAINs construct a swastika, all are connected.

Easier than I thought, the work in fact has been already completed. I just need to help connect the obvious overlooked dots, by standing on other people’s shoulders, and getting a real good look.

go to page 32 of this great work, by Thomas Wilson.

Northvegr Foundation


Start reading at page 32.
Where the unifying poetry enters the narrative.

Imagine RICE, CORN MEAL or SAND = ELECTRONS or POSITRONS affected by frequency/vibration?

Then the idea of Sand Art employed by BOTH the Tibetans and Navajo, who are coincidentally polar opposites, opposite sides of the world makes archetypal UNcommon sense.

Who is the Northvegr Foundation?
The Northvegr Foundation is listed on UNESCO’s Culture Sector Index for promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, Belief.net and Wikipedia; as well as university sites from around the world.

Take a look at the Jaina Cross images.
Those images look like Hans Jenny cymatics videos?
Those images are from a publication that is over 120+ years old.
Especially the second image….the arrows indicating a return back to the center?

Which again is a nice fit to KEY to Universal Movements, a model of movement that can be found on each and every level/dimension.
Which becomes obvious once we explore the vortex.
As this next Hans Jenny video re: Resonance demonstrates beautifully.

A MUST WATCH, note how the club moss spores resemble the above rice/meal placed in a circular form.

Listen very carefully to Hans explains CW vs. anti-CW
And in physics today … Handedness and direction of spin is the same thing.
I Looove the sublime poetry that accompanies the achievements of humankind.

Hans sounds like hands and a jenny is a generator… the Hands Generator

CW or CCW are the two movements leading to SPIN >> vibration >> frequency >> direction 

 Digital Sky Survey of the Milky Way

 Analogue hand crafted bowl from 5000 BC showing the same patterns of movement as the Digital Sky Survey of the Milkway

The Universal MODEL
A still center, moving AWAY from the still center we observe…
Clockwise shell of activity enclosed in another
Clockwise shell of activity enclosed in a shell that indicates a REVERSAL, a CounterClockWise shell indicating an opposite Counter/Rotation.


The Navajoes

Dr. Washington Matthews, U. S. A., than whom no one has done better, more original, nor more accurate anthropologic work in America, whether historic or prehistoric, has kindly referred me to his memoir of the Fifth Annual Report of the Buerau of Ethnology, comprising 82 pages, with 9 plates and 9 figures, entitled “The Mountain Chant; a Navajo ceremony.”

It is descriptive of one of a number of ceremonies practiced by the shamans or medicine men of the Navajo Indians, New Mexico. The ceremony is public, although it takes place during the night. It lasts for nine days and is called by the Indians “dsilyídje qaçál” may allude to mountains in general, to the Carrizo Mountains in particular, to the place in the mountains where the prophet (originator of these ceremonies) dwelt, to his name, or to all of these combined.

“Qaçál” means a sacred song or a collection of sacred songs. Dr. Matthews describes at length the myth which is the foundation of this ceremony, which must be read to be appreciated ….

the story of the Mountain Chant continues here

…good stuff…clues to solving the role SOUND plays.

And clearly you must appreciate the *poetic twist* at the end of the narrative, that hints at a poetic ‘just is’.

In conclusion: the heathen saves the day, along with the Judeao-Christian soul, which is currently lost in Space-Time, and does not have a clue to what time it really is according to Pope Gregorian.

The confusion is evident as the herd of confused new age judeao-christian sheeple are embracing both the HEATHEN Maya 2012 calender as an end times event, but still abiding by the 9-5 pace dictated by the Gregorian calender?


And if you go to page 92 of Thomas Wilson’s great work we will find MORE LSD, the archetypal FLYWHEEL, the 4 Evangelists, the quatrefoil.
WAR Shield used by the Pima Indians … in a color code.

Another clue to helping us solve the Coral Castle Flywheel

LSD = DMT = FLYWHEEL = KEY 528 = Universal asymmetry = swastiKA = spin

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


4 thoughts on “SWASTIKA and CYMATICS and SOUND part II

  1. Hi Raphael,

    Long time no see! Hope you are very well, as it appears you are.

    I was bummed when you disappeared from you-know-where and it is one reason I haven’t spent much time there lately. But you’re still missed over there and your name still crops up now and then. Think, you’ve passed into legend!

    I haven’t read any of your stuff in some time, so will bookmark and try to keep up when I can. May I steal some of your images for personal use?


  2. thanks for dropping in MG.

    I have few fond memories of the Peak Oil forum.
    But you are one of them.

    Got banned from another site again.
    The fella that runs the site had his 2 cents worth.

    I gave the wanker some change.
    Guess what?
    … I feel I am winning the WAR, even though I lose the battles.


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